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La France deviendra-t-elle une République islamique ?

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Cher M. Laissez-moi, M. Guten Abend! A elles et que je puisse vite les peindre, puisque le temps presse et que les ombres gagnent. Tennesse Williams. Fin du constat, Hadrien. La messe est dite, Hadrien. Non, ne pas. Tatie L. Achour est circoncis, car musulman. Eclipse de Vivien. Il tombait des hallebardes. I'm sending you my heartfelt condolences for the recent passing of your brother in law due to cancer. I know it has been an extreme ordeal for you since January of this year. We the fans adore your music, but for me, I respect you as a compassionate and beautiful woman.

I wish I will have the chance to hug you next week in person when I will be at your Vegas show. I will be at the front orchestra 4 row LL seat watching you and supporting you throughout in my heart. Please continue to be a strong mother and sing all of your songs for the people who you love in honor of their memory. Je t'aime Celine.

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Merci de nous avoir fait connaitre une des plus belle voix du monde. Merci de nous avoir montrer que l'amour entre un homme et une femme n'a pas d'age. L'amour existe encore! Rest in peace. You were everything for many May you Rest In Peace and may your family find peace and tranquility. My sympathy and love to you and your family. Please keep on singing, with that beautiful voice'.

T'es notre Champion! On t'adore pour toujours! Les "Soutenir", c'est le faire, aussi: Pour ce qu'elles font, pour ce qu'elles ont, pour ce qu'elles donnes, pour ce qu'elles partagent, pour ce qu'elles transmettent Depuis le premier jour, ou l'on s'est dit que l'on aimait, telle ou telle personne et que l'on se disait, alors "fan" de cette personne. Cet homme si courageux et si extraordinaire! Tout ce que cette merveilleuse femme a pu m'apporter depuis maintenant au moins 10 ans Et bien, c'est tant mieux The show must go on La vie continue.

Pour elle et pour lui. Pour la paix. Pour l'amour. Pour la vie. Elles l'obscurcissent. Le ciel est venu manger dans ma main. Maintenant c'est le soir mais je ne veux pas laisser filer ce jour sans vous en donner le plus beau. Vous voyez le monde. Vous le voyez comme moi. Ce n'est qu'un champ de bataille.

Des cavaliers noirs partout. Je suis le vent qui souffle dans tes cheveux. Je suis le diamant qui brille dans tes yeux. Je suis la pluie d'automne. Ne reste pas la, les larmes aux yeux. Pourquoi serais-je hors de ta vie, simplement parce que je suis hors de ta vue. Nous le restons quand tu parle de moi, utilise le petit nom que tu aimais me murmurer a l'oreille. Joue, souris, chante comme tu sais si bien le faire. Sans regret, la vie n'est pas finie, rien ne change, la vie continue, le fil de notre Amour n'est pas rompu. Parle toujours de moi avec le sourire et autour de toi avec tes mots et tu verras tout ira bien.

Qu'ils regardent bien, c'est mon cur qui brille de milles feux pour vous. J'entends ton cur battre, contre mon cur. Ce n'est pas un adieu, mais un au revoir". Au fort de la bataille, tous sont braves : c'est si beau, le courage! Ayez-en, vous dit-on ; tous en ont, il faut en avoir. Dear Celine and family, keeping you in my prayers for faith to uphold you and loving memories to keep you smiling. P Rene you were a great Human being. Celine you will and are with Rene through your kids.

I wish you to meet again, to see you again Death is not the end Celine be happy, enjoy life, enjoy your time , Rene, you dot suffer anymore, thats your fate Love Sonia B. Non ho parole, so quale sia il dolore di una perdita, lo vivo da figlia e lo vedo negli occhi di mia madre. L'assenza fisica si sente sempre, ma vive nel mio cuore.

Celine un forte abbraccio. Dear Family All my thoughts and prayers to you. I just can imagine how big your loss is Celine and boys my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. My heart aches for you. I saw yoau for the first time last month in Vegas and I felt that he was with you smiling down. I hope the memories comfort you.

A real one, strong, and soft in the same time, savage and docile She can do it She can live again She can protect and love her children like no one before She will be a real mama lion for the boys You can be proud.. You can be free Just rest now Lay down and close your eyes You will be together when ot will be time God bless you. Sonia B. May you be blessed with more than Rene could ever have given you in the years coming knowing he has been the the one who has gotten you here He believed in you and will continue to believe in you as long as you can be strong That man is the only one who will ever understand how much you needed him and he saw you at such a young age and saw your future and he knew you would be doing this for the rest of your life and he made sure to pass on to your incredible children the strength and courage he had to give you to them.

God bless you and your family God bless Rene RIP. Very dear Rene , You can be proud, so proud of your wife.. She is so talented, so strong, so amazing, such a woman! Just rip in peace , Don't have to worry. She will raise your family, your 3 boys. She will do the right things with her pure heart Just sit down and enjoy the show , encore un soir God bless you all Sonia B. Tes enfants ont beaucoup de chance d'avoir une maman comme toi, et ils ont l'air de bien te le rendre.

Kann Ihre Erinnerungen Ihnen Komfort bringen. Rene' Thank you for bringing us the light known as Celine. Together you made an amazing team. Your talent and determination facilitated bringing her voice and message to the people. Thank you. Celine, I was so sad when I learned of your precious husband's death. I am so very sorry you had to say goodbye to your soul mate. I have read in interviews about regret you have voiced for not being there when he took his last breath.

Please know as a nurse for over 30 years I have experienced death with patients, with my mom, and my mother-in-law. I have seen families stay around the clock for days; they leave to shower and their loved one will die.


I have always wondered if the patient knew they had left Or it is all in God's timing. I believe when the bond between a couple is so strong the person dying will fight to stay because they can feel the torment: the suffering. The bond between the two of you was very powerful! From personal experience, the pain does lessen with time; your children and music will be your solace. I am attaching a photo of Hope; my Maltese.

She is my fur baby. Last, thank you and bless you for sharing your talent with the universe. Have you heard of the hymn "Whispering Hope"? It is a favorite of our family. Susan Imes. To Celine , Rene Jr. My heart goes out to y'all on your greatest loss , I think about y'all everyday , knowing he's one of Gods Angels watching over y'all is a good thing. He's no longer in pain take great comfort in that , till y'all can be all together again you have a Son there Rene who would make any mother Proud. P Mr Rene. Celine and Rene Jr. May he finally R. P now he's in no more pain.

You are one of the strongest woman I ever knew , but you do need to take time for your self to grieve to With much love always was a fan of yours. Celine and Family: I am so very sorry for your loss. May God Bless you All. Dear ms Angelil, prayers for you and for Rene. You and Rene a model for other couples now and then. Nothing has changed. It will always be. Russia, Kovrov. May he rest in Peace. May good continue to guide you and protect you and your family.

You are such a strong woman. God Bless you all.. Leonora L. Santos P. Box Hagatna, Guam Tre chere Celine, Je ne vous oublie pas, non jamais Rene etait, est un vrai Gentleman Un homme droit, Un homme sur, Un homme avec un coeur, une envie, une generisite sans faille Il repose en paix maintenant , a l'abri de la maladie, de la souffrance. L'important est d'aimer , encore et toujours , De Cherir, de profiter de chaque instant qui passe C'est ce qu'il souhaiterait pour vous et les enfants Alors live again, dance and sing again Thats life.

My best regards Sonia B Lyon. Very dear Celine , Do you know that God loves you. Yes for sure, he really does : He gave you this incredible voice, this amazing talent, THE true luve, a beautiful family But he gave you too, this wonderful strength You are not a super heros but you are so close You are so strong iinside, so powerful that someday you will be able to think to your sweet Rene without that pain in your heart Only gratitude, love, tenderness and endless hope A new day will come for you and your family.

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You will be happy again. Rip Rene , you deserve it. Sonia B Lyon. Dear Ms Dion: I never had the chance to to meet you or Rene in person. I have seen you and Rene in many of the concerts and tour videos that I have. You could tell from them just how much in love the two of you were with each other.

Nothing can ever ease the pain of losing a loved one. I know because I miss my mother every single day, even though she's been gone over 10 years. Please accept my heart felt condolences for your loss. Perhaps, your tour will come to Milwaukee, my home town, so I may express them to you in person. I have always been and will always remain a loyal fan of yours. Sincerely, James Kurtz. Very dear Celine, He was cried and he will be cried again.. But what i think when i see his gentle and sweet face, what i do know is that Rene doest suffer anymore He is in peace now , in heaven He is not alone , he is free from his desease Its time to celebrate, to live again, to plan future Its what he would like for you Be happy , a new day has come, Sonia B Lyon.

Dear Celine, Spring is back , flowers and sun and warmth , Life must go on , for you, for your children Rene was loved and he will be loved Death is not the end, its just a step Do not forget him, but do no forget you One day, you will be happy as before. Cherish him, but first of all cherish you and your boys. God bless you and will not abandon you. Death is nothing at all Death is nothing at all, I have only slipped away into the next room. I am I, and you are you; whatever we were to each other, that, we still are. Call me by my old familiar name, speak to me in the easy way which you always used, put no difference in your tone, wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we shared together. Let my name ever be the household word that it always was. Let it be spoken without effect, without the trace of a shadow on it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was. There is unbroken continuity.

Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner. All is well.

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

My deepest sympathies Celine and your beautiful boys! Anna Bosza, Wallingford, CT. Very dear Celine May you forget your pain, your sorrow, your sadness. May you find the sun, the music, the joy , bahind the clouds, behind the tears You are not alone, You are blessed, The glass is not empty Best regards Sonia B.

Very dear Celine, May you forget your pain, your sorrow, your sadness, May you find, the sun , the hope, the words, the music in your heart to survive Death, illness , make part of the life Happiness, love, peace , joy, make part too See the glass Its not an empty glass God bless and help you Life must go on Sonia B Lyon. May his legacy live on through your music, Celine! May God continue to bless, and give strength to you and your family during this difficult time You are in my prayers, Celine Very dear Rene, I just want you to rest in peace, Its not easy to leave the people you love, Its not easy to not worry for them.

But its time for you to close your eyes and let go Celine is strong, she will do the best for your children and for her Despite the pain, the tears, the loss, she can find her way, her new way Be blessed for all the happiness you brought in your life , Because of that, you were loved and you will not be forgotten God bles you again and again , Celine do not quit , you are an angel With this amazing voice.

Keep your faith in God, in life , in you. Sonia B Lyon France. Celine, I originally came on to this page with the intention of telling you how sorry I am for your loss. I have suffered a much different kind of loss of my beloved, a break-up with a man 20 years my senior. He pushed me away he said to spare me from taking care of him as he got older. It has been over a year and I still have not come past the hurt and pain of losing the man I felt was my life partner. So, I can not begin to understand the level of hurt and grief you must be feeling.

I don't feel like I can adequately put into words my condolences for you and your family. Please know how many people out there are sending you and your family love and prayers especially in your time of grief. My daughter and I saw you in Las Vegas several years ago after she had a double lung transplant from the complications of Cystic Fibrosis. Thankfully, she is doing well. Thank you Celine for all the beautiful songs that you have sung. You have been and always will be one of my favorite singers. Your great compassion for everyone brings all who have seen you much joy and happiness.

May you find strength from Rene memories to fulfill you now and in the future. You have three beautiful children by him, a constant reminder of how blessed you were to have known him. Dear Celine, The most important in life is not the money, the success, the power or the music No, the most important thing is love And thanks to God , there are a lot of love in your life You are not alone Your 3 boys love you, Your family love you, We love you And Rene is still loving you , somewhere in heaven Do not stop believing in Love, in Life, in God God bless you Sonia B Lyon.

Je voulais simplement je t'aime et je suis de tout coeur avec toi et tes enfants. Merci de nous faire partager avec toi tous ces moments si intimes. Your love story is so beautiful. You're love story has inspired me with my great love as well. You two have always been an amazing inspiration for me and I will forever thank you. Keep your eyes focused on God and He will get you through this. I love you. Mister Rene, Your death really touched me as if you were a beloved member of my own family.

The fact is you and Celine make part of my life I grown up listening Celine I like beatiful, poxerful. Amazing voices and she is one of the best singers in the whole world She is THE one. You made that happen, you did the good choices, You made the magic She is the voice but you were the magician. For that , for making her becoming this wonderful but simple star , i want to thank you She is a star not a diva Because of you Rip Rene, and listen now Celine from heaven She will sing for you again and again Just be in peace, Just take some rest, You did your time, a great time, Now close your eyes and do not suffer anymore We will miss you , We will think to you We will not forget you dear Rene Sonia B Lyon.

Hi Celene i would like to send you and your Amazing beautiful family my sincere condolences over the weeks ive read and watched the video's about your life as a young talented child to the Amazing star and person you are wow what a fairytale you and Ren'e shared it blew me away never in my life have i seen two people so in love like you showed each otherjust beautiful i must have gone through most of your videos and cried and laughed, you both are inspirational my heart goes out to you on the loss of your Amazing husband but you will always be as one lots of love to you all best wishes Karen XXXXXXXXX.

Because of you, my life is full of happiness, joy, music Thank you for the creativity you have shared to enrich our lives through Celine. Now that you've become an angel in heaven, watching over your family, and upon all of us. With estimates. Dear Celine and family: our deepest sympathy to you and your family. You have brought the joy of music to so many for years and now I want you to know my family sends you blessings and love from Dallas Texas.

Knowing the person you are and the performer and most importantly the mother you are that you will find some peace in this time. You are loved by so many! May Rene be at peace with the angels watching over you. He gave you the gift of your children and he lives in there eye's.

Reach for the Angels he will get you through these hard day and it's good to know he's with so many of our loved ones. Blessings and love. Ho scritto poche volte, utilizzando facebook. Tutto quello che ho conosciuto di bello in questo mondo, Voi due insieme, lo rappresentate. Tanti Auguri per il Suo compleanno, per domani, 30 Marzo. L'abbraccio con il cuore. He would like you to take a deep breathe, smile and enjoy the day, Dot lose hope, do not lose the taste of life It can be bitter, but it can be sweet too If you listen to your heart, you will do the best.

Do never forget that you are not alone Where there is life, there is hope, there is love, there is your beloved Rene.. Take care, God bless you and take your hand. God Bless you Celine and continue to strengthen you. I met you many years ago in Illinois a choir did back ground for you. Very dear Celine, Plutot que mes mots, ceux de Nelson Mandela : "La plus grande victoire de l'existence ne consiste pas a ne jamais tomber, mais a se relever apres chaque chute.

You are a real warrior. Ainsi je partage ta peine, votre peine, tu es une battante , j'admire ton courage Merci, du plus profond de mon coeur. On vous aime. Very dear Rene, We miss you, We miss your smile, your simplicity, your existence For sure, we will not forget you Of course we think to your family, your gorgeous and talented wife, your beloved sons.

God help them , give them strength, hope, and all they need to move on The best way is not to forget you, it is to live with you Always in our hearts, in our minds, in our lives God bless you Sonia B. Celine, I was so sorry to hear of the loss of both your husband and your brother. There is nothing harder in life than losing someone you love. To lose two people you love so close together is something I can't even imagine. I won't say something as trite as "I know what you're going through" because grief is a very personal thing. Even someone who has been through it themselves can never truly know or understand what you are personally feeling.

I hope it helps to know that you are loved by so many people. Millions of fans are thinking of you, praying for you, and grieving with you and your family. I am one of them. I wish there was more that I could say. I will continue to think of you. I am sad to say that I have not yet been able to see one of your concerts. I have chronic health problems and while it would be a major Aunderstatement to say that I am a HUGE fan, it is very difficult for me to leave the house, much less travel across the country to Las Vegas I live in Virginia.

I am hoping so hard that my health will improve enough for me to be able get on that plane and come see you while you are still in Vegas. If not, I hope you will go on tour one day and come to a location near me. Either way, it is my life's goal to get to see you. Until then, I will continue to listen to you on my iPod and sing along every day! Music has such great healing powers and I believe that is one of the ways your heart will mend. With love. It takes a very rare and special person to persevere after the death of Rene and then your brother.

Jan 14 will be a day a day edged in my mind. I decided that I was coming back to see and hear you on your return to Vegas in February. That was a very special night for me. Interesting that I was talking to one of my brother's caretakers today who is from Quebec and he attended Rene's funeral at Notre Dame. His not dead his God took his body back but his soul stayes in celine as long as she wants to. In memory of Rene Angelil, a beautiful soul whose light shines forever in our hearts.

God bless you, Rene. You will never be forgotten. Dearest Celine and Family, I am so very sorry for your loss. Having lost my first husband, I know that the grief is very personal, but it did help having the support of family and friends. It takes time to heal, and even though you will never stop loving and missing your Rene, there will come a time when the sharpest edges of pain will soften, and healing will come.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your sons, as well as to Rene's family. Take the time to grieve, but continue to sing, as he would want you to do. God bless you, sweet lady. Your Rene is safe in the arms of God.

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Wishing you peace. All love to you. Dear Celine I'm so sorry for your lost as I have lost my husband also. The love will always be there and not a day do u forget him. I know he was precious to u. You have the children to be so thankful for and their love. You have been a fan of mine for so long that I wish you alwAys the best.. Always remember u truly have your fans family and your children who truly loves you.

I just wanted to send my condolences to your family and his. Celine love your music you are my favorite artist I could listen to it all day. You have a wonderful personality. My Husband surprised me couple years ago in Vegas and bought VIP tickets and they were worth every penny. We were right in front of you in the 6 row. Best concert in my whole life. Thank you Jackie.

Very dear Celine, Rene passed away but we will never forget him. You were young, with no confidence but with the will to work, to sing and to become a great artist He made all that and so much more People all over the world know you, know your songs and love you. He did it. You did it. All that because you loved and trust each other We thank you Rene because your love story was beautiful It made us dream.

It made us believe that all is possible I will never stop listening her and singing, smiling, dansing Her voice is music, Thank you for being, for living and for loving Celine You made her happy. Rest in peace Rene , We love you too Sonia B. Very dear Celine, Believe in you, believe in your love, believe in your music, Your voice is so powerful, it gives confidence, faith, strength and so much joy to peole who listen it You are so talented. With you, all seem possible even the impossible , You are magic , A real diamond , An incredible performer and we do love you God bless you and help you Rip Rene and thanks for finding and loving Celine Sonia B.

May you rest with God. Your so blessed to have a beautiful wife and family gone not Forgotten. Very dear and sweet Celine, Another day, another night without Rene but for sure you must feel his presence, smell his perfume Your love is so strong, it cat fly away like this You can handle with the pain and transform it in strenght Stay as you are, as we see you : happy, funny, sensitive, brilliant, beautiful, strong and simple We like you, we really love you because Rene and you are so special, so unique His kindness was so evident Impossible to deny it , a very real gentleman!

Be in peace Celine, live your life, enjoy and love God bless you Il y a ces grands capitaine. Bon voyage! So sorry for your loss. Keep him in your heart with your songs. I believe that a love like yours will reunite you two in heaven. I am 31 years older than my wife and I can relate to your love.

March 16, Dear Celine, My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Know that you are not alone. Your family and fans adore you. Let that love help to give you the strength to heal and move forward. Feel the spirit, love, joy of life that Rene left you and your sons. Truly an amazing legacy. Thank you for giving so much of yourself in your music. May the following poem bring you some comfort: Someday I knew someday this day would come When God would call my name, When I'd be asked to let go, Despite resulting pain, He'd asked me if I'd leave behind all those I dearly love, and though it is most difficult I've a mission from above.

I'll journey on and serve my Lord, and hold you in my heart, I pray that you will do the same, Each day is a new start. Keep trusting God, He has a plan, He'll give you all you need, and if you choose to follow, our Saviour always leads.

Fay Beaman Laing You are in my thoughts and prayers, take care, Fay. Dear Celine, No one can prepare you for a loss; it comes like a swift wind. However, take comfort in knowing that he is now resting in the arms of our Lord. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Love from Greece Andreas Georgiopoulos. Dear Celine Dion Angelil, Know that you and your beautiful three boys are being prayed for often during this difficult time and trial with the death of your beloved husband. As Christians we understand Jesus suffered so that we can go to him for comfort because he understands.

May God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ give you his peace that passes all understanding in the days months and years ahead. God's grace be with you Celine. June and Ray Aromatorio. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my husband to cancer 8 years ago, and I know the pain you are having.

I always said we were joined at the heart, and half of mine went with him, just like I felt when you spoke of him and your love. May you come to realize he will always be there with you, look for the signs he will send, a butterfly, a bird, he will let you know he is still with you. My husband sends a bird soaring like no other, especially when I am venturing into something new. Although the pain is terrible to lose him, the thirty-eight years we had together and the memories I will always treasure are what I remember every day.

Now when you sing "My Heart Will Go On" it will have a special meaning for you, as it does for me and so many other widows, the only people that truly know how we feel. May God give you the strength to face each day, and the joy of seeing Renee in the eyes and smiles of your children always, the part of him he left for you until you see him again. Very dear Celine, I do not know if my words can help you when you live such a pain but i try. I try to send you strength, hope, love, comfort and peace but you are the only one.

The only one who can fight the sadness, the despair, and can live with this terrible loss You are not alone. Rene was a very nice man and he will be missed.. His talent, his appetite for life, his simplicity made him as known as his famous, very famius wife Rip Rene, Celine, we love you and support you Even though Im a very busy professional woman, Im steel sending my blessings to you and your lovely family. I strongly believe that the people that we meet and related to in this world will never be apart, even beyond the death.

So Rene will be with you forever!!! Love your music, love the way you transmit it!!! Each morning after my usual conversation with God, I drive to my work, with your wonderful son Im Alive!!! It turns me on!!! Thanks a lot, Celine for being such a special instrument of God!!! Dearest Celine, Our family sends our heartfelt condolences during this difficult time. We truly wish you and your sons all the best. While we never had the pleasure of ever meeting Rene, when we did see an interview you were doing, your face lit up every time you began to speak of him.

From what we have seen from past interviews, it seemed as though you and Rene were always on your first date. The love the two of you shared was so beautiful. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Celine, my heart aches for you and the pain you must feel. I wish I could reach out and hug you to comfort you.

I am praying for you and your family daily. I know Rene is watching over you with sooo much love and will continue to protect you! You and your music have always inspired me. When my mom died in ,it is you who unknowingly helped me with my grief. With you at my side, I sang to my mom with all the love in my heart. I love you, Celine and thank you for being the beautiful person you are.

God bless you always. Vincent de Paul. Dear Celine and family, I remember Rene walking in to the audience at the start of your show in Paris in As he walked down the aisle we all stood, clapping and cheering. Because we all appreciate the talent and dedication Rene has always showed. Rene smiled and waved, self conscious and seeming like he didn't deserve the fuss.

All through the show he was smiling with the most amazing pride, his love for his wife showing through. He took his eyes off the stage, just once, to laugh at Rene-Charles jumping up on his chair singing along with his mum! What I saw that day, even from a distance, was a genuine, professional, proud and gracious man. Your loss cannot be put into words.

But know that we have all lost something special in Rene. He will be in my thoughts, as will you all, and though these are words from a stranger I hope somehow they offer some small comfort. All my love. Listened to your song thats the way it is today, asking for people not to surrender. For for billions it is too late they already did. There should be more who turn back and who don't. Your songs should last forever with the value in their lyrics meaning. If this world should have more Rene s and Celine s This world should be different. Juan Torres Santiago de Chile Chile.

Dear Celine: I think that should be people who never die or suffer. Is the people like Rene and Celine Dion. Is the people that is like a lighthouse who enlighten humanity with the most beautiful feelings. Love and solidarity.

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I'm not a celebrity, or a remarkable handicap or an important guy from music industry. I'm just one more of millions around the world who feel that the world still is beautiful when hear your voice singing. You can't imagine how sad I am now thinking the pain you have suffer when lost your partner of a whole life. I send you my love and my friendship to you and all your family. Thanks for being who you are and for light up my life. Juan Torres Santiago de Chile. Dear Celine Be brave, Rene will be dearly missed and always near.

You have your boys who will be a delight. You will look at them and see Rene and smile. Be strong. Sonia B Ps : just take a deep breathe, Just do what he would like you to do, Make him happy, Make you happy. To Celine and family, In the darkest of days , you will see the sunshine in a memory and in the face of your loved one's. My heartfelt sympathy to all of you. We never stop loving those who's very being make us who we are, because we cannot see them. When we feel we are lost , the love you shared with Rene and the love you have for your children will bring you home , God bless Marguerita x.

Sincerest condolences to Rene's family. The world knew him as the kindest man who doted on his wife and children. May he be an example to other men around the world and may his love carry on in the lives of his family. I lost my child, then my wife shortly after, so I have just an inkling of what you've been through. Condoglianze dal profondo del mio cuore. Con affetto Tiziana. Celine I send you and your family my condolences I too am a widow I lost my Husband 23 years ago we have 2 girls they were so young at the time they were 4 and 8 years old so I understand your loss I admire you as singer and I think your a wonder full person and true lady I wish you didn't have to go threw this but I believe you will someday not to soon will be an angel in heaven you a wonder full women and fantastic mother and an astounding singer your truley amazing the way you look for the positive out a hard time you truley amaze me love Colleen Hoeper.

Celine and Family, It is with a heavy heart that I extend my sincere,heartfelt condolences for your most unimaginable loss. I'm a studio musician in Nashville who has watched and admired through the years how your and Rene's relationship and partnership,became a living example to all who travel in this life together , how love that knows no end is the most powerful force in any realm.

I sit alone now in the darkness of despair. I cry my silent tears, My heart is broken into a million tiny pieces. The silence is deafening to my ears. The darkness frightens me, The shadows climb the wall. I hear footsteps walking, Passing through the hall. The loneliness surrounds me, It takes my breath away, This is the pattern of my life, Since that awful, dreadful day. Without a clue Without a hint Of what was yet to be, God called you home To be with him And took you away from me.

I walk, I talk. I carry on When the sun pokes out its head But when darkness falls And evening comes I cannot go to bed. For this is when I miss you most of all When I curl into a little ball And cry those silent tears. Watching the shadows, And missing you. Very dear Celine, You lost the love of your life , but you are not alone You have your beautiful Rene Charles, Nelson, Eddy Rene would like you to sing , to show, to be this singing wonder he helped to grow up Here and now do the show , Make him proud again and again You are not a simple woman.

You are Celine. You can raise your up You can sing like an angel, You can dance like a goddess Do not forget it Rene wias the first to dance, the first to cry, te first to applause Make him happy in heaven God bless you all.