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Last night, Colbert vaguely suggested that the " latchkey kids " entry should be changed too. It's locked. So far, by Wikipedia's own count , the number of pages that have been blocked because of erroneous information submitted by Colbert fans is growing. Or, as they put it in their rather shallow page on "wikiality". Wikipedia's founder told MTV news that he would gladly unlock the entries if Colbert apologizes on air, which is ridiculous.

Colbert should just keep mentioning various random topics to see how how many entries he can force Wikipedia to lock, but also so Wikipedia's founder has to keep saying things like:. We banned the user because of his or her behavior, because they were messing around with some articles and encouraging other people to mess with several articles about elephants.

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Provided you are one of the rare few with the gift, a child with the ability to step through such Doors to the other side. Provided you are a Latchkey, capable of becoming one of the Wardens, the protectors of Tanglewood and its Doors.

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  2. Latchkeys: Splinters.
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Tanglewood's connection to the World Tree is somehow broken. And many of its Doors disappear, sent spinning out across time and space with no rhyme or reason, leaving behind only the flimsiest of shadows. Now the young Wardens must find and return the missing Doors. But many of them have splintered from the impact. ReDeus: Native Lands. After Earth.

Latchkeys: Splinters

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