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Section 17 Rights against agents or representatives. Section 18 Destruction and recall rights. Section 19 Right to information. Section 19a Claims for production and inspection. Section 19b Securing compensation claims. Section 19c Publication of judgments. Section 19d Claims under other statutory provisions. Chapter 4 Restrictions of protection.

Section 20 Limitation. Section 21 Forfeiting of rights.

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Section 22 Exclusion of rights if the registration of a later trade mark is definitive. Section 23 Use of names and descriptive indications, spare parts business. Section 24 Exhaustion. Section 25 Exclusion of rights for lack of use. Section 26 Use of the trade mark. Chapter 5 Trade marks as objects of property. Section 27 Transfer. Section 28 Presumption of proprietorship of the right, service on the proprietor.

Section 29 Rights in rem, levy of execution, insolvency proceedings. Section 30 Licences. Section 31 Trade marks applied for. Part 3 Proceedings in the course of trade mark matters. Chapter 1 Registration proceedings. Section 32 Requirements concerning the application.

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Section 33 Date of filing, right to registration, publication of the application. Section 34 Foreign priority.

Section 35 Exhibition priority. Section 36 Examination of the conditions of filing. Section 37 Examination for absolute grounds for refusal. Section 38 Accelerated examination. Section 39 Withdrawal, restriction and correction of the application. Section 40 Division of the application.

Section 41 Registration, publication and trade mark information. Section 42 Opposition. Section 43 Objection of insufficient use, decision on the opposition. Section 44 Action for the grant of registration. Chapter 2 Correction, division, duration of protection and renewal. Section 45 Correction of the Register and of publications.

Section 46 Division of the registration. Section 47 Duration of protection and renewal. Chapter 3 Surrender, revocation and invalidity, cancellation proceedings. Section 48 Surrender. Section 49 Revocation. Section 50 Invalidity because of absolute grounds for refusal. Section 51 Invalidity because of the existence of earlier rights.

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Section 52 Impact of cancellation because of revocation or invalidity. Section 54 Cancellation proceedings before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office because of absolute grounds for refusal. Section 55 Cancellation proceedings before the courts of ordinary jurisdiction. Section 57 Exclusion and objection. Section 58 Opinions. Section 59 Ascertaining the facts, legal hearing.

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Section 60 Investigations, hearings, minutes. Section 61 Decisions, instructions on appellate remedy. Section 62 Inspection of files, inspection of the Register. Section 62a Data protection. Section 63 Costs of the proceedings. Section 64 Special motion Erinnerung. Section 65 Authorisation to issue statutory instruments. Chapter 5 Proceedings before the Federal Patent Court. Section 66 Appeal. Section 67 Boards of Appeal, public nature of the hearing. Section 69 Oral proceedings.

Section 70 Decision on the appeal. Section 71 Costs of the appeal proceedings. Section 72 Exclusion and objection. Section 73 Investigation of the facts, preparation of the oral hearing. Section 74 Taking of evidence. Section 75 Summonses. Section 76 Course of the proceedings. Section 77 Minutes.

Section 78 Assessment of evidence, legal right to be heard. Section 79 Delivery, notification, grounds. Section 80 Corrections. Section 81 Representation, power of attorney. Section 81a Legal aid. Section 82 Application of further provisions, contestability, inspection of files.

Act on the Protection of Trade Marks and other Signs Trade Mark Act

Chapter 6 Proceedings before the Federal Court of Justice. Section 83 Appeals on points of law allowed and those not needing to be allowed. Section 84 Entitlement to lodge an appeal, grounds for appeal. Section 85 Formal prerequisites.

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Section 86 Examination of admissibility. Section 87 Several parties. Section 88 Application of further provisions. Section 89 Decision on the appeal on points of law. Section 89a Remedy in case of an infringement of the right to be heard. Section 90 Ruling on costs. Chapter 7 Joint provisions. Section 91 Re-establishment of rights. Section 91a Further treatment of the application. Section 92 Obligation to tell the truth. Section 93 Official language and court language. Section 93a Compensation of witnesses, remuneration of expert witnesses.

Section 94 Service, authorisation to issue statutory instruments.

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Section 95 Judicial assistance. Section 95a Electronic conduct of proceedings, authorisation to issue statutory instruments. Section 96 Domestic representative. Section 96a Legal protection in case of excessively long court proceedings. Part 4 Collective marks. If only your childhood were here, it is as if it has been buried.

And when I say mental turmoil, it soon becomes clear that it may actually be mental illness…. Die Aufzeichnungen… was published in , and the style of the work is clearly modernist. Then again, it might be a book that requires a lifetime to really get to the bottom of. If not, I stick by my advice! Thanks so much for sharing this.

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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Contents: Hertha Koenig winter im sommer frhling im herbst erinnerungen german edition Manual Additional site navigation Similar authors to follow However, while the book starts with his reflections on Paris, the majority of the text is spent in the past. Error page eBay! Hertha Koenig This begins in his childhood with the discovery of antique clothes and costumes in a disused corner of his spacious home.

Additional site navigation If only your childhood were here, it is as if it has been buried.