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Refine your search for critter universe. Refine more Format Format. Items in search results. Search refinements Categories. Cell Phone Accessories Pet Supplies 4. Small Animal Supplies 3. Bird Supplies 1. Collectibles 1. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Condition see all Condition. New Used 4. Not Specified 1. Please provide a valid price range. Item Location see all Item Location. Default filter applied. Canada Only. Imagine living in a world where this has already happened.

What an utterly weird world it must be. I believe the true test of any model, such as the model of the atom, is whether it can predict things which aren't already known. I believe the models of the atom have predicted most, but not all, atomic interactions. If we look at a simpler model, a globe is a model of the Earth. While not specifically designed to measure the distance from Bombay to London, it could be used for this purpose by laying a string on the globe between the two, then scaling up the string's length to account for the scale of the globe.

However, in other respects, like the density, the globe may not be correct. Thus, it is a good, but not perfect, model. I think atomic theory falls into the same category.

The earliest versions, with electrons in planar, circular orbits, is the least accurate, and the current, far more complex model with electrons inhabiting waveform probability functions, is the most accurate model. Does light have mass? I have only found conflicting or incomplete answers on the internet. If there were a planet similar to Earth in both size and solar distance, always orbiting on the opposite side of the sun, how would we be able to know it was there?

Dear Readers, I'm in the middle of getting a tattoo but i cant find the formula for this saying. It goes,"Once you are Born, You begin to Die. There is a formula for this, the Theory starts with an "E". I am researching my family history and have a relative aged 19 months who died from " Tabes mesenterita" according to her detah certificat. Could anybody please advise what this is? Tired wikipedia amd medical networks but could only find that "tabes" means gegeneration - i think!

Your term is spelled correctly but is difficult to match to a specific modern diagnosis. Tabes is an old medical term that means wasting. It is a nonspecific term, and could have resulted from many different diseases. Mesenterica is the adjectival form of the word mesentery, which in modern medical usage refers to the tissue that connects the intestines to the rest of the abdominal cavity and contains lymph nodes and blood vessels.

The interpretation might vary by the date and place of the death certificate: the term tabes was used more widely in French than English medical writing and survived in more contexts in the 20th century. In English, the term tabes disappeared from medical usage in the 20th century except as part of the term tabes dorsalis, which is a degeneration of spinal nerves caused by syphilis, not likely the cause of an infant's death.

I also suspect mesenteric may have also been used before the late 19th century in a wider sense to mean "intestinal" but I am not certain of this. If the death certificate was in English and before the late 19th century, the diagnosis was probably not based on an autopsy or diagnostic tests, and so represents a description of the disease process. Describing wasting as a cause of an infant's death mainly implies that the cause of death was not physical trauma, acute infection or illness, or sudden cessation of breathing but a more prolonged process in which failure to thrive was the chief manifestation.

If I am correct that a practicing physician might use the term mesenteric more broadly to imply "involving the intestines or abdomen", then it suggests that diarrhea or abdominal distention were the most prominent signs of the illness. There are many causes of failure to thrive with gastrointestinal manifestations that could have led to death before the 20th century: cystic fibrosis , or chronic infection such as tuberculosis.

The other type of abdominal disease that could have caused a wasting death would have been an obstruction of the stomach or intestines e. I do not know whether tubercular mesenteric adenitis could cause enough enlargement to be palpable in the abdomen and identifiable by a doctor as a cause of death without an autopsy. Can you give us some more context date and location of death? I have one magnet bar and one ion bar , one man talk me that he can make the magnetic field of this magnet,it shall be stronger or weeker by placing one ion bar with the adjustable thickness.

Do you aggree this? In the case 1 , we use one ion bar which is applied to the magnet bar with the thickness of about 5mm. In the case 2 , we use one ion bar which is applied to the magnet bar with the thickness of about 1mm. And at the point Y in the case 1 , by causing of the reluctance effect , and the thickness of the ion bar is thicker , the magnetic field shall be weeker than the point Y of the case 2. A man talk me that he can make the magnetic field of this magnet,it shall be stronger or weeker by placing one ion bar with the adjustable thickness.

Is it right? Kids, if you find an ion bar on the street, do not touch it!!! They can be very reactive, and are used to propel starships. My situation is as follows. I have a dual boot computer with Windows XP and Ubuntu 5. I have told Windows to put its pagefile in a dedicated partition located at the beginning of the hard drive I have just one. My question is: can I tell Linux to use that pagefile as a swap file in an effective way? Just telling it the standard way swapon etc. When it mounts that partition later, it does not know that it has to swapon that file again.

So the result is no mounted swap space. I was also told Google groups that I could format that partition to a swap partition every time Linux starts and format it back to FAT32 every times it shuts down and re-create the swap file , but I do not know how to do this. Can anyone give me advice, please? The word Heliocentric is taken from astronomy sun centered model. What would be the term in social meanings - when a system is centered around a person? I want detailed reading that would throw light on what factors could show that a person did or did not have a mental illness in the past, if there is no evidence of it in the present.

Please reply, My email is address removed to prevent e-mail spam. I was looking at the vital statistics in an old almanac a few months ago and discovered a list of the number of people who died from different diseases and ailments - among which were "Cats in the belly" and "Planet". I've hunted both online and offline and cannot find any clue as to what Planet might be, though I found some mention of cats in the belly related to problems with childbirth. Can anyone throw any light on what these ailments might be?

John MacAdam invented the hardtop roads, but I would like to know when and how. Your page on John MacAdams is small and says nothing besides the tiny nibble I added about hardtop roads. I am trying to find information on a theory proposed several years ago by persons unknown I can't remember a name.

The rudiments of which were that a natural balance exists in nature to wit: that every element attempts to attain a state of equilibrium so that for example hot and cold will gravitate toward a medium temperature. That is simplistic I realize but the best example I could come up with on short notice. My grandmother used to have a West Highland White Terrier that was able to notice other animals on the television and respond with growls and barks etc.

But my attempts to get our Alsation-Collie cross to notice other animals on the television have all failed. He just wont look at the TV. Why wont my dog watch the tele? The family used to have a cat that would look behind the mirrror to try to find that other cat that looked like her. We used to have a creepy cat statue with eyes that seemed to follow you, the housecat would raise his hackles the first time he saw that. When you say the dog won't look at the TV, do you mean the dog actively avoids the set, or just shows no interest?

I suggest running a tape of a barkign dog on TV, and see what that does. Also, it depends where they grew up. For instance, I had a stray cat who would always run from the t. Then, her kittens which we had from birth are fine with it. Please can you tell me what type of rock sedimentary rock , igneous rock or metamorphic rock sulphur and pyrite are? Computerjoe 's talk , 4 April UTC. You don't need a weatherman for this. Just keep a clean nose, be careful of the plainclothes. Politicians use straw polls to determine which way the wind is blowing, which is occasionally affected when one of the gasbags releases more hot air than usual.

In my office I use a mac, and I find that Firefox often freezes if it encounters something it doesn't know how to handle. For instance, if I were to try to go to text twist , a page with, I think, shockwave, Firefox will freeze completely and I have to force-quit out of it. I'm using a brand new iMac with a pentium chip, barely used, and the latest version of Firefox.

The exact same thing happens on the two-year-old iMac in the office, so I don't think it's just my computer. When Firefox in Windows reaches something it can't handle, it tells me so or just refuses to load that page. Here on the Mac I have to force-quit, losing all my tabs and anything I've been working on in Firefox.

How can I get it to be a bit more graceful in dealing with unexpected formats? Are alkaline batteries rechargeable? This website claims that they are. I remember seeing expensive batteries chargers a few years ago that wre supposed to be able to recharge ordinary batteries. I need something I can save on to a CD. Besides brainstorming processes and other business practices, what's this American Inventor judge's claim to fame? The average American house is supposed to have 18 of his inventions.

Yet does this guy publish a list anywhere? He's cited in two patent applications, through a "Personal Engineering" article, though not involved with them. I have a Canon Pixma MP It is an all-in-one printer copies, scans, faxes, does photos, and prints. It is powered via a USB cable. Out of the blue, it has ceased to power on. The black 3e I believe cartridge is full, but the cyan, magenta, yellow cartridges, and the other black cartridge is empty, although I don't think that has anything to do with the situation What could be the cause?

What can I do to solve this problem? Javguerre , 5 April UTC. Try a different USB cable, and try it in a different USB port, or, if possible, on a different computer to elimate failure of your cable or computers usb ports. For great justice. Why do dogs run? The pizzaman , 5 April UTC. I smell a homework question, and I'll be darned if I'm going to devalue the education of a pre-pre-school student who thinks he can just hop on wiki refdesk for the answers to all his problems!!! I've successfully installed the second processor in my Proliant , but things don't seem to be any faster than usual.

Is there something I need to install or trigger to activate multithreading in Fedora Core 4? If a program wasn't designed for multithreading, can an OS split its requests up across two threads for faster processing? Is there a more suitable distribution to take advantage of the two processors FC4 takes nearly 10 minutes to load.

Basically, it will be noticeable if you run more programs at the same time or, reconfigure some of your software. Unless you get like an quad-core apple, and actually run alot of stuff at once, they are useless IMO, nice bragging rights though! I will take this time to ask a foolish question, could Nitroglycerin be used in propelling a craft pecifically a spaceship? In telecommunications, multiplexing also MUXing is the combination of two or more higher level channels into a single lower level channel such that a reverse process, known as inverse multiplexing, demultiplexing, or demuxing, can extract the original channels.

The individual channels are identifiable by a predetermined coding scheme. Modulation is the process of varying a carrier signal in order to use that signal to convey information. The three key parameters of a sinusoid are its amplitude, its phase and its frequency, all of which can be modified in accordance with an information signal to obtain the modulated signal. There are several reasons to modulate a signal before transmission in a medium. These include the ability of different users sharing a medium multiple access , and making the signal properties physically compatible with the propagation medium.

A device that performs modulation is known as a modulator and a device that performs the inverse operation of demodulation is known as a demodulator. A device that can do both operations is a modem a contraction of the two terms. If you thickened something with starch, is there anything easily available to thin it a bit? According to some places, that makes it thicker owing to the grains swelling. Plus, I kind of need it concentrated.

A Serious Reading of Silly Poems about Fictional Critters

Hi, I'm trying to find someone selling small switching PSUs for mounting in an enclosure. I haven't found anything with a lower power rating than approximately W, and most of them are quite bulky the smallest side can't be bigger than 65 mm or they won't fit. There are loads of alternatives for VDC voltage though. This may sound juvenile, but I really have a problem. Thank you very much for your time,. Any assistance would be greatly appriciated; thank you in advance.

I've noticed that anything that a ISP would sell you has a terrible up-down ratio excluding SDSL, but that tends to have lower downspeeds. Where do the ISPs get all their bandwidth? Cyclobutane has this structure with hydrogens , for instance. If you have the condition to make it, please let me know the result. Or if you have the stuck, I have the time to suppose again. Just i'm not native english speaker, and never interested of it in english. Thank you. It doesn't need to be exact, or historically accurate, but just evoke that kind of 'feel'. That IS cursive! That's definately the puppy!

I've asked a few questions on Talk:Adhesive without many satisfactory answers. I would like to know, for example, if I glue two pieces of polished steel with cyanoacrylate glue, how much of the bonding is chemical and how much is mechanical. I am inclined to think that it is largely a chemical bond, but if so, what is the bond involved? Although the eidetic memory page is certainly informative, I'm not quite clear on what answer is arrived at.

Is there, or is there not, such a thing as photographic memory as it is commonly portrayed? By that I mean innate, photographic actually a snapshot, rather than based around important features like 'red shirt' and 'a bit to the left' , essentially effortless, and durable. If not, why is there so much popular certainty that such people exist? The period validity of the patent of the fuel saver by magnet treatment is invalid.

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Ngocthuan 06 , 6 April I don't know the dates of these. An anon added the following to a featured page I watch: "Where an atmosphere is less than 0.

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Hoping someone could point to a source. Marskell , 6 April UTC. Hoping someone knowledgeable in earwig entomology can answer this. I just squished an earwig on the wall with a tissue. While pressing down on it I had to squish it fast but it took a bit of finger-strength to get it to actually squish there was a sound not unlike a clicking sound.

I take the tissue off the wall and there's two things -- the earwig's corpse, dead but intact. And then there was something else, it was a dark color and with a shape that an eggplant might be if you were to bend it in the middle 90 degrees. I'm guessing it was either something fecal or was it perhaps an egg it was carrying?

Perhaps some inside body part of the earwig? Either way it convinced me that killing an earwig is an ickier experience than merely being in the presence of an earwig, and next time I'll capture one in a jar and let it loose in my neighbor's yard instead. Just what in the world popped out of that earwig when I squished it?

It wasn't even messy, just a solid object with no real "splatter" to it. How is it possible to get highly enriched uranium from a centrifuge? Wont that Uranium possess critical mass and undergo fisson? What initiates criticality accidents? Is this true, because the Wikipedia article doesn't say that. Thanks for your help!! Zach , 6 April UTC. Does mermaid exist?

How old are you? To a very lonely sailor, a manatee can look like a mermaid. I've got a question about the surface of a silicon wafer. Do you get an silicon dioxide layer on the surface? If so, what kind of thickness might you expect? If not, what does the surface of a silicon wafer outside of the cleanroom environment look like?

I am going to write an assignment about Feasibility report. I am totally ignorant of this term. I had already sent a question to u n u people replied it too. I beg your pardon sir,hope you will ignore my mistake. I admit it that my English is not proper but you people will have to accept the fact that on the face of this earth a lot of nations with different languages are residing and none can snub a person on the plea that he is speaking or writing wrong English.

I know four languages. I guess its enough for a girl who is just I am not asking you to make my whole assignment I am just asking for a little assistance so that I may be able to fulfill my task properly —The preceding unsigned comment was added by In the case of a feasibility report on an investment, an important indicator of how good the investment would be is the return on investment. This can either be given as a percentage or number of years. That would be considered to be a good investment. A more general way to evaluate feasibility would be a cost-benefit analysis.

The opportunity cost should also be considered. Does anyone know any piece of software to record everything that sounds through the speakers? Something like "redirecting" the data to a file. Thank you very much to all. Will the higher frequency damage it? According to the article the orbit of a Counter-Earth a planet always on the other side of the sun from us is just feasible. So would somebody please point out what is wrong with this analysis:. I think if the Hand of God were to place 2 perfect earth copies around a single sun, then it might be stable for a few million years.

But instabilities, such as solar flares and giant meteors, would soon knock them out of perfect alignment. The formation of a Solar System is horribly unstable, and single planets sweep out their full orbital band. I am doing a research a report about lead and am having trouble finding out about leads history. ANY information would be helpful. Out of all the animal species in the world, what animals are most abundant?

The percentage? Where can I find the article: " On a supposed proof of a theorem in wave motion" which was written by G. Stoney, and published in the Philosophical Magazine in Vol. I am not sure if I will be able to find the place where your response will be posted, and I don't care if the whole world knows my e-mail address, I get lots of junk mail anyway. So if it's possible, send any information you find,to me at newage uniserve.

When I try to download the Yahoo! This happens no matter how many times I try again. Also, under the subject category of Science on the Wikipedia Reference Desk, the word computing looks like a hyperlink while "medicine" and the others don't. When I click on it, I go through the following sequence of links. Can someone help me? When previewing this page, even words that I haven't created links for on the edit page have links after I click "Show preview.

This was the panacea to all my browsing and file-downloading issues. Patchouli , 7 April UTC. It's 8 times easier to catch something with IE than Firefox. The troubles with my kids went down to nothing when I converted everybody. Apparently, even 'good' sites are being hijacked and filled with exploits. I herewith assert that visiting every site hosted by blogger. You are correct, I meant "any site. My site is hosted by blogger.

How long has G-mail been an experiment? How long does it take? My university give me this ridiculous 2 Mb inbox limit and delete things without notice if you go over I've checked, and I can't see how I could possibly over the limit. I'm fed up of it, and since Opera wont let me download IMAP mail what in the world could make this more difficult than downloading POP email which it allows , I need to find an alternative.

Can anyone recommend a service that isn't going to try to charge me to download email or whatever? Another thing that sickens me, is when they say they've "unfortunately" yeah, right; they "unfortunately" want to extort money out of me had to reserve the ability to download email or use email clients to paying customers only. Email services should be free, like the sun, the air or the daffodils planted by the council. Since Google insist on increasing their pledge to users to ludicrously high capacities when they could be opening up Mb accounts to everyone, I pledge to never use their stupid email service as long as I live or until I forget.

Given that a person standing still on earth would nonetheless be moving at several thousand kph due to the earth's rotation, and given that this velocity would only be exponentionally increased by the Earth's revolution around the sun, and given the massive speed at which our solar system revolves around the centre of the milky way, and finally, given the milky way's incomprehensible speed in which it drifts away from the centre of the universe, is it possible to estimate the relative speed at which we're actually moving?

If so what is it, and how close is it indeed to the speed of light? Ngocthuan 06 T UTC. You might also find it in the local hardware store as 'Stump Remover', where you are supposed to soak the stump in it, let it dry, and then light it. Never worked for me. I'm often very tired, and don't have time to get an adequate amount of rest.

I'm wondering, is there anything good about sleep deprivation? Flea , 7 April UTC. Sleep deprivation helps me get work done, as I get too tired to be anxious, and my anxiety contributes significantly to procrastination. This is a question about how non-scientific explanations of the Theory of General Relativity are supposed to explain gravitation. Layman explanations of space-time curvature usually have a diagram apparently always the same one which shows a two-dimensional surface streched downwards into a third dimension at the location of a body having mass.

The story goes that a second body going by with no acceleration will follow a curved path because space-time is curved by the first body. What I don't understand is why this would cause one body to curve towards another rather than away. When I try to figure out what the curved path will actually be from the diagram , it looks like the it should curve away. Apparently, it is implied that the second body would fall into the 'depression' in the original two-dimensional surface because of It's apparently using gravity to explain gravitation.

How is this explanation supposed to work? The Wikipedia article hints it's not a simplistic as the picture, but doesn't seem to go beyond that. Sorry, got my figures wrong. Thanks for correction. Luthinya , 10 April UTC. PS May I add that my above language is extremely inaccurate in depiction, especially without the mathematics to compensate for it. Hope it comes through anyway.

Luthinya , 12 April UTC. Space- time itself possesses more dimensions than our race, so delving becomes completely impossible. All we can do now is follow, once again, the geodesics of the landscape , and trust them to be our easiest way. When there is a stone that curves a rubber sheet downwards the ant naturally walk as close to the stone as possible in getting its way round to the other side, not even waste time climbing or delving into the stone.

The same it is for us- we naturally follow the curvatures already made in the fabric of space- time. When a gigantic gravitational body curves space-time into extra dimensions unreacheable, the easiest way to cross to the other side is to the follow the geodesics and walk as close to the body as possible, giving the effect of being "gravitated towards it", rather than away from it where the journey will naturally be harder. Luthinya , 14 April UTC. It's probably a polite fiction that people can significantly bulk up without an Anabolic steroid.

Just compare the body builders of yesteryear with the Rambo's of today. I hear that we can create a super computer by many used computer, it means that If I have about 10 pcs of Pentium III Pc, I can create one super computer. The Operating System now is open source. User: Ngocthuan 06 UTC. I got annoyed with the Sudoku today because it took me more than stops on the T to solve, so now I've decided that it was a bad puzzle obviously.

I solved the puzzle by supposing one box was one number, working through it all and seeing that it didn't lead to any contradictions. My question is: Was there a logical way to finish this sudoku, without starting with "Suppose this box is a I realize that that is an ok way of finishing a tough sudoku, but I far prefer it when they can be solved more elegantly:. Or simply, if viewing angle changes, should there be a difference in viewing distance?

When we place the screen on the laps in a slate tablet PC, the viewing distance is 1 to 1. Does that say that viewing distance is related to angle of viewing? Paper can be recycled or composted but envelopes cannot be recycled due to the glue. Can envelopes without plastic windows be composted? This directory is called bin and is a subdirectory of your home directory.

Would it not be inefficient for many users to have different copies of the same program? I cant force you to but pretty please do. If a space station were to have a ring with people inside and it was spinning fast enough then it should create artificial gravity. So my question is if a person inside this ring where to jum up would he or she be pulled down to the spot where the jumped up from? Patrick Kreidt. OK - so take a look at the diagradm - the black arrow shows the force vector of the spinning ring.

The red arrow the direction of spin, and the green arrow the arc of the jumping man. Because he has the same forward motion as the ring, the arc he describes, even if he jumps 'up', will put him back where he began. Does anyone know of any free application able to draw chemical structure formulas and save them into the WMF or EMF format, so that they can be inserted in for instance Microsoft Word? A tall order, I know, but I was wondering how long it would take a human body to totally decompose in a four-season with a "real" winter, which is to say at least one or two months below zero degrees Celsius environment.

I've read up on decomposition and eco-cemeteries the latter being the reason I'm interested in the question , but neither go into enough detail to really tell me how long, pillar to post, it takes before a body is entirely gone. Skeleton included. I'm aware that there are factors like ground moisture, limestone, etc. I'm no expert but i know the location where you bury the body really matters, they've found human skeletons and even bodies still fully formed in admitedly extreme conditions that are hundreds of thousand of years old.

Even cremation does not destroy the skeleton completely. See the article for details. I know this is kind of a homework question and you guys don't like that which is fair enough, but i'm revising for my degree and really have no idea why. I am generally quite interested anyway. Cheers, Mark west The reason that synthesis can only occur in the 5'-3' direction is based on the reason these names exist in the first place. If you are an applicant for a degree in molecular biology or something similar, then you know that these names, 5' and 3', refer to the carbon positions in the deoxyribose backbone.

Both the 3' and 5' carbons have hydroxyl alcohol groups attached, however, wheras the 3' carbon is part of the ring, the 5' carbon is sticking out read: much more reactive. Therefore, when DNA is split into monomers, deoxyribose molecules with purine or pyrmidine residues, the 5' carbon loses a bond, whereas the 3' carbon is not directly affected instead the oxygen in the hydroxl loses a bond.

Now consider this, since the residue separating the 5' end of one monomer and the 3' end of the next is a phosphate, the electron in the bond between a phosphate which is completely resonance stabilized and the sugar monomer is much more likely to go to the phosphate. Thus the positive charge can stick on the 3' oxygen unlikely or the 5' carbon very likely. Thus the most likely eventuality is a deoxyribose monomer with a phosphate attached at the 5' carbon.

Since the active sight on the polymerase protein is reactive to the hydroxl side, it sits on the 3' end of the DNA chain and waits fot another monomer to come by, then attaches it via the floater's 5' end. Look at this attachment form far a way, and the chain appears to be growing from the 5' to the 3' direction.

Tuckerekcut , 9 April UTC. In low speed diesel engine, the cylinder head is Manufactured from cast steel. Please, I need to know the alloy grade of cast steel and the folloing properties: 1- denisty 2- specific heat 3- thermal conductivity. Why do electrical storms only seem to occur in a rainstorm, but never in a snowstorm? Loomis51 , 8 April UTC. It's possible to see lightning in a snowstorm. I saw it several times in New Hampshire.

Brian G. Crawford , 8 April UTC. Lightning in a snowstorm is referred to as thundersnow , and we had it here this winter. It depends a lot on other factors, probably - such as the location of the storm, wind currents, etc etc etc. Here in southern New Zealand, for instance, thunderstorms are almost always accompanied by hail rather than rain.

And yes, lightning quite often strikes over the sea where I live I've got a great view over the Pacific , with no obviously spectacular results. Also, does lightning strike in the sea, and if so does anything special happen compared to striking land? At land, unless the lightning strikes at you or very close, you're in no trouble. In the sea, because of salt , electricity is conducted see Electrical conduction. You will get a severe shock from a relatively distant ray if you are taking a bath or even standing at a wet part of the beach.

I would like to know in details about the oxidizing heavy-metal salts as this relates to corrosion of copper and copper alloys. Copper alloys resist many saline solutions, alkaline solutions, and organic chemicals. However, copper is susceptible to more rapid attack in oxidizing acids, oxidizing heavy-metal salts, sulfur, ammonia NH3 , and some sulfur and NH3 compounds. We have a corrosion problem in one of our gas engines of Caterpillar and the service engineer identified the occurance of oxidizing heavy-metal salts on a engine part made of copper alloy.

I would appreciate your helping me out of this situation by providing details obout oxidizing heavy-metal salts. Does anyone know how to stop it from doing this? I dont even have to look at the picture specifically This is NOT a science question. Ohanian , 8 April UTC. Shannon , 9 April UTC. What is hafnium's cosmic history? I've looked everywhere I think I could find that information, but I can't seem to get any information that I need. Could you help me find the information I need, please?

My ears ring when I have earplugs in, I read in the wikipedia article that theres no cure for it, but I was wondering if this was normal, and if there was anything I could do to make them stop ringing, thanks. The ringing you are experiencing is indeed called [tinnitus], but it is not caused by the earplugs themselves. Most likely your tinnitus is constant throughout the day, however you dont notice it because of the ubiquitous background noise of daily life. Even in the dead of night, the hum of environmental control systems and various electronics in your environment distracts your attention from the ringing sound.

However, when you put in earplugs, these sounds are muffled, and the ringing sound, which has been present as a tiny, unwavering signal from your ears to your brain, becomes relatively large compared to the background noise, and you notice it. Unfortunately, tinnitus tends to get worse as we age, mostly from incremental damage to our sensitive ears. Ringing due to acute damage may fade away after a few hours or days, but the underlying chronic tinnitus described here tends to be permanent. Ordinary person has mental illness-- no news.

Eccentricity and poor social skills are usually distinguishable from major mental illness. The whole problem may be solved on a point of perception. Unless you believe in absolute normality, there really is no single frame of reference from which one may judge sanity. From the scientist's point of view, it may the casual person who is mad. In many cases, misunderstanding and misinformation has always tend to crowd scientists with an air of mystery which others, in failing to understand, classifies as 'eccentricity'.

The problem is that scientists are not always interested in making the general public understand themselves, and thus solve the mystery. Then one must stress that the scientist does not necessarily have a mental illness such as schizophrenia , but his novel ways of perceiving the world, and often autistic moods, sometimes deceives the passer- by into thinking that this is so.

In many cases their ways of percieving the world may even be stereotypical enough to be one step from the ideas of a lunatic, save that it is also usually supported by reasoning. The truth is scientists are not always willing to conform themselves in order to undeceive others, and our society does not always enjoy the company of those that do not follow its rules. This discussion is too lengthy to be worth reading. Patchouli , 10 April UTC. Unfortunately, this is pretty much how most of our society tends to view especially technological geniuses.

Please can someone give me the code required to make an adding machine in Microsoft Visual Studio C express edition? Computerjoe 's talk , 8 April UTC. Hey folks! I was just reading Olivier Darrigol's paper from the journal Isis on the Einstein-Poincare priority dispute, and I came across the phrase "radiation paradoxes" as an item of importance. What are these radiation paradoxes? I'm a layman, so I was hoping someone could explain it in ordinary english.

Thanks in advance! How many diseases affect the man most and the woman most? Thousands of diseases affect people of different sexes differently statistically for thousands of known and unknown reasons. In other words, it may be more unusual for a disease to have exactly the same sex distribution of the population than to have at least a small sexual association. I was wondering, are there any lossy text compression algorithms? Hate to be a nuisance, but how can I force WMP to save video that's being streamed from the web?

I'm totally missing something here What is the difference among these? Patchouli , 8 April UTC. Patchouli , 9 April UTC. I'm trying to make a diagram in xfig which includes some LaTeX formatted text. I'm following the instructions here. I'm a hair away from giving up. This is for a wikipedia article, so if you can straighten this out for me, you're helping grow an article.

So for the text you just put placeholders in the xfig doc, and then go into the exported source and hack the text in by hand. The biggest downside is that if you need eepic, it won't work with PDFLaTeX and you'll have to do the two-step process to get a pdf file, which may not have hyperlinks. I overheard someone saying that you lose part of your vision or something like that when you have LASIK surgery, is this true?

I used to use a motorola v and the code is in the phone, I just cant retreive it I dont know how , how can I get the code? In terms of time, how accurate are the Iridium flare predictions? I know my latitude, longitude, and elevation to within 30 m, so the errors in my position shouldn't affect the results too much. I'm curious about this because I plan on photographing tomorrow night's magnitude -2 flare, using a second exposure time.

I'm going to use an accurate clock to tell me when to press the shutter button--there needs to be 7. I saw and purchased some tinted CD-Rs yesterday in Taipei. Do they employ newer dyes? Or are they just ordinary CD-Rs with tinted polycarbonate plastics? Can anyone help in recommending a free Open University that allows under- 18 pupils to enjoy the studies of Mathematical Modelling and Theoretical Physics? I shall be deeply grateful for any suggestions. In a book I have read recently concerning the spin of subatomic particles, I have heard Max Born say that though particles do not actually have spin in the usualy sense of the word, yet they still behave as if they have angular momentum.

I am afraid I have not been able to decipher this remark, and shall be grateful if anyone may help in understanding it. See Hybrid and Horizontal gene transfer and HeLa a single cell species created by humans from a human for interesting examples of what is possible, and Category:Mythological hybrids for what people used to think was possible.

In colour images taken of the night sky, do astronomers ever attempt to correct the colours to allow for redshift? Obviously this would be tedious, difficult and probably impossible where the redshift of objects is not known. However for something as large as the Orion Nebula, is this ever done?

Can we defeat radiocarbon dating? I think it is very possible. I think you can always find cheap and aboundant materials that are not polluted by post-WW II radioactive fallout e. Scientists can only conduct destructive tests on unwritten parts of the speciment. I guess you don't even need to make 14 C-poor ink. I think it is possible to make something to defeat 12 C and most other scientific dating techniques. You can mass-produce multiple copies of the forged document each created and aged a little differently and test them with all the tools available.

The copy that can fool all tests will be released to the scholars. Maybe you can breed your own "ancient" Cyperus using DNA fragments extracted from real antiques. Now add to the fact that your Ancient language experts are few and far between. Most of them are scholars, and they all know each other. My question is based on the following, which is from "Beyond Velikovsky", by Henry Bauer, page He says that Velikovsky attributed some things to electromagnetic forces between astronomical bodies. In physicist V.

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Bailey found a mathematical error in Menzel's calculations. I have two questions: 1 what became of Bailey's theory? Bubba73 talk , , 10 April UTC. It is disproved by practically everything known about the actual behavior of the Sun and heliosphere. This was first explained by this writer in Kronos X:3, , pp. The model lacks rigorous mathematical support. No one has ever shown that the electric charge required to produce the cited craters, e.

Other examples of so-called electric discharge effects on planets, asteroids, and satellites such as Europa can be explained by conventional means without invoking cosmic electricity. I wish to know in detail the method of RF power measurement in different modes such as a. Timeslot Mode b. Continuous Average Mode c. Buffered Continuous Average Mode d.

Scope Mode. Is it possible to host your own website on your own computer? Would this require a fixed IP address? Well here are some of my doubts about some basic concepts of C programming. I have divided them in different queries.


First i compile not run prg1, then i compile prg2. Now, after the compilation of prg2 is over, what happens to the space which was reserved by variables like j and k? As we have not used memory allocation functions, does that memory get freed on its own? A second question about this same query, in any of the above programs, when i would print the values of any variable i,j or k, a random or garbage value would be printed. But wat is the basis of that random value?

I mean some logic would have been built up in the writing of the code for the functions like rand srand , etc. So wats the logic there and also here? Or does it not have any limits? Secondly, if "x" has a limit, on what does it depend? Does it depend on the type of array, like here its an integer array, so does it depend on the type of the variable defined? On unix, now see the ulimit command. Explore variations on the theme, try long instead of int, etc. Contemplate the implications for portable programming. Now, whenever the address of "i" is printed, its always less than or some value near that.

Why is it so? Is it because of the reason, that the disk segments are always divided in sizes of units? The purpose of a Cap is, like in any load circuit, to buffer power between a source and a load. A cap allows the voltage drops from the battery or alternator to be filtered out, which is important if you are running a lot of power. If the amp is running only W RMS likely for a single sub " then there is generally enough capacity in the battery and alternator, so a big external cap is superfluous.

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Once you get past WRMS is when you see issues with voltage drop along the wiring, and overloading of alternators and batteries to the point of destruction so extra provisions a cap is among them, but shouldn't be the first may be needed. I was reading a book about the Vietnam War the other day and a section of the book referred to the portion of the war in Laos. The author of the book referenced a certain animal that one of the other Americans had as a pet. For a long time nobody knew what the animal was called until one of the people stationed there happened to see the animal "Critter" on a Laotian postage stamp with the name "Panis Auritas".

I can find no information on this animal I did find a picture of the postage stamp but no "Critter". Can anyone help with this information search. It looks a lot like a Pangolin to me - I have read in some places and seen some examples that electro-magnetism , specifically ionised air and static electric fields can move objects of any kind of matter.

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How does it work if it does. I think it does as have read an interesting article on it. Am looking into it as a skeptical answer to poltergeist phenomena. Swenson, 3M Company Tremendous static charge generation on a plastic web causes unique physical phenomena and special problems.

Solution was simple and cost effective. David Swenson of 3M Corporation describes an anomaly where workers encountered a strange "invisible wall" in the area under a fast-moving sheet of electrically charged polypropelene film in a factory. This "invisible wall" was strong enough to prevent humans from passing through. A person near this "wall" was unable to turn, and so had to walk backwards to retreat from it. This occurred in late summer in South Carolina, in extremely high humidity. Polypropelene PP film on 50K ft. The film was taken off the main roll at high speed, flowed upwards 20ft to overhead rollers, passed horizontally 20ft and then downwards to the slitting device, where it was spooled onto shorter rolls.

The whole operation formed a cubical shaped tent, with two walls and a ceiling approximately 20ft square. The PP film had been manufactured with dissimilar surface structure on opposing faces. Contact electrification can occur even in similar materials if the surface textures or micro-structures are significantly different.

The generation of a large imbalance of electrical surface-charge during unspooling was therefor not unexpected, and is a common problem in this industry. On entering the factory floor and far from the equipment, Mr. When he attempted to walk through the corridor formed by the moving film, he was stopped about half way through by an "invisible wall.

He observed a fly get pulled into the charged, moving plastic, and speculates that the e-fields might have been strong enough to suck in birds! The production manager did not believe Mr. Swenson's report of the strange phenomena. When they both returned to the factory floor, they found that the "wall" was no longer there. But the production workers had noticed the effect as occurring early in the morning when humidity was lower, so they agreed to try again another day. The second attempt was successful, and early in the morning the field underneath the "tent" was strong enough to raise even the short, curly hair of the production manager.

The "invisible wall" effect had returned. He commented that he "didn't know whether to fix it or sell tickets. Uuuuuum so now we have established that i didnt make the story up and its from a competant source, exactly how would it work? I thought thats what this part of the site was for. The answer Robin is looking for can be found in human psychology, not physics. Humans mispercieve things all the time.

Humans misreport things all the time. It can't. Wouldn't it be cool, useful, and a source of immense profit if it existed? Of course it would. The actual profit here lies in selling books and ads on sensationalistic sites. Always follow the money. Thank you for a civil reply. Actually if you study the evidence, and arthur c clarke did in his book "world of mysterious powers" not all poltergeists can be put down to misunderstanding, illusion and fraud. Secondly their seems to be many effects that can do things described in some poltergeist cases.

I have been told electromagnetic fields, ultra and infra-sound, ionizing radiation,radiation pressure and static charging can shoot things about. But the complete expulsion of the case i mentioned as fraud without a proper incquiry bugs me. It seems like a genuine case. And the only bill beaty articles i can find on crank. Robin april 11th. Hmmmm i doubt it was something like that as its gave no mention of loss of muscle control, it states he leant his full weight against the invisible barriar, he coudnt do that if he had lost muscle control.

Robin 14th april. Hmmm thank you for your input mr Beatey, but as i stated above, the acount talked about leaning his whole weight against it, that could not have been done with just a loss of muscle control, and also if this were true he would not haven been able to walk himself out. So we are stuck with the other two, i am more inclined to beleive the idea that it was normal physics, just in an unusal manifestation. But i have a question which is what kinds of electromagnetic [ or purely electric or purely magnetic] fields can have an effect on objects and people, not a wall effect per se, just moving or knocking about by concussive force etc?

Robin 15th april Robin. Does anybody have experience of using Eusing Registry Cleaner?