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Instead, Schweitzer believes that PCD is the result of multiple factors of psychological experience, including how we emotionally attach to others. Dr Miriam Forbes, a psychology and emotional health researcher from Macquarie University, believes that PCD is an experience that can also result from cultural pressures.

We Asked Men When They Last Cried

Forbes notes that people have a variety of responses to sex, "including the negative emotions about guilt and shame and disgust, which can come from ideas about sex". In women, PCD has shown modest associations with childhood sexual abuse as well as general psychological distress, although the melancholy experienced during the refractory period has been found to be mostly unrelated to other forms of emotional distress in life because of its short-lived, inexplicable nature. In the QUT study, psychological distress was found to be strongly associated with male experiences of PCD and childhood sexual abuse showed a small association.

However, Schweitzer doesn't believe that these results were statistically significant enough to comment on. The authors also found suggestions that sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, are related to PCD. Forbes believes that PCD may be, at least in part, simply a reflection of an individual's broader emotional experience. Contact Elfy Scott at elfy.

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When the tears subsided, he went and played with his trains. All was eventually right with his world again. They know more than we think they do. They observe and HEAR everything. They push boundaries and force us to think carefully of how we will react. Before I know it, he will be And Rainbows only come out after a storm.

Men Reveal All Of The Weird Things That Make Them Cry

Plants grow best in the season of rain. The wide spectrum of emotions we have humans is what makes a life.

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    Let our boys experience them all. Let them cry. We will all be the better for it. Suggest a correction.