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This NEO has come from outside the solar system. And, needless to say, it has a few surprises. I traveled to Readercon by Amtrak, which was enjoyable. But Amtrak lacks flexibility. Waiting in the wings: a complete broadcast from December 7, , the shows, the reporters breaking in with coverage of the attack, the commentary They told me the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor. I had no idea what that meant or who the Japanese might be, but I recall thinking that Pearl Harbor, with a name like that, must be a beautiful place. I also have complete runs of You Are There, in which radio reporters cover historical events, like the signing of the Declaration or the assassination of Caesar.

And they look at the potential results. October 1, Much has changed since then, of course, including the name of the school, which is now Harry Truman. We did two shows annually, including a musical in the spring. The kids worked hard, audiences filled the place for weekend performances, and we could do no wrong.

Moreover the student performers were passionate about the roles, and they were talented. I am convinced that the production of South Pacific that we put on in, I believe, the spring of , was the best ever. By anybody. In fairness, I should mention that our student musicians were assisted by professionals.

I managed to appear in each show, though always in a nonspeaking role. Gary is currently a retired army colonel, and a lawyer. Moreover, they were holding a reunion, and would I like to come? It took place this past weekend. A substantial number of former students showed up, as well as the principal at that time, Frank Furgele. I remember predicting that the school eventually would be plowed into a parking lot or an old folks home. The event was in South Jersey. And some other stuff.

Maureen was interested in the Pearl Harbor broadcasts, so I decided to save that for another time. I started with a guilty pleasure and never managed to turn it off: Superman. Very little of the stuff I loved as a kid has survived adulthood.

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But Superman? I guess some part of me remains eight years old. Something else that simply took me over. Look for it in December. The program is sponsored by the Mystery Writers of America. And, finally: I was in the Carolinas when Maureen informed me that my long-time agent Ralph Vicinanza had died. It was totally unexpected. He invited me to lunch. We talked about where SF seemed to be headed.

We discussed the meal. I had a turkey sandwich; he had a salad. And we wondered how computers would change the world. I remember telling him about a story idea I had in which interstellar ruins in different places would reflect a mathematical pattern. He said it sounded interesting. I delivered the book a year later. That was almost twenty years ago. Almost twenty novels ago. He became a friend. And he was always there when I needed him. Thanks, Ralph. I miss you already.

October 16, We met yesterday, surrounded by donuts and coffee, to talk about the Hayek book. It seems fair to say there were sharp differences of opinion on the positions laid out by the author. It is a product of the forties, written during the second world war, but much of it could have been put together last week. If you can make it, please be sure to say hello. My copies of Echo arrived earlier this week. Sunset Tuttle is an explorer with a starship. He spent his entire career trying to find another civilization somewhere. His peers felt sorry for him, and told him he was wasting his life.

Finally, discouraged, he retires. Ultimately he dies in a boating accident. Thirty years later, Alex Benedict discovers evidence that the search may have been successful. And why is his pilot, the only person who knows the truth, so desperate to keep it quiet? Both have consistently provided superb packaging and art. Years ago, a bookstore owner in Atlanta told me that The Engines of God was selling extremely well.

The cover for that one was done by Bob Eggleton. The original hangs on the wall in my den. And finally, I have a series of films --not one, but three-- to add to my list of all-time favorites. They are the three British comedies constructed around the St. It is the concluding movie. The others are The Belles of St. November 2, Which means picking up missing words, bad punctuation, unnatural speech patterns, and whatnot.

And also, more to the point, rewriting clunky prose. And occasionally fixing sequences so they make sense. And now and then tossing out redundant scenes. The draft, which is the fifth, is due next Monday. It now resembles the first draft only incidentally. The general sequence of events in the second half of the book has been switched around, the original climax was moved forward about a hundred pages, and the sequence it replaced is now the climax.

At least for me. Putting together a novel requires a substantial effort. Which is why I always recommend that anyone hoping to launch a writing career start with short fiction. Making the sustained effort to write a novel, only to have it rejected, is hard to take. Smarter: Write short stories. The invitation came from Lynn Lilly, one of the two chairpersons of the Authors Subcommittee.

It was an entertaining couple of days, with talk of witches and vampires appropriate to the season , advice on how to write a salable novel, and discussions about which books everyone is reading. The highlight of the event came, for me, as I was waiting for the keynote address to begin. Several years ago, as a senator up for re-election, he found himself under attack by Republicans.


Consequently he was labeled unpatriotic. The voters of Georgia bought it. Bede would do the introduction. But it was too late. I suddenly became aware that the senator had me in his sights. And then he was announcing to the still-gathering crowd that I was in the audience, and he asked me to stand. That he was a science fiction guy. Maybe he is. Later, I picked up a copy of his book, Heart of a Patriot. He said that the only thing he might run for would be the trees. Especially those who bled in combat.


Benedict Cumberbatch is also unforgettable in the role. Echo is arriving in the bookstores as I write this. And also the mass market edition of Time Travelers Never Die. But I guess all we can do is keep trying. November 15, One of the secrets to a happy life is to celebrate whenever an excuse offers itself. But both lines of work, as exhilarating as they can be, also wear you out. So I feel as if a substantial weight has been taken off my shoulders. More details on the book as the project develops. We saw two very good movies this week: Unstoppable, which will probably keep me off trains the rest of my life.

Bring a hanky for this one. Get in, cruise along for a bit, make your point, and get out, hopefully leaving the reader gasping or delighted or whatever. This one does that. In spades. I never cease to be struck by how hard it is to let go of someone you care about. Even to the extent of accepting the reality that you will not see that person again. But it looks good. Judy invited me in last week for a signing, and I got to meet her and some of the patrons.

Nice people. Good bookstore. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop by. I should add that we sold a fair number of books, though I suspect at least part of that was due to the chocolate cookies in back. A major science story broke last week: Massive bubbles of energy erupting from the center of the Milky Way 50, light-years in both directions. The images indicate the bubbles emerging at right angles to the galactic disk. Nobody seems to have any idea what could be causing it. Well, maybe all that does pose a more imminent concern. December 1, Most of us, as kids, must have looked at the sky and wondered where it all ends.

If you go out far enough, is there a wall? Fortunately, I was eventually able to set my mind at rest when it turned out that, according to scientists, there was a limit to the sky, but that was because space curved and beyond the limits there was nothing. Not more space, but simply nothing at all. There was a similar problem with time. But what was ut like before the start? Even religion had no answer to that. In the creation story, we were told, God always existed. So that made it perfectly clear there was a time line even before Genesis. How could it be otherwise? Then I discovered that Georges LeMaitre had talked about a cosmic egg exploding.

Fred Hoyle would describe it as a big bang, and everybody bought in. That was the beginning of everything, and you could not speak about what had come before. Last week we got news that some physicists, Roger Penrose among them, now see evidence of an active universe prior to the Big Bang. Penrose sees no need to postulate a beginning to the universe. And it keeps going. Maybe we get to do it all again? If so, I wonder if we might be able to get things right next time around. But at the very worst, it would make a good story. Of all the films and TV shows done by people like Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett, though, my favorite stars Michael Caine as the great detective, more or less.

The film is Without a Clue. Ben Kingsley plays Watson, who, in this version, is the brains of the operation. Whatever we may think of an Afghan War that threatens to go on forever, or the Bush tax cuts, or environmental problems, the action of the Republicans in blocking the START Treaty is unconscionable.

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  • We live in a time when the real threat from nuclear weapons comes from lunatics trying to get hold of one, who would gladly put it on a freighter and bring it into New York Harbor and detonate the thing, with not so much as a nod toward the concept of mutually assured destruction. We need to control access. I was invited to contribute stories to two anthologies. One would use advanced armor as a theme. The other is interested in stories about early efforts to get beyond the solar system. Neither has a title yet. Or we might even bypass the theme altogether and go to a less direct application.

    Ditto with the deep space story, which I finished yesterday. December 16, Les Johnson came up with a title for the anthology he and I will be editing: Crossing the Abyss. The theme will center on early attempts to leave the solar system. Stories will use near-future technologies. Translation: No FTL systems.

    As well as stories illustrating how things might go, the book will also contain some ideas on various options we may have to manage an initial flight. Crossing the Abyss will be published by Baen Books. I was in New York last week for a memorial held in honor of Ralph Vicinanza. Ralph was my agent and a close friend for almost twenty years. Twice during my flight, airport carts operated by attendants offered me a ride.

    It had never happened to me before. I probably need to ramp up my workouts. John Joseph Adams invited me recently to submit a story for an anthology that will be titled Armor. But John told me to use my imagination. Next up: Mike Resnick and I will start planning for The Cassandra Project, which will be my first novel collaboration. Good luck to him. Probably with one a bit more current. Sorry, Ed. Erin Underwood contacted me a few days ago about doing an interview for her blog Underwords. The result can be found at:. Our home town got caught up in one of those annual holiday debates over whether we should be talking about Christmas vacation or winter vacation or whatever In fact, we get a lot of religious celebrations at this time of year because, after a long winter, this is when the days begin to lengthen.

    The Romans called the season Saturnalia. The point was that we should all take a moment to appreciate the good things we have. So we hang decorations and give presents to friends and family, and make an extra effort to help those in need. Whatever our religious take on the season, those ideas remain very close to the heart of the matter. Why do we become defensive so quickly? Are we really that easily threatened? No wonder politicians like to stoke our fears at election time. The difficult times are not over. The wars look good for a few more years.

    North Korea and Iran continue to demonstrate the potential consequences of a world with lunatics and nuclear weapons. Maybe we should concentrate on a bit more tolerance to our American neighbors, especially the ones who have different opinions. In any case, however we choose to refer to the season, I hope we all enjoy it, and take a moment to let those who matter in our lives know we appreciate them. On that subject, I should mention that today is our 43rd anniversary.

    Thanks, Maureen One of the more common questions readers ask concerns the Academy novels: Will Priscilla Hutchins be back? But the truth is that I have no idea. More or less like our own. Hutch first appeared in in The Engines of God. Mostly because it was an extraordinarily dumb decision.

    At the end of the century, I was working on Deepsix, in which a mission deployed to watch a planetary collision sees ruins on the ground of one of the worlds. With the collision only a couple of weeks away, a mission is sent down to investigate. And we all know how there things are: an earthquake strands them, and the ships in the area have no way to mount a rescue.

    I was well into it when it occurred to me that it was an ideal situation for Hutch and her Academy colleagues. I know how that sounds, but you do tend to become attached to characters. People sometimes ask who is my favorite. Answer at the end. I knew how fast the interstellars traveled. I knew the name of the space station. And so on. And I had a character who seemed a good fit. I should have kept her young. But she returned in four more novels, and her career track took her high in the Academy.

    Infinity Beach would have been a perfect vehicle for Hutch. That depends on how you define it. MacAllister says what he thinks, and much of it is outrageous. Mencken, possibly the best journalist and editor of the twentieth century. One of my Christmas presents this year was the Library of America two-volume edition of his Prejudices series. When I first encountered him, in a Life Magazine article describing an illness that had overtaken him, I was in about the sixth grade. But —if memory holds— the article quoted some of his lines, and I was caught.

    Mencken is intuitively opposed to authority figures, and to those who pretend to have the answers. He attacks college professors, politicians, clergymen, chiropractors, journalists, critics, and pretty much everybody else. And I cannot think of a writer whose prose has more energy. The Metaphysical Club won the Pulitzer in He makes similar arguments for the other sciences. Cagney, of course, plays George M. Zero minus nine. My kind of science fiction. And one guilty pleasure: A complete run of Superman. Thanks, Gary. How could I have missed it? Journal Archive Jack Facebook.

    Where To Buy Signed Editions. Unsigned Editions. Cavitt claimed to find a balloon crash no bigger than his living room and denied any markings on the debris, including the so-called "flower patterns," claiming stories of such "hieroglyphics" came solely from crashed saucer promoters. Critics charge that Cavitt was merely repeating the original weather balloon cover story. Cavitt also denied going out with Marcel or ever meeting rancher Brazel.

    Critics note this begs the question how Cavitt found his tiny balloon crash without Brazel's help. It also directly contradicts Marcel's testimony and newspaper stories, including a statement by Brazel that Cavitt was with them. One justification given was that the crash wreckage was from a Project Mogul balloon which had "no 'alien' passengers therein. Critics of the report note that the first reason is an example of circular reasoning, since the Air Force was using its own unproven explanation as justification for its other conclusion of no bodies being involved.

    Some witnesses were also clearly not hoaxers or anonymous, a notable example being Gen. Exon, whom the Air Force never interviewed. However, after initially ridiculing the notion of bodies, the Air Force changed positions and did a follow-up investigation examining possible sources for the reports of bodies. In they issued another "case closed" report stating that stories of alien bodies were actually distortions of various aviation experiments from the s and s.

    They claimed to show that the testimony of the people saying they had seen bodies near Roswell was in good agreement with actual events involving crash test dummies dropped from high altitude balloons, aircraft accidents, and a manned balloon accident. The time discrepancy between the incident and the later period of crash test dummy drops and the accident they said could be accounted for by distortions of memory. Critics of the "crash dummies" report note that it is inconsistent with the Air Force's earlier position that there was nothing to the stories of bodies because all witnesses were unreliable.

    Indeed, some of the witness testimony they relied most heavily on were from the same people strongly suspected of hoaxing. It is also argued that there is no resemblance between the six-foot test-dummies made to human proportions and the descriptions of small, non-human, decomposing bodies. Also the experiments were conducted in areas of New Mexico that were remote from Brazel's ranch and where witnesses said bodies were found.

    Finally, it is argued, the severe memory distortion theory is at best highly questionable and cannot account for the serious differences in times, locations, and body descriptions. The question has been raised why the Air Force chose to deal with the issue of bodies after initially ridiculing and avoiding it. President Bill Clinton is known to have had an interest in Roswell, instructing friend and associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell to find out what happened reported in Hubbell's memoirs. In November , only a few days before the Air Force issued the final version of its first Roswell report, Clinton responded in a prepared speech to a child's letter about Roswell during a trip to Northern Ireland.

    Clinton said that as far as he knew "an alien spacecraft did not crash in Roswell, New Mexico," but then added, "If the United States Air Force did recover alien bodies, they didn't tell me about it, either, and I want to know. The question remains that if it was not a flying saucer, why the initial reports of a recovered "flying disk" and government secrecy?

    Here is a theory proposed by skeptic Karl T. Proponents of this theory further claim the balloons used in Project Mogul were extremely strange looking and would have appeared otherworldly to observers, and the project itself was so heavily classified it was nearly unknown outside of the higher branches of the U. None of this would have appeared otherworldly to anyone. It is also pointed out that such flimsy materials do not match the many descriptions of anomalous, extra-strong and heat-resistant debris reported by witnesses such as Marcel, Rickett, Brazel, Jr.

    David Wilcock - Corey Goode: The Antarctic Atlantis [MUST SEE LIVE DISCLOSURE!]

    A clear example of the non-classified, public side of the equipment and project was a scientific article written by three of the Mogul people in December , published in the Journal of Meteorology in May , and titled "Controlled-Altitude Free Balloons. The only thing left out was the top-secret purpose of some of the flights, namely listening for distant Soviet A-bomb tests.

    It is further argued that Mogul records indicate that the military was unconcerned about civilians stumbling across other Mogul balloon crashes, since the components were unclassified and the balloon's top-secret purpose could not be discerned from the debris. One such noted incident from June 8 involved another New Mexico rancher, who immediately notified Alamogordo Air Force Base, which then sent out three men to retrieve the remains of the balloon. This is completely unlike the very large and secretive military response to what rancher Brazel found at his place in early July.

    However, some skeptics counter that the situtation was different because Brazel first claimed he found a "flying disk" and not a balloon. While this might explain an initial difference in response by the military, it is not clear why they would continue to behave in a heavy-handed manner once they had an opportunity to examine the debris. There was nothing secret or mysterious about any of the Mogul balloon debris. Another point raised is that historically the military made no attempt to conceal the existence of the Mogul balloons.

    Indeed, as some of the former Mogul people testified, it was impossible to do so. For example, the day after the Roswell base press release, a mock Mogul balloon launch was staged for the press at Alamogordo and used to try to explain both the Roswell events and the recent nationwide flood of flying saucer reports see Kenneth Arnold. Again, it is contended, this is inconsistent with the notion that a crashed Mogul balloon would be bathed in high secrecy, even if the purpose of the project was top secret.

    Regarding Pflock's claim that Major Marcel was both incompetent and a publicity seeker, Marcel defenders note that his subsequent career and performance reviews by his superiors do not seem to bear this out. For example, Roswell base commander and Marcel's commanding officer Col. Blanchard raised Marcel's overall fitness report rating from "excellent" to the highest rating of "superior.

    Ramey called Marcel's performance "outstanding" and rated him command officer material. Marcel was also transferred to Washington and became the chief briefing and intelligence officer of a top secret project to learn of Soviet A-bomb tests. Ironically, part of this program's intelligence involved Project Mogul. It is pointed out that none of this fits the profile of an incompetent. There is also some speculation that the Roswell incident was the result of a broken arrow: an accident involving a nuclear weapon.

    Some have proposed that the military created the cover story of a "flying disk" crash, rather than admit that a nuclear weapon had accidentally fallen out of their hands. However, the facts do not support this theory. There are no known nuclear accidents from this period, despite dozens of such incidents being declassified and now in the public record. See List of nuclear accidents Indeed, the U. Some also argue that it makes no sense that the military would be completely unaware of losing a nuclear weapon until a sheep rancher notified them about it.

    Redfern's thesis is that the Roswell crash has nothing to do with aliens or Mogul balloons, but was instead the crash of an experimental spy craft hybrid involving advanced Japanese Fugo balloon technology lifting a German-based Horten flying wing glider and with a captured Japanese flight crew inside the glider. The alleged experiment went awry when the glider prematurely decoupled and crashed at one site, while the lifting balloons drifted off and allegedly created the debris field at the Mack Brazel ranch site.

    Almost the identical theory was first presented in an article in Popular Mechanics magazine in July , the 50th anniversary of the Roswell crash. The "horrible truth" that was subsequently covered up to this day was allegedly the illegal detention and use of Japanese prisoners of war in this and other experiments, including biological weapons research, high altitude decompression tests, and radiation exposure. Genetically deformed surviving victims of criminal medical experimentation by the notorious Japanese Unit were also allegedly used.

    Further, captured Japanese war criminal scientists were allegedly brought over and participated in these experiments, similar to the program of using captured German scientists brought to the U. Allegedly, the primary purpose of these criminal experiments was to obtain needed physiological data for the development of a Nuclear aircraft, plus other delivery systems for nuclear, biological, and chemical weaponry.

    Redfern also contends that the U. Allegedly other purported New Mexico flying saucer crashes were just cover stories for some of the experiments. Redfern wrote that when he contacted the U. Air Force, they had no comment on his theory and said they were sticking to their official Mogul balloon and crash dummy reports for explaining the Roswell incident. Redfern bases his theory primarily on five sources, all of whom approached him, and several of whom Redfern says he knows to have been in contact with one another, raising the possibility of collusion.

    The main source was an unnamed colonel who provided details of the actual crash and other manned high-altitude experiments using human guinea pigs that supposedly took place from May through August Another source, an unnamed official in the British Home Office, initially approached Redfern in , and also claimed that he and others were told in of the alien Roswell crash and shown the alien autopsy film see next section by the CIA and British Ministry of Defense in an attempt to dissuade them from pursuing their own UFO studies. But instead, they allegedly suspected the Roswell story given them was bogus and the autopsy film a fake, part of a cover story to hide criminal U.

    Even Redfern admits he initially found this source's approach, story, and willingness to publicly disclose such information suspicious. There are also no documents to support that any such program ever existed. One of Redfern's sources claimed that all documents and photos plus bodies were destroyed to eliminate all traces of this criminal activity. Critics also note other problems, such as the gross mismatch between the materials described by most witnesses from the Brazel debris field--numerous, mostly small metallic pieces with anomalous properties scattered along a long linear path--and what would be expected from a balloon crash.

    Redfern's sources also claim that part of the flying wing craft and one of the Japanese crew were carried away with the balloons and were also found near the main debris field. Redfern states high priority was attached to recovering these and searches were initiated. Left unexplained is the seeming absence of any tracking or how searchers could have missed spotting the large, fully-exposed debris field from the air, despite over two days having elapsed from the time of the alleged disaster.

    Redfern attributes this to "bad luck. Another serious objection raised was the historical fact that there were no survivors of the medical experiments of Japanese Unit They were all killed to eliminate evidence when the Russians invaded China and quickly overran the Japanese positions. Hence there were no genetically deformed bodies for the U.

    Nonetheless, Redfern's theory is undoubtedly provocative and has quickly gained much support inside the UFO research community along with much criticism. In a film claiming to be the autopsy of an alien captured in Roswell New Mexico in was shown. It was proven to be a hoax. Another twist in the Roswell story also occurred in when Ray Santilli, a British film producer, produced a film supposedly showing the autopsy of an alien from a New Mexico crash.

    In the U. Santilli claimed he accidentally ran into the former Army cameraman in the course of looking for archival film footage for another documentary. The crash described by Santilli's cameraman, however, does not conform to the classic Roswell crash of early July near Corona, New Mexico. Instead the cameraman was allegedly brought to the scene of the crash southwest of Socorro, New Mexico on May 30, , and the autopsy depicted in the film was supposed to have been shot in Fort Worth, Texas in early July.

    Skeptics argued that this film showed the alleged surgeons utterly disregarding conventional surgical and scientific procedure. Various special effects people argued that the "body" could have been easily manufactured using standard special effects techniques. For these reasons - and many others - the film was widely considered spurious both within and outside the UFO community. However, opinions of fraud were not universal among expert medical and special effects people, and nothing definitive was found in the film itself proving it a hoax.

    There was some testimony from others that they had seen this autopsy footage, or related footage, elsewhere before Santilli appeared on the scene. Some held out the possibility it might be a genuine autopsy of some kind. In this program, Santilli finally revealed the full details of the creation of the footage.

    Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield now claim in that they originally saw 22 cans of film, averaging 4 minutes in length, shot in by a US Army cameraman in Roswell covering an alien autopsy. However, by the time he returned to purchase the footage two years later, the footage had degraded from humidity and heat with only a few frames staying intact. They now claim that they "restored the footage" by filming a fake autopsy on a fake alien "based upon what they saw". A set was constructed in the living room of an empty flat in London. John Humphreys, an artist and sculptor, was employed to construct two alien bodies.

    In addition, Humphreys played the part of the key scientist undertaking the autopsy to allow him to control the body effects being filmed. After filming, they disposed of the bodies. The "debris" footage of items from the crash site was also recreated by Humphreys, including the alien symbols and the six-finger control panels which Santilli admits to being "artistic license on his part".

    As an additional decoy, Santilli and Shoefield picked up an unidentified man on the streets in Los Angeles and filmed him in a hotel reading a statement "verifying" his identity as the original cameraman and source of the footage. However, the almost universal feeling among UFO researchers is that the entire episode is an unqualified hoax by Santilli and there never was any original film footage of an alien autopsy.

    Some UFO proponents theorize events are best explained by a mid-air collision between two alien spacecraft.

    The first completely fragmented and its remains were found at Mack Brazel's ranch. The second, according to witnesses and people who uphold this theory, landed a short distance away. Allegedly four extraterrestrial entities were found - one alive, one dying, and two dead and were witnessed by many people, including a university professor and his class, who were going on a field trip.

    Then the army came, warned the others away, and took care of the crash. Supposedly the surviving alien was christened Extraterrestrial Biological Entity 1 EBE-1 , and survived at a safe house in New Mexico until , when it died of unknown causes. Most of this theory, however, is based on very dubious sources, including "documents" of highly questionable authenticity that arrived in some researchers' mailboxes. Another theory is the craft was struck by lightning and partly exploded, creating the large debris field of small pieces found at Brazel's ranch.

    The rest of the crippled craft with crew came down at some other nearby location. Mack Brazel did tell his son Bill and Roswell intelligence officer Marcel that he first found the debris following a tremendous explosion he heard in the midst of a violent thunder and lightning storm. There are also other witnesses to this explosion, including some neighboring ranchers and a highly respected Roswell couple, Mr.

    Dan Wilmot, who reported to the local newspaper on July 8 seeing a glowing flying saucer pass overhead on the night of July 2. Marcel would later reveal in his last interview that Paul Wilmot had recently told him about his parents also seeing the craft explode in the distance after passing in the direction of Brazel's ranch to the northwest. Marcel added that Brazel came to Roswell a few days later to report the crashed flying saucer. Regardless if this latter theory of the crash has merit, weather records do provide information on thunderstorm activity and can perhaps help pinpoint when Brazel found the debris field on his ranch.

    There were no thunderstorms in the region the first three weeks of June , the period when the Project Mogul balloon allegedly responsible for the wreckage was launched June 4 and when Brazel would later claim in a newspaper interview to have found the debris June However, there were thunderstorms in late June and early July, specifically July 2 and July 4. The latter dates are at least consistent with the initial Roswell base press release of July 8 that said the rancher had found the "flying disk" "sometime last week.

    This again suggests an early July discovery of the wreckage, alien or not. If Roswell was indeed a crash of an extraterrestrial craft, as some continue to insist, some ufologists would argue that several things follow:. In , researcher Nick Redfern published his theory, detailed above, of horrible military experiments involving human guinea pigs that led to the Roswell incident, and claimed this lay at the heart of the high secrecy and subsequent coverup.

    Another important recent development concerns attempts to read the text on a paper held by Gen. Ramey in a photo taken with Col. Dubose and the displayed balloon debris photo above. A Roswell investigator named David Rudiak, as well as some other examiners of the message, claim to have identified several important phrases, including "the victims of the wreck," another referring to the crash object as "the 'disk'" Rudiak thinks it reads "aviators in the 'disk'".

    This is cited as strong evidence that the Roswell incident was actually the crash of an alien spacecraft and that bodies were indeed recovered. However, some also note that these interpretations would also be compatible with Redfern's non-alien theory of events. Rudiak also claims to have disproved the calculations done by some supporters of the Mogul balloon hypothesis that winds would have taken the purported lost balloon exactly to the Brazel ranch crash site.

    Redfern's anonymous colonel source states in Redfern's book this isn't surprising since Mogul had nothing to do with it, but served instead as a convenient cover story to the real balloon crash that had to be covered up. In , the Sci-Fi Channel sponsored a dig at the Brazel site in the hopes of uncovering any missed debris that the military failed to collect. Although these results have so far turned out to be negative, the University of New Mexico archeological team did verify recent soil disruption at the exact location that some witnesses said they saw a long, linear impact groove.

    In , he wrote in a foreword to The Roswell Dig Diaries, that "the mystery surrounding this crash has never been adequately explained - not by independent investigators, and not by the U. John Podesta, President Clinton's chief of staff, appeared as a member of the public relations firm hired by Sci-Fi to help get the government to open up documents on the subject. Podesta stated, "It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the true nature of the phenomena.

    In an interview in September , former President Bill Clinton downplayed his and his administration's interest in the Roswell incident. He said they did indeed look into it, but believes it had a rational explanation and didn't think it happened. Many in his administration thought it was a "fraud".

    However, he added the caveat that he could have been deceived by underlings or career bureaucrats. If that were the case, he said he wouldn't be the first American president that had been lied to or had critical information concealed from him. He also said he would be very surprised if we didn't discover other forms of life in the universe in the near future. This released information allegedly confirms that in July there were two extraterrestrial disks UFO that crashed in the state of New Mexico, referenced in this article Roswell UFO incident.

    Communication was allegedly established with this surviving EBE and it's home world.

    space chess 1 beyond roswell sci fi or cover up Manual

    The EBE lived for 5 years and died in as noted in the section above. Communications continued with the home world, allegedly in the Zeta Reticuli star system, which lead to the arrangment of an exchange program alleging to took place between to This story has been propogated widely on the internet today as Project Serpo.

    Jennings lambasted the Roswell case as a "myth" "without a shred of evidence. Critics of the ABC segment counter that the brief treatment was one-sided and failed to consider many key pieces of evidence, such as the testimony of important witnesses like Generals Exon and Dubose or astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Blight claimed to have identified several modern UFO photographs containing spacecraft of the same design as the Roswell craft. Originally explained as a meteor fireball with nothing found, the NASA spokesman now admitted that NASA had indeed examined metal fragments that allegedly came from a "Russian satellite.

    Furthermore, all documentation had allegedly been "lost" in the s. The new story also contradicted the previous results of a NASA expert who had conclusively ruled out a Russian or any other satellite as being involved. AP story Although not specifically about Roswell, these revelations could possibly provide insight into how the government has covered up similar incidents.

    It presented a historical review of the case and opinions of research experts. One group argued the preponderance of evidence pointed to an alien spacecraft crash; the other argued it pointed to a Project Mogul balloon. For many ufologists, the Roswell case is considered one of the most important UFO events and the one that started the alleged UFO cover-up, while for the skeptics it is just the most widely popularized case, not specifically notable.

    The official position of the United States government, as of , remains that nothing of a paranormal or extraterrestrial nature had happened. The final report of the USAF regarding the Roswell case is available, as well as the answer to that report by ufologists, who insist that the report is bogus. Today, UFO tourism provides a major income for people around Roswell. The incident has been featured in many books, comics, movies and television series.

    Six Days In Roswell is a semi-documentary about the city's annual festival commemorating the 50th anniversary of the incident. Featuring comedian Rich Kronfeld, the film captures the annual event's unusual atmosphere: part scientific conference, part science fiction convention and part county fair.

    The novel Majestic by Whitley Strieber was a part-fact, part-fiction account of the Roswell crash which Strieber claimed was based on an inside government source. It featured MacLachlan as Jesse Marcel and focused on his quest to find the truth behind the Roswell story. Roswell was produced by Paul Davids, who reports having had a classic flying saucer sighting in Los Angeles.

    60. YoYo's Puzzle Park

    Davids' father was one of President Bill Clinton's professors at Georgetown University in his student days. The book was in Clinton's personal library at the White House when it was inventoried while Clinton was being investigated by a special prosecutor. Similarly, in Futurama episode "Roswell That Ends Well", the characters came from the 31st century, and the captured alien was Dr. Zoidberg, and the crash debris was the dismantled body of Bender. In , the rock group the Foo Fighters came out on the Roswell record label. Dave Grohl has always had an interest in UFOs named his record label after the city.

    To promote 's In Your Honor, the band played a show at Roswell. Hangar 18 [was an early movie loosely based on the Roswell story. In the movie Independence Day, the Roswell craft was a scout from the aliens' mother ship. The damaged craft and recovered bodies were moved to the secret base at Area 51 in Nevada for study. The craft, now flown by humans, played a key role in defeating the alien invasion.

    In the movie The Rock, the FBI Director Womack comments that the alien crash at Roswell was one of the nation's deepest secrets along with such things as the Kennedy assassination. In the TV series Dark Skies, the Roswell crash was caused by the military shooting down a flying saucer after the aliens announced their hostile intent. President Truman created the secret team Majestic 12 to counter the alien threat. The series was based on much other contemporary UFO lore and conspiracy theories, including Kennedy being assassinated for wanting to reveal the truth about Roswell and UFOs.

    Robert F. Kennedy was depicted as being a member of Majestic 12, as was astronomer Carl Sagan. In the TV series 7 Days , technology from the Roswell crash led to a secret time-travel device. Ironically actor Eric Close, who played the lead role in Dark Skies, now depicted an alien survivor of the Roswell crash who adopted human form and had a hybrid child with an Earth woman.

    Also in , the Sci-Fi Channel funded a scientific investigation at Roswell that revealed some anomalies, and collected many samples of local soil at the Brazel ranch debris field site. It also featured analysis of the message about the crash photographed in the hand of General Roger Ramey back in Probably the most elaborate example of a Roswell-inspired TV series was titled simply Roswell. It followed the story of four alien survivors of the Roswell crash who adopt human form and live as teenagers in Roswell, one falling in love with a young human.

    The X-Files made much of the Roswell incident. Jobriath A. General Hospital: Episode 1. Delete: Episode 1. Nostalgia Critic: A. Clarke, Clarke was writing the book. Futurama: Calculon 2. Teen Titans Go! The scene ends with Michael going out of a spaceship into a colorful and trippy "star-gate". Up Late with Alec Baldwin: Episode 1. Oh That Grinch! Symphony No. Top Gear: Episode And the Oscar Goes To Film Speak: Episode 1.

    Everything Wrong with Hamlet A. Greene's lecture is influenced by this film. Where's the Center of the Universe? Also, DVD is shown. This shot-reverse shot resembles the climatic scene in , when Bowman encounters an elder version of himself lying in bed, himself standing in front of it. Hunter does an impression of Dave during the caption competition. De slimste mens ter wereld: Episode 6. Geeks Who Drink: Grey Damon v. Clarke and later on by Joanna Hoffman. The Biggest Deception! The Chase Australia: Episode 1. Limitless: Headquarters! The Earth Is Not I feel like I just opened my third eye.

    Stitchers: 2. De slimste mens ter wereld: Episode 8. Cash Trapped: Episode 1. Robot: eps2. This is not the first time this particular game was recreated on screen. Who's Doing the Dishes? Real Time with Bill Maher: Episode Flying Fuckernauts vs. Cash Trapped: Episode 2. Robot: eps3. Hard Quiz: Episode 3. This is a reference to the scene where HAL is being gradually deactivated. De slimste mens ter wereld: Episode Additionally, the basement door resembles the Monolith. Once Upon a Time Clips of the "Dawn of Man" sequence and the pre-intermission scene are shown.

    Tom Hanks says he has seen this movie in a theater about 30 times. AFI's Years Great Bolshy Yarblockos! What Is Out There? The Hour: Episode 7. Ebert Presents: At the Movies: Episode 1. What Is Cinema? El conejo blanco: Warped to Hiroshima!! David Bowman is 5. Sci-Fi Entertainment: Arthur C. A Space Sexploration". The Richard Pryor Show: Episode 1. Stuck on You! Pesukarhut: Time Trap! Meet the Raisins! One raisin puts a coin into it, and it plays music. Raisins sing "At the Hop.

    Werner - Beinhart! After emptying a bottle, it is thrown into the air like the bone in , all accompanied by "Also Sprach Zarathustra". Bag's spaceship, parodying the famous match cut from Kubrick's film. Forrester and TV's Frank's lips mimicks a scene from the movie. The Critic: Dr. Gary and Wyatt discuss the danger of the supercomputer while it tries to read their lips. They circle it in amazement, just like the apes circled the monolith in '', accompanied by the same music, 'Also sprach Zarathustra' by Richard Strauss.