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Product Finder The Interactive Product Finder is designed to show connector options that meet your design requirements. Search By Connectors Contacts Accessories Tools Go. Need Help? Not for the first time do we discover that there is a very fine line indeed between criminals and the police. Michael Connelly follows his superb first legal thriller with another outing for his ever popular series character, Detective Harry Bosch.

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Detective Harry Bosch from LAPD is back trying to unravel a year-old mystery which has haunted him since it happened, in connection with the disappearance of a young lady, Marie Gesto. Someone has recently been arrested and is allegedly going to indicate her whereabouts.

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In a whirl of politically connected events and fast-paced actions, Bosch tries to extricate the truth and is helped in this process by his close friend Rachel from the FBI. They will discover some uncomfortable truths and their lives, especially Bosch's, are consequently at stake.

I have read other books by the same author "The Lincoln Lawyer", "Void Moon", "Lost Light", which I would generally rate with 4 stars , but I do not think this book deserved it in full.

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Although it was quite fast-paced and intriguing, I also found its plot a trifle too far-fetched, especially towards the end. Una persona l'ha trovato utile. Vedi tutte le 3 recensioni. Acquisto verificato. After the conclusion of this episode in Bosch great adventures I wonder what comes next. He has shown that he can be dirty if it suites his purposes - to the point of orchestrating a murder of a witness that happens as soon as he has enough evidence for his case.

His case is all he cares for.

Sillia energy to take over Bosch solar plant in France

His case most often than not is where the victim is a young woman, preferably a prostitute - in commemoration of his murdered mother, a prostitute who was found unfit mother when he was 11 year old; for no rational reason he is still hang up on it 40 years after the fact, even after he solved her murder. That alone would show one how mentally and emotionally unsound he is.

He cares for NOBODY with whom he crosses ways with, whether it is personal or professional relationship; and he uses and puts in jeopardy everybody who is willing to help him. I know I am not adding anything new to what has been written about him by other readers. One spoon of tar spoils a barrel of honey, as they say in Russia. This character is the whole bowl of tar. And although I have read all of the series - I hate Bosch. He needs to end, as he is not about to retire.

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Echo Park attracted my attention because I live in LA and the title intrigued me. I had never read Michael Connelly before and police procedurals are not what I typically gravitate to. Nevertheless I was completely absorbed in this intense , taut thriller of a novel. It's not an easy book to review without giving away some spoilers but let me just say that his writing is awesome.

Echo Park (Harry Bosch t. 12) (French Edition) eBook: Michael Connelly: Kindle Store

If you are familiar with Los Angeles all the better because his depictions put you right there. I will certainly read more in this series and check out the Amazon TV production based on the LA detective who is the protaganist ; Harry Bosch. Crisply written with lots of plot twists and believable dialogue, Echo Park is a serious page turner. Nothing better than discovering a new series and realizing there are so many more to explore. Great stuff.