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Unwillingly to School

No child, however suitable, can be admitted unless her mother or guardian signs an agreement to allow her to remain in the School till the age of 16, and then to be placed in service by the Committee. Children must however be removed at any time if the Committee consider it advisable.

The girls attend Holy Trinity Day Schools till the age of 14, from the age of 11 they begin to take a share in the work of the house, and after the age of 14 they receive a thorough training in cooking, housework, needlework and laundry work. Every effort is made to make their lives thoroughly happy and to ensure their moral and physical welfare.

Girls are placed in service at the age of 16, or at an earlier age if the Committee consider it advisable. An excellent outfit is given to girls when placed in service but it is not given if a girl is removed from the School for any reason. Parents and friends may visit the children as a rule on the first Thursday in every month from 6 to 7 p.


The children are allowed a whole day home two or three times during the year. She replaced Miss Elizabeth Howarth, then aged 52, who had served as Matron for over 24 years. She signed a note in the Expenses Book in Show less.

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