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She took apart the left over I Am A Metaphor I am a cross-stitch masterpiece. Seen perfect in front, inside a frame; But messed up and intricate behind.

You are made beautiful but there is the reality that Wine and Cheese Offended is an expensive Vintage blended lacking precision I recommend a less sulfuric fermentation Varietals grapes of wrath so much to offer each glass examine swirl smell breathe and savor see legs of the The Chalice of Murdered Crows "The Chalice of Murdered Crows" How many moonbeams would it take to overflow my chalice bathe me naked dew kissed diamond glistening bare skin freedom feet seeking my missing, slow Reflections of a Summer Day Here I sit on a summer day among the pine trees along a mountain side.

Looking out across the valley below. I see the colors of summer The Skeletons And Songs Of Samsara - 2 In the heart where your naivety resides you wonder what haunts the sun and why pain enjoys your childhood eyes, when you see warm blood run then you know The Magic of Christmas In our first year of wedded bliss we were very tight on cash, Some popcorn and a jigsaw puzzle would be our Christmas bash. All that year Scat Colored Walls The septic stench of desolation has followed me through the mire of depression and self-loathing.

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And scat colored walls weep neglect upon my fragmented soul as it disintegrates and Tug of Lust Love is a giant jigsaw puzzle. Love is a battlefield. An endless battle between Men and Women. I know now that I know nothing..

A simple opinion can have Add a comment. This Site Might Help You. RE: Need a poem about love being like a jigsaw puzzle?

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You should write one yourself! Need a poem, write a poem, that's the way it goes Still, you tried it, put your heart into it, puzzled over it for hours, gave up, and went back, and tried again, and it took months! I want to break it down again, smash it apart! You've beaten me, my love, there it is, that's my heart.

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Missing Piece Poem. Piece by piece we live our lives every single day We pick up lots of pieces as we go along our way I was really looking for a special piece. Then I found it when I found you. The missing piece of my heart.

Picture Puzzle Piece - Poem by Shel Silverstein

Just like a jigsaw puzzle I put them all a join to keep them safe from getting lost. Each one is yours and mine. And when the picture is done and it's there for all to see. The picture that it portrays is a picture of you and me. The Poet. I'm all in pieces over you I just love to nuzzle!! Because you really truly are my jigsaw puzzle! In a boxxxx.