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Drake tells Josh that he will be throwing a Christmas party on the roof of the Premiere, which Josh does not approve of because he is not sure that Helen Yvette Nicole Brown would approve either. Drake tells him that he has already spoken with Helen about it and that it is fine as long as she is invited and if there are churros. Helen hands Drake a Santa costume to wear in the mall. Josh is upset because Helen told him that he couldn't be Santa since he lost weight over the years.

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Meanwhile Audrey and Walter arrive at their island, which turns out to be a disaster. Back at the mall, Drake makes out with a teenage girl. Josh is annoyed and tries to get their attention eventually yelling "Santa!! One of the other people, which happens be to an overweight woman who likes Drake, waiting in line for Santa, climbs on Drake to kiss him, starts to chase him eventually leading him to steal an old ladies electronic wheelchair to flee from her.

She says she and her family want the best Christmas ever.

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He made a Christmas promise he will do so; but it is said in the film that "you can't break a Christmas promise", and Drake does not realize he will have to give her family the "best Christmas ever". Next they are at Drake's Christmas party up on the roof of the Premiere. At the party, Mindy Allison Scagliotti must leave to go and visit her grandparents, leaving Josh disappointed.

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Crazy Steve Jerry Trainor shows up in front of Drake and Josh, and shows them a wood chipper called "Sally" on his cell phone. Craig Alec Medlock and Eric Scott Halberstadt come and tell Drake that the last song was great and he should perform it in the Christmas parade, but Drake says that the parade is for dorks and losers and that he is going to Las Vegas for Christmas to hear a band play inviting Josh when he gets upset that they will not be able to spend Christmas together.

Later on, some party crashers come to the party.

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When Josh calls the police, they inadvertently mistake him for one of the party crashers and arrest him. With his attention turned away from Drake, Josh falls from the roof and lands in the back of a pickup truck, which drives off with the police trailing close behind. When the truck turns at an intersection, Josh tumbles out, causing the police to arrest him. After Josh is arrested and sent to jail, he meets his prison roommate, Bludge Kimbo Slice.

At first, Bludge tries to beat him up, until Josh entertains Bludge with magic tricks. This makes Bludge change his mind about Josh. However, he says he claims he has to beat him up, so he can protect his reputation in jail. Bludge and Josh bang on the walls with Josh pretending to shout in pain, to get others to think Josh is getting beat up. Mary Alice brings up a story of how she has a sick foster mom and a busy foster dad, and how they told her that "Santa sometimes can't visit everyone's house".

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Drake, knowing he must fulfill that promise, attempts to break Josh out to help him, only to be caught immediately after, landing them both in trouble. Drake and Josh are sent to court and Helen acts as their lawyer. Then the judge says that he will not send them to jail as long as they fulfill that promise. They meet the cruel and embittered Officer Perry Gilbert David Pressman , who says that he will take a vote from Mary Alice's family on Christmas asking if they had the best Christmas ever. If any of them says "no", they must go to jail.

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The duo soon meet Mary Alice's foster family, which include Lily and Violet Camille and Cosette Goldstein , two frequently pounding-on-each-other twins, Zigfee David Gore , a foreign guy speaking an unknown language, Trey Daven Wilson , a know-it-all, and Luke Devon Graye , Mary Alice's rebellious older brother who refuses to participate with everyone else as he has grown bitter over the years. They find many possibilities in giving Mary Alice's family the best Christmas ever, but their attempts are foiled by Officer Gilbert.

Drake and Josh confront Megan, asking her to sabotage Officer Gilbert's doings by bribing her with Trevor's rare Smith Royal oboe, saying it was given to him by his grandfather. The source of this piece isn't known.

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It was first published in William Sandys' Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern in , although versions of it probably existed as a folk-song and tune well before that but weren't written down. Sir Thomas Elyot, lists the phrase 'rest you merry' in his Dictionary in It is often assumed that the carol's lyric portrays the wish that jovial gentlemen might enjoy repose and tranquillity.

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The punctuation of the song suggests otherwise though - it's 'God rest ye merry, gentlemen', not 'God rest ye, merry gentlemen'. In this context 'to rest' doesn't mean 'to repose' but 'to keep, or remain as you are' - like the 'rest' in 'rest assured'.

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It isn't the 'rest' that is being given but the 'merry'. Anyone misreading that comma is in good company though. Scrooge seized the ruler with such energy of action that the singer fled in terror.