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You should also consider the source. If it's coming from someone you know and trust, then you can employ some sort of sliding scale to whether or not you'll trust it implicitly or undergo some sort of verification on your own part.

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Even if you trust your boyfriend, however, you may also want to consider whether he really knows anything about MLK, Jr. At this point, you've decided whether you trust an item or not. If you don't, you're ready for the next step: mythbustin'.

Step Two: Do Your Research

This is the fun step, in which you get to turn to the internet to search for answers! Again, it's about finding sources you trust you wouldn't burn all your books because you read one piece of propaganda , and using available tools in clever ways. You can certainly search sources other than the internet if you really want, but you won't find many that index such a vast pool of the world's information and can also search it in milliseconds.

Remember, you're just trying to decide whether to forward an email or share a link here, not researching a dissertation.

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So, where to go? Snopes is "the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation"—and for the most part, it actually does live up to that goal. Snopes has been around since , and if you've ever attempted to debunk an internet myth or urban legend, you've certainly seen Snopes before. The problem with Snopes, particularly in an instance like the much-tweeted misquote, is that it's not so good with the real-time misinformation.

Myths and misinformation about law enforcement and fentanyl exposure:

It is exceptional, however, for anything that's even a few days old , thanks to its active forums. Keep in mind, as Lifehacker reader Joel Rollins noted , "Snopes is an internet source to be evaluated like any other source. That being said If you were already dubious, though, it may be enough to tip the scales.

Snopes isn't the only site of its ilk on the internet. Sites like BreakTheChain.

Community Conflict: Myths and Misinformation

In the case of the mis-attributed quote in our example, PC World's Robert Strohmeyer offers a simple solution courtesy of Google: He used Google's date range filter to see if the quote has ever appeared anywhere on the internet prior to bin Laden's death. There are a couple of ways to use the date-range filter on Google, and the easiest is to first run your search, then click the Custom range A critic and writer, he is author of numerous books, essays and articles on modern and contemporary art.

Michael will talk about the changes to art and design in school and the impact for those who wish to study Art at University level.

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Trinity College London are an international exam board for performing arts and English Language qualifications. Who believes in the myth and passes it on? How can we dispel them? Evaluation of this event will follow shortly Document:. None of these reports have been verified by toxicologists.

Myths and Misinformation

The symptoms referenced in the stories are not consistent with the symptoms of an overdose on fentanyl. Opioid toxicity i. There have been stories of officers administering it to themselves , an impossible task if one is actually experiencing fentanyl-related overdose. Common sense also invalidates the possibility of casual exposure to fentanyl resulting in overdose. People who use, sell and transport drugs often come into environmental contact with fentanyl without incident. The authors of this op-ed provide services in the Bay Area; we interact with people at syringe exchange programs and encampments where fentanyl is present, in some cases touch samples of fentanyl the drug ourselves — all without incident.

Fentanyl has been used by the medical system for treatment of pain and anesthesia since There are some formulations of fentanyl that are specifically designed for transdermal absorption patches , yet there is technology involved in changing the drug to be absorbed this way, and even handling transdermal patches does not cause overdose. The fentanyl in the illicit drug supply comes in powder or solid form, and must have direct contact with mucous membranes or the bloodstream via snorting inhalation , smoking, or injection to take effect.

Yes, even carfentanil. IMF is handled with bare skin throughout much of its travels to the end user, and by the end users themselves, causing no adverse reaction until the drug is ingested via the above-mentioned routes—and even then, fentanyl and fentanyl analogs are used routinely and do not always result in overdose. More recently, there has been some media refuting the veracity of these stories, including The Fix , Slate , and EMS1.