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No money invested and asking help from potential interested people in seeing my project being developed. The only problem with this option is my scriptwriter have free time to work on this in May and I am not sure delaying the script writing process to another 30 to 45 days from now will give me enough time to produce the movie in time.

So, these are my 3 options. I would be curious to hear from people reading this and have their opinion. My feeling is to combine two and three. It sounds like an amazing plan if it means I can stick to the schedule and complete my challenge of One Year to Make a Movie! If you are interested in following me, please check my Youtube Channel because I am publishing weekly videos showing my journey into producing this movie!

This is a French word and it could be translated in English by will, need or desire but I think the most accurate word for it would be yearning. In my previous post, I mentioned this path I started taking to understand what I wanted for myself but also for this Excuse My French long-term project. After coming back to the UK, 3 years ago, my personal life started to be simply amazing.

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I had a job and I was enjoying it despite selling services again. I was even in the process to get a promotion which was going to help me getting out of sales hopefully for good this time. I also started to think about Excuse My French because I was finally able to work out what I wanted to do in my life, professionally.

Truth is theatre has never been an end in itself. I spent two years thinking of who I was in term of personality and the skills I had while making research about my real passion: Cinema. Now, I am aware this is an industry a lot of people want to be part of which is why I needed to work out who I wanted to be on a film set first. I spent hours on specialised websites. Earlier last year, I got the promotion and my new job is about organisation, project management and events delivery. The research and this new position pushed me to take a class at the Metfilm School called Part-Time Foundation in Producing.

By the way, I really suggest it. It was amazing, and it helped me to realise something. A film producer is someone who has an idea for a film, in other words a story, and who will find the right team as well as the right investment to transform that idea into a film.


A storyteller of our time. Well, that did it for me. I took this class to confirm what I thought was making sense deep down and it helped me to complete my journey started years ago: I wanted to be a producer. I am aware of the difficulty of this process and the tough reality of this industry but remember that yearning? Well, I feel it. I know It sounds crazy with a baby on the way and a full-time job, but I am ready for a crazy project and I have the determination to see it to completion.

Things are different, and the way to get information has evolved. Blogs are not popular anymore. Facebook is not as much used. People have less time for reading. All in all, I simply cannot do it the same way we did 6 years ago. So, this time, I am really going to take whoever reads this on a journey. I am going to do it by detailing each step of the process and in a new format for me. I am also going to use a different platform.

Feeling excited? Well, I am and I hope you are too because next week we are going to talk about the beginning of this new project which is going to be called: One Year to Make a Movie. This is the last time I posted on our blog about Excuse My French.

Truth is, and as simple as it may sound, life caught up. Yes, this is my excuse if it can be considered as one. Life happened but in the most beautiful way. I met someone. We got married. We went back to the UK.

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I got a job and I am going to be a daddy in less than two months! In a nutshell, this is the summary of the last two years. During that time, my creativity left me. Projects stopped but I took a first step into discovering what I really wanted to do. All I was sure of was my need or will to tell stories. It took me a while to understand what it meant. I first wrote stories. Then, I wrote a play. Why a play? My thinking back then was that it is easier to do a play, to launch a show on stage.

From there and after Excuse My French Comedy Show, I wanted to continue so I ended up writing a second play and then produced a third one. I discovered something though. I like telling stories, but I am not very good at writing. Organising, planning and making something happened from scratch, that was the real pleasure. Producing that last play was the first step into understanding what I wanted. Then, I went to Albania.

A crazy year in my life. Previous releases are stellar so this should hit out of the park. Mammoth riffs and searing soundscapes FDJ Colour Haze-ish jams that lift you up into the clouds and take you away from all the madness down below.

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