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Look at it the same way you would package a product. Think about how you can communicate the theme and feeling of your event in your poster design. A good place to start is figuring out the goal of your event poster. Ultimately, all event posters have the same goal: to promote an event. But how you approach that might differ, depending on your event. That information may be what piques their interest and inspires them to attend.

Take this yoga class poster, which briefly explain some of the benefits of taking yoga. Icons help illustrate each of the three points:. Or take this poster, which explains what yoga is to anyone who might not be completely familiar with it:. If you want to offer more information about your event, include a URL to your site, or include your contact information. What if you want to build anticipation around your event?

In that case, you may want to withhold certain information from your audience. For example, keeping the location of a mystery, only to reveal it the day before, can make your event seem more exclusive. For example, this album release poster offers only the title of the album and the release date:. Only offering the name of the product and the release day can help build anticipation around the event.

20 Ways to become a Better Designer and to be More Creative

That will help spur conversation around the new product, with people wondering what to expect. What information you choose to include on your poster will depend on the goal of your poster. Colors affect how we perceive visual content. While the exact science of color psychology is contested , there is no denying that we associate certain emotions with certain colors.

Take the industry and demographic your event is appealing to into account when picking a color scheme. For example, a color scheme using plenty of blue is a safe bet for a business event. Meanwhile, it makes sense for a poster for an art event to be bursting with bright, contrasting colors to reflect creativity:. If the event calls for it, you may even choose to go without colors.

Take this poster for a black and white holiday gala that uses—you guessed it—a simple black and white color scheme to achieve a classy effect:. In certain cases, the appropriate color scheme will be obvious. Use a semi-transparent color swatch to overlay a color over a background image. Not only does this allow you to customize your design, it also helps prevent your background image from drowning out your text. In Venngage, you can create this effect by dragging a colored square icon onto the canvas, and stretching the square to cover the image.

Then, adjust the transparency of the square using the color picker tool. Different fonts have different personalities. Fonts help communicate the theme and mood of your event. In general, serif fonts have a classic and fancy feel because they have those little line embellishments.

They could work for an arts event, or a dinner party, or a wedding shower, for example. Take this poster example, which use serif fonts to give your poster design a folksy feel:. Meanwhile, sans serif fonts are fonts sans the serif embellishment. They tend to have a more minimalist and efficient feel. You would probably rather use a sans serif font for an event like a business conference, like in this poster:.

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You can also pair a couple of different fonts on your poster. In fact, picking a more decorative font for the header and combining it with a more minimalist font for the body text works very well. Take this poster example, which tastefully combines three different fonts:. In many cases, people will want to know what they can expect from an event before they decide to attend. For example, this concert poster template shows a picture from a previous concert.

People interested in the event will get a sense of the mood and size of their concerts:. For example, this poster for a cooking class uses a beautiful and enticing picture of tomatoes as a background image. Foodie culture is huge and people interested in food are sure to be enticed by the promise of learning to use beautiful ingredients like this:. Instead, make an awesome sale poster and use that to get the word out. You can send them out in an email newsletter, share them on social media, and print them out for some old fashioned distribution.

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  8. A lot of the best practices covered in the event poster section apply to sale poster design as well, but there are some specifics tips you should keep in mind. Focus your poster text on the what , the when and the where. For example, take this sale poster that tells people what you are offering free delivery and for how long 2 days only :. Anecdotally, some people have found percentages perform better, while others have found that dollar amounts perform better.

    What some experts have found is that the success of one over the other really has more to do with which is perceived to be a higher value. The quality of your product photos will directly impact how the quality of your products are perceived. Well, here are some product photography tips to get you started:. Shopify has a great guide for how to take good quality product shots for cheap: here.

    And Big Commerce also has a great guide to taking product shots: here. The pretty stationary shots on a simple dotted background make for a pleasing, minimalist poster design. As someone who loves stationary, I admit it—I clicked. Another approach is to use your products as a background image and overlay your text on top. You see this a lot in fashion sale posters. For example, take this poster from Zara:. This is an example of a sale poster that uses a shot of their product in context. Their audience can look at the model wearing the jacket and picture themselves wearing it.

    See the little Venngage logo at the bottom? It by no means distracts from important information, but it lets people know who is putting on this event. This is particularly useful if you want to share your poster on social media, where people might not immediately look at the name of your account in their newsfeed. Ok, shameless plug over. Plus, you may want to run ads on social media featuring your sale poster. The best practices for poster sizing I talked about in the event poster section apply here as well. Depending on the social media platform you want to advertise on, you may want to adjust the dimensions of your poster accordingly.

    These are the ideal dimensions for each of the big social media platforms:. Pinterest : You have more wiggle room here for length, but pin widths are px. Optimizing your sale poster for each social media site will ensure that none of your poster gets cut off and that it is readable. Or take this Black Friday sale poster is perfect for appearing in an Instagram feed:. Because people are probably going to be looking at them on their phones, the images are going to be small.

    Ideally, people who come across your sale poster online are going to click through to your site to check out your awesome deals. So why not give them a little boost by including a call-to-action or CTA in your poster? A CTA will prompt people to take the next step towards making a purchase. Usually, a CTA is a simple action phrase, like in this poster example:.

    Free infographic Maker

    You could even go ahead and add an actual button that people can click to take them to your site. Now, you might be wondering: does it matter what color I make my CTA button? Ultimately, though, how well your CTA button converts has more to do with how well the CTA button stands out from the rest of your poster than the specific color.

    You know how your cat or dog will suddenly jolt into rapt attention when they see movement? Take a look at this sale poster that LOFT sent as part of an email campaign:. For example, you could change the position of icons or text like how the watermelon seeds move like raindrops in the LOFT poster. Download each version of your poster as a separate image. Create the conditions where your people feel it's safe to introduce crazy ideas, ones that are "out there.

    In fact, if you don't have enough crazy ideas, you won't end up with enough good ideas. Idea killers are not just naysayers and disbelievers; it is the voice in everyone's head that says, "We could never do that. We could all learn something from their example. Creativity comes from existing ideas rubbing shoulders with ideas that they're not usually in contact with. And this only happens when people of different backgrounds work together.

    Have different functions collaborate and "mix it up" with each other. Create temporary teams of people with very disparate backgrounds or perspectives. Bring in diverse outside experts and combine them with your internal experts. Create a collective chemistry and a collaborative culture that results in viable new ideas being born. Coming full circle to principle 1 "You don't have to be a 'creative' to be creative" , we've learned that organizations where literally everyone is engaged in the creative process in some way, are the ones that consistently come up with ideas that put them ahead of competitors.

    The best ideas can come from one of your cleaning staff, from a receptionist who observes the behavior of your clients and partners, from one of your interns. We kid you not. Involve everyone. And make creativity a year-round, constant activity, not just a week or a day. What this infographic does is to unpick the trend for infographics and explore the stats surrounding the trend.

    If you're looking to design your own, this will show you what fonts are popular, how many sections are typically included, what themes tend to crop up, and more. This gorgeous infographic by Juan Martinez defines each geological era of the world, the changing shape of the land continents, and includes timelines, life milestones and mass extinction events. It is also available to buy as a print. Artist Meng Chih Chiang created this data visualisation graph that explores her own world of language. The fascinatingly complex graph expresses the curve of her personal learning experience as she encounters language in her day-to-day life as a dyslexic.

    UK-based portrait specialist Sam Gilbey has produced various pop-culture-universe-exploring infographics over the years, including this design dedicated to 50 years of Doctor Who.

    80+ Poster Design Tips for Every Occasion - Venngage

    His other lavishly illustrated creations to-date range from a stat-based comparison of four Avengers characters; to the 85th Academy Awards in numbers — all created for Virgin Movies. All off these three infographics are excellent examples of using illustration to add interest and shareability to a list of facts and figures, rather than analysing the data per se. Another prolific infographic creator, UK-based design studio Dorothy has carved something of a niche in creating highly desirable infographic-style posters.

    Its designs often chart the many complex connections between entertainment genres and sub-genres, and are perfect for any superfan to display on their studio walls. Stand-out examples include the 'blueprints' series, exploring the history of hip hop, alternative and electronic music over the decades; the 'colour wheel' series, dedicated to the colour palettes of movies, books and music; and 'star charts', which map the relationships between seminal films, actors and directors.

    They all share a stunning design aesthetic, ultimately driven by data. The winner of an Information is Beautiful award, Valentina D'Efilippo 's creative visualisation of the iconic Bowie track Space Oddity contrasts Dorothy's expansive genre-spanning creations by opting to go narrow and deep instead. D'Efilippo worked with researcher Miriam Quick to gather data about the track, which she then visualised as a series of 10 inch discs, each of which deconstructs the track in a different way: according to melodies, harmonies, lyrics, structure, story and more.

    Music-loving data nerds will get a kick from this ace interactive infographic analysing the career of the Fab Four, breaking down their career by year and by album and providing plenty of insight into who wrote what, which Beatle had the biggest vocabulary hint: it wasn't Ringo , what most of their songs were about and much more. If the latest Star Wars film has put you in the mood to immediately watch the original movie, hold your horses just one second.

    Rather than sit through Episode IV again, why not enjoy it in infographic form?

    Go Green (Literally)

    Created in Illustrator CC, using pictures across 22 separate files, it took him over a year to produce. This colourful infographic examines rap names in startling detail. Our favourite section? It was brought to you by Pop Chart Lab — a company set up by a book editor and a graphic designer who joined forces with one modest goal in mind: to render all of human experience in chart form.

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    The multitude of varieties, brands and tastes of beer available can sometimes be a little overwhelming. So what better way to showcase the taxonomy of beer than with an infographic? It ended up being so big that the team had to enlist the help of another printing firm to handle the job. After all that hard work, let's hope they found time to head to the bar. We weren't exactly sure which category to put this interactive infographic in. It explores a trend and a movement — the MeToo movement to be precise, and includes a timeline.