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Our Saturday goal was to replace the horrible old laminate flooring with a fresh clean newer laminate flooring- anything would be better then the 20 year old purple and green diamonds filled with white lilies. Black, ugly, not-welcomed mold. Years of untouched mold had grown in the dark places beneath the cracks in the floor. Years of neglect and hiding in the dark let this harmful grossness thrive.

And this got me thinking. A few months ago I pulled back the old laminate floor covering my heart and let someone in.

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And this peeling back? For years I kept this particular sin a secret. The thought alone can make us shake in our boots and squirm in our seat. And when we keep that sin tucked away, tucked away from others eyes, there it is fed.

Sin Exposed

There it festers, it grows, it burns. Kept in the dark our sin is fed by the enemy. He likes when we are afraid to show our struggles, our pains.


Sin tucked away breeds isolation, fear, and loneliness. It keeps us from being real, raw, open, and authentic. It has happened to me and the dulling shock which the experience gave me, is a reminder that I am really not how I think other people see me. Over the years I have been blessed by the Lord that Christian friends and acquaintances have given me their testimonies of me, and it was interesting how little their priorities and mine aligned.

To Be Exposed to the Immensity of Our Sin

Characteristics and actions important to me, were not necessarily important to them. The same has occurred when Jill and I have undertaken extended fasts and prayers together. That is often the time, during our joint prayer time, that God will speak to me through Jill and bring to light areas of sin in my life. A couple of years ago I recognised that the Lord was repairing my spiritual foundations by plugging holes which existed there. However, I soon realised that these small things were deep down in the foundations of my faith and if the enemy were to have attacked there, my whole Christian foundation could have been made unstable.

I thank the Lord for those opportunities to repent and receive His forgiveness.

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Summer Sermon Series. Online Sermon Editor. In chapter four, Paul sought to warn the Corinthian church much like a father would warn his son 1.

Sin Exposed

Scripture: 1 Corinthians Denomination: Baptist. For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? The verdict is in, are you guilty or not guilty?

Has anyone here ever been a witness in Scripture: 1 Peter Denomination: Assembly Of God. The word has become one used primarily in religious conversations. Yet is a key to our eternal destiny and our every day walk with God. For more Bible studies visit: www. Scripture: 2 Corinthians Denomination: Calvary Chapel.

The Christian can use the Law as a resource or a supervisor to discover the Law of Love. The order, the predictability of these heavenly bodies also Scripture: Psalms Denomination: Nazarene.

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Power Failure How do you feel about coming to church? Why is this? Scripture: Psalms , 1 Timothy A Needed Rebuke 2 Samuel I. Nathan A.

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Confronting the king was risky B. Confronting the king was necessary II. David A. His mission was Scripture: 2 Samuel Denomination: Christian Missionary Alliance.