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The Three Bodies of the Buddha. Guru and Student in the Vajrayana.

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Chronicles Radio. Ultimately, he was recognized and befriended by India's spiritual leaders as the first Hindu guru born in the West.

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Hinduism's many guru lineages are the spiritual rivers that pass the power on through the ages. The lineage that he joined extends to his guru's guru, Chellappaswami, and before him to Kadaitswami, then a nameless rishi and countless others, back to Rishi Tirumular and his guru, Maharishi Nandinatha, some 2, years ago in the high Himalayas. These are the illustrated stories of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, his guru Siva Yogaswami and five preceding masters, who all held truth in the palm of their hand and inspired slumbering souls to "Know thy Self.

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The one you kill the Buddha on, over and over again. The one where you hide like a wayside robber prepared to liberate others of their certainty. You are still the process.

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You are the big bang, the original force of the universe. It never ends precisely because it never begins.

The demons that reside there are hollow shells of nothingness with nothing for eyes that see nothing. Satan is a pathetic red fog of fleshy oblivion. It also never ends precisely because it never begins.

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The angels that reside there are empty husks of righteousness with halos that might as well be nooses choking them into eternal myopia. God is a pitiful white cloud of phantom nothingness. I shit it out in the abyss. I buried it like I buried my ego, along with a fishbone and The Book of Certainty. I gripped the throat of my animal-happiness and I have not I will not! So it is, I write to you from the path of my own adventure, and with a humor of the most high, I hope beyond hope that you too will find a path of your own.