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Review: Prince – ART OFFICIAL AGE

Despite his complaints, however, Prince never regained his former popularity following his departure from Warner; as he struggled to go his own way and keep up with trends he was no longer setting, his independent output quickly grew prodigious and preeningly self-indulgent, ranging from the triple-disc Emancipation in to the soggy The Rainbow Children in to the one-two punch of MPLSound and LotusFlow3r in A string of startlingly solid singles led to Art Official Age , which despite its ludicrous title, is the most engaged Prince has sounded in a long while.

Musically, Art Official Age is all over the map—gloriously so, in fact—as though Prince is trying to cram a triple album into a single disc.

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It sounds perhaps too familiar, but the song mimics its source with aplomb and what sounds like Princely arrogance. Art Official Age is not a return to form by any means, but a modestly exciting Prince album. Recorded live in the studio using analog equipment, the album is nevertheless too proficient, too slick, and too professional to come across as much more than anonymous.

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They show little of the kinky inventiveness of the Revolution or the innate versatility of the New Power Generation; instead, Plectrum is crammed with predictable rap-rock riffs, vague alt-rock menance, and bloozy showboating. Art Official will always lay down his 'Party Tunes' with just the right mix of catchy vocals, beats and sounds, seducing his party people into groovin' and singing along on the dance floor!

As a musician, he is a perfectionist and a workaholic. Over the last 16 years he has recorded over 60 full length mixes showcasing his broad and signature brand of "house" music.

Whether you see him live or hear any of his mixes, Art Official's style sticks out and stimulates. With his aggressive mixing, acapella mashing, homegrown sampling and energetic stage performance, Art Official will surely leave a lasting impression and continue and strive to be one of Canada's most sought after DJ's.

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He was the runner-up in a large Toronto DJ Competition for club radio beating out over djs. He hosted his own night and spun every long weekend BOOM from !

ArtOfficial - "Voodoo" Jam Session

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