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While Ark founder and "Friday" co-writer Patrice Wilson stated that Kelly "will get the masters and the song [ It's about almost teenage crushes — when you're not in love yet but you really like a guy — which I'm really excited about because I don't think there are too many out like that. It's very much a dance type song. It will make you get up and dance and sing along in your car.

The searches for the teen singer topped even those of pop icons Lady Gaga and Adele. For her sequel to "Friday", she collaborated with Dave Days. While it reached a higher position than "Friday" number 58 , "Saturday" was on the chart only one week, compared to six for "Friday".

At VidCon , Black revealed that she had been working on an album which she hoped to release by the end of According to her, the album will not be anything like her previous songs. She had been working on the album since releasing her song Friday ; however, but it took her a while to be free from Ark Music Factory and find producers with whom she was comfortable.

Towards the end of , Black performed a cover of " Wild " by Troye Sivan. In the show, Black graduates from high school, tells her parents she is not going to college and follows her adventures after moving to Los Angeles. On August 26, , Black released a new single titled "The Great Divide", her first release of new material in almost three years. In June , she appeared on BBC Radio 5 talking about cyberbullying , the adverse effects online attacks had on her and how cruel comments "stick with you forever".

On June 7, , Black appeared as a contestant in season 2 of the reality television musical competition series The Four: Battle for Stardom , broadcast on Fox. In the next round, she picked contestant James Graham from the boy band Stereo Kicks as her opponent. The audience voted on the two performances, preferring to save Graham, with Black being eliminated from the show. Thank you for hearing me, for seeing me. This is just the beginning. Also I don't think I'm gonna sleep at all tonight I'm way too excited. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American YouTuber and singer.

RB Records Maker Studios.

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Retrieved June 21, Retrieved January 16, Finding it difficult to get people to listen to your music? Need advice on how to promote yourself effectively? The ability to market your music is an essential skill that every musician should learn. This guide will not only show you why you need to market your music, but let you know how you can get a music marketing campaign up and running. Note: This guide is a full on introduction to music marketing for beginners. More on that later, but for now, read on to the end for all the info. Get access by clicking one of the social sharing buttons below.

Well, music marketing, also know as music promotion, is the process of raising awareness of your music. By marketing your music, you are getting people to know it exists. Without properly promoting yourself or your music, no one would know you even make music. There are a number of ways in which you can market your music. Further examples of ways you can promote your music will be given as this guide goes on. Why do you need to market your music?

Songwriter Royalties

Proper marketing can make or break your music career, so make sure you learn how to do so properly. Well… probably not. While it used to be the case record labels would do all the marketing for you and you just focus on projecting your talent, this is no longer an option for most new musicians.

The only way you can do this is by building up your fan base and income levels yourself. The only way you can get those things in place is by making good quality songs AND properly marketing your music. If however you had started out promoting yourself, you would have got this vibe a lot earlier, and improved your talent before you took the marketing of your music any further. So, we should start out our music marketing campaign ourselves. Read on to the end to get a good idea of how you can get going.

Ok, I wanted to jump right in with the good stuff. If you follow this one tip, you will give yourself a better chance than the majority of independent musicians out there! A common mistake when promoting their music, is many people try and reach their fans in the wrong places. Further more, they try and gain potential fans on too much of a small scale.

An example of this is Facebook and Twitter marketing. While I encourage all musicians to use these tools as they can be very handy for getting yourself out there, when used wrong they can be more of a hindrance than anything else. Forget adding people on Facebook and Twitter one by one, there are two big problems with doing this:. Let me tell you:. Finding out where your audience hang out, and reach them all there at the same time! Makes sense right?

Why try and turn people into fans one by one when you can reach a load of people that are already fans of your music all at the same time? On the other hand, if you can reach a load of very targeted people in a short space of time, you will be more likely to get a much better reaction. People will start talking about you, and as other people interested in your genre also just heard about you, they will be able to relate and carry on the conversation. Well with regard to where they hang out, this can vary. We will look at these places more specifically below, and look into some of the most popular places you will find a load of people who are into the types of music you make.

Now to the second question. Once you find out where your audience hang out, how can you reach them all at the same time? That one has a answer I can give a lot quicker: By using established outlets to get yourself heard! This can be in the form of a community radio station, a popular website, a popular Youtube channel, and the like.

So with this in mind, read on for some cool ways to both market your music on and offline. Online music marketing is probably the path most independent musicians take when it comes to getting their sound out there. This is partly because the ease of it You can promote your music from the comfort of your own home and partly because of the potential reach. With the internet you can access people in nearly any country of the world. That said, just because all these people can potentially hear you, making them WANT to hear you is a whole other challenge all together.

So using our leveraging tactics, what kind of online music marketing can you do to get in front of more people? We look at some below….