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If that's the case, your dentist can prescribe an artificial saliva mouthwash to help fix the problem. If dry mouth isn't the problem, have your dentist do a thorough checkup to rule out any dental health issues , like gum disease, which Boghosian says can be caused by plaque. Then head to your doctor, as bad breath could be a symptom of various medical conditions such as sinus or lung infections, bronchitis, gastric reflux, a tonsil infection, and even some liver or kidney diseases.

Just because it's a more pleasant scent than say, garbage, doesn't mean you're out of the woods.

Phantom smells may be a sign of trouble

In fact, if your breath smells like you just noshed on the entire grapefruit section of the grocery store, then head to your doctor immediately — it could mean you have diabetes , says Boghosian. According to the American Heart Association , getting too many calories from protein, which is usually the case for those eating low-carb, can result in not enough insulin in the body, and that forces us to start burning energy from our fat stores.

When we burn energy from fat, it releases chemicals called ketones. An energy source many are now turning to on the keto diet. Having discharge is normal.

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  • 1. Tangy or fermented.
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But having it come out clumpy or smelling like the raw fish market is not good, and it could be a sign of a yeast infection , sexually transmitted infection STI , or chlamydia. As soon as you notice these symptoms, get to your gyno. Regardless of your diagnosis, it's likely you'll need a course of treatment. But if you notice your scent has become strong — and it's likely a fishy, sour, or even musty smell — that's a telltale sign of bacterial vaginosis BV , an inflammation caused by the overgrowth of bacteria usually gardnerella normally found in the vagina.

2. Coppery like a penny

Treatment typically involves an antibiotic, either through a topical gel or oral medication, and can be cleared up within a week in most cases. It doesn't paint a pretty picture, but it can happen, and it may mean that a foreign object like a tampon , female condom or diaphragm has been left in your vagina, Sullivan says. Coconut Like a brief getaway to a tropical island.

Hot spots aid brain,

Clothes Fresh Out the Drier This is what being clean smells like. Pizza All your hunger pains can be cured with this scent.

Why Your Furnace Smells Sweet or Has Another Odor

Oranges Mmm, vitamin c. Seawater Life can be a beach.

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Burning Wood Makes you think of camp and that time you… nvm. Morning Dew in the Countryside This is called clean air.

The Success of Sweet Smells | History Today

Home Smell Nothing like home sweet home. Baby Freshly washed or freshly changed preferred. Sharpies The mark of success. Books New books, old books, library books… What did an early modern perfumer's shop smell like?

30 Best Smells In the World

Despite valiant attempts by those in charge of certain historical attractions, such as the scratch and sniff cards of Jorvik Viking Centre and Hampton Court Palace, we can never truly smell the scents of the past. However, Nicolas Bonnart's engraving of the Habit de Parfumeur gives us a visual representation of the mingled concoction of odours that emanated from early modern perfumers' shops. Bottles of essences and oils, perfumed lozenges for the breath, pomatums for the hair, fragrant fans and scented handkerchiefs comprise the perfumer's costume.

A perfume-burner rests upon his head and disperses fragrant smoke with its religious, luxurious and medicinal effects around him. The powerful scents of the perfumer's trade meant that in early modern England overly odorous men and women were regularly accused of smelling 'like a perfumer's shop'. Abel Boyer's English Theophrastus described the start of the fashionable fop's day thus:.