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Elective modules will only run if subscribed to by at least 6 students. In case an elective module is undersubscribed and thus does not run, students will be able to take another elective module in its place. For this reason, students will be asked to indicate their order of preference for the elective modules rather than just choosing one option.

Zusammenfassung und Ausblick

The module develops a critical awareness of cross-cultural issues pertaining to management, leadership and work in international contexts and multicultural environments and provides students with an advanced appreciation of the concept and practice of cross-cultural management and leadership. Corporate Governance and Globalisation The module Corporate Governance and Globalisation considers the effects on the business community and the wider society of the debate on corporate governance. It investigates the origins of modern corporations and examines the most relevant legal, economic, and sociological theories of corporation and the firm.

The module investigates the issue of unethical corporate governance and its disastrous consequences for the entire society. The module builds on the content of core modules including in particular Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Leadership. Information Systems subject to validation In this module concepts of the company's system infrastructure are presented against the background of digitalization, big data and cloud computing and analyzed and evaluated with regard to the effectiveness and efficiency of company organisations. Management Dissertation Master Thesis This module is designed to consolidate the learning from across the programme in an applied format so as to enable students to demonstrate in-depth understanding of theories, frameworks, models and concepts relevant to a specific business issue.

The Dissertation is a major supervised research project, whereby students conduct original research in an area of their choice under the guidance of an academic supervisor. Students conduct a literature review to identify a set of research questions, develop an appropriate research design, carry out the empirical study by collecting primary and secondary data, analyse the findings and derive conclusions and recommendations for further research and practice.

As MBA students are experienced professionals and most of them will be in employment whilst studying for their degree it is envisaged that many will choose a dissertation topic relevant to their organisation and carry out their research project with support from that organisation, e. Typically, students will choose topics relevant to the international business orientation of the programme but other topics will also be allowed in order to facilitate the career aspirations of particular students.

Thus, the module will help students develop an advanced mastery of analysis and synthesis of data in a business context. Through supervised research they will demonstrate the ability to identify relevant business or organisational issues through a review of academic literature, collect and critically evaluate evidence in an academically rigorous manner, and present conclusions and recommendations. This being a major research project, it is envisaged that it will particularly benefit those students intending to transition onto an academic career pathway, e.

Wickendick Tel. For the first time ever, the project would regulate the cyclic solar thermal process for a fully automatic operation. The project focuses on the maximization of overall efficiency by means of heat recovery, the development of optimized heat exchangers and finally a fully automatic regulation of process parameters. Research activities at the RFH focus on the areas of modelling, simulation and control algorithms.

The project is sponsored by LeitmarktAgentur. The general management is in the hands of RFH Prof. Stefan Ludwigs Project Manager. The funding period is for three years, until In a playful scenario merging school, the corporate world and home, students draw on various digital learning media, even producing some themselves. This is done by directly integrating learning processes into a variety of real professional contexts. The RFH is involved, among other things, in the field of scientifically-based testing of digital learning opportunities.

Stefan Ludwigs emphasizes that this project is intended to make a substantial scientific contribution to learning theory and didactic issues. The focus here is upon basic knowledge about the self-regulation of the learner as well as media-didactic aspects. Toggle navigation. Course of studies. Eine starke Basis. Am Profile A course of study at Rheinische Fachhochschule is characterised by: seminar-based instruction in groups of no more than 50 students; compact, short courses of study; and application-oriented teaching.

Futher Information. Key Facts. Programme objectives. To facilitate the advanced study of organisations, their management and the changing external context in which they operate. To develop knowledge and understanding of key areas of management. To develop a career in business and management through the development of relevant skills at the appropriate level or to facilitate further research or study in the area. To develop personal and interpersonal skills that is relevant to management and communicates the arising issues in written and oral form.

To facilitate the application of knowledge and understanding of business and management to complex issues through critical and analytical approaches to management theory, practice and research. To enhance the ability to evaluate management techniques, tools and models in a variety of contexts.

To recognise the relationship between ideas and practices. To equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve the appropriate level of post graduate award and continue their lifelong learning development. In: K. Ermert Hg. Schneider, Vera Reporting. In: Stockmann, Reinhard Hg. Eine praktische Handlungsanleitung. Stockmann Hrsg. Loock, F. Berlin: Raabe. Schneider, Vera Was versteht man unter arm? Evaluationsbericht im Auftrag des Goethe-Instituts. Hennefeld, Vera Evaluation des Mediendialogs mit der Ukraine. Baden-Baden: Nomos. Hennefeld, Vera [Top].

Vera Hennefeld Contact Person: Dr. Vera Hennefeld Description The program 'Securing talents - shaping the future' by the Cusanuswerk aims to support future female leaders. The program focuses on mentoring elements that is tutorial support for scholarship holders by professionally experienced academics.

It also focuses on occupationally specific training and support measures as well as on building a peer-network. The CEval has been conducting accompanying external evaluations to ensure quality management since the start of the career support program in The main task of this evaluation is to provide the responsible employees with management-related information. In this context, questions regarding satisfaction with the offered events, quality of tutorial relationships as well as questions regarding professional and personal use of the relationships for both sides are especially relevant.

In regards to methods, the evaluation covers standardized questionnaires of mentees and mentors compared at three points in time. Vera Hennefeld Staff: M. The funding aims at contributing to an improved integration of refugees in Germany. The goal of the evaluation is to assess the goal achievement, efficacy and efficiency of the funded projects and to develop recommendations for future funding of such projects.

At the same time the evaluation shall support the projects in setting up and implementing a results-based monitoring system. The evaluation is designed as an accompanying evaluation with formative and summative elements. It also involves a capacity building component. In terms of methodology, the evaluation will rely on a mix of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods.

Among others, a document review, guided interviews, focus group discussions as well as an online survey are planned. To that end, the foundation cooperates with national football associations and in has released funds for two pilot projects, one with the French Football Federation FFF and one with the German Football Association DFB.

In this way, conflicts would be dealt with after match days and solutions for future events could be developed. The tasks of the CEval GmbH range from the conception of the project follow-up process, selection of pilot locations, etc. Therefore, different procedures and formats for the match day follow-ups will be tested, in order to present an applicable concept after the pilot phase. All steps are carried out in close cooperation with the DFB project team. The project is scheduled to run from January to May In the first half of , a detailed project conception and elaboration will take place, including workshops with all participating actors.

Central partners are the Fan Projects of the respective locations. Subsequently will be evaluation and, if necessary, an adaptation of the concept for match day follow-up as well as the documentation of the project as a final report. The programme aims at contributing to the internationalization of DLR institutes as well as promoting researchers who maintain a relation to Germany as partners and friends.

The goal of the evaluation is twofold. On the other hand, it is expected to identify potentials for improvement and come up with suggestions for necessary adaptions in view of a possible future continuation of the programme. Among others, guided interviews, focus group discussions, on-site visits as well as an online survey are planned. The aim is to prepare these managers for the requirements of digital shift, to network them with one another and to equip them with the necessary skills for driving and shaping digital change in their institutions. The program's formats include professional training e.

The evaluation focuses on the different training formats of the programme. These are to be evaluated in regard to their effects. The focus is on the outcome level, especially on the short and medium term effects of the different events. In the sense of the participative evaluation approach of CEval GmbH, the theory of change will be developed together with the project team. The effects will be assessed within the evaluation using a multi-method approach. On the one hand, participant questionnaires will be developed and used at the end of an event and after a defined impact phase.

On the other hand, interviews will be conducted with different stakeholder groups in order to obtain more in-depth assessments of relevant aspects of the programme. In this way, the advantages of both data collection methods can be combined and used to evaluate the training formats. It aims at mobilizing the youth for matters of sustainability.

More precisely, the project is geared towards students at Bavarian vocational schools who find themselves in the important period of professional orientation. The goal is to direct their attention to sustainability questions and to strengthen their awareness of those issues. To achieve this goal, the students are expected to independently implement projects in their respective schools in order to contribute to a more sustainable school life.

The project is subject to an impact analysis, which is being jointly implemented by LBV and CEval GmbH within the context of an accompanying evaluation. The purpose is to determine whether the intended effects of the project are actually achieved, that is, whether the attitudes and behavior of the participating students actually change in relation to sustainability matters and whether those matters are more readily integrated into the everyday life at Bavarian vocational schools.

In terms of methodology the analysis will be based on a standardized survey before and after the project with both the participating students and a comparison group of students. Furthermore, there will be guided interviews with the teachers who support the students in the implementation of their projects before and after the project. The approach of MLSR is fourfold i. The second stage of evaluation i. Comparing the results of baseline and interim evaluation, the evaluators will be able to identify and assess the preliminary effects of MLSR.

Moreover, the evaluators may give first recommendations on how to improve MLSR e. The third stage of evaluation will start shortly after the end of MLSR i. The main goal of the final evaluation is to assess the effectiveness of MLSR i. Vera Hennefeld Description The 'EinTanzHaus' is expected to be a center for contemporary dance in a cultural monument of particular importance in the City of Mannheim. The founder of the La Trottier Dance Collective, Eric Trottier, and the designer and artist Daria Holme have jointly created the preconditions to develop a dance center in Southern Germany with the exemplary conversion of a protected historic church building, which can open up new perspectives for the dance scene in Germany due to its infrastructure, its stage size, its central location and the artistic experience.

Therefore, a target system and value-added indicators for the 'EinTanzHaus' as well as a data collection plan are developed together with the participants in a first step. Further, CEval GmbH is involved in all steps of the data collection, evaluation and interpretation and thus supports the parties involved in the strategic management of the project.

A certification of those fan projects has been launched in Offering fan projects an instrument of quality control, the certification is intended to pursue multiple goals: a establishing a common standard for fan projects, b increasing confidence in the work of fan projects, and c improving the working context of fan projects.

Members of the Quality Management Group belong to several stakeholder groups: soccer, federal authorities for family affairs , science, and fan projects themselves. For more information, click here German only. Within the ongoing second subproject, CEval GmbH supports the nationwide roll-out of the revised certification by collecting all necessary information on all the remaining German soccer fan projects. Vera Hennefeld Description "The BAuA explores the conditions and developments in gainful employment with a view to providing workers with the best possible protection and Support both today and in the future.

The object of BAuA's self-evaluation will be product and process of the project demowanda. The project partners are going to evaluate a the online platform and demographic monitoring tool demowanda and b the project process from commissioning to realization. Employees of BAuA, who are involved in the self-evaluation of demowanda, will be enabled to close potential gaps in and to extend their knowledge on self-evaluation.

Moreover, CEval will provide employees of DAAD and of universities with training on results-based planning and monitoring capacity building. Stefan Silvestrini Contact Person: Dr. After the first year of study in the two-year AMASE programme, the students furthermore have the opportunity to take part in a Professional Summer School aiming at facilitating their career entry.

Both events are part of the AMASE support programme and were evaluated within the context of an accompanying evaluation. The main goal was to determine the use of those events for their respective target groups. In methodological terms two standardized surveys as well as a number of focus group discussions were conducted with participants of the two events. Evaluation of the website www. The website www. After a re-launch in and an uptime of one year, CEval GmbH is entrusted to evaluate the website www. The evaluation was based on an online user survey followed by quantitative data analysis.

The main task of this evaluation was to provide the responsible employees with management-related information.

Ihre Ansprechpartner an der Fakultät Informationsmanagement:

In this context, questions regarding satisfaction with the offered events, quality of tutorial relationships as well as questions regarding professional and personal use of the relationships for both sides were especially relevant. Vera Hennefeld Staff: Dr. From to , they supported future leaders from academic and non-academic fields.

Vital aspects of the evaluation were program-level examination of relevant goal achievements and the analysis of already testable program effects. The evaluation was based on the DAC criteria. It concerned the entitlement of receiving information on telecommunication and media data and included further a norm on data collection by the police with technical means. The new legislation has included the evaluation of impacts and a review of the application in practice with the support of an independent scientific expert after three years of experience.

The balance between entitling the police with certain rights to inquire and collect data to protect citizens and at the same time limit the intrusion into private data has been a highly discussed topic in politics and public. CEval was involved in the concretization and operationalization of leading research questions and in the identification of appropriate indicators. It supported the development of the evaluation design, the data collection instruments as well as data collection itself and data analysis.

Data was collected in the form of guideline based interviews, focus group discussions and standardized surveys. How to manage sustainability and effectiveness? Vera Hennefeld Description The actors of German cultural relations and education policy AKBP face the challenge that the context of their actions is always in interaction with complex, dynamic political and social contexts. This complicates the creation of knowledge in order to manage projects and thus to secure sustainability and effectiveness of AKBP-projects. Hence, the aim of this research project was to analyze which methods and tools are suitable in volatile contexts to generate knowledge about effects in changing conditions.

In addition, the possibilities to use this knowledge for project management was examined. Therefore, on the one hand a stock taking of existing instruments was made. On the other hand more recent approaches for monitoring and decision-making were analyzed with regard to their applicability in the AKBP. Vera Hennefeld Description The Foundation Environment and Development North Rhine-Westphalia was founded and promotes mainly volunteer environmental and development work of civil society groups. The objective of the foundation is to support the environmental and development work in North Rhine-Westphalia NRW in order to establish this work in the consciousness and in the practical involvement of the population permanently and at the state of the art.

In addition, the Foundation carries out its own projects, to also promote the implementation of Agenda 21 of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in in Within the evaluation, the results and effects of the funding activities of the Foundation were recorded and assessed. Based on these findings recommendations on priorities of the Foundation with regard to content, actors, target groups and the methods and formats will be derived. CEval applied a mixed method approach to collect relevant data.

Therefore, relevant documents and accessible data of the foundation and of funded projects will be analysed. Competitive through idea management. Basler Zeitung, 51, 2. Investieren in Talente. Der Kadermarkt der Schweiz. Handelszeitung 36 , p. Statt aufzugeben, muss man sich neu organisieren und vernetzen [Interview]. NZZ exekutive Engagement in der Milizarmee. Engagement mit hohem Nutzen.

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Research at the Chair of Institutional Economics

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Interview von Marina Bolzli mit Norbert Thom. Berner Zeitung BZ , Weiterbildung: "Harte und auch weiche Themen auf allen Stufen".

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Kooperation (Kooperationsformen) BWL/VWL IHK Fachwirt

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Research at the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ

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Research at the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ

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