PDF Rubble: How the 9/11 Families Rebuilt Their Lives and Inspired America

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Hunger was a frequent companion to the bin Laden children, who lived on a diet of rice, bread, eggs and salty cheese. In addition to bin Laden's wives and children, dozens of al Qaeda fighters also spent time with bin Laden in the mountainous retreat. Bin Laden laughs during a walk. Abdel Barri Atwan, a Palestinian journalist whose journey to Afghanistan yielded these photos, said bin Laden told him he hated Americans and American policies and troop deployments in the Middle East.

The Tora Bora settlement and cave complex was above the snow line in winter. Bin Laden discovered Tora Bora during the anti-Soviet war in the s. A view of the lake outside Tora Bora.

Syrian-born ideologue Abu Musab al-Suri was an ally in jihad with bin Laden who once ran training camps inside Afghanistan. Al-Suri advocated a "leaderless jihad" with "spontaneous operations" performed by unconnected individuals and cells all over the world. Al-Suri, seen here taking photos, published "The Call for Global Islamic Resistance" on the Internet in , saying there need not be any organizational bonds between "resistance fighters. More than al Qaeda fighters were killed in the December battle of Tora Bora, and more than 50 were captured.

Bin Laden and deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri escaped. Al-Suri, left, with Atwan. He nabbed the first interview in Afghanistan with bin Laden on this trip. Bin Laden took journalist Atwan on a two-hour hike around Tora Bora. He loved the mountain. They were trying to have their own community, grow their foods," Atwan recalled. Al-Suri was arrested in Pakistan in and sent to Syria, where he was imprisoned. Bin Laden hikes alone at the base of a mountain. A decade later, U.

What impact did 9/11 have on the world?

They prepared instead only for possible US cruise missile attacks by evacuating their training camps. Of course, making spectacular errors during a war is a prerogative that all sides enjoy. George W. The rationales for the Iraq War that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and that he was allied in some manner with al Qaeda were, of course total nonsense. Worse, the invasion itself led to the creation of al Qaeda in Iraq in , which is the parent organization of what is now ISIS.

When ISIS first gained significant ground in Iraq and Syria in , it focused almost entirely on its actions there and encouraged its overseas followers to join the jihad in the Middle East. The group claimed responsibility for the downing of the Russian Metrojet carrying passengers and crew on October 31 in the Sinai in Egypt.

Follow CNN Opinion. ISIS' main goal is to present itself as the Islamic State that it has named itself, the guardian of an expansive caliphate that is both a theological and a geographic entity.

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ISIS should have understood that provocative attacks against Western targets would only amplify the war against it. As early as summer , following the murder by ISIS of the American journalist James Foley, the United States substantially increased the number of airstrikes against the group and mobilized a coalition of like-minded nations to join the anti-ISIS coalition.

According to U. Indeed, according to both Gen. People flee the scene of a terror attack at Istanbul's Ataturk airport on June Turkish officials have strong evidence that ISIS leadership was involved in the planning of the attack, a senior government source told CNN. Officials believe the men -- identified by state media as being from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan -- entered Turkey from the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria, bringing with them the suicide vests and bombs used in the attack, the source said.

Its aim is to create an Islamic state, or caliphate, across Iraq and Syria. It is implementing Sharia law, rooted in eighth-century Islam, to establish a society that mirrors the region's ancient past. It is known for killing dozens of people at a time and carrying out public executions. Traffic from Mosul lines up at a checkpoint in Kalak, Iraq, on June 14, Aziza Hamid, a year-old Iraqi girl, cries for her father while she and other Yazidi people are flown to safety after a dramatic rescue operation at Iraq's Mount Sinjar on August 11, A CNN crew was on the flight, which took diapers, milk, water and food to the site where as many as 70, people were trapped by ISIS.

Only a few of them were able to fly back on the helicopter with the Iraqi Air Force and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. A month later, they released videos showing the executions of American journalist Steven Sotloff and British aid worker David Haines. The United States and several Arab nations began bombing ISIS targets in Syria to take out the group's ability to command, train and resupply its fighters. A Kurdish marksman stands atop a building as he looks at the destroyed Syrian town of Kobani on January 30, Safi al-Kasasbeh, right, receives condolences from tribal leaders at his home village near Karak, Jordan, on February 4, Jordan is one of a handful of Middle Eastern nations taking part in the U.

The militant was identified as Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born Londoner. On November 12, , the Pentagon announced that Emwazi was in a vehicle hit by a drone strike. ISIS later confirmed his death. In the last photograph, the man is seen face down, surrounded by a small crowd of men carrying weapons and rocks. The caption reads "stoned to death. The Temple of Bel is seen here after Syrian forces reclaimed the city in March Dead bodies lie near a beachside hotel in Sousse, Tunisia, after a gunman opened fire on June 26, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed at least 38 people and wounded at least 36 others, many of them Western tourists.

Two U. At least 27 people were killed and at least were wounded, state media reported at the time. Giuliani and U.

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President George W. Bush—pledged to quickly rebuild the World Trade Center site as an inspiring symbol of American resilience and triumph over terrorism. As the rebuild got underway, it eventually came to involve by some estimates more than a dozen government agencies and some construction companies and subcontractors.

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After the LMDC invited a number of top architects to submit designs for the rebuilding of the site, the architect Daniel Libeskind was chosen as the winner. The memorial was dedicated on September 11, , in a ceremony for the families of the victims; it opened to the public the following day. The museum is still under construction. In , the Freedom Tower was officially renamed 1 World Trade Center, perhaps in response to concerns that the original name would make too tempting a target for future terrorist attacks.

After years of sluggish progress, the rebuild effort quickened significantly in , with 1 World Trade Center reaching the halfway point of its final height feet above street level by December. The tower is expected to be completed in Start your free trial today. The second key service is provided by companies like Comdisco, which operate facilities packed with mainframes and servers that replace lost computing power. So far these companies have moved 3, employees from lower Manhattan into various Comdisco facilities.

Reflections on the U.S. Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania

About two dozen have called him asking for help. The exchange hired Comdisco to establish the backup facility after the World Trade Center bombing. But now London could move to capture business that once flowed to New York. Cantor Fitzgerald faces the same dilemma: It could lose the deep liquidity that is one of its major appeals to customers.

Cantor is primarily a Treasury bond broker providing a crucial service to large institutions like banks and insurance companies: It enables them to remain anonymous. That keeps other customers or dealers, like Salomon, from knowing that a big block of bonds is hitting the market.

What impact did 9/11 have on the world? | The panel | Opinion | The Guardian

If Merrill called Salomon directly, Salomon might dump its own bonds first, pushing down the price when Merrill sold. It seems heartless to say so, but eSpeed also had an unintended consequence: DaPuzzo says Cantor will not replace any of its brokers who perished and instead will move immediately to the totally automated eSpeed system, a transition it had planned to make more gradually. The danger is that a wounded Cantor may still lose business to upstart competitors. Banks, wary of relying on a single broker, have created rivals like TradeWeb and BrokerTec.

And how does a company begin to restore visionary management? They were entrepreneurs who inspired tight-knit bands, leaders who helped create eSpeed and guide it to a successful public offering. The people who perished had no choice.

Photojournalist Survived Close Call with South Tower Collapse on 9/11 - NBC News

At Cantor, DaPuzzo has pledged to quickly rebuild a big part of his nearly obliterated equities department. His plan is to hire around 35 professionals in such niches as Nasdaq and program trading. The price—in time and money—will be high. An overlooked casualty of the attack is the vast electronic infrastructure either embedded in the vanished towers or beneath streets now heaped with rubble.

To run the ultrafast processing and robust data lines needed for quicksilver trading, Wall Street invests heavily in IT. As it happens, the beleaguered equipment industry is swimming in unsold routers and switches. In telecom, as in crisis management, Wall Street got a healthy scare from the bombing. If a firm relied on a single provider whose lines went dead, it lost contact with its customers—along with a heap of revenue. That way, if one or two networks blew out, the company could route its calls and trades through the carrier s that escaped damage.

Still, the telecom infrastructure suffered a heavy blow.