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A franchise was born. Nancy Meyers is an unabashedly commercial filmmaker of mainstream glossy comedies for women. Her clout comes from being both writer and director. Meyers calls her films relationship comedies with a twist. They are altered: more good-looking, more thrilling, more romantic, more scary than real life.

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And Waffle flourished. True, his nervous tummy had a fairly negative impact on certain things: our beige carpet, our white bedding Yes, he was afraid of certain things: all human contact, any sound I accepted life without chocolate; he accepted life with Julia. We began to heal and carve out his place in the family, which was next to me—at all times.

Or was it the other way around? Waffle is deeply neurotic but incredibly sweet. He is stubborn beyond words but sensitive beyond measure.

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He is stoic, loyal, and wildly amusing. But—and this is the new gold standard in irony—I now buy my sugar-challenged terrier the same syringes, insulin, and test strips I once bought for myself. I know this from experience, and I suspect that Waffle does too. He and I are both solitary souls, two anxious peas in a fragile pod.

But I also saw that Waffle had quit shaking and Julia had grown drowsy thank you, Rodgers and Hart —and that even an incompetent heart is capable of the occasional death-defying act of love.

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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Johannes Labusch. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Then they made peace through romance, marrying each other on a large scale in the years after World War II. In the Basement:The Church as a Battleground 1.

Tipping Point 42 4. Turf Wars:Rivals in the Workplace 5. Black Hand 8.

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On the Waterfront 9. Sharing the Stage:Politics and Entertainment The Pols Cool Part IV.

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At the Altar:Becoming Family Love Stories Food and Family Unforgettable characters from two mighty tribes of New York, the Irish and the Italians, are woven into this astonishing, wonderful book by one of the city's greatest reporters. In Paul Moses's pitch-perfect prose, the human history of New York comes alive as never before.