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Though hidden from the eyes of natural men, it is there nevertheless. This order begins in the spirit and the patient waiting on God as He leads into all gifts, ministry and fruits of the Spirit and functioning of the church.

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No person can know this order unless they are in Christ, and walk in the spirit. But If you ask many believers today, " how is a church built? Then you put some pews in it, build an altar and pulpit, have a Pastor over all and make a name for it, put a sign up on the lawn, register with the government and there you go, the church is ready. Christ builds his church from the inside out and this work starts from within all believers. It is a spiritual house made up of living stones 1 Peter , which is built up in the revelation of Jesus Christ.

This is the starting point of Jesus building. It is not a man made religious building or a corporation with bosses and employees. Jesus Christ is the head of the church, which is his body, he is not the head of institutions and man made forms. This edifying or building up of one another in love is how Christ builds His Church from the inside out. This order begins in the peace of God and by His rule or governing in the spirit Col. Only then can we grow up into him Eph. All who worship God must worship Him in spirit and in truth John For there is no life, salvation, ministry, or true church outside of Jesus Christ in the spirit.

Despite the multitudes of believers who gather in these religious forms, with their various spiritual moments, the evangelistic aspect and some other good ministration seen in many of them, there is a great problem in the churches today and it must be addressed. Without this participation of the Lord among the church they are in danger. These words to Laodicea, echo to many churches today as well and this sober exhortation is the same. Let all things be done unto edifying Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge.

If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord. If anyone neglects or hinders the ministration of the gifts from God to one another they will not be good stewards of the grace of God and they quench the spirit.

Instead they are drawn to the exalted man who does most of the ministry. This is wrong and needs to change. Furthermore, we read of the church gathering in homes and having a meal together as they ministered to one another, in prayer and fellowship. The institutional church structures today with their programs and clergy, have hinder many of these functions in the church. Paul said that God made him a wise masterbuilder 1 Cor. He then passed this on to all the believers wherever he went as he planted churches and set things in order.

Similarly today, believers led by God should walk in the same order and deliver the same order to others, especially those who are called to such apostolic work. This same warning is for all christians today and the dangers are just as real. But who has ears to hear this warning today? No man can make this happen in the assembly.

How believers are to do this is given by the Spirit of God, as we walk in Christ and his anointing. Everything we do must be done in the name of Jesus Christ, Col. God works in us to will and to do Phil. Notice that, even if they are believers we are to withdraw from them. But this is not what the verse speaks of. Only God can do such things, and He gives gifts to the body as He wills 1 Cor. If men don't follow the order given by God then they are ignorant and not to be received, and we should not listen to ignorant men.

What Does the Bible Say About Order In The Church?

Paul was not writing the commandments and traditions of men to believers as some may try to imply. And the rest will I set in order when I come. Can anyone say that such things were unimportant for the assemblies? So are any churches today exempt? Why would any christian want to do anything different? All christians should take this warning seriously. Yet how many believers today are caught up in the traditions of men and worldly rudiments, full of man made forms and philosophies? The traditions of men often make the word of God of no effect Mark Church Buildings?

This tradition of men has come from way back where men were drawn away from the apostolic order of meeting in homes through the leading of the Spirit unto to the large pagan type temples. The believers met in homes for close to years after Christ death for the most part.

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It was around A. D when believers began moving away from this with the building projects of Constantine and others. This did not begin in the New Testament church as we see in scripture.

The believers met in homes at first having favour with all the people and not because of persecution Acts , The Pastor over all? Yet unfortunately today, this one man ministry dominates christan assemblies all over the world and people love to have it so. The one man pastor ministry tradition quenches the spirit in others and hinders the body from edifying itself under Christ headship in the gatherings and the mutual edification where all are commanded to wait on the Lord and freely be able use their gifts.

How can the church function as they should when the entire gatherings are dominated by one man and body edification is hindered? At best, these large meetings are similar to evangelistic meetings or a big lecture. How can every one have, when only a Pastor gift is allowed to speak and minister freely?

What is God’s Order of Authority in the Home?

False Authority? A servant has no authority in the world, but as they serve others, speaking and living the word of God they do. But many gatherings are set up this way today. Jesus was not a political, ruler as they knew, but when he spoke His word he spoke as one having authorty, not as they did. This authority is similar to those christians who walk in the word of God today.

The authortiy is not in a positional authority, but rather a moral, spiritual authority in Christ and in the ministry of word and their life example. Spiritual authority flows from Christ to the body, it is not a static office. Yet this is exactly what we see in the exalted men over the body today. But Jesus said call no man master. But all believers are to be led by the Spirit Rom. The old man is crucified, and they listen to the new man in the anointing. Man made Programs? In many assemblies today we see a program dictating the order of these religious forms. Usually in these programs there is a sermon, or litergy, a few songs, announcements, collections of money and no one else is on the program unless slotted in by the man in control.

This order of man is not right. Clearly in scripture we see the exact oppostie of a programs and a one man pastor ministry. We see a body where Christ is the head working effectually in every part unto the edifying of one another Eph. Lecture format order?

God’s Order Vs. Man’s Control

But in the assembly of believers, the function is for mutual edification, and so the form would not be in a large lecture format looking to the front. This very form fights against body ministry. In the scriptures we see believers meeting in homes and edifying one another which is more conducive to body life. If the function of a church is for all to wait on God and edify one another and use their gifts, then the form of the gathering would not be focused on a man at the front, but more of a family type environment to allow for the function of the body of Christ as he leads.

Many lecture type meetings may at best be evangelistic etc. The Supper of The Lord Today we see the Lords supper as a small snack and not a full meal as in scripture. Not having a meal together in a covenant communion relationship with each other is a great loss for many 1 Cor. Jesus said to Laodicea that he wanted to sup with them, but sadly he was outside Rev. Part of that communion and participation is inward with the Lord and with each other 1 Cor This is the same spiritual food all the saints of all time 1 Cor Having a meal together is a vital aspect.

Having a full meal together in the time of Jesus was a very intimate thing and a time of close fellowship. This is one of the reasons they came together. Paid Ministers? Why would the believers need to minister to one another If they pay the one man pastor to do so?

Local elders should work. If some are sent in Itinterant work however, I speak specifically of apostles, and evangelist who are led that way, they can receive benefits to help them in ministry. But Paul himself was reluctant to do this. Those in itinerant work have a need to be helped in the work. This is because they come to a town and do not have work right away and may be there temporarily.

But this is specifically for itinerant workers 1 Corinthians ,14 , not for local elders. But servants do not pay their masters? One Man Makes decisions no Concensus? But all these forms hinder the order of God in the church. Clearly, the whole church was all involved. Song Leaders? All that we do must be in the name of the Lord, or in the character, life and power of the Spirit.

We must worship God this way, there is no option. To authentically lead people into deeper apprenticeship with Jesus, we must graciously and rigorously confront the raging selfishness that is alive and well in all of us. Today is the same as years ago. The problem in Crete was the people, and the sin was selfishness.

They needed radically reordered lives, and Paul shows us three things to bring a new order, a Christ-centered ordering to the church. Romans 5. These were not moral men, fine, upstanding citizens in need of a spiritual nudge. They were strangers to the covenants of promise, without God in the world. But the gospel came, and the dead rose to life.

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Crete was like the valley God showed Ezekiel. And there were sinews on them, and flesh, and skin covered them. Paul and Titus did the same: traveling from city to city on this island, preaching and proclaiming the Gospel, and the morally dead rose into a army of God. Salvation came to Crete! Titus 1. Titus 2. For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people, training us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions…, waiting for our blessed hope, the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.

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God's Order In The Church

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