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Learning why your dog does these things, and finding ways to prevent them, will help ensure peace of mind for both you and your dog. Do you ever come home to find your cat in weird places? Cats like to be up high, or in warm spots, or secure inside a drawer or box. Help her feel completely at home with a little catification around the house.

Being introduced to a new environment is stressful for your dog, and it may take more than the basics to help housetraining take hold. Be patient and read our advanced tips for minimizing accidents and maximizing training. Finding the right vet for you and your cat is an important decision. Learn what to look for, what questions to ask and where to start your search. Proper training at the beginning of your life together will ensure the crate is a happy place, not one of punishment or negativity.

Pique their curiosity in healthy ways with these tips for enrichment. Finding the right vet for you and your dog is an important decision. Adult cats can sleep an average of hours a day. That only leaves a handful of hours to get the activity they need to stay at an ideal body condition. Maintaining a healthy weight can help your cat live a healthy, happy nine lives, so here are some tips to help.

Bathing, brushing, nail trimming and more — the basics of grooming are all right here.

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Cats are usually pretty darn good at this task, but even an expert groomer could use a hand from time to time. Keeping a full bowl of water around for your dog is pretty easy to do, but what kind of hydration does he really need? To stay signed in, click continue You will be logged out of your account in 2 minutes. Sign Out. Log in to Petfinder. Forgot Password? Don't have an account?

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Petfinder Makes Adopting Easier Create and save your adopter profile. Save and manage your pet searches and email communications. Learn helpful pet care tips and receive expert advice. Get involved and help promote adoptable pets in your area. Register First Name.

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Last Name. PetFinder is an enormous online database of adoptable dogs. The site partners with almost 14, local rescues. There are so many good people out there looking to become a dog parent. Your dog will be in good hands!

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Here are a few steps you can take: 1. Take A Step Back The first step is a step back. Find A Temporary Foster If time is running out and you absolutely have to get the dog out of your house immediately, rather than rush and risk finding an imperfect home for your dog, find a temporary foster pawrent. Read The Contract If your dog is from a rescue or a reputable breeder, they may require that you return the dog to their care. Avoid Craigslist This is not even an option if you want to get your dog adopted safely and responsibly. They are your go-to. Want to read more stories? Our professional team begins caring for the dogs as soon as they arrive at our state-licensed facility to ensure the dogs successfully transition into forever homes.

We provide specialty collars and leashes, yummy treats, toys and even homemade chicken stew. Once they are granted a NH Health Certificate and observed by our dog savvy rescue team, they are ready to be loved by you!

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Join our growing community of dog parents and best friends. We love every dog we rescue. Good dogs make best friends. Deerfield Fairgrounds, Deerfield, NH. Read more. Looking for a new best friend? We can help! Have you been searching? Ready for ball chasing fun? A perfect addition for every family.