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Rest in peace, beautiful girl. I am so sorry that this world treated you so badly, but am happy that you had warmth and love at the end of your journey here. May you have a beautiful life over the Bridge. Freya, I am so sorry your life ended this way! I can only hope and pray that you are no longer in pain and you know that we prayed so hard for your recovery!! RIP Freya…. You precious little life have left this world to go where no one will ever abuse you. Go with all that left the world before to run free of pain and suffering. Your story will be told from end to end of this world so that no other little life will have to go through this.

Rest in peace sweet baby Freya. I write this with tears and a very heavy heart as my 3 cats lay with me, licking my tears for you. You will now be able to run and play and be happy, as should have in life. You are so loved by so many….. We love u. Be free sweet girl. Lovely beautful Freya, with the Valkaries of Valhalla to fly u to the doors, u have earned ur place among the Gods.. Godddess Bless you. You poor sweet kitty may you run free and whole in heaven across the rainbow bridge may you know there are sweet people who tried to save you from the abuse you suffered may karma come back and get them rest free and live well in heaven.

God bless you Freya. You are loved and your life mattered. While we grieve for your suffering here on earth, we know that you are now the fastest runner over the bridge and that you feel so good your joyful spirit is fulfilled. Be the angel you are for your friends still suffering at the hands of evil humans. Lead them to those who will move mountains to help and to heal them.

Love you sweetness. Say hi to Honey for me. You are in a wonderful place now Freya and have no more pain!!!! You have taken so much love with you from all over the world,and a big part of my heart. I love you precious Freya, may God Bless you and R. You will never be forgotten!!!

My babies were all rescues many sick and elderly dumped on my storefront. They will show you around. Bless you sweet angel and those who tried to save you. This poor cat that suffered so much is now at peace. No more suffering, broken bones, or mistreatment. You are in a better place. Sweet little girl you were loved by so many and will forever be in my heart. God made the animals first, so I know you have a special place in heaven and a new body that that is perfect without hurt. Love you little girl. God Bless You my sweet brave Angel. Time for you to soar higher than while on Earth. Bless you sweet girl and all those who comforted you in the final days.

You are at peace and no longer suffering. I pray someone has taken action to remove all animals from this so-called foster and that all animal groups have been notified that this not a suitable foster. I hope there is some justice for Freya. I am utterly heartbroken. She looks so much like my cat Becky. I hope she knew how much she was loved by everyone and that not all humans are horrible.

Peace, love and light, sweet girl. Sweet Freya, breaks my heart to hear about your plight. No animal should have to go through abuse. I fell in love with you right away. I love all animals. When my husband was alive we had all kinds of rescue animals on the farm. I still have cats and dogs. Most are rescued. When these have passed over the rainbow I will rescue more. Just know that you will never be forgotten and will always be loved.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who stepped up to help you try and recover. Not everyone has evil in their heart. Poor sweet little girl. Your deserved so much to have a loving home. I know God must have a special place for his little furry creations. My heart is broken for this little girl. To have not only the physical injuries but to have he spirit destroyed. May you now be in a place where you only know love and can run, explore and play like the beautiful cat you are. Run free sweet Freya, there are so many friends waiting for you at the Rainbow bridge.

You will be missed and you are loved even more now as you can feel the love of all that have gone before you. Asking Fairmont and spooky cats that have made the rainbow bridge crossing too, to find you and be with you, as you are enveloped in love and peace.

Freya , you were loved and your little life meant so much to so many. Run free little girl and never hurt again. We are so sorry this was done to you. You never deserved it! Rest in peace Freya so sorry you had to endure what you went through but no more pain baby girl your in the loving arms of our creator. Run sweet girl, pain free now.. I am so sorry this happened to you, you never deserved this.

You will have so many wanting to meet you up there, my self included. Give them tortitude as you wait for us. Much love baby girl!

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Fly high sweet Freya. Such a sweet girl may you now find peace and know how much we all loved you xxx my heart is broken for you. This is a poem that was given to me when I lost my Beloved Misty and would like to share it with you. My heart is breaking to read all of this. Most importantly for Freya. Run free sweet baby for now you are whole again. Know you were loved by many. God will vindicate you and all abused animals. Poor Freya, you deserved so much better.

Sadly, that was not to be. Rest peacefully in love and light. I understand your hope and soul were broken beyond repair and you had to go. I will honor you and all the others by continuing to take into my heart and home kitties like you who have been left at the wayside in this world.

Thank you for becoming an angel for all the rest of the homeless hurting kitties out there in the world. Dear little Freya, I am so sorry you had such a sad life and so much pain. But know that you are loved by many and God loves you. Rest in eternal peace and love, beautiful creature of God. May she finally Rest In Peace and run along with the other cats and dogs. I pray that the person who did this get caught and punished. Dear precious Freya, You are in all our hearts as we grieve together. You are a beautiful girl who knew love from your rescuers and doctors and all who were part of your caregiver team who did all that was humanly possible to help you heal and recover.

You gave your all and so did they, and I am sure you felt the caring and love from them and all of us who grieve for your kitty soul that was so innocent. You will never be forgotten and you will be in the company of Tiger, our beloved cat from Texas. Bless you and all those in your company and everlasting thanks to those who were there with you every step of the way.. Run free sweet baby. We love you so much,lots of sunshine,cat nip and treats. RIP Sweet girl. I just seen this come acrossed my timeline. She is with God and other animals now. She no longer in pain and suffering.

She is one beautiful cat. And did deserve to live a full life. So sad this is how she had to go. Rip beautiful Freya. This breaks my heart. I hate how horrible some people can be and I hope that this can help even one kitty. Freya, you are free from all the pain, you never deserved. But, like others, I prayed for you. Rest, sweet girl. May you make lots of friends who are loving on the rainbow bridge.

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You are so gorgeous. I just wish you vould have found that important loving forever home. Shine bright like the star you are baby girl xx. Sweet Freya, you are now in a place of total love to heal your broken spirit. I look forward to seeing light in your sweet eyes again when I get to meet you on the other side. Freya, sweet girl,I am so sorry that this life was so painful for you. And you are going to know love, proper kitty spoiling, and gentleness like you never have! Because there are a lot of people there who love animals, and they will love to make you purr.

I will look for you when I get there, and we will sit and enjoy the sun together. Rest In Peace, Freya, you never deserved to be treated any less than the best. My heart breaks for you. Time to go find feline friends. I so prayed for you, Freya! My heart is broken for her. Nail the bastard who took her spirit and crushed it. But I hoped you. And great thanks to those who showed you that real love does exist.

Sweet Freya , may you run free over Rainbow Bridge without pain or fear and remember only the love that was poured on you in your last days on this earth for you are in a better place now. May your passing serve as an eye opening lesson to improve what we must to to protect all animals better in the future. Sweet Freya , may you run free over Rainbow Bridge without pain or fear and remember only the Love that was poured on you during your last days.

May your passing serve as an eye opening lesson on ways to improve all animals lives. You are in a better place now to frolic with the angels, our hearts are broken, but our eyes are open sweetheart. This makes me mad. Another day and fate lost in humanity! Animal abusers should face serious charges for their crimes! Only the weak hurt animals!!! Dear, sweet Freya, I am so heartbroken. I am so thankful that you were surrounded by so much love and care during your fight!

You will be forever loved and remembered! Thank you to all who helped, in any way, Precious Freya! Run free, sweet girl over the rainbow bridge- you will be in good company! No more pain. Bless you sweet girl and all those that cared for you in your final days.

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I am comforted knowing you are at peace and no longer in pain and that you saw that there are humans capable of kindness and love in the end. May there be justice and a deserving punishment for them. Sweet little Freya, you remind me of my dear Patches. May you rest in peace and feel no more pain.

Run free and feel only love for you in kitty heaven! Rest easy baby girl. My heart breaks for you having to endure the abuse that no living creature should ever experience! I will hug my 3 kitties a little tighter today in your honor. I know you are in a much better place where there is no more pain. My heart breaks for you little girl. At least you knew love and warmth at the end.

Freya did not deserve to be beaten, no animal or person does. Freya will always be in the hearts of those who knew her. RIP sweet Angel Freya. GB You. That poor baby! Your journey on earth is too soon over. Freya had looked so beautiful and sweet! I just wish I could have met her and even taken her in to live with my two cats if circumstances were different and I owned a house or condo.

May you rest in peace sweet baby doll. I am sending you hugs and kisses. Maybe you will meet some of my prior cats who had also crossed the rainbow bridge into Heaven.

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They were awesome too. Dear Sweet Freya, You received so much love in your last days. I am heartbroken that your previous experiences were so heartbreaking for you that your spirit was unable to overcome them. So much love for you, Freya. You will have it much nicer now. I believe that all cats go to heaven and you will be loved and be able to run and play again. May God Bless You and Dr. I figured, I'll make a call to the state, they'll give me a list of doctors and I'll have it.

HM: Yes. I figured well, maybe he's got somebody listening that could help and he didn't, but he got us hooked up with 9News and they came over and did three interviews. HM: Well, I can't say his name because he has gotten out of it. The number two doctor retired and then after that, he had so much difficulty in finding the number two doctor, because it takes two doctors, that he gave up out of frustration. RW: Two doctors have to sign off that the patient is terminal and qualifies under the specifics of the law?

It's getting easier, but it's still not easy. I left my job in January. My employer was kind enough to let me have the next three months off and I spent a lot of time on the computer and a lot of time on the phone. RW: This is an advocacy group that supported the passage of the law in Colorado. What was the conversation like with the doctors who eventually signed on? What questions did they have for you and your wife? HM: Well, they came out, the first doctor came out the day he called and he examined her. He spent probably a good hour, hour and a half with her talking to her, finding out her wishes and making sure that she was competent to make this choice.

RW: Is this person able to make this decision for him or herself, and this doctor clearly decided that your wife was capable of making that decision. RW: The second doctor then has to sign off on it and eventually did. Were you both on the same page about this journey? Had you decided as a couple this was the right course, or were there times you were at odds? HM: No. And then when this came up, we were both supporters of it.

RW: You raised three kids together. How big was the decision in the family? Was that just between husband and wife? Did you involve the larger family? Last Christmas, we all got together and that's when she told her intentions to all the kids, although I think they probably knew it ahead of time. They were okay. They saw what her quality of life was and how she was struggling, so none of them could say no.

RW: As you said, you took time off of work. Essentially, the last three months of your wife's life? RW: You did a lot of research. You eventually both decided on the medication that she would use when she decided it was time? HM: Well, Seconal is what she used. RW: Let's talk about her quality of life to that point.

What was it like and how did it lead her to make these decisions? We ended up buying a house that everything was on one level because she couldn't do steps anymore and then it just constantly got worse and worse. She was a very compassionate person and volunteered for Colorado Pug Rescue and once the pugs got to be too much for her, she went to kittens and then sadly, the kittens got to be too much for her.

She left the house maybe two or three times in the last two years. RW: And after she could no longer take care of animals, that was a real reduction in her quality of life. HM: Well, yeah. Probably a year, year and a half before, is when she had to give those up, so her quality of life, it was basically as long as her air tube would go from the concentrator, 50 feet maybe. Her life was down to about two or three rooms at the house.

She loved her gardens and couldn't do that anymore. She spent most of the time in bed. I don't think so. She lost the battle with her disease. She would have loved to have kept on living and seen our grandson grow up and keep doing all the things she did, but that just wasn't in the cards for her. RW: The medication on hand. You talked about the drug that you chose and the mere possession of it, not its use. It resulted in a shift in her. HM: Oh yeah. Her spirits lifted.

She actually put on four pounds. That shocked me. For the time we had it and it was tucked away in a place, she felt very good. She knew that she didn't have to go through the very end. HM: Just knowing that it's there. Knowing that you don't have to go through the very end stages. Knowing that you're in control and knowing that it's going to be for her a very easy end.

Not everybody gets that. RW: Talk to me about the decision to use the medication. It has to be self-administered. HM: Okay. Well it's gel caps and you have to open them up and take the powder out. HM: I was still having trouble believing it. When she called her hospice nurse is when I really thought maybe this is going to happen.

RW: You're listening to Colorado Matters. His body leans, that were practically hugs, when we would snuggle to watch TV. It was an honor to be his comfort in the storm of his many health challenges. We know without a doubt Noah was meant to be our boy and we will always miss him. We take comfort in knowing he and Cocoa are back together and we're quite sure she's being the bossy big sis again.

He was calm and gentle with people, happy to let anyone pet him. He would go from person to person to be loved. If you gave him a treat, you'd be his friend for life. Kodi certainly enjoyed his leisurely walks, but he was just as happy to lie on a dog bed or at his person's feet. This gentleman was constantly smiling and wagging his tail. He was adopted by Neil and Dale of Carmel who not only gave him a fantastic home, but loved him dearly. We will remember you fondly. She was always cracking up her people. She was notorious for photobombing photos and her perfect eyebrows added to the laughs.

Sara was adopted by Ruth, who quickly saw she was an easy keeper. Sara was so affectionate in the cutest, gentlest way. She loved hanging out with her people whether that was snuggling up on the couch or lying near them. When not relaxing, she was always entertaining. She adored playing with toys, chewing bones and playing fetch. She was great with children, dogs, and cats. She is likely in the after-life, laying about enjoying the sun.

RIP sweet Sara. Bambi gave Annie a great home on a large property where she was introduced to many different animals and people. Annie was found as a stray by Tiffany and fostered. Annie was given a wonderful life and was a very lucky girl. Those who met her fell in love. Annie left a hole in Bambi's heart but she will cherish the memories. RIP little Annie. Manny was a real beauty and a sweetie. He was given four amazing years with this family and he was just as happy as they were with having him.

Manny was all fur. It was easy to get lost in his coat. It was wonderful he had an excellent temperament as everyone wanted to touch him. He was great with children and dogs and so was an easy fit. Manny will be remembered and will always be in his family's hearts.

She was as sweet as can be and loved being held. This little angel was calm, quiet, and good with everyone. Haddie had a great life with her Miniature Pinscher canine siblings. Carole was very grateful to be her dog mama and will miss her dearly. Charlotte was actually Sanoe's our year-old niece, we are her guardians dog, but we loved her too. We moved to Oregon permanently in January and Charlotte really loved living in the country. So many smells and chickens to bark at! At first the hens were afraid, but realized pretty quick that Charlotte was all bark.

We are grateful to your organization. The senior dogs, while old, have so much to offer. During the short time Charlotte was with us, she brought not only love, but joy and laughter. We miss her and are grieving her passing. He was a quiet little guy who was great on leash, in cars, and was an overall easy keeper. He was a sweet little potato so naturally he was loved in his last home.

He will be remembered for being cute and having a winning personality. RIP Roggie. She was over 13 years old when she passed and had a fantastic life. She was adopted by Ryan of Salinas and her forever home gave her all the things she loved. This was a happy dog and a delight to have around. She loved playing with other dogs and toys. She was a marvel with children. Bonnie will be missed. Squirrel was affectionate and totally adorable.

Everyone who met this tiny dog couldn't help but "oooh" and "awww" over him. He got along with other dogs, including his canine sibling Bella. He would often play and wrestle with his toys. At social gatherings, he would happily walk up to everyone to solicit some scratches. He had incredibly soft fur that made everyone eager to continue petting. Squirrel was happy in Patricia's home and was very lucky to have her, and vice versa.

Not only handsome and strong, but loyal and sweet. He was a quick learner in large party to his love for treats. He loved tennis balls even more and you would find him carrying multiple tennis balls in his mouth at one time. Cirrus enjoyed new people and dogs and had a very social last phase of life. His foster, Grace would get him out and about and then his adopter Karen would take him all over. He really loved going to the park and playing off leash. Cirrus was absolutely loved and he will be missed.

If we would love each other as people at a fraction as she loved us, the world would be better place. My baby Jolie was the most important being in my life for the time we spent together. She was the perfect match. Jolie was a real diva; she loved snuggling, being petted, kissed, and held in my arms. She wanted all the attention. She was spoiled like a queen.

That's all we wanted for her. She had the chance to travel with us to visit my hometown, to see my family and friends. She was a traveler who "peed all around the world. We gave her the best time of her life and now she is in heaven. May we meet again Jolie. Love you always! Your Mommy and Axel. Bogey had gone blind shortly before coming to POMDR and was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer just a few months after coming into our care.

Even with all his challenges, he was a sweet, playful dog and was adored by his foster family. Bogey let us all know it was time, and he passed peaceful with his foster family. Thank you Sasha and family for all you did for Bogey. He is running free now and out of pain.

This heart throb came into our program and was fostered by Coco, who gave her excellent care and kept Daisy happy. Daisy was adopted by Brooke of San Jose and Daisy found a person that loved her dearly. Daisy was taken to Brooke's family and everyone fell in love. Daisy had a turn in health and the vet believed she didn't have long to live. This wonderful union was short lived but Daisy remains in their hearts. Daisy will be missed and never forgotten. Chester came to us from the Hollister Animal Shelter after coming in as a stray.

Chester's life was spared just in the nick of time! We weren't sure if we were going to be able to find a foster home for him and it wasn't until AFTER they had already given him a tranquilizer, the first step before euthanasia, that we called and said we could take him! Thankfully Chester was given this second chance as he was a great dog and spent many happy days with Elena.

Chester enjoyed other dogs, short walks, and laps. Elena and family were so happy to bring him into their lives and hearts. Chester will be missed. He was full of energy and loved walks and runs on the beach. He would often sneak into his person's bed for a snuggle. He must of been full of sweetness.

Charlie was adopted by by Berit and lived another 7 years in their care. He was given a wonderful final home and we are so happy that he was given the life he deserved. Now this handsome boy can rest in peace. This sweet Labrador lived with her adopter, Mona for 5 years more and received exceptional care. Gabby was very friendly, loved meeting new people, and was friendly to other dogs.

Gabby loved being a co-pilot on outings in the car and traveled really well. Her highlights were walks and beach outings. Gabby provided endless love and happiness to Mona and was a great dog. RIP Gabby. He was always happy with a big bushy wagging tail and smiling face. He loved his mommies and his adopted sister Ginger, his human and dog friends, daily walks, treats, and snuggle time. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma and started chemo, his Oncologist called him her "Rock Star.

He added so much life, joy and happiness and is deeply missed every day. He truly was a very special soul and we thank POMDR for the honor of being his guardians as we loved him with all our hearts. We will see you again sweet boy at the Rainbow Bridge - Lorrie and Lucienne. This sweet soul had spent maybe all of his life as a backyard, outdoor-only, all-by-himself dog. He made an almost immediate and joyful transition to being a cherished member of a family who adored him.

Well, except for Funny Face, the cat. That said, they did arrive at an understanding of sorts. Years of outdoor-only living and dubious nutrition left Willy with a variety of ailments, most of which were well managed with love, attention, occasional spa days, constant compliments about his handsome, manly appearance and supernaturally sweet disposition, a private chef, a personal trainer, a massage therapist, numerous comfortable beds including ours, of course , and, well, you get the idea.

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For almost three of his seventeen years, Willy was ours and we were his. We were so, so happy together. Finally, despite the collective efforts of Team Willy, old age and painful, chronic ailments caught up with him. Early one morning, after a rough night, he told me "Mommy, this is too hard. A gentle passage for a sweet gentle boy. Rest In Peace, Sweet Willyrabbit. Christine fostered her for a days before this little Chihuahua wiggled her way into her heart. They went on lots of adventures together.

Sasha was years-old. An incredible adoption story and a reminder of how senior dogs still have a lot of life to give. RIP Sasha. You will be missed. Yeti was a handsome Chow that lived until he was 14 years old, spending his final 4 years in the loving care of Tony and Ginger. This happy boy was so appreciative of them for helping give him care, affection, and ample time to play.

They helped transformed him back into a beautiful dog and Yeti was given a wonderful life. A successful adoption and wonderful reminder of all the life senior dogs have yet to live. Shortly after coming into our program, we found out she had degenerative myelopathy and would lose her mobility over time. She was in an amazing foster home with Shaleena for almost a year and a team of volunteers helped get her to her physical therapy appointments. When Shaleena's work schedule prevented her from being able to handle all of Marshmallow's increasing needs, Marshmallow then moved to a new foster home and spent the last year with Kristin and her wonderful special needs New Foundland, Sula.

Sula and Marshmallow became fast friends and found comfort in each other's company. Kristin got both dogs to therapy on a regular basis and made sure that Marshmallow had everything she needed in her final months. Ann wrote "It's with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my beloved Jerry. I'm really having a hard time because I loved him so much! He had to have been the sweetest dog on earth. I'm so lucky to have had him. He was allowed to sniff every blade of grass and feel every ray of sunshine!

His family all walked slow and waited for Jerry to finish at each spot. He had his doggie friends around him, a warm bed at home, and lots of love. His last 3 years were awesome and that made up for his previous life. She was still enjoying life to the end, eating pretty well, and able to go out for short walks. Her adopter, Ellen, was amazed by the spirit and vitality that Kona displayed and is so grateful for their shared time. Ellen said "She certainly filled a need in our family and it made me feel so good to give her a loving home for her last years.

Such a sweet girl. She will be missed. She had a happy, spunky demeanor that will always be remembered. She then met Norma, who eagerly gave her a home. Valentine had a heart valve problem that eventually caused her to pass, but she was surrounded by loved ones in her home. RIP Valentine. He got along great with other dogs and even better with all people. He adored affection and would present a paw to be allowed to bound onto your lap.

Jack was adopted by Terri and John who loved him dearly. Jack's passing breaks the heart of Terri and John, as well as all those who knew him. He was a greeter for all who came to his home and they would leave a fan. You will be missed, Jack. Marguerite took such good care of Jazzy and gave her a wonderful life. Jazzy Rose was an absolute doll. She loved everyone she met and got along well with both dogs and cats.

Jazzy loved being pampered. She was content lying around getting brushed. She was loved dearly and will be missed. Usually laundry fresh out of the dryer or the floor vents. She also knew the shortest path to a treats and would indulge when prompted with "Do it, Lily! One of the things we'll miss most is her clear-eyed expression of interest, affection, and attention, captured in the photo. She was friendly with everyone and gave plenty of love and affection to her adopters. Daisy lived a long and full life.

She found incredible care with Debbie and Ron and they loved her dearly. They are so grateful for their time with her and will forever remember her. Rest in peace little Daisy. The dog he ended up being was very different than the dog we adopted. He was warm, friendly and wanted to cuddle on the sofa every night.

He took a walk almost everyday around the block with us. We never thought when we adopted him that he would last longer than 6 months, but we were blessed with his presence for 23 months. Thank you all for the work you do! Levi surprised us everyday and he enriched our lives. We tried to do the same for him. This gentle soul came from a neglected situation and yet remained loving and sweet with everyone he encountered. He was adopted by Amanda, who gave him a wonderful home and happy years.

Sampson will be terribly missed by Amanda and she will forever cherish their shared time. May Sampson rest peacefully with thoughts of his forever home. He was fostered by our Eskimo enthusiast foster mom, Terry. Charlie was adopted by Francine, who loved how he got along with everyone and was a happy dog. Charlie made friends with other dogs and eagerly followed and sought to please his people.

He was a good dog and will be missed. They got adopted by a lovely family. Tucker ended up passing away shortly after adoption, but Trixie went everywhere with the mom, Erin. Sadly Erin was diagnoses with an aggressive cancer several months ago and Trixie found care in another great home until she peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Breana loved little Queenie and believes she was happy in their home.

She would eat with the enthusiasm of a great white shark and ruled her domain. Breana will miss her bossy little thing. She was lucky to meet Breana who gave her the love and attention she deserved.

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Rest in peace little one. This handsome German Shepherd made them very happy and in turn received wonderful care. He quickly became better and visibly happy. Klaus had a loved final chapter and will be remembered. Crystal fostered him and he showed her the rewarding and special bond that forms while fostering. Joyce fell in love and adopted him. His willingness to be held and receive affection made him a welcomed addition. Rodney participated in Unchained, helping youth that were helping him learn great obedience. He was a great candidate due to his eager acceptance of everyone.

Rodney was loved and will be remembered. His adopter, Laura, said "I will miss his gentle spirit more than I can express. He was the true meaning of love in its purest form. I think he really enjoyed his life with us, all the way to the very end. I know we enjoyed him. He entered our program and was lucky to join Laura's family. He may have been the most playful dog ever.

He received pure joy from getting rambunctious with other dogs. He was so confident and happy that it was infectious. He was adopted by Suzanne who loved his joyous demeanor. Eli even would play with her cat. He was a special dog that will be remembered. We know we are entrusted to take care of God's gifts. When you and Callie came along, we knew in our hearts that you both were the ones we wanted to love and take care of forever. Whoever knew it would be you taking care of us. You were the happiness of our home, either frolicking on the carpet, scratching your back, or dressing up like a little lady in your outfits and toddling in like the Beauty Queen you are!

You are free from all illness now Dixie 'Doodles. Some months it had been since she was able to walk, Or even sit unless assisted, All of this she bore uncomplainingly, stoically, Tho' I'm sure I saw a wistfulness in her, For the days when she was fully in her dog-ness, Able to bound and chase and walk alongside her person.

I'm often unsure about Heaven, But I must believe it is there for these creatures, Of such wisdom and honesty and inspiration. Mattie was adopted by Linda, who adored having her around and wishes she could have had a longer time with her. Mattie was a love bug of an Eskimo Dog. She came to us when her original guardians went into assisted living. Linda fell in love with her for her incredible disposition. Mattie, you will be remembered fondly. Rest in peace. She was a cute Yorkie who was able to go everywhere with her person. In her final chapter, her guardian was LaLonnie, who loved her dearly.

Sprout was a great cuddle companion who was found as a stray and ended up at the county shelter. She quickly acclimated to her new life with LaLonnie and put many smiles on the faces of those who met her. You were a sweet pup, Sprout. Madison was a true sweetie. She was well-mannered, knew basic commands, and was a wonderfully affectionate dog. Madison passed away but touched many hearts before saying goodbye. She will always be remembered.

He came into our program with full vision impairment, but it didn't deter him from taking in the world. He went to live in Alaska and did well, living happily with his new family. Even though he was in our lives for a short amount of time, he has given us a lifetime of memories. He will live on forever in our hearts. Roxie was a sweet girl adopted by Lisa and Alan of Aptos on August 19, She had just returned from an exciting 9 day road trip with Lisa, Alan and her pal Buddy.

Roxie died at home in Lisa's arms. She was 17 years old. Lisa said she "was a wonderful girl who enriched our lives, she definitely lived life large. Thank you all for the wonderful gift of Roxie. Her passing is both shocking and difficult. Aurora came from a shelter and we had, understandably, high hopes and plans for the wonderful life she had ahead of her. Especially after meeting the perfect forever family. Unfortunately, Aurora was battling more internally than anyone knew, and soon after being adopted, she passed on. Our hearts grieve for poor Aurora. Just when she was given the dream life, the flame of her life flickered out.

Aurora was gentle, affectionate and extremely beautiful. Everyone who met her knew she was a special girl and will remember her always. Rest in peace, sweet Aurora. He had a unique personality and was content doing his own thing. He was so handsome with his fluffy fur and big eyes. Buddy Bear frequented many adoption events with his great foster, Robin, but he was still looking for his forever family when he passed. He was one happy boy in the end though, finally receiving the attention and care he deserved. Buddy Bear was the sweetest old man.

He was so happy to receive affection or just a comfortable napping spot. If he hadn't been battling health issues, he would have been one of the easiest dogs to fit with a new family. We hope you rest easy, Buddy Bear. She came to us from Santa Cruz Animal Shelter, where she was found as a stray. We were getting her ready for a foster home when she took a turn for the worse. She was a cute little thing with a lot of fluff and was a fan of taking her soft coat and cuddling into her people. Theresa was mellow but always happily wagged her tail when meeting new people.

She was happiest in the company of other dogs and getting held by an affectionate person. Rest in peace sweet girl. Allergies, extended travel, property with slope challenges, caused Angel to go through 3 fosters before she landed at my flat, gated property with one other foster, my own failed POMDR foster, and 4 senior cats. Sweet Angel was the bravest dog I've ever met. She was plagued with mystery ailments that made every touch painful, extreme car anxiety and spinal neuropathy which made her incredibly unstable, prone to slip, fall and collapse, even on carpeting.

She couldn't stand more than a couple seconds without going into the splits then belly flop on the floor. If you can't touch the dog you love it makes bonding a challenge. Before long she would also be diagnosed with cancer. But Angel was tenacious and she persevered day in and day out. There was one spot on her cheek that was O.

She just wanted to be near me. I was told that Border Collies only bond with one person, and I was clearly not it. Regardless, how little you could do to bond with her, she had a subtle way of showing her love and appreciation for you. Sweet Angel was a beautiful fearfully strong yet physically fragile girl. It was a challenge and honor to help her in the last months of her life when she needed it most.

She'll always have a very special place in my heart. She enjoyed the company of other dogs and people and even tolerated cats. Fortunately for Lily, she went home with Dina, who adored her and gave her the love she needed to do well. Lily loved to be with her person and fit in beautifully with Dina's pack of Pugs. Lily was a character and her personality shined in her final home. She had a great life. She came to us overnight and in poor shape, but with some love and proper care, she quickly revealed her beautiful self. She was adopted back in November by Sydney and David who made her a happy and healthy dog.

Mattie got her family and it was a wonderful success story. Mattie passed with a happy heart. After living her entire life outside and sleeping in a garage, Andi's life changed dramatically. She was adopted by a family in Nevada, which included two canine siblings. Andi's home was adjacent to hundreds of acres where she walked trails everyday. She loved her new life! Sadly, she was diagnosed with lymphoma and passed. Her adoptive mom, Vicky, wrote in a note to us: I believe she was very happy. Everyday was filled with kisses, rubs, walks and just hanging with her pack.

She was a wonderful dog. We felt privileged to help Andi find her way to a new home where she could experience life being loved and cherished; we are especially grateful to Vicky for showing Andi how great and magical life can be. She was loved dearly in our program by her two fosters, Tasha and Debbie. Maddison was totally precious and was always approachable with her laid-back demeanor. Her favorite things were to sunbathe and curl up in a blanket. She was also a fan of her walks and patrolling the neighborhood. Sadly she never found her final adopter but did receive all the love and attention she needed to be happy.

Tell her very end, she was receiving affection on her person's lap. He was a snuggly senior that was picked up as a stray and seemed destined to make Stephane and family, his adopters, a great companion. Teddy was extremely gentle and sweet. Social with other dogs and would play with his toys.

He was a shadow to Stephane and they bonded quickly. He will be missed immensely and remembered always. Rest well little buddy, hope you found your cozy place. She had a fabulous end of life with us as we adopted her over two years ago as a senior. She fulfilled our lives with so much joy.

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She will always be in our hearts. The best kind of adopter as she would always email me happy updates and share photos. Queen was really thin when she came to us and she put the weight back on her, got her on all kinds of good supplements and really gave her the best final years possible. He was a Lhaso Apso and was a very happy dog.


He came to POMDR well behaved and loved but could no longer stay with his guardian as she entered assisted living. Duke was sweet to everyone, befriending strangers and cats. He was adopted by Patricia and Lester, with whom he enjoyed 6 happy years.