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The hunter shot again! And he knew for sure he had hit the animal three times! But that brave deer just moved slowly but surely, closer and closer to the hunter! The hunter was so scared that he gave up hunting that very moment and never shot another animal again. He realized in a flash that the guardian spirit of the mountains was warning him to stop hunting animals, or face the consequences.

When his hunting became an obsession, it became a vice, instead of a natural means of subsistence! And there are so many hunters around. But not one of those hunters has ever managed to shoot our dear viejo. Many years ago, when Real de Catorce was still a very rich mining town, a procession of women used to arrive through the tunnel every morning, with donkeys carrying baskets full of home-made food and churns of milk to sell to the miners. All the way from Puerto de los Aguadores Gate , to the Cemetery Gate, there were fondas, tiny little restaurants, where you could buy home-made food.

The keepers of these places were all women, and we used to call them fonderas. One of these fonderas was an old woman, called Jezabela, whose fonda was in a tiny, dark room, near the cemetery. Jezabela was a strange old thing. She never said a word to anybody, so nobody ever spoke to her, either! In those days, the statue of Saint Panchito still had a special place in the cemetery church, just down the road from the fonda s. Whenever the fonderas were cooking, Panchito would climb down from his niche in the church, and go to check that the fonderas were doing a good job.

She stopped working and shouted something very rude at him. Then, when he came in the door, she took a spoonful of hot mole and threw it straight at him! The steaming liquid landed on his bare hand! He just asked Jezabela, very kindly, to kiss his hand.


But she had no intention at all of doing that! So Saint Francis turned round and started to walk away. But just as he was going out of the door, Jezebela threw another great spoonful of boiling hot sauce at him, and this time it splashed him all over his back!

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So, this is why the statue of Saint Francis of Assisi in the church of Real de Catorce is burnt on the back of his hand and all over his back, too — because of the mole and the hot chili sauce that the horrible old fondera splashed him with! People hated Jezebela even more after that, and legend has it that, that same evening, after hearing what had happened, her own husband, Jacinto, took out his great old machete and killed her, stone dead — and all because she had terribly offended Saint Francis.

Everybody really respects Panchito here in Real, you see…. You can find more Mexican myths and legends in another blog: Folk story from Alfajayucan, State of Hidalgo. In a single evening he can choose any topic, such as animals, saints, or witches, or whatever, and then go on to tell us stories about that topic, from numerous different states, for hours!

The other night, for example, Don Evaristo started telling us some terrifying stories about sorcery, witches and wizards. Maybe it was afraid too! However, I do recall one particular story, from a place called Alfajayucan, in the State of Hidalgo. And this is more or less the way that Don Evaristo told it: There are similar beliefs among some of our American Indian tribes, too.

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For example, they may be just walking across a field at night, when suddenly this enormous light shines out from nowhere. And, according to some beliefs, those lights are used to disorient the person, who immediately feels lost, even if he knows the path perfectly well. As a result of his confusion, he gets really lost and can often walk all night without finding his way home. However, there is a magical way to break the spell. The person has to embrace a tree and stay there with his eyes closed for as long as he can.

Originally published in Activate! If you wish to read more Mexican legends, just follow this link , surf and enjoy! A long time ago, I was doing some work in the highlands, in the Altiplano Potosino, and of course I took great interest in the local myths and legends. Every evening I spent time talking to the local people and hearing their stories. Anyway, I heard different stories of this ahuichote , and all of them spoke of how such spirit was the messenger of Death. One night, while drinking hot chocolate by the fire place, and old lady told me: A couple of days later we learned that Chencho died in Monterrey.

His corpse arrived at midnight and we all went to his poor house to veil him. All the time we were veiling Chencho, we kept hearing a strange noise. It was like a cry of a coyote, but not quite the same. It was an inhuman howl; not from this world. We could hear it, and we all knew what it was. Yes, it was the howl of the ahuichote itself, because he was saying that there was a dead person in the village. And that dead person was Chencho, who was from this village but living in Monterrey.

The ahuichote cried all night. Legend written by Homero Adame.

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And the frightening howl of the ahuichote was harder and sadder than ever. When the grave was covered with soil, the howling stopped. Folk story from Padilla, Tamaulipas. After a long, pensive silence, don Evaristo said: At the time, Padilla was the capital of Tamaulipas, believe it or not!

Learn more at Author Central. Provide feedback about this page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Lakeland Lily. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. She said they lay somewhere in the mountains that divide Sinaloa and Sonora. Much of this knowledge is now lost forever.

Where's my wife But all of this has become just one more part of our great history…. Sleepy Hollow - Part 1. You can not visit La Antigua and not taste its coffee. In this tour you can learn the whole process of producing the best coffee in the world in a plantation of La Antigua. This was the second time we stayed at this boutique hotel. The rooms are comfortable and the staff fantastic.

Norte, No. Book a Room. Tel: For more serious discussion on the Paranormal Sciences. Stricter rules for submission and discussion. Experience La sihuanaba self. This story also took place in El salvador. There's this woman they call " La sihuanaba" This woman is known to lure men who tend to be out late at night and to the unfaithful ones as well.

She lures men with her attributes She's been seen practically nude from the top. As she lures them with her body she takes them away with her to a lonely place and eventually ends up turning into a skull from her face. She starts laughing when she scares them and alot of men have ended up crazy and even dead after having encounters with her.

This one time my cousin and his girlfriend decided to meet up at a spot late at night im sure you guys know what they had in mind My cousin was waiting for his girlfriend when from far away he noticed a woman covered from her face. My cousin figured it was his girlfriend hiding her face so nobody would see her sneaking out He walks up to her and starts caressing her and out of nowhere he turns to look at her face and noticed her face was a skull He pushes her away and thats when he noticed she was nude and it wasnt his girl.

He started running away back home and from far he said as hes running he heard her laughing soo loud at him saying that she had him He said never again did he want to go out at night. Next day he tells his girlfriend and she assured him it wasnt her. She wasnt able to sneak out due her parents staying up late that night. Yooo fellow salvy. I remember as a kid la sihuanaba didn't really scared me much since her target seemed to be men, now the ones who would make me shit myself were el cipitio and la carreta bruja it didn't help that we sometimes heard what sounded like horses run by our house at night and as far as i knew none of our neighbors owned horses so yea.

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I remember sleepless nights because of how scared i was of la carreta bruja. Now I'm not calling bs on your story but i also kinda am because aren't all those beings just legends? Don't get me wrong, i grew up hearing these things and listening to "first hand encounters" from uncles, cousins, grandparents etc but now that I'm older i can't help but think they were just feeding my scary stories need. Now i say that but i believe every single one of my grandmother's stories though she never talked about las leyendas like la sihuanaba and such. She did talk about el silencio.

Idk if you're familiar with that one? She claimed to have seen him once after her brother passed and my cousin also claimed to have seen him too. Part of me believes the story but another part of me calls bs on it.