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Divine power of love! Sacred moments in which the passion of one possessed gave to the world a resuscitated God! Renan Both Ahmadi Muslims and Upton Sinclair, therefore, each approached the historical Jesus with alternative understandings based on their own respective religious orthodoxies. Moreover, in the novel They Call Me Carpenter , Sinclair, like Strauss, even questions supernatural explanations of miracles. The founders of the kingdom of God are the simple. Not the rich, not the learned, not priests; but women, common folk, the humble, and the young. A great social revolution, in which distinctions of rank would be dissolved, in which all authority in this world would be humiliated, was his dream.

Debs—who helped found the Party in His socialism had a profound influence upon Sinclair, who would even play the role of Debs in the film of socialist propaganda, The Appeal to Reason Arthur In Labor and Freedom , a collection of his own writings, Debs revealed the close affinity between the SPA and the conception that Jesus was not divine.

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Rowley—biographer of Mary C. Spencer , Librarian at Michigan State Library—demonstrated these same concerns further. They each viewed the relationship between the Church and the society to which it ministered as fractured and in need of reform, but the means of that reform were quite different. Sadiq aimed to convert Christians to Islam, but Sinclair aimed for a greater manifestation of political purpose.

It purported that the least able in society were becoming increasingly disempowered in the organism-like cities of Chicago and New York—the very context from which naturalism emerged. Rauschenbusch himself clearly stressed the importance of brotherhood and its redefinition within the bounds of both Christianity and socialism. He claimed that:. It would be no betrayal of the Christian spirit to enter into a working alliance with this great tendency toward the creation of cooperative and communistic social institutions based on the broad principle of the brotherhood of men and the solidarity of their interests.

Rauschenbusch Carpenter is not a radical; he is a lover of man … how came it that phrases of brotherhood and love have come to be tainted with radicalism? The spirit of brotherhood was just as important for The Moslem Sunrise. One Henry S. The journalist Qazi A. Indeed, Turner has also noted that Sadiq himself demonstrated an inconsistent view of equality with regards to racism within the Muslim world Sinclair may well have treated the experiences of Lithuanian immigrants in The Jungle with a sensitivity that appears to reject nativism, but critics have also noted his use of pejorative language to describe immigrant communities such as Greeks, Romanians, Sicilians, and Slovaks Elliot It almost exploits them as exemplars of low status members of society from which Christ would have drawn his followers.

It prohibited certain classes of people from entering the United States, including alcoholics, criminals, and the sick U. Department of Labor. Sadiq was initially refused entry to the United States when he arrived there in Turner Hale built upon the work of Stead and provided a similar rendered in a new location Higgs The Moslem Sunrise extended the work of the Stead and Hale, however, to speak directly to the experience of immigrant communities.

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Having just arrived in America, then, Jesus faces an immigration interview, but he is refused entry. It contributed to a concerted effort to masculinise the image of the feminized Church that Ann Douglas explored in her seminal work Douglas. Young men found that the feminized version of Christianity in the churches that they attended and in the literature that they read was no longer viable for the demands of an industrialized and individualist society Douglas Kate P. The responses were telling. The Rev. The Unitarian minister, Rev. John W. Chadwick of Brooklyn, was more adamant.

It capitalised on the crisis as a means of establishing what it believed to be the superiority of Islam over Christianity. In October , it included a news item from a British vicar—Rev. Dudley refers to a number of manifestations of male resistance to a culture of aesthetics—one of which, he argues—was muscular Christianity 9.

Sinclair, then, was certainly willing to explore the masculinist discourses of his generation.

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The characterisation of James would not seem so out of place in The Jungle —he resembles the socialist agitators that Jurgis meets in the final stages of the novel. James belongs to no church, but he does belong to the brotherhood of workers—a church in which he can participate.

That Sinclair chooses to draw a similarity between James and Carpenter is significant. The boy wagon maker! Look forward a generation, and perhaps John Steinbeck does create in men like James the figure of Christ. It saw the arrival of greater social liberalism and sexual freedoms that challenged the conventions of a previous generation. Sinclair reflects this social transformation through the sexualisation of the feminized Christ of the nineteenth century.

Edward E. The Los Angeles Examiner also reported on Sievwright and incorporated him into a larger piece that explored the significance of Ramadan for Muslims qtd. Until the turn of the twentieth century, Jesus was overwhelmingly associated with an Anglo-Saxon identity.

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First, Catholic immigrants brought with them images of Christ that were derived from the Renaissance; and second, the European marketplace fuelled a national appetite for images of Christ Blum and Harvey — Matthew, whom Tissot represented as short-haired, masculine, and of more obviously Middle Eastern appearance Blum and Harvey 62, American literary naturalism has an uneasy relationship with race.

He also protested against the rise of nativism during the First World War that manifested in a resurgence of groups like the Ku Klux Klan. It saw itself as a protector of American values in its war against those elements that it deemed to be un-American Lewis and Serbu Billy and others dress up as members of the Klan to carry out their plan.

Sinclair alludes to D. The Birth of a Nation presented the Klan as saviours of American society in their overthrowing of a black militia and its white sympathizers in post-war South Carolina. The Klan also adopted the image of the white Christ to add legitimacy to their actions as they reacted against non-whites, socialists, communists and immigrants Blum and Harvey The tensions and fears of a society suffering from a crisis of post-war xenophobia that targeted those deemed un-American emerge in narrative. Death to all enemies of the Ku Klux Klan! The Moslem Sunrise was certainly aware of the violence that the Klan inflicted upon African Americans.

In July , they included a review article of Dr.

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Thirty lynchings of Negroes by white Christians were recorded in the United States during the first half of Some burnt at stake, others put to death. These are the wonderful acts of the meek lambs of Jesus. After all a tree is known by its fruits. Being Muslim is obviously not synonymous with being non-white—as converts like Webb demonstrated—but in the early twentieth-century, the Muslim Jesus would certainly have held this implication.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself was of Indian appearance, and his viewing himself as a manifestation of the Messiah also linked him to the notion that Christ-like figures do not have to be portrayed as white males. However, The Moslem Sunrise was also operating within a wider literary and socio-political context.

Marcus Garvey—himself connected to Sadiq and The Moslem Sunrise —created in Jesus a colourless figure but non-the-less viewed him through the lens of African American heritage Turner Look forward a little further and that same spirit emerged in work of el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz — , Malcolm X.


They each saw in Jesus a human prophet who fought on the side of the dispossessed, who rejected the contemporaneous Christian Church, who stressed human brotherhood, and who challenged those who held power in society. Abd-Allah, Umar F. Oxford: Oxford UP, Arthur, Anthony. Radical Innocent: Upton Sinclair. New York: Random House, Barton, Bruce. The Man Nobody Knows. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, [] Blum, Edward J. Bourne, Randolph S. Bruns, Roger. U of Illinois P, Burns, David. Campbell, Donna. Channing, William Ellery. A Sermon Delivered at the Ordination of the Rev.

Two Sermons on Infidelity, Delivered October 24, Boston: Cummings and Hillard, Chicago Daily Tribune. Curtis, Edward E. Encyclopedia of Muslim-American History. New York: Facts on File, Debs, Eugene Victor. Wagner, Didier, Roger. Dorrien, Gary J. Louisville, Ky. Douglas, Ann. The Feminization of American Culture.

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New York: Knopf, Dudley, John. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, Elliott, Robin G. Host Culture, Fosdick, Harry Emerson. Fox, Richard Wightman. GhaneaBassiri, Kambiz. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, Green, Nile. Oxford UP, Gutjahr, Paul C. Stanford, Calif.

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Hampton, Kate P. Han, John J. Higgs, Robert J. God in the Stadium: Sports and Religion in America. Lexington, Ky. Howell, Sally. Hammer, Juliane and Omid Safi. Ingersoll, Robert G. Ingraham, Joseph Holt. Irving, Katrina. Immigrant Mothers: Narratives of Race and Maternity, — Chicago: U of Illinois P, Jefferson, Thomas. Ismael, Tareq Y.

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