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Once synonymous Gillette recently celebrated its 30th anniversary on January 13, ; while one would think View Results. Gabriella Stover. Jess Harmon. Close Menu. The Knight Times. RSS Feed. Email Signup.

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The Odd One Out. Finally Feeling the Spotlight. Her Power with a Pen. Knights Celebrate the Inaugural Gymnastics Season.

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Search Submit Search. Feelings of both dread and excitement emerge from every student as the ending of the semester comes closer into view. Students become overjoyed with thoughts of Christmas festivities and a well-deserved break from school Helen Rohn , Staff Writer. Road to Reality is a six scene presentation that exhibits the dangers on drinking and driving.

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Bella Battistoni , Staff Writer. In general, Homecoming increases the morale of all students at Lincoln-Way Central. From the spirit days, to homecoming olympics, to the dance itself; students of all grades look forward to homecoming week from the day Sophia Bruozas , Staff Writer. The show tells the story of a socialite Movie review: Aquamarine. Review: Turtles All the Way Down.

A junior High School Musical.

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Avery Smith and Ella Kalchbrenner. This declaration led C. Lewis to create the Chronicles of Narnia that we know and love today. Isabel Braico , Staff Writer. The concept of literary merit, often defined as the overarching value of a piece of written work, has, in recent years, come under fire for being a matter of blatant subjectivity presented as objective fact.

The academics Layne Stevens , Staff Writer. Climate change can be blamed for the increase Joey Skala , Staff Writer. Many students feel the need to get a job while in high school. However, being involved in school activities and sports can make that very difficult.

After school sports can take up a lot of time, especially Avery Smith , Staff Writer. Although the parade spans 5. Louis Baser , Staff Writer. Cafeteria favorites. Abby Malone , Staff Writer. The best french fry around? Pumpkin Cheescake. Emma Platek , Staff Writer April 5, They also all played more than one sport Charlotte Toosley , Staff Writer April 5, Jamie has played softball almost her whole life and she loves all the improvements she has made over the years.

Widule plays on the New Lenox Power 16u.