Guide When Being Highly Sensitive Hurts the Highly Sensitive Person

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Your emotions are vivid —practically palpable. HSPs tend to be highly intuitive.

19 Signs You’re a Highly Sensitive Person

Actually, in Dr. You know you can trust me. The most ideal workout for you is in the comfort of your own living room. The thought of working from home is wonderful to you. You get to control the environment, and you find that you work best that way. But if you have to work in an office, you much prefer having your own cubicle.

The thought of criticism is terrible to you. You often go to great lengths to avoid it. This leads to people-pleasing, and trying your hardest to always make sure everyone likes you and is happy with you. Why I try so hard not to inconvenience people? You know that mildly uncomfortable feeling everyone gets after realizing they made the wrong decision on something minor? Yeah, you get that, too—but times You mull it all over and even envision how you would feel if you chose each route. Image zoom.

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You notice every little nuance. You tend to find yourself overwhelmed in a good way! You notice how the sun shines through the leaves making them a brighter hue, or how the air has become slightly colder as summer turns to fall. This also happens with anything regarding emotion. You cry at happy movies. You cry at sad movies. You just cry. We both like to reflect deeply, and both have vibrant internal worlds, but not all introverted people are necessarily highly sensitive.

7 Signs You're a Highly Sensitive Person

Although the two share things in common — such as sensitivity to overwhelming social situations, they are essentially not the same thing. While shyness is learned , being a highly sensitive person is not. Besides, what mental disorder allows the sufferer to be endowed with such genuine joy as being more empathic, spiritually orientated, and appreciating the details of life more fully? Highly sensitive people are prone to idealism and perfectionism. This often stems from deriving our self-worth from the opinion of others, and not valuing ourselves enough.

Being a thick-skinned logician is favored as the masculine ideal in the Western world, rather than the sensitive, emotional poet. But whatever difficulties we face as highly sensitive people can be overcome with the ability to reframe the negative into the positive , and actively work to better our environments.

Here are some tips:. I learned this the hard way. When we place too much importance in what people say and think about us, we create immense psychological tension and anxiety. In essence, we are creating the exact thing we try to avoid that is detrimental to us: too much internal pressure and chaos. Be nice to yourself.

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Learn to value your qualities and gifts. The highly sensitive person, prone to getting hurt easily by other people and their words, frequently finds himself on edge in social situations, trying to finely tune his behavior to avoid conflict. When we take insults and the moods of other people personally, we blame ourselves.

Are they going through a divorce? Did they sleep well? Did someone do something that outraged them today? Solitude is not loneliness, instead, it is a chosen form of being alone, rather than an imposed one.

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As highly sensitive people, we need to be in tune with our minds and bodies and the warning signs of burnout, such as irritability and physical exhaustion. Take a bit of time to renew yourself. As an HSP, I struggled with this, stoically putting up with the extreme anxiety I felt at work until I realized that it was weakening my health. I still do. As an HSP, you may be suffering from the same problem I did: a self-sacrificial acceptance of your less than healthy response to a situation in life.

If you find yourself daily frazzled, try identifying what makes you so stressed out and think about what you can do to actively make your life easier to live. Highly sensitive people frequently live life on the brink of emotional snowballing, a term I use to describe a situation where emotions get out of control and quickly become out of proportion to the situation at hand. Just think of a small snowball rolling down a very steep hill — it becomes larger and larger and rolls faster and faster very quickly.

For many highly sensitive people, this emotional turbulence is a fact of life. But why? In fact, you could say that most highly sensitive people are simply excellent social chameleons to the emotional landscapes around them. The highly sensitive person is deeply affected by any highly stimulating situation, whether physical, mental and emotional. In a sense, you could say they feel everything at a more extreme level than the non-HSP person.

While this can make life a lot more profound for highly sensitive people, it can also make interpersonal relations very bitter indeed.

8 Signs You’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Below you will find four techniques I have found useful in preventing emotional snowballing. As I mentioned before, highly sensitive people suffer a lot at the hands of hyper-arousing and stimulating situations.

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  • The best thing to do when you become aware of the symptoms of emotional stress is to remove yourself from the situation. Excuse yourself, or simply walk away from the person or people that are causing you harm and find a deserted, empty place.