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Wird die Vorratsdatenspeicherung auf Messenger ausgeweitet? In diesem Talk gehen wir auf verschi Network cards are often seen as black boxes: you put data in a socket on one side and packets come out at the other end - or the other way around. Let's have a deeper look at how a network card actually works at the lower levels by writing a simp Packet processing in software is currently undergoing a huge paradigm shift. Hence, there has been a rise of frameworks and libraries working around the kernel, sometimes referred to as kernel bypass or zero copy the latter is a misnomer.

The first part of the talk looks at the background and performance of the kernel network stack and what changes with these new frameworks. They break with all traditional APIs and present new paradigms. For example, they usually provide an application exclusive access to a network interface and exchange raw packets with the app.

There are no sockets, they don't even offer a protocol stack. Hence, they are mostly used for low-level packet processing apps: routers, virtual switches, firewalls, and annoying middleboxes "optimizing" your connection. It's now feasible to write quick prototypes of packet processing and forwarding apps that were restricted to dedicated hardware in the past, enabling everyone to build and test high-speed networking equipment with a low budget Formal hardware verification hardware model checking can prove that a design has a specified property.

Historically only very simple properties in simple designs have been provable this way, but improvements in model checkers over the last decad This is different from simulation, which can only demonstrate that a property holds for some concrete traces sets of inputs. Historically only very simple properties in simple designs have been provable this way, but improvements in model checkers over the last decade enable us to prove very complex design properties nowadays.

In this presentation I will discuss how the complex task of verifying a processor against the ISA specification is broken down into smaller ver How I hacked Sasmung eMMC chips: from an indication that they have a firmware - up until code execution ability on the chip itself, relevant to a countless number of devices.

It all started when Samsung Galaxy S3 devices started dying due to a bug The faulty hardware was pinpointed to its eMMC chip made by Samsung. But how can we know what causes the device to fail? However, investigating the patch itself reveals that it does nothing more than jumping to an infinite loop when something goes wrong.

We needed a more inherent fix. We can update its firmware and fix the problem altogether. Wir retten das Klima mit Elektroautos — und bauen die Ladeinfrastruktur massiv aus. Mit einem Autosimulator vgl. Wer physischen Zugriff auf Ladestatione My talk explores the interconnected nature of war and culture. It does so through the context of technology and political discourse in contemporary art.

With a view from the battle fields of the Middle East, both real and imagined, I attempt to di Later that year, I was arrested and banned from the Internet for my involvement in LulzSec. Because I was myself targeted in the past, I was aware of a key detail, a honeypot URL shortening service setup by GCHQ, that was actually redacted in the Snowden documents published in This URL shortening service enabled GCHQ to deanonymize another hacktivist and discover his real name and Facebook account, according to the leaked document.

Using this key detail, I was able to discover a network of sockpuppet Twitter accounts and websites setup by GCHQ, pretending to be activists during the Arab spring of and Iranian revolution of , and we published an article about it last summer in Motherboard as a piece of investigative journalism.

This talk will: - go into detail abo The SCS will rate online and offline behavior to create a score for each user. One of them is planned to become mandatory in This lecture Imagine living in a society where your actions will be rated and formed into a score. Where your online or offline behavior, work performance and attitude towards littering or ignoring red lights will be included in it.

And that score will define your job, your ability to get a loan, your general chances, and your life. But don't be scared, it won't be like Orwell's frightening Big Brother. You can do tasks to better your score. The CP announced the system to be mandatory for every Chinese person in It is no theoretical babbling about something happening in a far future: The CP started experimenting with such social credit systems SCS in different regions soon after, allowed the private development of such systems, and was cited to become world leader of SCS.

While the official goal of the SCS is to level economic development and to bring harmony, sincerity and trust to the whole The Go implementation of the P elliptic curve had a small bug due to a misplaced carry bit affecting less than 0. We show how to build a full practical key recovery attack on top of it, capable of targ This one was no exception. We devised an adaptive France is part of the top countries trying to destroy encryption, especially through backdoor obligations, global interceptions, and effort to get access to master keys.

French law already criminalises the use of encryption, imposing heavier penal Contrary to popular opinion, the worst security legislation is not always coming from right-wing governments like Poland or Hungary but also from the 'social' democracies of liberal markets strengthening their supremacy by striving for authoritarian power. France is part of the top countries trying to destroy encryption, especially through backdoor obligations.

Despite advices of all digital security experts, French officials are still speaking out against encryption, systematically using the fight against terrorism as a pretext. As a result, French law considers people using encryption as guiltier than others, imposing heavier penalties on people using it or regarding them as general suspects. Legislators also aim at obliging firms to hand over the uncrypted version of a communication or even the encryption key if possible. The period for data retention of encrypted communication is much longer than for non encrypted communications.

After giving a brief historical summary of the french anti-crypto legislation, this talk will issue the possibilities to oppose this trend. Especially enquiring about what political role developers could play, this should definitely be understo Formal verification of software has finally started to become viable: we have examples of formally verified microkernels, realistic compilers, hypervisors etc.

These are huge achievements and we can expect to see even more impressive results in th This is an overview of the 6 year project to create and publicly release formal specifications of the Arm processor architecture. The meat of the talk consists of the things I have done to make the specification correct: - testing the specification with the test programs that Arm uses as part of the sign-off criteria for processors - formally validating processor pipelines against the specification which has the side-effect of finding bugs in the spec - formally verifying properties of the specification - getting lots of different users - they all find different bugs There are a lot of things that you can do with a formal specification: binary analysis, proving compilers or OSes correct, driving a superoptimizer, etc.

We're supposed to trust evidence-based information in all areas of life. However disconcerting news from several areas of science must make us ask how much we can trust scientific evidence. The field of psychology is faced with a crisis where many results that were trusted for decades are called into question. Obviously bogus results like one trying to prove that precognition is real can be created with the existing scientific standards. In replication attempts in preclinical cancer research more than 90 percent of study results could not be confirmed.

Pharmaceutical companies are constantly under attack for questionable research methods. The scientist John Ioannidis asked more than ten years ago "Why most scientific research findings are false". These aren't just single incidents, they show much deeper problems in the way science is performed today. Scientific results get published if they yield to "positive" results and land in the drawer if the results are "negative", giving an incomplete and often skewed picture.

In many fields scientific studies are never replicated. Scientific incentive structures like the Impact Factor prefer sensational results more than rigorous scientific standards. But there's also some move into the right direction. Trials registers or registered reports can prevent or at least detect many questionable research practices. The r This talk explains how individuals were able to communicate globally in the ies using self-organized networks of BBSsin networks like FIDO and Z-Netz, before individual access to the Internet was possible.

It also covers the efforts of non-pr This talk covers how individuals could participate in local, regional and global message-based data communications in the ies. Software vendors like to claim that their software is secure, but the effort and techniques applied to this end vary significantly across the industry. From an end-user's perspective, how do you identify those vendors who are effective at securing Where are the longitudinal studies showing a large body of binaries with and without stack guards, or source fortification, or some other proposed best practice, and the resulting difference in exploitability?

Where are the studies and reports on software content and safety, so that consumers can minimize their risk and make informed choices about what software is worth the risk it adds to an environment? We at CITL are working to fill in these blind spots, so that security professionals can back up their recommendations with solid scientific findings, and consumers can be empowered to better protect themselves.

We'll be talking about the automated static analysis and fuzzing frameworks we're developing and presenting early results from our large scale software testing efforts. Quantitative science evaluation, such as university rankings, rely on man-made algorithms and man-made databases. The modelling decisions underlying this data-driven algorithmic science evaluation are, among other things, the outcome of a specific Scientific evaluation as governance technique is conducted through different instruments which have intended and unintended effects.

One aspect of evaluation is the measurement of research quality through the performance of scientific publications, for example, how often they are cited. The design of such performance indicators is one core task of bibliometrics as a discipline. There is incidence that citation-based performance indicators might have side effects on citation behaviour.

Those effects have to be considered by the bibliometrics community. On the one hand, they have to be considered with regard to indicator design aiming at achieving validity of measurement. On the other hand, and maybe more important, they have to be considered with regard to indicator use and its effect on science and society. We find some of this behavioural adaptation analogously in the development of search engine optimization SEO. Search engine rankings share one core principle with citation-based indicators: that relevance quality is understood to be measurable through incoming links citations to a website publication.

The discourse on SEO and which strategies are to be regarded Did you ever want to run your own IoT cloud on your IoT devices? Or did you ever wonder what data your vacuum cleaning robot is transmitting to the vendor? Why a vacuum cleaning robot needs tcpdump? Nowadays IoT devices are getting more and more We will give you a detailed tour through the hardware and software components of the Xiaomi vacuum robot generation 1. We will also publish a non-invasive method to get root access to your vacuum robot.

After talking about the rooting procedure, we will discuss the internals of the robot. These maps are used, among other things, to calculate the best cleaning path. We will show you what these maps look like and how they are stored in the robot. At the end, we will discuss which data are created and uploaded to the vendor, and why this may be a big privacy issue. We will also prove why it is a bad idea to leave IoT devices in an unconfigured state. How do Iranians experience the Internet? Various hurdles and risks exist for Iranians and including outside actors like American technology companies.

This talk will assess the state of the Internet in Iran, discuss things like the threats of hack This talk will assess the state of the Internet in Iran, discuss things like the threats of hacking from the Iranian cyber army; how the government are arresting Iranians for their online activities; the most recent policies and laws for censorship, surveillance and encryption; and the policies and relationships of foreign technology companies like Apple, Twitter and Telegram with Iran, and the ways they are affecting the everyday lives of Iranians.

This talk will effectively map out how the Internet continues to be a tight and controlled space in Iran, and what efforts are being done and can be done to make the Iranian Internet a more accessible and secure space. Break down of the talk: What threats exist for Iranians online? Positive Technologies researchers Maxim Goryachy and Mark Ermolov have discovered a vulnerability that allows running unsigned code.

When comb Intel Management Engine is a proprietary technology that consists of a microcontroller integrated into the Platform Controller Hub PCH microchip with a set of built-in peripherals. The PCH carries communication between the processor and external devices; therefore, Intel ME has access to some critical data on the computer, and the ability to execute third-party code allows compromising the platform completely. Researchers have been long interested in such capabilities, but recently we have seen a surge of interest in Intel ME.

In our presentation, we will describe the built-in ME debugging mechanism and how to activate it with the help of this vulnerability. Year was rich in vulnerabilities discovered for Cisco networking devices. At least 3 vulnerabilities leading to a remote code execution were disclosed. This talk will give an insight on exploit development process for Cisco IOS for two of the On March 17th, Cisco Systems Inc. This damaging public announcement was preceded by Wikileaks' publication of documents codenamed as "Vault 7" which contained information on vulnerabilities and description of tools needed to access phones, network equipment and even IOT devices.

Cisco Systems Inc. The remediation for this vulnerability was available with the initial advisory and patched versions of IOS software were announced on May 8th I decided to reproduce the steps necessary to create a fully working tool to get remote code execution on Cisco switches mentioned in the public announcement. Another big vulnerability was disclosed in June This was a remote code execution vulnerability in an SNMP service affecting multiple Cisco routers and switches.

I will share the techniques and tools I used while researching vulnerable Cisco switches and r Sowohl die Schulen, die Wirtschaft als auch die Politik reagieren zwar langsam auf die bestehenden Defizite. In unserem Talk diskutieren wir aktuelle blidungspolitische Entwicklungen im Kontext unserer Erfahrungen an Schulen. Dabei legen wir dar, welche Schwerpunkte aus unserer Sicht in Schulen gesetzt werden sollten, um die nachfolgende Generation auf eine fortschreitend digitalisierte Welt vorzubereiten. Warum werden die Maschinen immer menschlicher, aber die Menschen immer maschineller?

This talk presents the technical details and the process of reverse engineering and re-implementation of the evasi0n7 jailbreak's main kernel exploit. This work was done in late , early hence the "archaeology" in the title , however, it The evasi0n7 jailbreak was released by the evad3rs on 22nd December targeting 7. This talk documents the reverse engineering process of evasi0n7's main kernel exploit, which was performed in order to not only understand the underlying vulnerability, but more importantly to document the exploitation techniques the evad3rs have utilized.

I will then explain the underlying vulnerability, and the reverse engineering of the implemented exploitation techniques. Finally, I will present a detailed step by-step re-implementation of the kernel exploit. Do you want to learn how modern binary code obfuscation and deobfuscation works? Did you ever encounter road-blocks where well-known deobfuscation techniques do not work? Do you want to see a novel deobfuscation method that learns the code's behav This talk might be interesting for you if you love reverse engineering or binary security analysis.

We present you modern code obfuscation techniques, such as opaque predicates, arithmetic encoding and virtualization-based obfuscation. Further, we explain state-of-the-art methods in automated deobfuscation [1] as well as how to break these [2]. Finally, we introduce a novel approach [3] that learns the code's semantics and demonstrate how this can be used to deobfuscate real-world obfuscated code.

Im Gegensatz dazu ist zB die weiblich konotierte Beautybranche auch hochtechnisiert. Das Thema Cyborgs und Bodyenhancement ist hochaktuell, dabei ist das Smartphone bereits teil unserer Anatomie und mein Gehirn hat die Instagram denkweise verinnerlicht. Der Computer ist perfekt, der Mensch nicht. Die Analyse ergab eine Vielzahl von Schwachstellen und m The German election in September brought a tectonic shift to the layout of German politics. With the AfD in parliament far-right illiberalism has reached the mainstream.

We investigate the communicative developments underlying this rise. The Bundestagswahl was an earthquake to Germany's political landscape. With the AfD an illiberal and openly xenophobic party became the third-largest force in parliament. Its rise over just four years is unlike anything seen in Germany before. The new media landscape has often been touted as a key component of the rise of the AfD.

More than this, though, no other party has been as successful in directly connecting to and communicating with followers on Facebook to spread their "real" messaging outside mainstream media channels. Likewise, the proliferation of distinctly right-wing, rabble-rousing "news"-blogs and spread of these "news" on social media have given the far right an unfiltered platform to communicate with supporters. This has fundamentally shaken what scholars know about mass communication and agenda setting processes during elections. Still, despite many analyses and investigations we do not really know what actually went on during the campaign i For a few decades by now, satellites offer us the tools to observe the whole Earth with a wide variety of sensors.

The vast amount of data these Earth observations systems collect enters the public discourse reduced to a few numbers, numbers like The melting of ice during the summer and the regrowth of ice shields in winter or any variation of mass on the surface of the Earth and inside the Earth, in general, are reflected in the change of its gravity field. By monitoring the gravity field from space, we can infer the mass variations necessary to result in the measured gravity changes. Providing a look into the mass redistribution driven geophysical processes, climate, and human civilisation.

Furthermore, the combination of gravity with additional types of measurements allows us to get a better understanding of our planet. The objective of this presentation is not to discuss the last significant decimal in some indicator of climate change. A look at the gravity field offers much more information, e. This talk will give a brief introduction into space geodetic techniques used to monitor the gravity field of the Earth with a focus on the GRACE mission, its scientific results and application Mediengruppe Bitnik talk about recent works around bots and the online ecosystems that has been forming around them.

Through the lens of their recent works around algorithms and bots,! Mediengruppe Bitnik offer a look into some of the tec Retracing their explorations into the Darknets with Random Darknet Shopper,! Mediengruppe Bitnik will talk about the shopping bot which linked the darknet directly to the art space.


In a more recent series of works! Mediengruppe Bitnik use the hacked online dating site Ashley Madison as a case study to talk about the current relationship between human and machine, Internet intimacy and the use of virtual platforms to disrupt and defraud. An open source biomedical imaging project using electrical impedance tomography. Imagine a world where medical imaging is cheap and accessible for everyone! We'll discuss this current project, how it works, and future directions in medical physics. Current medical imaging machines such as MRI scanners are large, expensive and very rarely used preventatively as scans are done when symptoms have already occurred.

A better healthcare for the future would include affordable high resolution body scans for everyone, which caused no harm to the body and enable us to track changes through machine learning algorithms. Electrical Impedance Tomography is an electrical current mapping technique enabling the reconstruction of 2D slices of the human body that is both non-invasive and completely safe non-ionizing. The range of applications are huge and include measuring lung volume, muscle and fat mass, gestural recognition based on muscle movement, bladder or stomach fullness, breast and kidney cancer, hemorrhage detection and even monitoring the depth of anesthesia in patients.

Currently there is no readily available platform to enable rapid development and collaboration in this area. Unfortunately this means very few people outside of In this presentation we will outline our findings about Not Petya's crypto flaws and how we were able to exploit them to decrypt infected computers. At the end of June , a malware outbreak plagued Ukraine and other parts of the world. The threat, quickly dubbed NotPetya after striking similarity to Petya had been discovered, encrypted infected systems at boot-level. A deeper analysis of NotPetya's cryptography revealed several rookie mistakes that enabled us to recover the encrypted hard drives.

This talk gives some insights into NotPetya's flawed cryptography and how we were able to exploit them to eventually decrypt the infected hard drives. What does it mean to be free in a world where surveillance is the dominant business model? Behind the scenes databrokers are turning our data into thousands of scores.

This digital reputation is increasingly influencing our chances to find a job, How do we deal with these chilling effects? I suggest we take the comparison of oil and data all the way: If oil leads to global warming, then data leads to Social Cooling. Social Cooling is an accessible narrative about the large scale chilling effects are starting to become visible, and whose effects countries like China are actively embracing. Here in the west studies show a rise in self-censorship and a growing culture of risk-aversion.

For example, after the Snowden revelations fewer people visit Wikipedia pages about subjects like terrorism. We see doctors hesitating to operate on patients because a death will lower their score. This comparison is not meant to scare, but to give us hope: our move away from oil offers us a valuable blueprint on how to deal with this issue. In a data-driven world, a good story can still be the best hack. Das Thema ist in Hauptabendnachrichten und Leitartikeln angekommen. Als ich eine Kamera aufgestellt habe, war das sofort vorbei.

Wie kann man sicher sein, dass das wirklich s Lasst und mal so richtig Gas geben und mit Lasst uns eine Zeitmaschine bauen und die Raumzeit verbiegen bis es knirscht. Na und? Alles ist relativ, oder doch nicht? Activists in Saudi Arabia have been able to celebrate important victories like the recent lifting of the ban on women driving in September but have to fight on a lot of other front lines at the same time. Websites are blocked on a large scale There is a simple reason why the Internet and social media have such an important role in the current struggle for social and political change: About 75 percent of the Saudi population are younger than 30 years old and basically everyone is online all the time: 75 percent of the Saudis have a smartphone and Saudi Twitter users account for 40 percent of all Twitter users in the whole Arab world.

Life in the Kingdom is strongly influenced by the conflict between conservative-religious groups on one side and liberal activists on the other side who are trying to further democratic values, women's rights, free speech and freedom of religion. While the government is restricting public discourse, activists are pushing for reforms and are trying to make their voices heard.

In our paper we present a novel tool called BootStomp able to identify security vulnerabilities in Android bootloaders such as memory corruptions as well as unlocking vulnerabilities. During its evaluation, BootStomp discovered 6 previously unkn Modern mobile bootloaders play an important role in both the function and the security of the device.

They help ensure the Chain of Trust CoT , where each stage of the boot process verifies the integrity and origin of the following stage before executing it. Applying traditional analyses on bootloaders is problematic, as hardware dependencies hinder dynamic analysis, and the size, complexity, and opacity of the code involved preclude the usage of many previous techniques. In this paper, we explore vulnerabilities in both the design and implementation of mobile bootloaders.

We examine bootloaders from four popular manufacturers, and discuss the standards and design principles that they strive to achieve. We then propose BootStomp , a However, when trusted and untrusted code runs on shared h The goals of this talk are twofold. First, it will build up an understanding of microarchitectural attacks, Trusted Execution Environments, and the existing research into the two. The talk assumes only basic knowledge of processor operation, and presents the information needed to understand the many variants of attacks against the cache and more. This is a relatively new field of research, but it is growing quickly, and we hope to explain the significant contributions and accomplishments that have been achieved already.

The second goal of the talk is to demonstrate how to perform these attacks in practice. We will take the TrustZone-based TEE implementation on the Nexus 5X as an example and explain how to write software which performs these side-channel attacks. We then push beyond the existing research and develop new methods to perform attacks on ARM TrustZone with greater precision than seen before. Our setup is relatively easy to implement, and we aim for this demonstration to encourage and enable further research When bad actors can simply move servers from country to country, why does the internet remain reasonably civil?

How does one get on, or get kicked off, of the internet? Why do fraud and child abuse websites regularly get shut down but thepirat But we have before us an example of a network which does not have any supreme court, nor any official law or governing body besides ICANN. Bulletproof hosting charges large sums of Security architectures for wearables are challenging. We take a deeper look into the widely-used Fitbit fitness trackers. The Fitbit ecosystem is interesting to analyze, because Fitbit employs security measures such as end-to-end encryption and au We explain the Fitbit security architecture, including the most important communication paradigms between tracker, app, and server.

Our talk focuses on the tracker itself and its wireless interfaces, nevertheless it is important to understand the roles of the other components to successfully imitate them. Custom firmware makes fitness trackers the ultimate geek toy, including the possibility to improve security and privacy.

We show how we reverse-engineered the wireless firmware flashing process, as well as setting up a Nexmon-based environment for developing custom firmware. A short demo shows how wireless flashing works, including potentials of the modified firmware. We also release a smartphone application supporting a subset of the demonstrated attacks, including the possibility for users to extract some of their fitness tracker data without sharing it with Fitbit. This is a huge step towards privacy on wearables.

Apart from the app we will also release everything necessary to patch your Fitbit firmware, enabling users to develop more secure mechanisms protecting their data. The DPRK has largely succeeded at hiding its consumer technology. While versions of the desktop operating system, Red Star, have leaked, the mobile equivalent hasn't, and there remains little knowledge of the content available on the intranet. Unfortunately, we've ended up in a less-than-optimal stalemate: while technical artifacts are taken outside of the country, there remains a significant hesitation to release them - after all, knowledge is power, and the unknown unknowns outweigh the potential benefits.

We'll explain the current state of consumer technology in Korea in a bit more depth, and then explore some of the unique quirks. The focus will be on understanding that there is a significant, but not well known, internal market, and that it's keeping up with the west closer than we might expect. This talk explains "everything about the AGC", including its quirky but clever hardware design, its revolutionar The AGC was an early digital computer specifically designed for the Apollo moon missions.

First built in from integrated circuits, it was one of the first minicomputers, beating commercial machines like the PDP-8 in weight 32 kg and power consumption 55 W. The Apollo program's size and weight limitations as well as the requirements for real-time guidance, navigation and control were pushing s technologies to their limits. As a 15 bit one's complement big-endian accumulator machine with 36 kilo-words of ROM and 2 kilo-words of RAM, its design seems very foreign from today's perspective.

The talk goes on to explain the software: interrupt handling, the core set, the wait list, the alarm system, the interpreter We shall explain the renewed interest in mix networks. Like Tor, mix networks protect metadata by using layered encryption and routing packets between a series of independent nodes. Mix networks resist vastly more powerful adversary models than To Interest in privacy technologies has surged over the previous decade, due in part to the Snowden revelations as well as earlier revelations of warrantless wiretaping by the NSA.

Tor has justifiably received considerable attention for protecting location metadata when using existing Internet protocols. We believe the time is right though to deploy far stronger systems that cover more specific use cases, especially email and monetary transactions. There are serious limitations to the adversary models addressed by Tor, which manifests today as website fingerprinting attacks, but easily extend to devastating attacks on most use cases, including messaging systems like Briar and Ricochet.

Academics have proposed various anonymity technologies with far stronger threat models than Tor, but by far the most deployable and efficient option remains mix networks, which date to the founding of anonymity research by David Chaum in Tor was inspired by mix networks and shares some superficial similarities, but mix networks' are vastly stronger if they judiciously add latency and cover traffic. There are several historical reasons why mixnets lost popularity and why Tor's onion We show that our novel attack technique breaks All protected Wi-Fi networks use the 4-way handshake to generate fresh session keys.

The design of this handshake was proven secure, and over its year lifetime no weaknesses have been found in it. However, contrary to this history, we show that the 4-way handshake is vulnerable to key reinstallation attacks. In such an attack, the adversary tricks a victim into reinstalling an already in-use key. This is achieved by manipulating and replaying handshake messages. When the victim reinstalls the key, the associated incremental nonce and replay counter is reset to its initial value. Apart from breaking the 4-way handshake, we also show that our key reinstallation attack breaks the group key and Fast BSS Transition FT handshake.

The impact of our attacks depend on both the handshake being targeted, and the data-confidentiality protocol in use. Still, this makes it possible to hijack TCP streams and inject malicious data into them. Rather surprisingly, GCMP is espe It shows the possibilities of new paths and new perspectives for society by using hacking as a mind-set. A downright utopian idea is being brought to life, created by all participants of the Chaos Communication Events.

Sandra Trostel started filming the documentary at the Chaos Communication Camp in , followed by shootings at 32c3 and 33c3. At the congress she will show a work in progress beta version of the movie. Furthermore she will give a quick overview of the formation process, the status and the future of the project. And, maybe most importantly: She will answer all the questions of the people who helped to realize this movie! This talk considers the visceral relationship one can have towards intangible media, notably sound and network data transmissions.

Sarah presents a selection of her work demonstrating these synesthetic relationships, ranging from experiments in bi Lightning Talks are short lectures almost any congress participant may give! Bring your infectious enthusiasm to an audience with a short attention span! Discuss a program, system or technique!

Pitch your projects and ideas or try to rally a cre Doch was ist wirklich daran? Twitter-Accounts, Mio. Tweets und 50 Mio. Onlineartikel gesammelt und ausgewertet. Ever since the public revelation of global surveillance and the exploits targeting the mobile communication backend and in particular the interconnection network that links operators to each other, the general awareness of security and privacy in telecommunication industry has increased. Misusing the technical features of mobile core network technology - specifically the Signaling System 7 SS7 has disclosed numerous ways to locate, track and manipulate the routine cellular activities of cellphone users e.

However, Diameter inherits many functionalities and traits of the SS7 network. Therefore, some attacks are also possible there e. Over the past year, we have been developing open source wheelchair add-ons through user research, ideation, design, prototyping and testing. We present the outcome and insights from the process. The project started one year ago with a wheelchair hackathon at MakerFaire. Driven by ideas of the users, we intensively worked on three topics: transport and storage, driving in the snow and lighting. In particular, following criteria played a central role: feasibility, time spent on DIY production, costs, aesthetics and impact on wheelchair users.

The project is completely open source and can be reproduced by users themselves with DIY rapid prototyping technologies. The designs and files can be downloaded for free under Creative Commons License. It is important to us that the products can be easily and inexpensively replicated so that as many wheelchair users can benefit from them. Der Fokus liegt dabei vor allem auf der zumeist unbewussten Beeinflussung von Nutzerinnen und Nutzern durch personalisierte Nachrichtenempfehlungen, fake news sowie Bild-, Audio- und Videomanipulation.

Ein ambitioniertes Beispiel bietet Prof. Michal Kosinski, ein Psychologe aus Stanford, der behauptet, dass er die sexuelle Orientierung eines Menschen an seinem Gesicht erken Backing up private keys in a secure manner is not straightforward. Once a backup has been compromised you need to refresh all your key material. For example, the disclosure of a private key of a Bitcoin wallet gives access to the coins inside. These parts do not give away the secret on their own.

Instead, the user defines the minimal amount of shares needed to restore the original secret. Additionally, compromise or loss of one share does not mean a compromise or loss of the entire secret. This makes it very suitable for backing up private keys, such as Bitcoin keys. Shamir secret sharing can also be used for passing on your secrets to your trusted successors, in case you get hit by a bus. Although it is provably secure for confidentiality, we will see how it fails for integrity and how to fix that.

While Shamir published his article almost 30 years ago, most existing libraries for Shamir secret sharing are still implemented poorly in terms of security and side-channel resistance. We will choose suitable parameters and implement the scheme in C. We will see a couple of Gibt es nicht? Doch, gibt es! A talk on waiting for the technological rapture in the church of big data. The paralysing effect of hiding the human hand in software through anthropomorphising computers and dehumanising ourselves.

Marloes de Valk is a software artist and writer in the post-despair stage of coping with the threat of global warming and being spied on by the devices surrounding her. Surprised by the obsessive dedication with which we, even post-Snowden, share intimate details about ourselves with an often not too clearly defined group of others, astounded by the deafening noise we generate while socializing with the technology around us, she is looking to better understand why.

In contrast to this, European research policy heavily focus on developing new health and soci In the first part of this talk we will introduce current positions of German nursing science and German nurses on emergent technologies. For German nursing scientists the main element of nursing is the relationship between the patient and their nurse. One central aspect of this relationship is communication. Nursing experts are presumed to use these kinds of knowledge to guide their action. It is argued that digitalization stands in the way of using these kinds of non-discursive knowledge, as digital technology is only able to display discursive knowledge.

Thus, care logic and logic of technology are described as incommensurable. Nevertheless, usage of electronic health records is increasing. Furthermore, a wide range of prototypes are developed as they are conceived as solutions regarding existing problems at least from certain points of view.

Smart Devices can be used to support blood sampling or the documentation process. We will show you a prototype which is part of our research project, to offer you the possibility to get your own ideas of advantages and disadvantages. In the second par FPGAs are used in many applications ranging from networking, wireless communications to high performance computing, ASIC prototyping and so forth.

They would be perfect to create true open source hardware but we would still be bound to use proprietary toolchains provided by the manufacturers. To generate a valid configuration file this toolchain needs to know every single wire, switch, possible connection, logic block and the corresponding bits to configure each them. Naturally manufacturers do not like to disclose this information, possibly because someone could reverse engineer valuable intellectual property cores.

I will explain each component used in FPGAs from Lattice and Xilinx, like switchboxes, the interconnect, logic blocks, memory blocks. At the end I will demonstrate how to create your own bitstream by hand, implementing a small logic circuit and testing it live on a Z In the past decade, machine learning researchers and theorists have created deep learning architectures which seem to learn complex topics with little intervention.

This talk aims to: - present recent research on adversarial networks - showcase open-source libraries for fooling a neural network with adversarial learning - recommend possible applications of adversarial networks for social good This talk will include several open-source libraries and research papers on adversarial learning including: Intriguing Properties of neural networks Szegedy et al.

The accusations: facilitating illegal immigration, organized crime and possession of weapons. What followed was a smear campaign that Which surveillance and intelligence techniques were used by the authorities to gather evidence. Evidence that has not been found, because it does not exist. It was a small part in much bigger game played by the european union to discredit the work of the NGOs working in the mediterranean. In our talk we will explain why there is such a big interest by the European states to hinder their work and how the European Union is actually breaking international law to do so.

Starting with a Frontex strategy paper from January we will describe how the European Union tries to externalize their borders onto the African continent. To places where there are no cameras or Systems are getting increasingly complex and it's getting harder to understand what they are actually doing.

Even though they are built by human individuals they often surprise us with seemingly bizarre behavior. DTrace lights a candle in the dark DTrace is an incredibly useful tool for safely inspecting whole systems without impacting overall performance as much as other mechanisms.

It can be used for debugging, reverse engineering or for just learning to understand the system. We are also going to take a look at some of DTraces' internals like some of the design decisions as well as the byte code that is being executed in the kernel. In , artist Ai Weiwei was bugged in his home, presumably by government actors.

This situation raised our awareness on the lack of research in our community about operating and detecting spying microphones. Our biggest concern was that most of Most of what the general public knows about microphones bugs comes from movies and other fictional sources, which usually is far from real. An example of these inaccuracies is the public speculation made by the Counselor of the United States President, Kellyanne Conway, who expressed that a microwave oven can spy as a camera; the answer is NO, as refuted in article by WIRED.

The current literature about microphones bugs is disturbingly scarce, leaving most people to believe the myths distributed by the media. One of the goals of this work is to debunk the fictional beliefs around mics bugs by performing a thorough study and real life experiments with them. This paper is divided into three phases.

First, we perform a survey of the state-of-the-art of mic bugs and their characteristics. Second, we develop our own free software detection tool, called Salamandra. Third, we perform several real life experiments on placing and detecting bugs to examine how difficult it was. Finally, we conclude with a thorough analysis of our experience. The first phase makes a deep survey of all the civilian-accessible microphone bugs.

It takes into account physical characteristics, frequencies, tr Gleich in drei Gesetzen drohen Netzsperren. E-Voting soll auf Biegen und Brechen durchgesetzt werden. Nur garantierte Netzne For non specialists, Electromagnetic Pulse weapons EMP are fantasy weapons in science fiction movies. Regarding the high Expect current examples of IoT fails that I collected during my work as a journalist in regards of privacy and security. What do such fails mean for society? What are possible solutions and what can customers do? The internet of things IoT is growing.

So far, IoT is more a wide range of disaster plots with a lot of security and privacy concerns that are a danger for the internet rather than they are the world-saving development the tech guys predict. One example: connected sex toys. Some countries already banned them or are planning to ban them. Another example are digital home assistants that tend to change our sense of privacy.

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But what can we do? In my talk I am going to present current examples where IoT fails in terms of privacy, security and use case. I also want to focus on how consumers can influence the market and what we all can do as a society. For example: Currently manufacturers take care primarily of their business to bring the products quickly to the market, and less to the safety of it.

In my talk, I would like to show some examples a A lot of work on both Hardware and Software was done in CCC erfas namely shackspace, chaosdorf and metalab. The kit is used In this talk you'll learn about our journey, the lessons we learned and get insights that you can leverage to skyrocket your own soldering kit. Blinkenrocket is a badge-type electronic in the shape of the famous fairy dust rocket aimed at teaching different skills of soldering to kids as well as young adults. Most people have heard about particle accelerators, most prominently LHC, at which high energy particles are brought to collision in order to study fundamental physics.

However, in fact most major particle accelerators in the world are big x-ray microscopes. The produced x-ray pulses allow pictures, for example from proteins, with sub-atomic resolution and an exposure time short enough to enable in-situ studies of chemical reactions. This talk aims to explain how particle accelerators and in particular light sources work, for what reason we need these big facilities to enable new types of science and why most of modern technology would be inconceivable without them. Since September , the Snowden Refugees have been systematically targeted and persecuted by Instead of being recognized as brave individuals who selflessly protected Mr Snowden, the Hong Kong government launched a systematic campaign to harass, oppress and punish the Snowden Refugees, with a view to deport them from Hong Kong as quickly as possible.

These well-planned systemic efforts escalated with the Hong Kong police targeting the Snowden Refugees, instead of providing protection to them. In the name of a war on drugs, President Duterte directed the well-planned and sys SafetyNet Attestation is the primary platform security service on Android. Until recently you had to use third party tools or implemented your own app integrity checks and device rooting checks. Today you can use Android's SafetyNet Attestation in Lots of research are arising from the fairly unexplored world of automative communications.

Cars are no longer becoming computers, they are fully connected networks where every ECU exchanges and operates the vehicles at some point. Here is an int This talk is not only about security, but about hacking and video games. Many video games are about driving cars, whether it is for racing, or heisting and escaping the police. In this talk, we will explain how the user experience could actually be improved by connecting a car to a video game and turning it into a game controller.

We will discuss about these connected systems, how car components interact with one another, the different protocols, or anything that came to us during this journey. However there was one important constraint during all that experience: no car could be dismantled nor modified. The main goal of this analysis was to try doing something out of the data which could be freely recovered while plugging itself to the OBD-II port of a car. Januar ging aus ihr die Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft hervor.

Bernhard Nunner geleitet wird. Dort befindet sich auch das historische Archiv der DPG. Danielmeyer — Markus Schwoerer — Alexander M. Mark Walker und Dieter Hoffmann Hg. Strategic mineral properties report, below:. National Security Assessment Report reads in part , as follows:. In view of the importance of beryllium to the defense industrial base, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the potential for increased exports to raise hard currency, and sharp declines in the demand for metallic beryllium, OIRA accepted the Navy request, but expanded the scope of the study to include:.

While the material is expensive, these properties enable beryllium to play a central role in our national defense, and have contributed greatly to advances in electronics, optics and telecommunications. In the official U. In the years from , U. During the same years, U. This resulted in a draw down of industry stock levels, which reached a peak of metric tons in , and then fell steadily to metric tons by the close of The downtrend followed declines in defense aerospace, electrical equipment, nuclear applications, and slumping sales in electronics markets, particularly mainframe computers.

Cleveland, Ohio is the only fully integrated producer of metallic beryllium, beryllium alloys, and beryllium oxide powder in the Western world. The firm has mining and upgrading facilities in Utah, and primary processing facilities in Elmore, Ohio. From a national security perspective, beryllium is a strategic material used in our most sophisticated U.

Beryllium is used by the military to control reactors on nuclear powered submarines and surface vessels, as a triggering device for nuclear warheads, in precision optical components, inertial guidance systems, and satellite structures, and in air, land and sea borne electronic equipment.

The long-term health of the beryllium sector has not been investigated. The major concerns facing the beryllium industrial business sectors are as follows:. National Defense Stockpile. Environmental costs continue to rise faster than revenues, and at the margin continue to constrain the market potential of beryllium, at both the manufacturing point and among potential customers.

The chief health concern associated with the handling of beryllium is chronic beryllium disease, also known as berylliosis.

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Berylliosis is a disabling lung disease caused by inhaling beryllium dust; handling finished beryllium products does not lead to berylliosis. A percentage of people exposed to beryllium dust will get this disease; it has been shown that chronic berylliosis has an immunological basis. The potential for a surge in supply of beryllium on the world market from Kazakhstan has increased. This scenario could quite possibly become reality, as in the case of uranium, aluminum and copper from Russia into Western markets, which led to a rapid decline in prices of these commodities and pushed a number of European and American producers into bankruptcy.

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Beryllium Be , silver in color and one of the lightest of all metals, has one of the highest melting points about 1, E C of all light metals. It has physical and chemical properties, such as its stiffness, high resistance to corrosion from acids, and high thermal conductivity, that make it useful for various applications in its alloy, oxide, and metallic forms. In , U. Beryllium price quotations remained unchanged. Overall U. Brush does secondary fabrication of its beryllium products in plants in Arizona, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Brush also has distribution centers globally, serving over 5, customers for beryllium products globally. When beryl ore, a source of beryllium, was found in the Topaz Mountains of Utah, Brush established Beryllium Resources, which bought the rights to explore and later mine in the Utah area. Brush Sr. By , Charles Brush Jr. Brush Beryllium Co. Though its aerospace program slowed, Brush Beryllium Co.

Hugh D. His year career has been focused on specialty materials development and manufacturing, including beryllium, titanium, super alloys, and nuclear materials. Wolfowitz goes on to describe systems under development, and in all cases, beryllium plays an enabling role:. Thus, beryllium processing is clearly demonstrating the linkage between mineral resources in the Western US and metals manufacturing in the Domestic industrial base. These high-reliability requirements dictate the selection of precious metals for many applications in a wide variety of industries, including the electrical, electronics, automotive, telecommunications, semiconductor, computer and medical industries.

One of the major uses of high-reliability components containing precious metals can be found in automotive electronics. Under-hood interconnects for computerized ignition systems, mass air flow sensors, automatic transmissions, cruise control devices, anti-lock braking systems, and new generation suspension control systems all are made more reliable by employing precious metal containing components. Society benefits extensively from the use of these electronic components because of the increased safety, increased fleet mileage, and decreased emissions of the modern automobile.

Beryllium metal is used principally in aerospace and defense applications. Its high level of stiffness, lightweight, and dimensional stability within a wide temperature range make it useful in satellite and space vehicle structures, inertial guidance systems, military aircraft brakes, and space optical system components. Beryllium in nuclear reactors, serves as a canning material. Beryllium is also used as a neutron moderator, and in nuclear control rods, and has been used as a nuclear warhead-triggering device. Other applications for metallic beryllium include high-speed computer components, audio components, and mirrors.

In the U. Within 5-years, the credit was to be repaid and the beryllium returned to Kazakhstan. The Kazakhstan Government, however, deemed the deal to be uneconomical in A new method had been developed for processing about tons of semi-finished toxic materials stockpiled at ULBA, containing about tons of beryllium. Danbury, Connecticut. The value of the U. Geological Survey USGS Mineral Resource Program, Mineral Information Team is the only comprehensive source of statistical data on Mining and Mineral Commodities both domestically and internationally and is critical to the mining industry and to the nation as a whole.

As a global superpower, the U. Another transmutation has taken place at the U. One of two 2 top-level managers at this NSA recycling facility claims it possesses a new form of recycling that actually transforms metals into greater amounts. Vendors, still in existence, were contracted to provide the Program with newly built J-2S hardware.

The interaction of the aerodynamic flow with the engine plume could create drag and design refinements minimized that interaction. Successfully completion braze of the first flight ramp was accomplished as well as the fabrication and assemblies of the parts for the first thrusters. With completion of those milestones the AeroSpike engine proceeded through fabrication, test and, delivery enabling support for the planned first flight in The XRS gas generator operated successfully in the flow-rate range of proposed X operating conditions. The gas generator essentially was a J2 gas generator modified for the higher chamber pressure and flow-rate required for the XRS The gas generator must be able to operate in conditions significantly higher than normal J2 operating conditions.

A review of the data showed the gas generator operated in these conditions but that also, the combustor shell wall temperatures were within acceptable tolerances. Post test inspections also found the hardware to be in good operating condition which showed signs of marked improvements from past hardware weakening. Engineers at Marshall Space Flight Center MFSC were able to demonstrate the gas generator could be started with a softer ramp, to minimize overpressure of the combustor shell, by accurately sequencing valve timings and ramps on the XRS AeroSpike engine.

Successful component tests followed a series of AeroSpike multi-cell engine tests at Marshall Space Flight Center that successfully demonstrated hydrogen-oxygen combustion at full power, emergency power, and low throttle conditions. The XRS AeroSpike engine shoots hot gases, from multiple linear placed chamber nozzles along the outside of the ramp surface.

Hot test firings were performed with tests on the powerpack at the John C. Utah or Montana. There are six 6 EMAs — on each AeroSpike test engine — used to deliver propellants to the thruster banks and gas generators. There were three 3 additional powerpack assemblies and four 4 full-up AeroSpike XRS linear engines — including two 2 flight units that existed during the remainder of the development program. The Aerospike linear engine allows the smallest lowest cost RLV Reusable Launch Vehicle to be developed because the engine fills the base reducing base drag and is integral to the vehicle — reducing installed weight when compared to a bell shaped conventional rocket engine.

The Aerospike is somewhat the same as bell shaped rocket engines, except for its nozzle open to the atmosphere.

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The open plume compensates for decreasing atmospheric pressure as the vehicle ascends — keeping engine performance very-high along the entire trajectory. This altitude compensating feature allows a simple low-risk gas generator cycle to be used. This will remove the need for carrying oxygen tanks onboard to promote combustion, as traditional rockets must do now. Information learned from this hot-fire test series about new electro-mechanical actuator technology — which controls the flow of propellants in rocket engines — could provide key advancements for the propulsion systems of future spacecraft.

The test was originally slated to attain full power during seconds of testing. Prior to the test, engineers determined the necessary results could be achieved at reduced duration and power. Based on this determination, both planned duration and planned power were reduced. Two [ 2 ] shorter hot-fires of the AeroSpike engines were performed last month [ July ] in preparation for the final test firing on August 6, Electro-mechanical actuators electronically regulate the amount of propellant fuel and oxidizer flow in the engine.

The new technology is a potential alternative and improvement to the older pneumatic and hydraulic fluid systems currently used by the aerospace industry to drive and control critical rocket engine valves. Donald Chenevert, electro-mechanical actuator project manager at the Stennis Center. Additionally, we have many other unique conditions such as shock and vibration loads not found in a lab, so we capture more realistic data about the true performance of the actuators.

The final data is to be fed directly into the engine systems being considered for a second-generation reusable launch vehicle, Lyles said. Local newspapers only reported that local area residents, curious from too many unexplained sightings, were holding an open to the public Town Hall Meeting Main Street in Hesperia, California to discuss and compare what they were encountering. Noticing town hall meeting attendees pouring outside, freelance reporter Paul Collin interviewed the disenfranchised residents whom left their off-topic town hall meeting inside.

Eyewitnesses, came with family members, some providing additional eyewitness accounts. Providing one-on-one interviews for only first-hand reports describing details, residents were also allowed to personally sketch drawings of personal UFO and alien entity encounters. A good investigative journalist may play unknowledgeable while subtly and quite effectively being able to quickly assess normal human frailties from purposeful deceit in getting to the bottom of the truth.

Easy to spot, are armchair storytellers with plenty of time on their hands who invariably stray from the topic to talk about what they did or do for a living , narcissists rambling on about themselves while exhibiting rather odd personal quirks , weird-os and opportunists some wearing partial Star Trek or Wonder Woman costumes, alien face masks, spring-wired tinfoil antenna balls sprouting from headbands, or constantly looking in their compact mirrors to see if their make-up is still on their face correct , and then move-on to interview others whose purpose stems from serious concerns as a resident member of the community.

Even then, trying to detrmine fact from fictionalized accountings is not an easy task. Do they appear to be easily disturbed emotionally or do they offer light-hearted concerns while discussing their more serious concerns on-topic? Just a brief low earth hover, quick snap south and then up out of sight in the blink of an eye.

While the kids were all excited, the parents tried calming them down — along with their own unsettled nerves — explaining it all away as only being some new Air Force jet. All alone, a middle-aged man traveling west on Main Street Hesperia, California homebound for Phelan, California spotted in the southwest sky over the Wrightwood mountains a large triangle craft slowly moving upward.

Stopping at California state highway traffic light. He looked back up out his windshield and saw nothing there anymore, but it gave him something to tell his wife when he arrived home. The wife, rolling her eyes, put dinner on the table, but interestingly was also present by his side at the town hall meeting as well. Residents wanted to know what was going on in their local community, especially after local UFO sightings appeared to begin registering in their local paper;. The women also spotted what they believed was the same 2-legged ape-like creature with red eyes three 3 additional times but inside the furthest corner of their backyard where it seemed to be glaring at them both through the rear kitchen window.

Immediately scared to death, both residents — whom by the time they thought to call police — then witnessed the creature pop-up — rather unusually — bounding over and outside their backyard fence. They looked at each other and then back at me, shaking their heads in the negative. He walked back a couple of cars and noticed a group of people talking together and asked where the accident was. I asked the group what the thing was doing and what had it been doing.

I called the California Highway Patrol office and they said they were already responding to it. I heard no emergency sirens and saw no red lights. I waited another minutes and nothing happened. It just lingered a few hundred feet above ground off in the desert. Not being too much braver I decided to get back into my car and turn around and go back home. That particular store carried an unusually large selection of UFO documentary videos placed in a special section. I decidely watched over of those videos to determine if anyone else might have seen any huge triangle UFOs.

I think he knew something had startled me into that habit so, I conveyed what I had seen the previous week. I told him I figured it was just rocket engine testing going on inside some of those small mountains. He asked if I had ever seen any UFOs before last week. I told him we walked in the direction of where we heard the whirring sound coming from last but saw nothing. Then when we returned to our camp where minutes later we all heard it start back up again so, we left in the middle of the night and drove miles to get home.

TR3-B is believed using a quasi-crystalline molecular property energy containment storage core driving a plasma-fluidic propulsion system employing combinatoric development of its Magnetic Field Disruptor MFD quantum-flux transduction field generator technology. TR3B reportedly emits cyclotron radiation, performs pulse detonation acceleration, and carries EPR quantum receivers. The first permanent settlers, to a certain desert region area, was the Corum Family who located near this large dry lake area in where later local residents tried to get the local U. The arid desert weather also promotes excellent flying conditions on almost every day of the year about days out of the year.

Rogers Dry Lake is the sediment filled remnant of an ancient lake formed eons ago. Several inches of water can accumulate on the lakebed when it rains, and the water in combination with the desert winds creates a natural smoothing and leveling action across the surface. When the water evaporates in the desert sun, a smooth and level surface appears across the lakebed, one far superior to that made by humans.

According to some reports, AURORA Program aerospace vehicles are capable of high-speed maneuverability allowing abrupt course change corrections within their own flight path. These relevant excerpts should serve to familiarize readers and provide interesting relationships between similarities of ETT ExtraTerrestrial Technologies , reverse-engineering backward engineering of U. Obvious template similarities seem to have been successfully performed in order to produce fully operational high-performance defense and observation flightcrafts for exclusively U. Skeptics may no longer speculate on what current aerospace lenticular crafts the U.

Culminations of technology data and relevant associated theories have never before been produced into one 1 reading area until now here where at first glance the following data may seem too fictionalized due in large part to its unfamiliarity to most, however these technologies are very much a large part of reality in what research provides of which only a very small percentage is presented in multiple interviews below :. Knapp: Explain what that is, how it works, and what it does. Knapp: We have a tape of a model that a friend of yours made.

You can narrate along. There it is… Lazar: Inside that tower is a chip of Element they just put in there. The lid goes on top. Element , sets up a gravitational field around the top. But, just in general, the whole technology is virtually unknown. Knapp: Now we saw the model. We saw the pictures of it there. It looks really, really simple, almost too simple to actually do anything. Lazar: Right.

Knapp: Working parts? Lazar: None detectable. Essentially what the job was, to back-engineer [ reverse engineer ] everything, where you have a finished product and to step backwards and find out how it was made or how it could be made with earthly materials. Knapp: What could you do with an anti-matter generator? What does it do? Lazar: It converts anti-matter. Knapp: How does it work?

What starts the reaction going? Lazar: Really, once the [ Element ] is put in, the reaction is initiated. Knapp: Automatic. Apparently, the under bombardment with protons lets out an anti-matter particle. This anti-matter particle will react with any matter whatsoever, which I imagine there is some target system inside the reactor. This, in turn, releases heat, and somewhere within that system there is a one-hundred-percent-efficient thermionic generator, essentially a heat-to-electrical generator.

Knapp: How is this anti-matter reactor connected to gravity generation that you were talking about earlier? Lazar: Well, that reactor serves two purposes; it provides a tremendous amount of electrical power, which is almost a by-product. Knapp: In essence creating their own gravitational field. Lazar: Their own gravitational field. Knapp: Why not? Knapp: Well, what is it? What have you learned about what gravity is? Lazar: Gravity is a wave. There are many different theories, wave included. But gravity is a wave.

Knapp: So you can produce your own gravity. What does that mean? What does that allow you to do? Lazar: It allows you to do virtually anything. Gravity distorts time and space. Knapp: You can go forward or backward in time? Lazar: No not essentially. It would be easier with a model. On the bottom side of the disk are the three gravity generators. When they want to travel to a distant point, the disk turns on its side.

The three gravity generators produce a gravitational beam. What they do is they converge the three gravity generators onto a point and use that as a focal point; and they bring them up to power and PULL that point towards the disk. Now all this happens in the distortion of time, so time is not incrementing. But the first time you saw the anti-matter reactor in operation or a demonstration — you had a couple of demonstrations — tell me about that. Lazar: The first time I saw it in operation, we just put — a friend I worked with, Barry — put the fuel in the reactor, put the lid on as, as was shown there.

And obviously this is just a. In fact, we kind of fooled around with it for a little while. And we threw golf balls off it. And it was just a really unique thing. Knapp: And you had other demonstrations to show you that this is pretty wild stuff, right? Lazar: Yeah, they did. And you began to see a small little black disk form, and that was the bending of the light.

Knapp: Just like a black hole floating around? Lazar: Yeah, well, a black hole is a bad analogy, but yeah, essentially. The phases vary from degrees to zero … in a longitudinal propagation. When you then shut off the gravity generator[s], the stone or spacecraft follows that stretched rubber back to its point. The fact is that gravity distorts time and space. It just depends how the field is bent. Knapp: How close do you think you have to get before time distortion takes place? They are always outputting a maximum gravity wave, and that wave is phase-shifted from zero to degrees.

It looks more like a coal-fired engine than very hi-tech. Gravity A works on a smaller, micro scale while Gravity B works on a larger, macro scale. We are familiar with Gravity B. It is the big gravity wave that holds the Earth, as well as the rest of the planets, in orbit around the Sun and holds the moon, as well as man-made satellites, in orbit around the Earth. We are not familiar with Gravity A. It is the small gravity wave, which is the major contributory force that holds together the mass that makes up all protons and neutrons.

Gravity A is what is currently being labeled as the Strong Nuclear Force in mainstream physics, and Gravity A is the wave that you need to access and amplify to enable you to cause space-time distortion for interstellar travel. To keep them straight, just remember that Gravity A works on an atomic scale, and Gravity B is the big gravity wave that works on a stellar or planetary level. You can momentarily break the Gravity B field of the Earth simply by jumping in the air, so this is not an intense gravitational field. Locating Gravity A is no problem because it is found in the nucleus of every atom of all matter here on Earth, and all matter everywhere else in our universe.

However accessing Gravity A with the naturally occurring elements found on Earth is a big problem. This means the Gravity A wave we are trying to access is virtually inaccessible as it is located within matter, or at least the matter we have here on Earth. The most important attribute of these heavier stable elements is that the Gravity A wave is so abundant that it actually extends past the perimeter of the atom.

These heavier, stable elements literally have their own Gravity A field around them in addition to the Gravity B field that is native to all elements. No naturally occurring atoms on Earth have enough protons and neutrons for the cumulative Gravity A wave to extend past the perimeter of the atom so you can access it.

Even though the distance the Gravity A wave extends is infinitesimal, it IS accessible and has amplitude, wavelength and frequency just like any other wave in the electromagnetic spectrum. Once you can access the Gravity A wave, you can amplify it just like we amplify any other electromagnetic wave. So, back to our power source. Inside the reactor, element is bombarded with a proton that plugs into the nucleus of the atom and becomes element which immediately decays and releases or radiates small amounts of antimatter.

The antimatter is released in a vacuum into a tuned tube that keeps it from reacting with the matter that surrounds it. It is then directed toward the gaseous matter target at the end of the tube. The matter and antimatter collide and annihilate, totally converting to energy.

This is a device that converts heat directly into electrical energy. Many of our satellites and space probes use thermoelectric generators, but their efficiency is very, very low. All of these actions and reactions inside of the reactor are orchestrated perfectly like a tiny little ballet, and in this manner the reactor provides an enormous amount of power. So, back to our original question: What is the power source that provides the power required for this type of travel?

The power source is a reactor that uses element as a fuel, and uses a total annihilation reaction to provide the heat which it converts to energy, making it a compact, lightweight, efficient, onboard power source. Element melting point is C. When a disk is near another source of gravity, like Earth, the Gravity A wave, which propagates outward from the disk, is phase-shifted into the Gravity B wave propagating outward from the Earth , creates lift.

When all three [ 3 ] of these amplifiers are being used for travel, they are in the delta wave configuration, and when only one [ 1 ] is being used, for travel, it is in the omicron wave configuration. As the intensity of the gravitational field around the disk increases, the distortion of space-time around the disk also increases. And if you could see the space-time distortion, this is how it would look [ Bob Lazar draws a side-view picture of saucer hovering above ground, with field surrounding it and running straight down to the ground. Picture a disk on the end of a pole, then throw a sheet over it.

Now remember, this space-time distortion is taking place degrees around the disk, so if you were looking at the disk from the top, the space-time distortion would be in the shape of a doughnut. When the gravitational field around the disk is so intense, that the space-time distortion around the disk achieves maximum distortion, and is folded up into this heart shaped form, the disk cannot be seen from any angle vantage point — and for all practical purposes is invisible.

All you could see would be the sky surrounding it. Lazar: No, not at all. That was one of the really shocking things because that violates the first law of thermodynamics. So yeah, I have even tried to do that stuff on my own. Caller: Is there any electronics, as we know it, chips or transistors? Lazar: No, nothing like that. Caller: Are the waveguides similar to what we use with microwaves? Lazar: Very similar. Am I correct in this?

Lazar: The vehicle is not being pushed. Caller: What is the top speed of the craft? Are they different? I get tongue-twisted all too often. Mark: Can you give me a ballpark, like 2, kilohertz? Mark: Is it measured in kilohertz or gigahertz or megahertz? Burt: You were talking about the low- and high-speed modes and the control factors in there. Can you describe those modes and what the ship looks like each time it is going through those modes?

And it just bounces around. And it can focus the waves behind it and keep falling forward and hobble around at low speed. The second mode: They increase the amplitude of the field, and the craft begins to lift, and it performs a ROLL maneuver: it begins to turn, roll, begins to turn over. This is the second mode of travel, where they converge the three gravity amplifiers — FOCUS them — on a point that they want to go to. Then they bring them up to full power, and this is where the tremendous time-space distortion takes place, and that whips them right to that point.

Burt: Did you actually bench-test a unit away from the craft itself? Lazar: The reactor, yeah. Burt: About how large is this, and could you describe it? Lazar: The device itself is probably a plate about inches square; I said diameter before but it is square. And you made a mock-up copy? Lazar: A friend made one, yeah. Jim: I heard you speak of bouncing golf balls off of this anti-gravity field? Lazar: Yeah. Jim: And also about the candle, the wax, and the flame stood still? Jim: Under what conditions did you see this demonstrated? Elaborate on this. And how large was the force field?

Lazar: The force field where the candle was? Jim: The force field created by the anti-matter device. Lazar: It was about a inch radius from the surface of the sphere. Jim: Where was this area, just above the device? Lazar: Yeah, surrounding the sphere. Jim: Did the sphere surround the device? Lazar: No, the sphere sits in the center of the device. Jim: And you just place a candle in there? Lazar: No, no, no. That was a separate demonstration. Lazar: No, they tap the field off using a wave-guide, off of the sphere.

And this is a completely different setup, where they had a mockup small gravity amplifier, and there were three focused into a point, and that area of focus was probably nine or ten inches in diameter. Jim: They displaced this area or moved this area? Jim: And in there you put the candle? Jim: And that thing can actually bounce golf balls off of it? Lazar: No, no. The golf ball thing, again, had nothing to do with that setup. The golf ball thing had something to do with just when the reactor was energized, before the wave-guide was put on or anything.

We were just pushing on the field; it was being demonstrated to me; and we just bounced a golf ball off the top. If you want an in-depth description, you can give me your address and I can send you a paper on it. Essentially, what the reactor does is provide electrical power and the base gravity wave to amplify, and it does that by interacting matter and antimatter, essentially.

The way it does that is injecting an accelerated proton into a piece of That spontaneously generates anti-hydrogen, essentially. Also, the reactor has two functions. Lazar: The electrical energy is transmitted essentially without wires, and I related it to almost a Tesla setup. It seemed like each sub component on the craft was attuned to the frequency that the reactor was operating at, so essentially the amplifiers themselves received the electrical energy, like a Tesla coil transmits power to a fluorescent tube, and what was the rest of the question?

Question: Yeah, in other words, what is the relationship between… I think you basically answered it. What was the local means of propulsion? When the craft took off, it wobbled to some degree. I mean a modern day Hawker Harrier or something along those lines of vertical takeoff craft is much more stable than then in the omicron [omicrom? The delta configuration is where they use the three amplifiers. Those are the only two methods I know about for moving the craft. Question: When you listen to some abduction reports, whether or not people believe it or not, there seems to be a common thread of people being hit by blue beams of light….

Lazar: Any of the three gravity amplifiers could do that, could lift something off the ground, or for that matter compact it into the ground. That would leave the other three? So I imagine they could pick up cows or whatever else they want to do. On the craft I worked on there was absolutely no provision for anything to come in through the bottom of the craft, or anything along those lines… Question: So what was the course of energy?

How did it go from one area to another area? Lazar: The best guess is essentially it operated like a Tesla coil does. A transmitter and essentially a receiver tuned to the transmitting frequency, receives electrical power. Tesla did that in the 30s, I think. Question: You mentioned the photon earlier. Lazar: About the graviton? Question: Every other force seems to have exchange particles connected with it. Lazar: No, not necessarily. What is the frequency of that?

Lazar: Well, the frequency that the actual reactor operates at is like 7. Question: I can understand a reactor functioning — theoretically I can understand a reactor functioning at, say, unintelligible word 7. The basic frequency, I think, was the way the reactor was operating. The pulses that we detected out of it were probably, instead of a straight DC power supply, it was more along the lines of a pulse, as if we were getting a burst of particles coming out: An antimatter emission, then a reaction, a pulse of energy, and that would repeat. Question: Then what frequency is it?

Question: Something about the microwave range? Lazar: Something about the microwave range. Question: Positive energy versus regular photon? Question: Electromagnetic Energy? Lazar: Absolutely. Thousands of sightings, of the Flying Triangle, have been reported, photographed, and investigated around the world — The USAF denies having such a vehicle. It also denies having replaced the Strategic reconnaissance spy plane — the SR Blackbird. Keep this in mind as I proceed:.

I was born to fifth [ 5th ] generation French-Americans, and many of my relatives — for generations — have historically been involved with the government in fields of intelligence, black programs, cryptography, and classified development projects. He was the head of the French secret National Police Force and was a direct ancestor of mine. Before, I gave a presentation to the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada during August [ ], I brought over documents as an offer of proof to substantiate my credibility.

These documents contained information on the positions and assignments I held in the U. Department of Defense ] contractor. They also detailed clearances I held, classified and non-classified DOD and military technical training I received over 4, hours , and performance reviews from to As a civilian, from to , I performed as engineering program manager, site manager, and Director of Engineering for several DOD contractors.

With my training and experiences with intelligence equipment, special electronics, black programs, and crypto-logical areas, I received other government opportunities. At different times I participated as a key member in design, development, production, and flight operational test and evaluation in classified aircraft development programs, state-of-the-art avionics, including electronic countermeasures, satellite communications, crypto-logic support equipment.

Other research and development programs I worked as far back as the s are still classified Top Secret. I am perhaps the only person who has actually worked at the Top Secret Groom Lake Air Base, within Area 51 of the Nellis Range, and has proved that I had the position, training, and clearances to be there. Notice the fog engines in work for cover. As a Defense Contractor-Manager, I performed as an engineering program manager and site manager for DOD contractors involved in classified development, logistics support, electronic engineering, and technical data development from — I have completely disassociated myself from the defense industry.

I consider myself a writer and inventor now. I undertook this trip to do research for my book Alien Rapture, which included a meeting with five [ 5 ] close friends who had agreed to release confidential information to me and discuss their closely guarded personal experiences. I also interviewed other contacts that had worked classified programs or flown classified military aircraft to gather information about UFO sightings and contact.

Later, I was blessed to team-up with a great man and a great writer, Brad Steiger. I had decided to get out of the defense industry, as I felt that fraud, waste, and abuse was rampant — both on the government and contractor sides. It started when some old friends of mine met in the spring of in Las Vegas [ Nevada ]. There were five [ 5 ] of us then; all of us had remained close following the Vietnam War. Department of Energy ] as a national security investigator. That was his cover, but he really worked for the NSA [ U.

National Security Agency ]. Area 51 is where the most classified aerospace testing in the world takes place. He [ Jerald ] was found dead of a heart attack 1-year after our last meeting. His father worked for over years for the NSA [ U. National Security Agency ] and he [ Dale ] is the one who sent me the MJ [ Majestic ] documents his father had obtained.

Army General Dwight D. He [ Bud ] retired as a program manager and later died of a brain tumor within days after his symptoms appeared. It bothered each of us that we had experiences with unusual phenomena, extremely advanced technology, and witnessed unidentified aerial contact that had not been previously reported. We sat at a table in a dark corner of the Silver Dollar Saloon and Casino in Las Vegas [ Nevada ], discussing our experiences and swapping knowledge. In , I had no intention of writing about programs I was involved-with due to the Secrecy Act and classification documents I had signed.

Of course I had heard rumors of Delta shaped and bat winged shaped prototypes being tested at Groom Air Base. He [ Jerald ] said that an early test model — of the Flying Triangle — was sighted by hundreds of people over Hudson Valley, in the mid s there was a major flap in Belgium — the year [ ] before our meeting [ ] — and that thousands of people had witnessed the Triangle and F chase that followed. He definitely piqued my curiosity. Over the next 4-years, each member of the group wrote down as much information as he could remember about unusual phenomena and personal sightings.

From my close friends, came their contacts. I agreed to interview these contacts in person. None, of the people I interviewed, wanted to be known or quoted — and wanted me to swear never to reveal their names. I have and will continue to honor their wishes. My friend Chuck, an SR pilot, related to me an in-flight incident he experienced in the s. He was returning from a reconnaissance flight, and while at an altitude of 74, feet at the speed of almost Mach 3, 3 times the speed of sound he noticed something flickering in his peripheral vision.

Hovering over his left wing tip was a ball of dense plasma like light. It was so bright, that when he stared at it for more than a few seconds, his eyes hurt. There was nothing but static. Repeatedly glancing briefly at the ball of light, he watched in amazement as it moved effortlessly about his aircraft. At one point the light positioned itself a few feet in front of the large spiked cone at the air Intake Inlet. The enormous amount of air rushing into the engines should have sucked in and shredded almost anything in its path, but the light orb was mysteriously unaffected.

The light, he noted, acted in a curious manner, if something inanimate could act at all. It moved from time to time to other parts of the vehicle, staying with him until his approach to Beale AFB in California. He was in sight of the Air Base when the light swung away from his aircraft in a wide arch with ever increasing speed. Of course, after reading his incident report, his operations commander told him not to ever speak about his experience.

When Chuck related the story to me, he told me he was absolutely convinced that the ball of light was controlled by some form of intelligence. I have about two dozen [ 24 ] stories from pilots of similar in flight incidents with UFOs and plasma balls. There have been thousands of reported sightings of plasma balls, energy filled orbs, or foo fighters as they were named during World War II.

In , while fighting the Japanese and Germans, pilots started reporting strange flares and bright orange and red lights. These lights moved rapidly, were under intelligent control, and could come to a complete stop, remain stationary, and then disappear in an instant.

Most were unnerved by radical maneuvers the foo fighters that could climb vertically, accelerate, and make high G turns at speeds far beyond any known allied aircraft. MacRahanish has been rumored to be a base for black aircraft operations for a number of years. It was widely reported that a secret U.

The executive is the former producer of a very popular BBC science program. It is near Lancaster, California and even nearer to the San Andrus [ mountain range zone ] fault [ plate tectonic earthquake demarcation line ]. Edwards [ AFB ] has a long history with secret technology and experimental aircraft. Edwards A. I worked with the F swing-wing bomber, the F air superiority fighter, the F fighter, the A [ Warthog ] close air support attack aircraft, and B-1 stealth bomber.

It was about a. I noticed a group of stars that seemed to be shifting in color. I pointed out to my friend that the three [ 3 ] bright stars in triangular formation were not part of the big dipper. We watched as the strobing stars shifted from bright blue to a red yellow color. This was somewhat unnerving. Victor Valley northeast area of California alongside Interstate 15 further above ]. About the time we could make out a silhouette or outline of the triangular vehicle, the lights — or possibly exhausts — flared brighter and vanished from the sky in an instant. I had heard rumors of airbases located in the desert, at places called:.

Most of us who had Top Secret clearances never even told our wives what we were doing, and where we were going — when on these type projects. I once spent 6-months, in Viet Nam, while my ex-wife thought I was attending a classified technical school in Colorado. The military, in a court of law, actually denied the existence of a classified Air Force Base inside the Nellis Range out in the Nevada Desert. I was one of the few personnel at Nellis who had a Top Secret clearance with Crypto access. I was certified to work on Mode 4 IFF, an aircraft system which responded to classified, encrypted codes.

I was also certified to work on other Crypto equipment that I cannot discuss. Due to a combination of coincidences, and my technical experience, I was requested to temporary assignment at a place that had no name. I left one Monday morning long before sunrise. There were 28 other people on the bus, not including the 2 security policemen holding M automatic weapons and the bus driver.

Believe me. There is nothing that can inspire compliance like an M sticking in your face, I assure you! The bus drove through the desert, this much I know from the poor air-conditioning and the amount of fine dust that came through every crack in the old vehicle for several hours, and it was soon obvious where I was. In the s, the U. Construction of facilities within the Nellis Range continues even to today. Under certain circumstances had persons sighted these crafts they would have been looked upon perhaps, as unidentified flying object UFO extraterrestrial spacecraft.

When we reached Groom Lake, the bus pulled into a hanger and they shut the doors. The security personnel checked me in — while other security personnel dispatched the others to their places of work. The lenses were thick, and the sides of the goggles were covered to obliterate my peripheral vision. Once I had these goggles on I could only see about feet in front of me. Anything beyond that distance became increasingly blurred.

If an M1 Tank barrel had been pointed at me, from about feet away, I would not have seen it. It was very disconcerting to have to wear those glasses. The whole time I was there, some days consecutive, followed by several follow-up visits, the routine was the same. Leave, Nellis before sunrise, and return home — from Nellis — after dark every day. Only once did I get a chance to see the whole base, and that was when I was flown up — from Nellis — in a helicopter to Groom Lake for emergency repairs of their crypto test equipment. While at Groom Lake I made contacts and met people from other programs.

Over time, a few became friends and we exchanged stories. On my 3rd day on the job at Groom Lake, I had to remove a module from a multi-bay piece of satellite communications equipment used to support certain special mission aircraft. I noticed while inside the bay checking out the wiring that it contained a sealed unit about the size of a large briefcase. I thought this was strange, as the unit was part of a digital communications link used solely to communicate with classified Air Force vehicles.

I was unaware — at the time — of any military orbital missions not related to NASA. I disconnected the unit, and — out of curiosity — I removed the rear access cover. To my amazement, there were some half-dozen [ 6 ] large hybrid integrated circuit [ IC processor ] chips inside. The largest chip had over hair-thin leads attached and was approximately the size of a Zippo lighter. In , the most advanced processor speeds — on the most classified projects — were equivalent to an IBM which ran at 4,, million cycles per second, but this unit had a processor speed of 1,,, billion cycles per second.

Why is the U. These properties include but are not limited to low thermal and electrical conductivity, high-hardness, low friction, and good oxidation resistance. In , a paper was published, which marked the discovery of quasi crystals, two 2 distinctly different metallic crystals joined symmetrically together. Thus, it becomes more difficult to find mathematical formulae for interpretation and analysis of diffraction data. After the official release for the discovery of Quasi-crystals in , a close resemblance was noted between icosahedra quasi-crystals and 3-D Penrose patterning.

Before quasi-crystals were discovered, in , British mathematician Roger Penrose devised a way to cover a plane in a non-periodic fashion using two 2 different types of tiles arranged in a way they obey certain rule match-ups of rhombohedrens [ rhombohedrans ] — instead of the rhombi [ rhombae ] — that later became known as 3D-Penrose Tiling. Some high strength alloy surgical tools are already on the market. One of the stories I was told more than once was that one of the crystal pairs used in the propulsion of the Roswell crash was a Hydrogen Crystal.

Until recently, creating a hydrogen crystal was beyond the reach of our scientific capabilities. That has now changed. In one Top Secret Black Program, under the DOE, a method to produce hydrogen crystals was discovered, and then manufacturing began in The lattice of hydrogen quasi-crystals, and another material not named, formed the basis for the plasma shield propulsion of the Roswell [ New Mexico, USA UFO crash ] craft and was an integral part of the bio-chemically engineered vehicle.

A myriad of advanced crystallography — undreamed-of by scientists — were discovered by the scientists and engineers who evaluated, analyzed, and attempted to reverse-engineer the technology presented with the Roswell vehicle and eight [ 8 ] more vehicles which have crashed since then. I wrote down everything I saw, heard and touched in my log — every night before going to bed. By the way, the food at the Groom Lake mess hall was excellent, but what would you expect — there was no cable TV, no alcohol and no women.

Later, while back at the base, my routine went on as normal — as did my part-time job that summer at the Silver Dollar Salon [ Las Vegas, Nevada ]. He was checking up on a guy who had a drinking problem who worked at the Nevada Test Site S-4 where they set off underground atomic explosions. He [ Jerald ] happened to mention a vehicle that could be boosted into orbit and return and land in the Nevada desert. This was during the late s.

It was an Unmanned Reconnaissance Vehicle URV — launched from a B bomber — and used booster rockets to place it in temporary low earth orbit LEO for taking high-altitude reconnaissance photographs.

I thought he was feeding me a line of bull. Then I was told so long as I did that I could damn well write anything I wanted to. In the summer of , we again met in Las Vegas, Nevada. We agreed I was the only one who could get away with writing about our experiences, since I was planning on getting out of the D.

Department of Defense industry. Bud, one of my co-conspirators and close friends, informed me he had a cancerous tumor and was going through some severe depression. He was dead days later. It was a real blow to us. We lost Jerrold, 1-year before, due to his heart attack. Of the remaining three 3 friends, Sal dropped off of the face of the earth and none of his — nor my contacts — have been able to locate him for 2-years now.

Sal was extremely paranoid about the two 2 deaths of Bud and Jerrold , and had second thoughts about the book. I like to think of him sipping a tropical drink on some Pacific island. While flying back across the South China Sea, from a reconnaissance mission, SR pilot Doc encountered a shadow over his cockpit. Doc said his avionics systems went totally haywire, and he felt the aircraft nose down slightly, which can be dangerous at 2, miles per hour 35 miles per minute.

When the SR pilot looked up, Doc was so startled that he almost panicked and immediately made an evasive maneuver to the right and down — one of many maneuvers made if an approaching missile is detected. Doc said the object was so big that it totally blocked out the sun. About 3-minutes later, and some thousands of feet lower, the vehicle reappeared to the side of his left wing tip. He tried his UHF radio and all he could pick up was a deep electrical hum.

He abandoned his attempts to use his radio, as his immediate survival was more important. For the next minutes, the large oval vehicle moved from his left wing tip to the rear of the SR and then to his right wing tip. The movement from the left, to the rear, to the right wing tip took about 2-minutes, and then it reversed the movement. When Doc returned from the mission he immediately went to his debriefing. His commander, a colonel, filled out an incident report, in detail, and then told Doc not to mention the incident to anyone or he would be subject to severe and speedy penalty under military regulations.

Doc felt none would ever go on record with their experiences because of fear of retaliation from the U. During the 9-years after this in-flight incident, Doc related that a few of his trusted friends related similar incidents, with the same type of vehicles, or glowing orbs of dense light, dancing around their SR The Flight Surgeon attributed his symptoms to loss of oxygen. Air Force base physicians his nightmares, for fear the Flight Surgeon would ground him and possibly lose his flying status, however under the influence of alcohol — in a quiet bar — with a trusted fellow SR blackbird pilot Doc friend, Dave opened up.

Dave tearfully related — in an emotional story — having frequent nightmares that something had gotten to him during his flight over Russia. For Dave, what made matters worse was he had absolutely no memory of the flight from the time he lifted off from Osun Air Base Korea until the day after he returned and found himself in the Naval Regional Hospital in Okinawa, Japan.

I managed to track down Dave, who lives in Southern California, who confirmed off-the-record the incident relayed by Doc to me was true. Dave said he was actually happy someone was writing about stories of contact and sightings by military pilots, and was sure he had some type of contact with a UFO. The F crash happened in A sergeant, who worked for me, recovered the F Heads-Up Display film canister while he had earlier been assigned to the Accident Investigation Team.

He told me that a guy in a dark jump suit , who was out of Washington D. One night a couple of weeks after the crash, my U. His communications went dead and a few seconds later his aircraft exploded into the side of a mountain-top. Nevada calls itself the silver state, the battle-born state, and the sagebrush state. A more appropriate motto would be, the conspiracy state.


If it were not for the gaming industry in Nevada, the federal government would be the largest employer in the State of Nevada, with 18, federal and military personnel and another 20, government contractors and suppliers. The Nellis Range covers more than 3,, million acres.