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This was probably the most complex story in the anthology and may be challenging to interpret and discuss; seems like the workings of a novel. Historical paranormal story. Her surgeon father uses the best techniques of the day to bind his broken bones and stitch his wounds, but a dangerous infection sets in, and his desperate mother seeks the aid of the local mysterious herbalist to apply his honey to the wound. Zombie-ness ensues and the sister must decide if it is her parents or herself who have gone mad.

Sep 27, Sonatajessica rated it it was ok Shelves: shorties-of-fears-and-faerys , read-in I have to say, not the best collection. Actually, it contains only two read worthy stories in my eyes, but those had all you could hope for in spooky tales about the dead's unfinished business: The first one is Libba Bray's "Bad things" which was very creepy and unrelenting, brutal in its dark ending.

The other one was ironic and twisted, melancholic too, "The wrong grave" by Kelly Link has her trademark's weirdness to it and is perfect in its sardonic nostalgia, I loved it and she was the reas I have to say, not the best collection. The other one was ironic and twisted, melancholic too, "The wrong grave" by Kelly Link has her trademark's weirdness to it and is perfect in its sardonic nostalgia, I loved it and she was the reason I picked this book up. For these I feel really bad for my low rating of two stars in the overall judgement.

The rest of the "Restless" was disappointingly dull. Leaning a bit on the Gothic side of ghostly storytelling which is not so much my thing they neither scared nor sparkled much fascination or surprises. They passed by quickly, airily and for some I already have a hard time recalling what they were about, anything but a good sign.

The editor Noyes' own "NO visible power" I couldn't even finish, Anderson's "The gray boy's work" started so promising and than seemed to lose its own originality in boredom. Well, off to the next and hopefully better compilation, since of late short stories really amaze me, bummer this one wasn't so great in his wholeness but it delivered two memorable ones nevertheless. Aug 18, Andrea Blythe rated it really liked it Shelves: fic-fantasy , fic-short-stories , fiction , fic-horror , fic-zombies , fic-young-adult.

This anthology of presents ten short stories by young adult authors, involving zombies, vampires, ghosts, and all other restless dead not so easily defined. The collection as a whole is quite good, as the writers selected really know their craft. There are two traditional ghost stories in the book "The House and the Locket" and "No Visible Power" , which are well written and developed, but are also rather generic and predictable for my tastes maybe I've just grown out of ghost stories.

My favo This anthology of presents ten short stories by young adult authors, involving zombies, vampires, ghosts, and all other restless dead not so easily defined.

'The Young and the Restless' star Kristoff St. John's cause of death revealed

My favorites are below. The tale of a boy who accidentally digs up the wrong grave was just as creepy and humorous the second time around. It's a terrifying and disturbing story of two brothers with images that haunt me well after the story is over. Dec 06, Alexis julio rated it really liked it. I think this book is an excellent book for anyone who likes the supernatural or is giving it a chance for the first time.

This book is not just one story but various stories by different authors. One of my favorite stories in this book is "The Wrong Grave" this is about a young poet name Miles who buries his poem along with his recently passed away girlfriend named Bethany, and now needs it for a poet contest. Thats not all Gloria wants a poem written from Miles. At fist Miles thinks hes hallucinating so he just tries to. Its about a father who is has just come back home from the civil war.

At first everything is calm. Then after a while things start changing. His wife Victoria finally asks him about the war.

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After that things get bad. The father is stating to be more aggressive as he finally stats remembering the war.

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He is now being haunted by a boy who he killed back in the war. Him and his Ezra, Jesse sons ,and Victoria have to help him. They fight, and fight until they vanquish the gray boys spirit. So try this book when you can and thank you for reading. Feb 23, Res rated it liked it Shelves: sff. A collection of YA short stories on a theme of the undead. Kelly Link's "The Wrong Grave" started out with an embarrassingly on-target portrait of an adolescent poet I was one, too, and we're awful and went to surprising places.

Anderson's "The Gray Boy's Work," about a man who comes home from fighting in the American Revolution, is delightfully weird and moving. These were the only two stories that I thought were particularly good. I want to give some credit to "No Visible Power" by Deborah Noyes for a well-done POV twist, but it missed an opportunity to be really thematically powerful by pulling a lot of its punches -- because this is a YA collection?

Not sure, but it was disappointing. In keeping with my usual game of trying to see which of our anxieties are being expressed in horror collections, I'd say that despite these stories being aimed at teenagers, they mostly seem to be expressing parental fears -- of harming children with too much love, or of not protecting them from being brutalized. Jan 07, Hallie Davis rated it it was amazing. I loved the book and thought that it was a really good book. The entire plot is all diffrent and isn't just one big book that's just based on one plot line. View all 4 comments. Oct 11, Kathryn rated it liked it.

Good collection of mostly entertaining stories, some better than others. Several of the stories were good, but could have benefited from being longer. The House and the Locket had some good creepy moments, but I would have liked to have seen how scary it could get at a longer length. The Heart of Another was by the always wonderful Marcus Sedgwick, but I would have loved the story to be fleshed out in a longer version with more exposition and more detail put in to getting to know the characters.

No Visible Power had a very neat twist, but could have benefited from again, more exposition and build up, as well as a little more explanation. The always fantastic Libba Bray's Bad Things could have also benefited from being longer. Meanswhile, Honey in the Wound was a nice surprise, better than I expected. Dec 02, Adrienne Reese rated it it was ok.

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I read The Restless Dead which has 10 different ghost stories in it. Since there were multiple authors all of their purposes were to try and get your hair on the back of your neck to rise. The theme of this book would be ghosts and weird hauntings. The authors wanted you to be scared and freaked out about what they wrote.

The style of writing this book has is narrative because its coming from authors point of view. In my opinion I personally didn't like the book because it wasn't scary and the I read The Restless Dead which has 10 different ghost stories in it. In my opinion I personally didn't like the book because it wasn't scary and the first story I just didn't understand it. It didn't keep me on the edge of my seat, I mean their were some suspenseful moments but there wasn't enough to "scare" me.

I don't recommend this book but we all have different things that scare us so this book might give you a different reaction than it did with me. The stories range in tone from scary to hilarious, and each deals with some aspect of the supernatural. One story involves digging up an ex-girlfriend for a book of bad poetry, another about honey that can keep the dying alive at a terrible price.

With authors like M. Sometimes anthologies of original stories can be a let down. This is not the case with this book. Each story can stand on its own right and the mix between humor and horror is refreshing. Even better, the stories are highly original and develop in unpredictable ways.

The Restless Dead: Ten Original Stories of the Supernatural

Some teens will pick this book up because they recognize one of the writers and will discover new authors because of it. Nov 06, Kathy Lane rated it it was ok. Just as the subtitle states, this book is made up of 10 short stories by 10 different "teen" authors. Ian Rankin. I Looked Away. Jane Corry. Big Sky. Kate Atkinson. Something in the Water. Catherine Steadman. The Clockmaker's Daughter. Kate Morton. Careless Love.

Peter Robinson. The Lost Man. Jane Harper.

Simon Beckett

Susan Hill. The Stranger Diaries. Elly Griffiths.

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