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First of all, it depends on the ages of the children. From the age of 2 or 3 years old, you can start teaching the children the names of the pieces. At the ages of 4, 5 or 6, children can learn the rules of chess and basic puzzles such as checkmate in one, pins, forks, etc. The most important things are to frequently motivate your children and always make it fun and exciting. Reward instead of punish. If they do not find a solution, you can help them with some small hints rather than getting upset or frustrated.

Tips on Teaching Beginners

Q: What book or DVD do you recommend to teach children the basics of chess? I, along with my animated teaching helpers set a fun stage for kids to learn chess. They can all be found at Amazon. Q: Can chess software help my children improve? A: Yes! Some programs have fantastic features to educate your children and to keep them busy and excited for a long time.


Q: My children know the basic rules of chess and how the pieces move. What is next? A: This is one of the most frequently asked questions.

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Teach your children fun, exciting and challenging things such as tactics pins, forks, discovery, etc. These are extremely important areas, and you can give your children some from each category daily. This will keep them from getting bored. My son Tommy at the age of 4 or 5 was doing up to of these puzzles daily.

He absolutely loved it, and constantly asked for more puzzles.

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He enjoyed them so much that I used them as a reward. Q: Can a chess coach help my children? If so, how do I select a good one? A good coach can help a great deal. There are many things a coach can offer that you cannot get from a book or software. It is a challenge to find a good one. Start by looking for a coach who has experience with children and a good record of positive results. Some coaches are good with adults but not with kids. If the coach does not have the patience to deal with children or the ability to connect with kids, it will not work.

How to Achieve Checkmate in 3 Moves - Chess

The drawback of hiring a private chess coach is the costly expense. To solve the financial burden for many parents, I created not long ago an online training course www. Q: How important are chess ratings for children?

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  • A: My answer may be unpopular but ratings are not very relevant at an early age. They are so afraid of losing that they play not to lose instead of playing to win and this can seriously hinder the development of their children. Games Maven Home Parents' Corner Some important questions about chess for children answered I receive questions countless questions from parents and coaches across the country every week. Sort: Newest. Featured Community 1. My goal overtime is to condense my heavy puzzle books into software puzzles, where it will be handy everywhere and anywhere for use on a laptop or table - maybe even a smart phone!

    I really like the chess. Does anyone know of a site where I can get a puzzle maker, or, is there a way that I can use the chess. Could I create a private blog, where I can use the chess. Some months ago I made the error of posting published checkmate puzzles to share with others in the community. I will too. The puzzles are outstanding, especially in my case, since it is counter-intuitive for this beginning chess player to sac his queen to achieve mate. Forums More Puzzles. Jul 24, 1. Jul 25, 2.

    Thank you, nice time to spend while waiting. Jul 25, 3. Thanks that was really cool, I'll be tracking this, please leave a link in this thread when you get onto the next 20 Just a recommendation: please number them so we can refer to them easily, i. Jul 25, 4. Jul 25, 5. True, I noticed that too, but i just went for the obvious checkmate in my eyes. Jul 25, 6.

    From Beginner to Chess Expert in 12 Steps

    Jul 25, 7. Jul 25, 8. Jul 25, 9. Jul 25, I have more than 50 books under my list that have a picture of a chess diagram in it You got all of them from a book but you won't tell whether it was Polgar or Reinfeld?

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    Good stuff. Good puzzles. One of them has an alternative solution. Jul 26, Dec 12,