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Take pictures of your favorite outfit combinations to reference later. When you create awesome looks that scream you , take a picture with your phone or camera to document the look. That way, you can simply review what previously made you feel confident and strive for a similar look. Use them as inspiration, and expand upon the outfit with other garments or accessories if you'd like.

Maybe for a date night you wore an awesome black dress, patterned tights, boots, and a belt. Take a picture of this, and next time you get ready for a night out, consider wearing the same dress but with different tights or heels instead of boots. Research common styles and style icons online to find inspiration.

Think of a few famous people whose style you admire, or consider different common style labels you want to incorporate, like bohemian or punk. Search for outfits on Google, and look for casual, dressy, and professional ensembles in neat patterns and attractive colors.

Style icons can be fashionistas, actors, celebrities, athletes, or public figures. Look for ready-to-wear collections in fashion magazines or websites. Styles and trends come and go as the seasons change. You can review current collections to find inspiration for your own look. Look for items you can wear all year long, regardless of the latest trends.

Have you struggled with your personal style in the past? What tips helped you?

Maybe you are inspired to wear sneakers with a skater dress, or maybe you want to try wearing hats instead of tying up your hair. Review couture styles for general mood inspirations for your outfits. While avant-garde looks may be over-the-top for daily looks or maybe not! Keep an eye out for neat color combinations, interesting textures, bold accessories, and overall look of the model.

For example, maybe you find a dress with an asymmetrical hemline and a bold color in your favorite magazine. While you may not go for that exact dress, you can play with different collars in your own style, such as turtleneck sweaters or cowl neck tunics. Go shopping and see what items speak to you. Look for colors in your palette, and try on your favorites to ensure they fit great. Consider what you have in your closet already as you shop. If you know you need a new button-down to wear to job interviews, or a new pair of running shoes for the gym, start with items like these.

Shop at thrift stores, vintage retailers, and consignment shops to find one-of-a-kind, unique garments. You can shop for new outfits at these locations without breaking your budget! Ask for advice from your friends, parents, or retail employees. If you are having trouble generating your own style ideas, reach out to a friend or parent and ask for suggestions. Method 2. Dress in slacks and button-down shirts for a professional style. An awesome professional wardrobe will show off your sense of style and show others you are qualified, capable, and experienced.

Purchase career essentials to prepare you for your next interview! You can make your professional look your own by adding unique jewelry, scarves, and shoes.

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You can also go with khakis, polos, sweaters, blazers, blouses, pencil skirts, and dresses. When selecting accessories in the workplace, choose items appropriate for the workplace. For example, wear closed-toed pumps over your strappy stilettos! Wear vintage T-shirts, distressed jeans, and flannels for a hipster look.

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Hipster style is noted as a super cool, laid back, repurposed look. Go with purposely distressed garments, edgy combat boots, oversized scarves, and thick-rimmed glasses. You can shop at thrift stores and Goodwill locations to be a tried-and-true hipster. Tie up your hair and wear sports jerseys and shorts for a tomboy style. The sporty, tomboy look is all about comfort. Focus on dressing with T-shirts, denim, and hats. Consider playing a sport or starting a workout routine to complete your sporty look!

Go with simple prints or plain colored garments for a casual style. Casual style should be comfortable and effortless. You can wear things like solid colored T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. Try throwing on a baseball cap or styling your hair in a ponytail. Consider using a small backpack instead of a purse. Dress to impress in nice clothing if you are styling for a night out. Go for a sophisticated, glamorous nightlife look by wearing things like button-down shirts, straight-legged pants, form-fitting blouses, and dresses. Wear dark colors and items with sequins or shine! You can add your own flair with accessories or by dressing for your body type.

Some clubs allow jeans, as long as they are straight-legged and uniform in wash. Look at the club's website for wardrobe requirements, or call ahead and ask. If you show up wearing the wrong clothing, you may be turned away. Method 3. Embrace your shape in flattering clothing that makes you feel confident.

Jeffrey R. Holland:

Wear items that highlight your assets and camouflage your insecurities. Pick your clothes based on your body type : [9] Pear shaped bodies typically have a defined waist with hips wider than your shoulders. Wear straight-legged pants and jackets that accentuate your shoulders. Wear V-neck shirts to create a vertical line, patterned garments, and well-fitting jackets.

They are easy to dress, and you can wear clothes with medium to high necklines. Wear V-neck shirts and darker colors on top. Draw attention away from your torso by wearing open necklines, bold textures on the bottom, and eye-catching shoes. Choose your color palette based on your skin tone. You can choose signature colors to make your style unique and flatter your appearance.

Maybe purple is your favorite hue, or maybe you get a lot of compliments wearing red.


Determine your skin tone, and choose colors based on your complexion. Go with light peach, light blue, and dark green colored clothes for neutral skin tones. Neutral skin tones have a mix of warm and cool undertones. Pair your wardrobe basics with unique accessories to elevate your look.

If you tend to dress simply, like jeans and a T-shirt, try throwing on a scarf, sunglasses, or hat to make your look more interesting. Adding small elements can enhance your outfits and make you more confident! You can also try a bold necklace or stacked rings. You can also throw on a cool hat or jacket. Splurge on a staple item to individualize your style. Pick items to become part of your style identity, something you can wear daily that others will instantly relate to you.

Wear your signature piece with many outfit combinations so people recognize it as your look. Audrey Hepburn made cropped pants and ballet flats popular.

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Your staple can be something simple like a personal piece of jewelry or something bold like a fur coat. Try things like a bold red lipstick, a bright colored bag, or a customized jean jacket. Hire a tailor to make sizing adjustments and to add personal touches. A good tailor can transform a garment into a perfect, individualized must-have. He also took on the task of teaching institute classes at Yale and at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst while working dedicatedly on his Ph. Though he was later able to see clearly a design governing what took place during these years, Brother Holland admits having felt at the end of graduate school some of the same haziness blurring the future that had dogged him near the completion of his B.

Something, however, prompted him to turn down a tempting offer to stay on at Yale, as well as an offer to join the faculty at BYU. My professors at Yale thought I was deranged. With a new son, David, added to the family, the Hollands and their three children moved to Provo. Scarcely a year and a half had gone by before a new link was added to the surprising chain of events in the life of the still young man from St. George, Utah. Involving over , full-time and part-time students, four colleges, institute programs on campuses, 71 elementary schools, 54 countries, and 17 different languages, Church Education kept Jeff Holland even busier than usual during those next four years.

But in this head-spinning chain of events, what was perhaps the greatest challenge yet lay ahead. Still in his thirties, Jeffrey R. Challenged by President Spencer W. Camelot is a slum section compared to my dreams for BYU. With space at BYU now at a premium, there is little room for the sluggish, the half-hearted, the uncommitted. A very visible university president, he is always there on the front row of any sports event. Moved easily and deeply by things spiritual, he is nevertheless always prepared to see the humor inevitably inherent in the challenges of this life.

But this is not to say that he does not spend long hours in his office. The typical Holland day begins in their home on the university campus at A. Family prayer, scripture reading, and breakfast come next, and by A. Evenings are usually taken up with invitations to university honor banquets, award nights, student activities, or fine-art functions, but the Hollands try to keep Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays reserved for family activities. Reading provides a favorite pastime and is closest to a hobby for Jeff Holland. Augustine, Teressa of Avilla, T. Eliot, C. Lewis, G. And whatever else he may be reading, the scriptures will get first priority.

Prose style, for Jeff Holland, is as important as content. For years he has read and admired Lincoln and Churchill. He still remembers standing, as a teenager, in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.

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President Kimball has that same majestic command of language. One way or another, all the prophets have. Now a gifted speaker in his own right, Jeff Holland himself exhibits an enviable facility with language. He successfully sprinkles his spontaneous humor throughout his public speeches as he refers to his days in St. George as B.

Though not a swearing man I am always sorely tempted to try my hand when hearing that. It is this interest in religion and its application to help individuals become better that is at the core of Jeffrey Holland. Above: An overview of the BYU campus.