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Microsoft Dynamics AX Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing

This blog is a summary of the paper. It provides enterprise coverage for the business but especially shines in optimization of supply chain, MRP , warehousing, and inventory management. The supply chain has to be very nimble and responsive to the shifting demand patterns. Demand is not only different by items, assortments, and item categories but also can be very different by channel, geography, and customer type.

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For example one of our customers sells to big box retailers with EDI orders as the sales channel, sells direct to consumers through its ecommerce sites and then to academia through a network of sales professionals and inside customer service team members. The big box retailers hit their peak in September and October when they stock up for the holiday season while the ecommerce site hit its peak in November and December and the schools typically buy in June and July before the schools open.

While there is overlap in what each customer buyer segment buys, there are differences too. So the customer has the challenge of aggregating the demand across all the different channels and customer types and combining into an overall business demand forecast and ensuring the supply chain stays in tune with the demand pattern as there are always changes due to a multitude of factors. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides information at all levels in the organization with operational, tactical and executive dashboards thus allowing for informed decision making across the organization.

It had also morphed from a single channel to a multi-channel business.


It also needed to optimize its supply chain to be able to more tightly integrate its supply with its demand and reduce on-hand inventory with automated planned purchasing. Ellison implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX that helped it:.

Supply Chain Management using Microsoft Dynamics AX: Edition by Scott Hamilton

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The targeted reader includes those individuals implementing or considering Dynamics AX as their ERP system as well as those providing sales and implementation services. Firms involved with a system selection process may be considering Dynamics AX as a candidate package, and this book can help reduce selection risks, evaluate system fit and needed customizations, and provide a vision of an integrated system.

Dynamics AX 2012 Supply Chain

The book can help businesses involved in implementing and using Dynamics AX by accelerating the learning process, reducing implementation time and costs, and reducing user resistance to change. It suggests changes that can improve system usage and revitalize a wayward implementation. For firms providing sales and services related to Dynamics AX, this book can accelerate the employee learning process for providing knowledgeable customer service in sales, support, and professional assistance.

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