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All corroded together. Almost complete pot. No distinguishing markings or decorations. Thin base, bulbous belly, and very thin neck with spout. The vessel is complete except for one small missing piece on its upper belly. The pot was labeled by Woolley with an 'A' written in pencil and the graffito 'U '. Almost conical figure with impressed base and pinched at top to form face, possibly a human or an animal head. Very unclear form.

Grayish clay. The string contains 67 beads, the chain beginning and ending with a lapis bead. Amar-Suen and Enki? Amauszumgalana Dumuzi :. Amphibolite gabbro, mica inclusions smoothed but coarser grain. Duck shape with large head at center of back, bill extending almost to rounded and flared tail. Slight neck delineated, base rounded. Amulet - frog:. Amulet bead:. Amulet of Im-dugud. Incised lines depicting feathers. Grayish brown clay. Amulet or stamp seal:. Amulet, 2 animals rams? Amulet, 2 fish:. Amulet, 2 heads with uraeus, Egyptian style:. Amulet, bull:.

Amulet, cross shape:. Amulet, demon:. Amulet, duck:. Amulet, frog:. Amulet, head of Pazuzu:. Amulet, human face:. Amulet, human leg and foot, perforated at top:. Amulet, humbaba face:. Amulet, lion or bull:. Amulet, mask, pierced:. Amulet, monkey:. Amulet, pig's head:. Amulet, Puzuzu Head:. Amulet, swan or duck:. Amulet, tortoise:. Amulet: duck:. Amulet: Puzuzu head:. Impression on piece of clay? Amulets: frog:. Animal broken at waist and at head. Yellowish clay:. Animal figurine broken at waist. Whitish clay:.

Animal Figurine broken legs and tail and head. Animal figurine broken, only forelegs and head remaining. Pierced hole through nose. Animal figurine in the shape of a bear? Possibly a long tail. On its hind legs, base is broken. Forelegs are broken. Longer snout, pellet eyes, one ear broken. Hollow on inside. Reddish brown clay:. Animal figurine long neck, four legs fused into two. Animal figurine of a bull? Horns intact. Legs broken. Animal figurine of a cow. Dark brown clay:. Animal figurine of a cow? Elongated body, reddish brown clay. Horns broken. Curled horns.

Squat body Reddish brown clay:. Yellowish brown clay:. Animal figurine of a dog. Blackish clay:. Animal figurine of a dog? Broken and repaired. Brownish clay.

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Face broken. Small pinched face with larger ears, larger tail. Hind end looks to be pulled upwards, maybe in stance of play dog? Reddish clay. Reddish brown clay "57" written on side. Reddish yellow clay:. Animal figurine of a hedgehog? Possibly a rattle? Rounded body with small head. Incised lines down back. Hole in back. Animal figurine of a horse? Longer neck and longer tail, shape of head. Animal figurine of a sheep? Brownish clay:. Rounded body. Grayish brown clay:. Animal figurine of an ox? No horns byt a visible hump. Brown clay:. Animal figurine of reddish clay:.

Animal figurine with a long neck. Animal figurine with a short nose, and a rounded body. Animal figurine with head, tail, and forelegs broken. Black clay. Animal figurine with hole through nose, possibly for a string. Animal figurine with longer tail. Animal figurine with tail and hind legs broken, horns?

Animal figurine with tail curled over body. Animal figurine yellowish clay:. Animal figurine, broken at waist. Greenish brown clay:. Animal figurine, dog? Back legs broken. Animal figurine, head broken, brownish clay:. Animal figurine, legs missing. Incised lines on body. Animal figurine, long neck.

Animal figurine, possibly a sheep or goat or dog, longer nose and shorter body. Animal figurine, torso only. Animal figurine? A block of clay with pinched legs and head. Possibly a sheep? Blackish clay. Reddish yellow clay :.

10 Fascinating Facts About Custer and His Last Stand – Little Big Horn

Torso of an animal? Yellowish clay. Animal head. Incised eyes. Large hole in nose. Broken neck and below. Animals rampant: lions goat, ibex, eagle UE X: crossed lions attacking ibexes, one of them upturned. Anklet with plain ends:. Anthropomorphic figurine; fired clay; hand modelled; pinched nose and perforated eyes. Anthropomorphic figurine; fired pale clay; hand-modelled in the round.

Representation of standing female? Head missing. Shown breast-feeding an infant with elongated head held on the left hip. Black painted decoration on the adult includes a collar around the neck with a pair of ties running down the back, stripes and dots on the front and back shoulders, nipples, wrist bands and a girdle; details of the genital area are incised; painted decoration on the infant includes the eyes, a collar and a girdle.

Anthropomorphic figurine; fired pale clay; handmade and modelled in the round. Archaizing MUSZ3, probably lexical:. Architectural Relief with incised or molded decoration. Arrow butt:. Arrow head:. Arrow head, 2 small beads adhering:. Arrow head, with barbs and socket:. Arrow prong:. Arrow sharpener?

Arrowhead fragment:. Arrowhead, leaf shaped with large stem narrowing to a smaller stem. Arrowhead, long:. Arrowhead, Type 1a or b. Part of head, tip missing. Haft missing as well. Two prongs. Arrowheads 8 :. Aryballe type. Traces of pale green glaze. Globular body, base slightly indented, long narrow neck, collared rim. Axe blade:. Axe head:. Axe head, tang is made by folding one end back on itself. Blade is rectangular in shape. Broken in 4 pieces and repaired. Badly broken calcite bowl.

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Part of bottom missing, but mostly complete. Object has been mended. Badly broken trough type stone vessel. Badly mis-shapen, green pottery bowl, possibly a waster; with flattish base; rim incomplete but partially repaired. Baked clay animal figure, roughly shaped, whitish ware; hand-modelled; depicts horned quadruped. Baked clay animal figure, roughly shaped; hand-modelled; depicts horned quadruped with pierced eyes.

Materials used: Stone, Bronze, Terracotta, Clay etc.

Baked clay animal figure, roughly shaped; hand-modelled; depicts horned quadruped. Baked clay animal figure, roughly shaped; hand-modelled; depicts horned? Baked clay animal head fish or pig from hollow figure. Baked clay anthropomorphic? Baked clay artefact; conical, upper part preserved only. Baked clay ball; weight or sling-shot with roughened surface. Baked clay brazier fragment with incised patterns on outside; one leg only remaining. Baked clay brick:. Baked clay clothed female figure; relief; on plaque; almost in the round; background almost completely cut away; rounded back with some pinching; woman standing on small platform with hands clasped; wears plain robe with belt at waist; hair waved and curled and comes down behind the ears to the shoulders in ringlets.

Baked clay clothed female figure; relief; on plaque; rectangular with rounded corners; standing goddess wearing horned head-dress with large ornate fan at back with chevron decoration; wears double boat-shaped ear-rings with chokers and a necklace with large beads; dress ornament with a wide 'v' neck or cross belts ornamented by squares with incised lines; narrow sleeves with bands of the same decoration and also sash falling from the waist. Lower part missing:. Baked clay clothed female figure; relief; on plaque; rounded top; missing from waist down; stands facing front with clasped hands; wears v-necked dress with half sleeves to elbow; pattern of delicate incised lines and there is a large rosette on left shoulder; ornaments on front of dress; wears bracelets and necklace; two large, round bunches of hair tied with ribbon on top of head and small, bound double bunch on either side of face; above head is a large rosette; there is a raised circle with rays on the right of the figure.

Baked clay clothed female figure; relief; part of chair relief; one leg still remaining at back; female; face in profile with long, thin neck;hair in chignon at back of head with large pin or comb sticking out of it; band around forehead and chignon; wears round necked dress with necklaces; belt from left shoulder across the body under her breast to her right side; left arm bent in at waist and right arm extended to another figure, now broken off; missing from hips down.

Baked clay conical object with perforation. Baked clay couch? Baked clay crescent shaped object, probably a potters rib; incised design of lines and triangles on one side. Baked clay demon Humbaba? Baked clay demon mask; Humbaba? Mould-made; double row of teeth in grimacing mouth; wrinkled face; wavy hair; pointed animal ears; suspension hole on either side of face above the ears; square chin.

Baked clay demon mask; Pazuzu head. Baked clay demon mask; wrinkled face and forehead; moustache ending in two curls; square chin; slightly concave head. Baked clay female figure holding breasts; hand-made; complete; cylindrical body; rectangular in section with flat, oval shaped base; breasts are the only detail of the body and are very high and askew; fingers shown by incised lines; wears necklace; applied pellet eyes and band around forehead and fan at back of head.

Baked clay female figure holding breasts; hand-modelled; head missing; wears flounced skirt which is bent so that the figure is seated; bottom of the skirt and a tapering foot at the back support the figure. Baked clay figure of bearded man holding cup. Baked clay figure of seated goddess; moulded on plaque; flattened base; two goddesses, one much smaller than the other; wear pleated, flounced dresses with capes covering the shoulders; smaller figure wears large, hoop ear-rings and necklaces; hair done up in fan at the back; the larger figure also has large, hoop ear-rings and necklaces and her hair in a fan; holds juglet in left hand; in right hand possibly holds situla.

Baked clay figure of seated goddess; on plaque; in relief; with rounded top and base flattened for stability; goddess wears flounced skirt, necklaces and large ear-rings; 6 horned head-dress with crescent above; bulging eyes and smiling mouth; in field on either side are two birds supporting on poles, two 'flaming' circles with a central dot; back flat except for base.

Baked clay figure of woman and child; moulded; chair relief; bent oval relief with two feet added at back; she suckles her child with her feet on narrow footstool; nude except for curly wig and necklaces; holds child with left hand and with her right gives breast to child; face has small, round eyes. Baked clay figure of woman and child; moulded; in relief; on plaque; bottom slightly flattened; thin smoothed edge; nude woman sits cross-legged, holding a child on her lap; large child suckles at left breast; she sits on a platform in this case mostly broken away with her head tilted forward; has a pointed chin; there is a line and narrow border where the mould finished and the background was not completely cut away.

Baked clay figurine, roughly styled with grotesque face, arms missing. Baked clay figurine; hand modelled. Baked clay figurine? Baked clay head and shoulders of male figure with green glaze. Baked clay head of bird or animal figure. Baked clay Humbaba demon mask; grinning mouth with double row of teeth, wrinkled cheeks and nose; modelled eyes; top part missing; edge finished; concave back. Baked clay model building? Baked clay model stool, four legged with a wavy line representing rushwork. Baked clay model wheel.

Baked clay mould for casting a square based spiralform object, possibly a jewellery piece or amulet. Baked clay mould for nude female with clasped hands; facial details distinct; wears boat-shaped ear-rings, necklaces and a bracelet; navel shown and below it there is a wide belt around the hips; pubic area emphasized; the hair or wig comes over the face in horizontal curls which ends in a series of tassels.

Baked clay mould for nude figure of female; bottom part only; standing; holds alabastron in left hand and her right hand hangs down her side and holds a vessel. Baked clay mould for relief plaque of nude female with clasped hands; missing from hips down; wears bracelets and necklaces, the bottom one of which has a crescent pendant. Baked clay moulded figure of nude female with disc in relief; holds tambour; wears cape and belt; round belly and pubic area indicated by short, vertical, incised strokes; hair in curls; possibly has small horns and protrusion in centre of forehead; missing form knees down; complete when found with ancient repair.

Baked clay moulded figure of nude female with disc; concave back; face missing; holds drum and wears necklaces and bracelets. Baked clay moulded plaque of nude female holding breasts; head missing; flat back and base; stands on platform; wears anklets and bracelets. Baked clay moulded plaque of nude female with disc; head and bust only; slightly concave back; holds tambour with both hands; wears necklaces and head-band; hair parted in centre and comes down to shoulders; wears ear-rings; in relief.

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Baked clay moulded plaque of nude female with disc; missing from thighs down; concave back; holds tambour; wears cape and necklaces; pubic area emphasized by incised lines. Baked clay moulded relief figure of nude female with clasped hands; concave back; standing; wears bracelets, necklaces and a belt; emphasized pubic triangle; hair or wig with tight curls; boat-shaped ear-rings; face carefully but crudely made.

Baked clay moulded relief figurine of nude female with hands clasped; top part only; very worn; wears tall head-dress; facial features indistinct but seems to be wearing a necklace with a crescent pendant; slight pinching at back of head. Baked clay moulded relief plaque of nude female with clasped hands; almost flat back; head missing and missing from knees down; wears belt and necklaces.

Baked clay moulded relief plaque of nude female with clasped hands; arched top; slight pinching at back of head; flattened base; wears necklaces; double curls and forehead band with relief decoration in the centre. Baked clay moulded relief plaque of nude female with clasped hands; complete; flat back, rounded top and splayed out base; plaque was made by pressing the moulded figurine on to a ready-made background; wears a cape, necklaces, bracelets and a belt; hair in curls around face; crude facial features.

Baked clay moulded relief plaque of nude female with clasped hands; curved back and rounded top; standing; hair arranged with band around forehead; wears hoop ear-rings; feet missing; pubic triangle is only clearly defined detail of the figure. Baked clay moulded relief plaque of nude female with clasped hands; missing from waist down; wears necklaces; double bunch of curls bound in a fillet on either side of face. Baked clay moulded relief plaque of nude female with clasped hands; rounded top and slightly curving back; broken off at the thighs.

Baked clay moulded relief plaque of nude female with clasped hands; rounded top; missing from knees down; wears hip belt and necklaces; elaborate hairstyle or head-dress with large curl on either side of face; above is the headdress with five turret-like parts which have little rays emerging from them; wears round ear-rings. Baked clay moulded relief plaque of nude female with clasped hands; rounded top; missing from the knees down; details clear; wears bracelets and necklaces, two of which seem to consist of moulded discs, possibly rosettes; the curls on either side of her face are double bunches, tied in the centre; there is a large central ornament on the forehead with a depression in the centre.

Baked clay moulded relief plaque of nude female with clasped hands; rounded top; top part only remaining; wears double choker necklace around neck; band around forehead and bunched curl on either side of the face with a fan at the back of the head; facial features barely distinguishable. Baked clay naked female figurine. Baked clay nude plaque of female; complete; concave back and pinching at back of head; standing; wears cape, belt and bracelet; pubic triangle emphasized; large hips and round belly; wears wide head-band and curls on either side of face; facial details clear.

Baked clay part of back of model chair, with relief figures of two birds, branches and a moon symbol. Baked clay plaque showing part of a figurine with ornamentation of two birds and a fish or animal neck and head. Baked clay plaque showing torso and legs of female figure. Baked clay plaque; figure of blessing goddess; moulded; relief; in form of back of chair with round top; bottom broken away; two standing female figures wearing long, plain robes and with hair done up in chignons at back; each hold standard topped by animal bird and seated bull ; between the standards is an altar surmounted by a crescent on a short pole.

Baked clay plaque; figure of blessing goddess; moulded; relief; in form of back of chair with straight top and sides; two nude female figures stand by side facing front, their hands clasped at the breast; large eyes; wear high, conical hats; field filled with figures; in top corners are a cross within a circle possibly a wheel and figure of birds or fowl fill remainder of space. Baked clay ram's head, much broken.

Baked clay ram's head, with incised lines on neck. Baked clay rectangular plaque showing sheep or ram's skin with head flattened out. Baked clay relief plaque of woman holding breasts; oval; curved back; wears a crown, a belt, necklaces and bracelets; pubic area shown in detail; sides of plaque curved in to give impression of niche or alcove; carefully shown facial features; two tall plants on either side of her; portrayal of a fertility goddess.

Baked clay seated goddess figure; chair relief; moulded; seated goddess with clasped hands and face flaked away; wears finely pleated and flounced dress with wide sleeves or cape; long, curling lock of hair comes down her shoulders and arms almost to the elbow; wears multi-horned head-dress and large boat-shaped ear-rings; bare feet rest on a narrow platform; in the field on either side of the head are crescent standards.

Baked clay seated goddess figure; in relief; moulded; on plaque; 'chair relief'; bottom half missing; goddess wears horned head-dress ; band across forehead; two straight locks of hair fall over shoulders; wears boat-shaped ear-rings and flounced and finley pleated robe; sits on goose; in right hand holds vase with streams of water emerging from its neck; vase rests on four footed stand; in the background on either side of goddess' head is a crescent; concave back.

Baked clay seated goddess figure; in relief; moulded; on plaque; rectangular with rounded top; flattened base; goddess seated on stool, facing right; left hand extended and right hand bent into the waist and holds a cup; wears multiple horned head-dress with band round forehead and disc on top; hair comes down shoulders in two long curls; dress pleated and flounced with round neck and wide, flowing sleeves; wears multiple necklaces; stool seems to represent front of building with niche or door at centre.

Baked clay seated goddess figure; in relief; on moulded plaque; missing from waist down; goddess probably seated wearing multi-horned head-dress and large boat-shaped ear-rings; holds standard or spear in each hand; thick relief; rounded back. Baked clay seated goddess figure; in relief; on rectangular moulded plaque; base flattened for stability; wears multi-horned head-dress with large boat-shaped ear-rings; wears plain robe and holds standard in each hand; at her feet are two birds; few details; slightly rounded back.

Baked clay seated goddess figure; moulded; on plaque; missing from waist down; goddess wears multiple horned head-dress; hands clasped; long curl of hair to elbow; straight locks of hair falling in front to her chest.

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  7. Baked clay sow figure. Baked clay stand. Baked clay stylised figure of a bird. Baked clay triangular stand. Baked clay wheel. Baked clay, figure of seated goddess on plaque; moulded; 'chair relief'; clasps small vase to her breast; wears flounced and pleated dress; flat, cylindrical cap on head; hair comes down to shoulders in two long curls with spiral at end. Baked pottery cylinder in form of a drain-pipe; panel of cuneiform on body; repaired from fragments. Bald figurine with pellet eyes. Arms crossed across chest. Broken below arms. Whitish clay.

    Banded black and white marble stamp seal with convex back and flat face. Design unclear: animals or plants or geometric figues. Barbed copper alloy fish hook; chemically stripped. Barrel shaped. Flying dragons, star, crescent. UE X: a winged griffin pursuing an antelope. Star, crescents, winged sun-disk. Barrel-shaped carnelian cylinder. Barrel weight of polished hematite. Base of a dagger, very bad condition:. Base of a pottery vessel; repaired; three separate fragments inside object. Base sherd of a pottery object with attached coarse ring base. Base sherd of a pottery stemmed dish with incised decoration.

    Yellow buff ware. Cruciform design on sides. Bead or amulet, human head:. Bead or pin head. Fluted piece of glazed frit. Glaze is Chipped off in some places. Bead [ Eye Bead [ Oblate, barrel, and cylindrical forms occur:. Bead, barrel shaped, inscribed:. Bead, broken :.

    Beads :. Beads See U. Beads 15 :. Beads 4 :. Beads Bracelet :. Beads strung :. Beads strung various with 1 hexagonal, dotted :. Beads strung , diamond shape:. Beads strung , various shapes, spacers:. Beads - 32 strung , various shapes:. Beads - 40 strung , various:. Beads - Beads 36 strung incl. Beads and amulet:. Beads and Cylinder seal:. Beads and earring:. Beads from a head dress:. Beads necklace, v. Beads of brown clay. Ball shaped. Beads of various materials and shapes UE IX, Beads of white clay or frit.

    Ring shaped. Beads strung in this order: 1 Carnelian Flattened ovoid. Beads, large bicones:. Beads, spherical, oblong and flies:. Beads, string of gold and carnelian:. Date-shaped and silver. Beads; red paste scaraboids, black and green paste rings strung alternately, and one crystal ball. Bearded shepherd god, seated on the back of a sheep's back, clad in robes and headware, holding a whip in left hand, right hand held out.

    Bed end broken with female figure:. Bed half of , zigzag lines in relief:. Beige with white and brown areas. Greyish-brown barnacle like spots on bottom and inside bottom hole. Bottom hole has beveled edge, and has significant chip. Greyish-brown barnacle-like spots on bottom and inside bottom hole. Bevel-rimmed-bowl; crude pottery bowl with flat base and flaring sides; misshapen. Bevel-rimmed-bowl; plain, round, coarse pottery bowl with flat base and slightly everted rim; very crudely shaped.

    Bevelled rim bowl; plain, round, coarse pottery bowl with flattish base, flaring sides and a bevelled rim; complete. Bird and Fish:. Bird figurine with a hollow body. Head broken off. Two legs. Incised lines on body and wings representing feathers. Birds or dragons? UE X: crossed animals rampant in fight. Bitumen head of a copper alloy pin; fragment of shaft preserved. Bituminous clay anthropomorphic figurine; hand-modelled; fragmented.

    Bituminous clay figurine; hand-modelled; crude pinched facial features, modelled arms, left arm fragmented. Bituminous clay model wheel with perforated hub; hand-modelled. Bituminous clay plug or stopper. Bituminous clay spindle-whorl or bead; hand-modelled. Black dice:. Black men. Black polished stone to low shine, Some places of rougher surface. Broad, flat base, ends round, Thick example of ovoid weight. Relatively coarse basalt or heated limestone. Black steatite seal, square face, flat, scorpion, lizard, triangular shaped back pierced for suspension:. Black steatite stamp seal, square, flat, 2 birds, 2 stars, 2 crescents.

    Black steatite stamp seal. Face of stamp seal depicts a bearded man before an enthroned spear and under a crescent. Diamond shaped object behind figure. Black steatite vessel fragment with one full bull relief and one partial lower half, extant complete bull's head turned outward as a handle, proportions imply that the vessel would have had four such bulls with heads at right angles. Other decorations include sun, moon, star, a floral design with round petals.

    Some bone inlay remains, much of the decoration was clearly meant for inlay. The base is very broad and flat and beveled to distinguish it from the body of the vessel. The vessel itself is squat and bellied. Part of an inscription remains on the extant section of base. Black steatite, unfinished, unpierced. Black stone, some polish. Some light scratches and one small dent with two scratches resembles letter R. Small flattened area acts as base, ends flattened.

    Black ware. Globular body tapering to flat base; contracted neck, collared rim. Small solid handle. Black-brown material, polished and burned. Natural striations noted in material itself, either a shell or horn core? Shape is four-sided, longer at one side. Corners have been blunted and two of them have shallow drill holes.

    One hole is filled with white paste. Natural striations noted in material itself, either a shell or petrified wood. Fine grained hard material. Could have been a clamp between holes to make earring or suspension weight? A-tud, dumu UE X: bare-headed worshipper introduced by the assistant to a standing god. Seal of A-tu d -. Bleak steatite. UE X: bare-headed worshipper introduced by the assistant to a tanding god.

    Bleack steatite. CBS Register: cylinder seal, soap stone. UE X: notched undulating line showing above: a star, a crescent, and one worshipper with one hand up. Black steatite cylinder. Blocky chunk of dark green polished stone showing abrasion and pounding on rounded end and most edges.

    Polishing is present across the rest of the stone, however, and the base is very flat with a rounded top making a rounded trapezoid in shape. Blue and green glaze. Globular body, flat base, narrow neck, rolled rim. Blue chalcedony scaraboid stamp seal. Babylonian worshipper before offering table with a sun-star above. Pierced lengthwise for suspension.

    Blue glaze. Globular body, flat base, narrow neck, collared rim. Blue glazed pottery jar with wide mouth and two lug handles on shoulder; surface flaking; glaze worn away in places. Blue glazed, round, pottery jar with a wide mouth and two pierced duck-head handles; some surface loss; rim incomplete. Blue green glaze. Flat base surrounded by groove; rounded sides; shallow groove at base of rim.

    Blue to egg-shell colour glazed pottery bottle with rounded body and narrow neck; glaze decomposed; much pitted. Blue to egg-shell glazed pottery bottle with narrow neck; upper body grooved; glaze flaking. Bluish glaze. Globular body, flat base; elongated neck with ridge under rolled rim. Bluish green glaze. Globular carinated body, flat base, very narrow neck, rolled rim. Flat base, oval body, very narrow neck. Globular body slightly carinated, flat base, traces of grooves on body, narrow neck, collared rim.

    Globular body, flat base, narrow neck, grooves on shoulder. Globular body, slightly carinated; flat base; traces of grooves on body; narrow neck; collared rim. Bluish green scaraboid seal with hieroglyphic signs? Bluish silver glaze. Flat base, expanding sides, ridge at base of rim. Flat base; rounded body; broad rim, damaged.

    Globular body, flat base; expanding rim broken. BM Merlin: 'Description: String of mostly small beads, various materials; large rock crystal bead in the middle. Dimensions, Length: BM Description Baked clay model couch with sides extended into handles for carrying, legs broken. BM Description Pottery bowl; round bottom; depressed beneath rim; hole pierced through rim; rim chipped. Boat fragment - one end:. Boat shaped bowl, round base.

    Boat shaped. Divided in two compartments. Hole in bottom, and hole in partition. Bearded bull and eagle. Scorpion, bird, lion, goats, scorpions. UE II: Cylinder seal, shell. Body Sherd Brown clay with a Red slip. Slightly burnished. Body sherd from a pottery bowl; the exterior of the bowl is decorated with a row of heads lions?

    Body sherd likely from the shoulder of a vessel and includes part of a spout? There are red bands on the shoulder and one around the base of the spout. There is a band of incised dots on the top of the shoulder. Body sherd of a pottery vessel; incised crosshatched design. Body sherd with a red exterior. The ceramic is body is orange. Body sherd with a white exterior and black bands.

    The ceramic is pale orange. Body sherd with a white exterior and red bands. Body sherd with black bands. Body sherd with red exterior. Body sherd. There are black bands on the interior surface. There are traces of red? There is part of an incised decoration on one corner of the exterior. There is a black decoration on the exterior including part of a star made of radiating lines, and a band. Bolt, rectangular shaft, flat head:. Bone handle, with three incised lines running vertically around handle.

    Hole for inserting shaft of other object. Very polished. Bone pin:. Boring instrument:. Bottle, glazed:.

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    Bottle, green glaze faded :. Bottle, rim missing, glazed:. Bottle; narrow neck, globular body :. Bottom half and tang of a copper alloy spear-head. Bottom half of large cosmetic shell. Bottom piece of dagger blade, including a small stem. Reddish in color:. Bowl type 66 :. Bowl type 9 :. Bowl type IX , rim chipped:. Bowl - stone bowl of green-grey rock? Bowl fragment:. Bowl fragment inscribed :. Bowl fragment with ends of 3 lines of inscription:. Bowl fragment with fingers of a hand in relief:. Bowl fragment with inscription:. Bowl fragment with scorpions carved in relief:.

    Bowl fragment, fluted exterior:. Bowl fragment, inscribed:. Bowl fragments 3 Fragments of large alabaster flat bowl. Bowl fragments, inscribed, relief deco:. Bowl of greenish stone. Fine grain. Flat base with rounded, expanding sides. Thin sides. Broken and mended. Rim partly reconstructed. Bowl of white limestone. Broken into 5 pieces. Bowl or lid, incised circles design:. Bowl rim:. Bowl rim fragment with inscription:.

    Bowl rim fragment, inscribed:. Bowl with concentric circles design on rim:. Bowl with holes below rim, for suspension:. Bowl with rounded base and expanding sides. Broken into 3 pieces and mended. Bowl [ In very bad condition, much crystallised. Badly cracked and warped. Slight foot stand. Greenish-grey stone. Exterior has flat base, walls the section of a hemisphere, meeting low tapering neck in an offset, everted lip.

    Interior spheroidal. Design in black consists of three horizontal bands at the rim then a broad plain band with panels of painted lattice ornament bordered by a horizontal painted band at the shoulder:. Bowl, badly broken and mended whole. Straight expanding sides, flat bottom. Two pieces large pieces missing. Bowl, blue glaze:. Bowl, blue glazed:.

    Bigger breast immediately (FORCED SUBLIMINAL) (EXTREMELY POWERFUL)

    Bowl, broken:. Bowl, broken, green glaze:. Bowl, burnished:. Bowl, circles impressed below the rim :. Bowl, copper, black stone bead affixed to the side. Bowl, flat base, expanding sides, very thick. Bowl, glazed:. Bowl, greenish diorite, broken and mended. Fairly straight sides slightly rounded , uneven rim.

    Some pieces missing, but mostly complete. Bowl, hemispherical, incomplete:. Bowl, incomplete:. Bowl, incomplete rim:. Bowl, large flat rim, chipped:. Bowl, large, flat base, expanding sides, flared rim. Bowl, miniature, hand made, base chipped:. Bowl, shallow:. Almost before we could get to them, every one of them was dead. They killed themselves. As hundreds of Indians surrounded this ridge, I saw one of the soldiers point his pistol at his head and pull the trigger.

    Others imitated his example, sometimes shooting themselves, sometimes each other. When Chief Lame White Man reached the soldiers, all of them were already dead. Indians then attacked the first ridge, and again, most of the white men were already dead. The only thing remaining for the Indians to do was pick up the abandoned guns and ammunition.

    There were, of course, horses at Little Big Horn, but there were also other animals — pets among them. She and Swift, Lady and Kaiser sleep in my tent. The other dogs had been left at camp with their caretaker. The horses have far stranger stories. Aside from the trench of horses mentioned above, there were mysterious horses like Little Soldier, the horse of Bobtailed Bull, an Arikara scout working with Major Marcus Reno.

    After Bobtailed Bull had died in battle, Little Soldier made his way over miles back to his home in the Dakota Territory. Another horse was found by General Godfrey on the Yellowstone River. It was missing nothing. It had its halter, saddle, and bit — everything down to the oats to feed it. The saddle bags were empty, but the general was told that they did hold a carbine when first discovered.

    The horse had been shot in the forehead. There was no sign of the rider. A horse that showed up in Canada after its sale by the Sioux was recovered by the Mounties, and after U. It also features Custer and the departing spirits of the deceased. His mission had been to take supplies to Custer, but instead, he ferried 51 wounded soldiers away from the massacre. To do this, he had to drop some weight. It has never been recovered. If you visit the battlefield at Little Big Horn, there is a visual cue for gaining perspective on how the battle went down.

    Each marble marker marks the spot where a soldier fell. Originally, they were buried where they died, but the bodies were moved later. The markers remain. The places where the soldiers fell are marked with white marble headstones, so from afar you can get a picture of what the aftermath looked like. Most people believe he was a general, and he was for a while during the Civil War — a Brevet Major General. After the war, the rank reverted to Captain and remained so for the rest of his career. Studies underway at Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument are so advanced that researchers can find a bullet on the ground and track where it was shot from, who shot it, and how adept at fighting the soldier was.

    They conduct their research with metal detectors and microscopes and match firing pins to rifle cartridges.