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But, especially if you live in the Americas or on an island in the Pacific, you might catch it shortly after sunset. For the fun of it, we label Mercury and Mars on the feature chart above, but we expect few — if any — skywatchers to spot these worlds, which are thousands of times fainter than the young moon and exceedingly near the sunset now.

Dark Sky Discovery

Astronomers use the term young moon for a waxing crescent in the days following new moon. They use the term old moon for a waning crescent shortly before new moon.

The Alan Parsons Project- Eye in the Sky

View larger at EarthSky Community Photos. Steven Sweet caught the young crescent shortly after sunset July 3, , from Ontario, Canada. Thank you Steven! To maximize your chances of spotting the whisker-thin lunar crescent on July 3, find an unobstructed horizon in the direction of sunset. If you can stand atop a hill or balcony, so that you can peek a little farther over the horizon, all the better.

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Even in a clear sky, the slender crescent is likely to appear pale and bleached out at evening dusk. So you will want to choose a viewing site that does not have any major cities in that direction. This view south was spoiled by the light dome from Springfield, IL. So you may have to wait until later in the summer to get the best view. On the other hand the farther south you live, the higher up in the sky Sagittarius will rise. If you live in the southern hemisphere, the seasons mentioned above will be opposite, but the months are the same.

A full moon will drown out all of the faint stars in the sky, including the milky way. To see a dark sky all night long, you want to go stargazing during the new moon. The website is free and they also have a paid smartphone app. To find the best view of the stars, drive outside of any small towns and stay away from hotel lights, etc.

The picture above of the milky way over a canyon was shot at Dead Horse Point near Moab. National parks can get crowded but you can always book a spot in advance. Definitely worth the drive. My husband and I just returned from a wonderful week visiting the five national parks in Utah and saw the dark sky in several places, especially at Capitol Reef N. Good luck! Bryce Canyon or near it as you drive east from on Hwy 12 from US There are a number of dirt roads on the north side. Take any one of those roads north and you will find total darkness with no light pollution and an amazing view of the milky way Be sure to take a good flashlight, without it you cannot see your hand in front of your face, except for its profile if you hold it over your head Of course, it does depend on the cycle of the moon.

Hellooo I am looking for the best places in the world where it will be possible to see the milky way at its best. I was wondering iif you can help. Thanks is advance for your help Best regards. The views are awesome and the scenery is gorgeous. No light pollution, warm nights and low humidity. Chaco Culture was the best place for me. Or close to it. Hi Adriana.

I am driving from SC to Oregon the first of Sept. Will be in an RV. Not sure on the route yet.

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I would like to see the stars. Its not the south, its the east. West of the Mississippi you start to get some legit dark skies. There are a few places on the east coast e. Even places like rural Indiana that you would expect to be dark have a surprising amount of light pollution. Thank you for this. Googling was proving fruitless until I found your site.

The Night Sky July 12222

It never occurred to me that the milky way would rise and set like other constellations. You look up, orient yourself by orion, then see the milky way, then the southern cross, then the magellanic clouds. The northern sky is just this very even smattering of stars, usually with no milky way. I live in a suburb of Chicago Lombard and want to know where I can see the milky way.

Hi, Thanks for the information. Green river area looks like a popular spot for viewing. Being the first quarter of the moon, it will be setting around 1am, can Milky way and the meteor shower, both be seen simultaneously after 1am, before the twilight? The milky way will still be up at 1AM, but it will be setting very shortly after that.

Dark Sky Discovery Sites

I live in north andover MA and was wondering where the closest dark sky spot to see the milky way. I am willing to drive 3 hours max. We usually spend some time in the Franconia area of the white Mountains but I never had any luck. Best of luck, and if anyone knows where to see it in New England, please let us know.

According to NASA , you can listen to them burning up by simply using a ham radio. The planet Jupiter, as captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Photo: NASA. The planet Jupiter will continue to dominate the heavens for much of June. This makes it the perfect target for astronomers, even those with small telescopes, to pick out and marvel at its beauty.

While the planet's iconic Great Red Spot will be easy to spot on several evenings throughout the month , conditions on June 10 will offer a particularly good view. On that date, Jupiter will be at opposition with Earth, coming within million miles of backyard telescopes. Look for the planet to rise just after nightfall and be visible all evening at a magnitude brightness of Early birds will appreciate the year's earliest dawn.

While the summer solstice on June 21 is the longest day of the year, it's not the one with the earliest sunrise. What gives? There are a variety of factors that influence this quirk involving the speed and slightly elliptical path of Earth's orbit around the sun and the tilt of its axis.

The Celestial Sphere

The math all adds up to make the earliest sunrise about a week before the summer solstice and the latest sunset about a week after. The exact date of this depends on what latitude you reside on. So, for instance, if you reside in the mid-northern latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or Boulder, Colorado , you could expect the earliest sunrise of the year to occur on the June 14 at a.