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The deities are too merciful, too benevolent to leave an inquirer without compraehensive understanding of how any required information concerning others might be helpful to one's self -- and, indeed, are cautious to warn when too much knowledge of the private secrets of others might be harmful to one's self. The writer being quoted P.

According to Batcheldor, The fundamental principle was. Firstly, he examines Then, he examines the role of. Batcheldor : "PK in Sitter Groups". However, the finding showed that non-cultists performed better than the cultists in the remote viewing tasks". Almeida, A. Krippner : "A Study of John of God". Fuller, NY : Thomas Y. Mirabelli presented striking paranormal abilities Palhano, Other illustrative instances of physical mediumship can be found in the cases of.

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The medium remarked that. Untersuchung ". Playfair : " Peixotinho : a Latter-day Kluski? Krippner, M. Winkler, A. Amiden, R. Crema, R. Kelson, H. Weil : " He was considered very gifted in automatic or mediumistic writing 'psicografia' in Portuguese , and produced over books [written by automatic writing] on a wide range of subjects Xavier's talent for writing poetry and reproducing or 'intermediating' the style of great literary writers Among other things, Xavier Even the parapsychological literature contains very little information about him Playfair, [].

Severino et al. London : Souvenir Press. Born in , Jaques Andrade Lima ; Lins Fifth in both area and population. Imagine a country stretching from Edinburgh to the Sahara desert and from Lisbon to Istanbul with a population fast approaching million, according to its census. Alm ost anything is possible. Brazilians like to tell the story of the man who comes home one day and tells his wife he has just seen a cow flying across the road. What colour was it?

So it was hardly surprising for Brazil to be visited by another TV crew, solitary reporter or just curious tourist looking for some of the action they had heard about from friends of friends or read about in the books of such experts in the stranger side-effects of Brazilian Spiritism as Pedro McGregor, David St.

Clair, Isa Gray, John G. Fuller and Anne Dooley. What was surprising is that so little else had been written about psychic phenomena in Brazil and the Spiritist context in which many of them tend to occur. It should be an ideal country for research, for there seem to be too many phenomena and too few researchers. Indeed, until more than half way through the twentieth century, there were almost no serious researchers at all in this field.

Perhaps I should first explain what had led my caller to think I might be able to provide some psychic entertainment on demand. What had I done to get such a reputation?

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Let me sketch in some background. I arrived in Rio de Janeiro in as an English teacher hired by the British Council, although I had no experience of teaching English or indeed anything else. After a couple of years I was offered an extension of my contract, a passage home, or the price of a passage home. So luckily I took the money and stayed, determined to do what I really wanted to do, which was write. I started in the traditional way on the local paper, the Brazil Herald, then moved up to Brazilian Business, the monthly journal of the American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil, also managing to do some moonlighting for Time, the Associated Press, The Economist, and several other outlets for my hopefully emerging talent.

I then spent four years working full time in the press department of the U. For seven or eight years I was able to earn my living and generally enjoy myself.

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By then, my Portuguese was good enough to do translations and interpreting at news conferences, and before long I was doing very nicely as a freelance. I seemed set for a comfortable life in Rio. All this time I had never taken more than a passing interest in stories I occasionally heard about flying saucers and flying cows , psychic surgeons and so on.

I had been quite impressed by a ceremony I had attended in which a young woman was initiated into one of the many Afro-Brazilian cults, but somehow I never explored the subject any further. Then one day in , Larry Carr dropped in for a chat. He was a Hollywood actor who had come to Rio to make a film some eight years previously and decided to stay on. I had met him while doing some script translation for the film, and was intrigued by his accounts of the local Spiritist scene, which he had clearly taken the trouble to study at first hand, and had even become a member of a Spiritist group headed by Pedro McGregor, which I also joined more out of curiosity than any kind of religious conviction.

Before long I was satisfied, as I will describe, that it was not all illusion or fakery. I needed some first-hand evidence, though, and I asked Pedro if he knew of anybody in Brazil who was doing the kind of work that was done in Britain by the Society for Psychical Research.

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So, I thought, the publisher must know how to get in touch with him. Half an hour later, I was in his office, and an hour later I left feeling that we were old friends. He could not offer me any payment, since he financed the institute out of his modest salary as a civil servant, but I would be free to write about anything I might find in his files.

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It was an offer I could not possibly refuse, and I accepted it without hesitation. But I still had to earn a living somehow. The owner was glad to see me, as he was getting more orders than he could handle, and promised me plenty of work at rates far higher than I had been getting in Rio. Then I looked up an old friend from my teaching days who now had his own language school, and offered me a spare bed in his basement while I looked for a flat to rent.

So in one day I had been offered a well-paid job, a place to stay, and a chance to do research with the IBPP. That was the day my life changed.

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Now for a word on the Spiritist background with which most of the contents of this book are connected in some way or other. The words Spiritist or Spiritualist may conjure up visions of funny old ladies peering at crystal balls, communing with Native American guides, and talking a lot of trivial rubbish.

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The position in Brazil is somewhat different. There are at least three major Brazilian religious cults in which belief in spirits and their active participation in our earth lives is implicit. I am mainly concerned here with the largest of these, which is known as Kardecism, or Christian Spiritism according to its codifier, the Frenchman who wrote under the pseudonym Allan Kardec Spiritism, which has been well entrenched in Brazil since the end of the nineteenth century, is not quite the same as Spiritualism.

A Spiritist is automatically a Spiritualist, but the reverse may not be true. This is a fundamental corner-stone of Spiritism, and Kardec was one of the first to popularize the concept of it in Europe while his follower Gabriel Delanne was the first to collect evidence for it.

It is the only religion that can claim to be based on scientifically demonstrated and repeatable facts rather than on unverifiable traditions, occult revelations or subjective mysticism. Kardec was no mystic or pagan, but a stolid and rather pompous schoolmaster who was educated in Switzerland.