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We will be completely fully forever delivered from sin and judgment in the fullest sense in the future, in the future. And we thought we already had it. Well, the sense of its eternal full final form is nearer now than when we believed.

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We hold it in the present. We yet are to inherit it in the future. Also in Hebrews chapter 9 it is mentioned as a future inheritance. It is ready to be revealed. And when will that come? That is to say the return of Christ, the return of Christ. Look to the time when Christ returns, the last time, the time, if you will, when you are in His presence. Bless God for that eternal inheritance. The world may not appreciate you.

The world may be hostile and persecute you. The world may not count you as its own. The world may not grant you its rights and privileges. But you have an eternal inheritance to be revealed in the last epoch which God has promised to you, an inheritance which is heavenly, not earthly; which is glorious, not mundane; which is pure, not impure; which is holy, not sinful. It is our inheritance. An inheritance, Jesus says, they will receive. In Ephesians, do you remember that wonderful passage?

We should thank the Father who has qualified us to share in the eternal inheritance granted to the saints. Well, you know that. But let me dig a little deeper, all right, and show you something that I think is fascinating. Look in your Bible to Joshua chapter And here we reach back to the promise of God in an ancient time, nonetheless a promise that we can claim.

Now because they were - what? What were they?

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They would literally inherit God. And if we could come over to 1 Peter again and be reminded that we are a kingdom of priests, we, too, are a royal priesthood, , we can then know that God, who is the very possession of the priests of Levi, is the possession of the royal priesthood of Christ, as well.

We inherit God. God is our very inheritance. What a tremendous thought. He would inherit God before he would inherit anything else. Nothing could stand alongside the richness of that reality. With Thy counsel Thou wilt guide me, and afterward receive me to glory. Whom have I in heaven but Thee? And beside Thee I desire nothing on earth. And so, again, the psalmist knew that he would inherit God.

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Beloved, when we go to be with the Lord to inherit our eternal salvation, at the same time we inherit God. God comes to pitch His tent with us. God takes up residence with us. We inherit Him just as much as He is inheriting us. We live in His house, is one way to put it. He lives in our house is another way to put it. We also inherit Christ. It says we are joint heirs with Christ. Christ becomes our portion. We enter into an eternal oneness with Him.

We literally possess Him as He possesses us. We are like Him in sum and substance of existence. He becomes us and we become Him in a very real sense, without either of us losing our identity. And the Holy Spirit is that engagement ring, down payment, that first installment. And His living in us is the guarantee of our eternal down payment. So we have already inherited the Spirit. We will inherit likeness to the Son and we will inherit God Himself in our eternal inheritance. We also must recognize that we will leave this world naked, but if we love Christ we will become clothed with all that God could possibly give, far beyond our wildest imaginations.

The things that eye has not seen and ear has not heard will be revealed to us. That is cause for praise. And it is because of that inheritance, that salvation not yet revealed waiting for the last season or the last epoch, when we see God in Christ in glory that Peter calls for praise. The God who was creator and redeemer of His people from Egypt.

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Because of His gracious goodness, we should bless Him. Robert Leighton sp? What are our lame praises in comparison to His love? Nothing and less than nothing but love will stammer rather than be dumb. Even though our praise falls short, love will stammer rather than be dumb.


It assumes the action is to bless God. It is not only something Peter is doing, it is something that he is instructing others to do. It is a call for adoration, a call for praise. But I want you to notice that there are components of this doxology that explain our inheritance in detail. We want to praise intelligently. We want to adore God with understanding. So Peter gives us the source of our inheritance, the motive for our inheritance, the means by which we appropriate that inheritance, the nature of our inheritance - that is what it is like - and the security of our inheritance, lastly.

The source of our inheritance is God. The source is God.

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God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. We know all of that. To say that God is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is to give God a new identity to the Jewish mind because God was always known as creator and redeemer from Egypt. He created and He redeemed His people out of Egypt. His creation emphasizes His almighty sovereign power. His redeeming His people, His saving power, His saving work. So the Jews would bless God as creator and redeemer from Egypt. That was instructed to us, really, by Jesus. You worship that which you do not know: we worship that which we know: for salvation is from the Jews.

Does He mean the Father of men? He means the Father, not in relationship to men, not in relationship to believers - follow this - but in relationship to the trinity. Very important point. And He is identifying God as His Father. Now the point is this. And the Jews took up stones to stone Him. How did He make Himself into God? By saying God was His Father. Jesus again is affirming that He is God. One is connected to the other.

They know each other in an intimacy that no one else can understand. This is picked up in the epistles and you see it many places. What God are we talking about? The God who is the Father of Christ. Now get that, because that ought to be filed somewhere in your biblical understanding file. So, what God is the source of all of our inheritance? The divine Lord of the universe is ours. The Jesus of incarnation, death, and resurrection is ours. The Christ, the anointed King and Messiah is ours.

Not a distant deity to be appeased, but a personal Lord and Savior. He is ours now, and the fullness of all that He is will be ours in the future when we are like Him. We will, in a very real sense, be lost in a relationship of eternal intimacy with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Who is the source, then, of our inheritance? Who is the source? The one to whom we give the praise. If you had earned your inheritance by works, why would you bless God? If you had gained your inheritance through a preacher, why would you bless God? If you had been given your inheritance through somebody who witnessed to you, why would you bless God? If you had received your inheritance by your own ability to understand Scripture, why would you bless God? So, we have a gift, an inheritance given to us as a free gift, because we have been made children of God.

How so? It is a sin not to be ever and always praising God, blessing God, adoring God, honoring God, extolling God, worshiping God for your eternal inheritance, of which He is the sole source through Christ. Do you have a thankful heart? I mean, a constantly thankful heart? I hope you do. Father, we thank You for the way in which You have revealed to us Your generosity and Your goodness. We thank You for the absolutely unending and eternal mercies which You have poured out upon us due to nothing which we have done.

And we want to come to You in praise.

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  • We want to come to You in adoration. We want to thank You for the gift that You have given to us. We praise You, Lord, for our eternal inheritance. We pray, Lord, that it might linger with us so that we remember day in and day out to offer You our praise. And, Lord, if there is in any of our hearts a spirit of ingratitude, a spirit of discontent, a spirit that rejects praise, forgive us and cleanse us, fill our hearts with joy.

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