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Read the full disclosure policy. Sign up for exclusive destination guides from the trendjetter bi-weekly digital magazine. Hey Adam! This is a fantastic article! I think it is much more personal and fun than just sending an email or just posting on social media. I used to send postcards more often, but the last two years I have been lazy. This is awesome for people like me who never find time to get postcards.

So convenient through an app too whilst travelling :. I love the idea of sending personalized postcards from all over the world. It also something more personal than sending out greetings on FB and such. Postcards are always a lot of fun! The exact reasons I send postcards!


And one home for myself. Cool Idea! Post cards were a traditional of sending messages to our loved ones. And so, they can be good friends while we are travelling.

Do you know if the app people attach a real stamp when they post the card? We often send cards to a friend who collects stamps, so having a real stamp is important, rather than a franking machine. India, for example. Aww thank you Victoria! Try the MyPostcard. Simply follow these three easy steps: Download the MyPostcard app on iOS or Google Play Create your free postcard by connecting with your Instagram or uploading photos. Choose from different formats, styles and sizes! Use code travelsofadam on checkout for your FREE postcard! Yes, please also send regular blog updates! Nikki at Calculated Traveller.

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What's New. Premium Drinkware. Value Giveaway. NEW Sticker Singles. Domain Names. Call Cart. Back to main menu. Shop all Business Cards. Shop all Marketing Materials. Shop all Photo Gifts. Shop all Promotional Products. Shop all Design Services. Promo code has been applied: Details. Promo code has been applied. Have a different promo code? We're sorry, the item you selected is currently unavailable. Thank you for your interest. Get Started. Design Your Card. Build a List. Enter your mailing preferences below and see how inexpensive it is. We get a discounted postage rate because we presort all of our mailings.

And those savings are passed right on down to you. Support Need help with your postcard mailing or a mailing list? Give us a call Monday-Friday, 8 a. Did you know that addressing and mailing postcards yourself could take up to 4 hours? Postcard Mailing is a fast, easy and affordable way to get your marketing message out.

In as few as three days, your postcards can be in the mail and on their way to your very best customers and prospects. It also allows you to design, print and mail your marketing postcards in one convenient online location, at any time. The Postcard Mailing fee includes list processing, address validation, address printing and delivery to the post office. We always seek to provide the highest quality of service possible.

Order cancellation and a credit can be issued only when the order has not yet been fulfilled. Due to the nature of mailings, postage is never refundable when the mailing has already been processed. List purchase fees are also non-refundable once purchased. At this time you cannot pay for Postcard Mailing by check. Postcard designs must comply with the United States Postal Service regulations for positioning of addresses, barcodes and postage indicia.

Click here for layout details. In addition, by placing your return address on the mailing, you make it easier for the post office to return undeliverable mail to you. Yes, our Business Solutions Program is the answer! Let Vistaprint be your printing fulfillment solution for your employees, sales reps and customers. This program is perfect for real estate, direct sales and MLM organizations — any company looking to offer branded printed products to a large group of people. Enjoy a scalable, co-branded web site built, hosted, and supported by Vistaprint.

Click HERE to apply. We recommend using our downloadable Excel mailing list template to ensure you have the proper list format. We also accept Comma Separated Value. CSV and Tab Delimited. You must upload your mailing list through our web site. We will identify duplicate addresses in your list and give you the option to delete them.

We will allow you to merge lists for your mailing. Within your Account, you will see a Mailing Lists section, where you can merge, edit and download lists. Our web site is designed with numerous security features to protect your valuable information. Look for the lock icon at the bottom of the web page to ensure your information is encrypted and transmitted securely. Both uploaded and purchased lists are securely stored in the My Lists section of My Account. You can quickly and easily access your lists for future mailings. The United States Postal Service requires us to validate all addresses before mailing.

Address validation allows you to receive the best possible postage rates and make sure your mailing is promptly and accurately delivered. If we detect a mismatch between the different fields in your address, our software determines what the correct address should be. We will make sure that the ZIP code matches the city and state and that the street address exists.

If our software cannot determine a correct address, we will allow you to correct it yourself, ensuring a prompt and accurate delivery of your mailing. The data comes from Accudata, an industry leader in marketing information solutions. Are there restrictions? Purchasing a list from Accudata constitutes a one-year rental of the list. After one year, if some of the list members have not become customers, they can no longer be used without purchasing the list again. It is best practice to refresh any mailing list older than six months due to the frequency of address changes.

Please refer to our Terms of Use for Mailing Lists for further details. However, you will be shown the number of results before completing your purchase. Once purchased, your list can be downloaded, edited and re-used for a period of one year from the purchase date.

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For more details on the use of mailing lists, please see our Terms of Use for Mailing Lists. A purchased list is usually delivered to your "My Lists" page in about 30 minutes, but in some cases may take up to a few hours. You will receive an email notice when your list is available for your use. Standard postage is a cost-effective, but slower, delivery option provided by the United States Postal Services. Standard postage rates are only available for letter sized mail, including oversized postcards.

First class postage ensures quick delivery to your recipient and we offer it at a discounted rate. Different rates are available for cards including postcards and letters. We offer United States Postal Service presorted rates for both standard and first class mailings. The post office only offers first class postcard rate for standard postcards. Since oversized postcards are considered letter-size mail, the post office offers both first class and standard bulk rates. Otherwise, the mail will be returned to you. Make sure to include your return address so that undeliverable mail can be returned to you.

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Some stamps are self-adhesive, but others must be moistened. If the stamp is self-adhesive, just pull it off the backing and attach it to the postcard in the proper place. Make sure it's not upside-down! If so, however, don't worry — the US postal service usually mails postcards with an upside-down stamps. If your stamp is not the self-adhesive kind, you will need to moisten the back of the stamp to activate the adhesive.

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If you don't want to lick the stamp, then you can use a sponge, or even just dip a couple of fingers in some water. Moisten the back of the stamp until it's a little wet, but not dripping. If it's too wet, the stamp might rip or slide off the postcard. Address the card. Postcards usually have dedicated spaces for the message as well as the sender's and receiver's address.

If it is a homemade or non-standard postcard with no dedicated spaces: draw a vertical line down the middle of the card while it is in a horizontal position, then draw a horizontal line splitting the right half in two. Use the left hand side for the message, the upper-right corner for the stamp and receiver's address, and the bottom-right corner for your own address. If you're traveling, you may not expect a reply — or you can give your correspondent the address of the next place you'll be staying.

Write your postcard. See How to Write a Postcard. If you're mailing it to yourself, write a memory on the back of the card; if you're mailing it to a friend, add a short message to let them know how you're doing. Try to give the recipient a brief snapshot of your experience. You don't need to write a novel — the very act of sending a postcard, however short, is usually enough to show a person that you're thinking of them. Again, make sure to put the stamp on first. This way, you won't end up writing where the stamp covers.

It's important not to write too low on the postcard. Most of the time, the post office will attach a sticker across the bottom of the card in order to send it where it needs to go. Try to keep at least a finger's width between the edge of the postcard and the bottom of your message. Mail the postcard. Find a post office or a public mail drop box in your area.

Make sure that you've added the correct amount of stamps and properly addressed the card. Once you're certain, mail the postcard as you would a normal letter. If you're abroad, allow at least a week or two for the letter to reach its destination. Some office buildings, government offices, or community centers may have a mailbox. If you are at a hotel, the front desk will often mail your postcard with its outgoing mail. If you can't find a place to mail your postcard, ask the locals and other travelers. If I wanted to mail postcards to sick children at a hospital, would they be delivered individually to each child?

The Postal Service will deliver all the postcards to the clerical office in the hospital. It would then be up to the hospital staff to deliver the cards individually. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful Not Helpful 3 Helpful As of January it costs 35 cents to mail a postcard.

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Not Helpful 1 Helpful 8. No, you don't need an envelope as long as you put the stamp on the postcard correctly. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 9. Does the Post Office still sell postcards that already have postage printed on them? Not Helpful 2 Helpful 8.