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I think it actually detracted from the story. Love has obsession with wolf ears, tail, and lollipops childish but endearing Thus meeting Dary, who rubbed me the wrong way in this meeting. He came across condescending to Love though we know that's not his personality! Only time will tell if the series will answer any of these questions. Mar 13, Serena Yates rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a very cute, very funny story. But with a nice variation, in that Love is anything but submissive. He is head strong, a total brat at times and so overly concerned with his appearance it's funny.

The way Logan reacts to him on a purely instinctual level is the "usual werewolf insta-love", strengthened by the mate bond. But Logan also accepts Love's every eccentricity. I liked This is a very cute, very funny story. I liked that message about true love: How many of us have wished we'd find someone like that? Or have a friend who just doesn't seem to 'fit' and wants to find love and acceptance like that - just like everyone else?

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If you like your heroes a little out-of-the-ordinary, don't mind some tongue-in-cheek humor and adore werewolves you will probably like this book. At the beginning of the story, I didn't like it that much, luckily I kept reading. Apr 09, Lee rated it liked it. However, that doesn't really mean anything because the bar is set pretty low. Like the two books before it, Love Sexy suffers from poor editing. Granted, a lot of the errors are minor, but they are noticeable and they pull you out of the story. The book moves along at a fairly fast pace and the protagonists are put in some challenging situations.

I like the character of Logan, he seems solid and well rounded. However, the character of Love He comes off as being a spoiled, unappreciative, slightly off balanced brat. I'm sorry, people who pout are childish, and people who think that pouting is sexy don't appeal to me. As big as Logan was, Love had no doubt that he could cover his smaller body from head to toe, and then some. Love yelped in surprise as he was suddenly lowered to the ground. He barely had time to steady himself on his feet before hands were pulling at his clothes. The low rough rumble emanating from Logan told Love that the man liked what he saw.

His lip curled back, showing off his perfect white teeth. Love held his arms out to his sides. Some intuitive gut feeling told Love that he had just become the prey to a hunter. Going purely on instinct, Love turned and ran. He tilted his head to one side, giving Logan unobstructed access to the side of his throat.

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It was a submissive gesture. Love knew that, but he was helpless to stop it. Something in him demanded that he submit. Love could no more deny that powerful demand than he could have stopped breathing.

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Shock rocked through him as he realized Logan bit him, but he still cried out as the combination of pleasure and pain overwhelmed him. Small keening sounds escaped from his lips. Love wanted to be consumed. He wanted to burn for Logan.

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He could feel Logan sucking on his neck, marking him, claiming him, but he needed more. The teeth in his neck withdrew. Love was pushed down onto the ground, landing on his hands and knees. Logan began stretching him, adding another finger, then another. Some part of Love wondered where the man got lube, but he was too overcome with burning sensation to really care. He was just thankful because he felt pretty sure Logan was about to fuck him into the ground. Love felt Logan pull his fingers away and press his massive cock into him. Love groaned, his head dropping forward.

Still, there was something distinctively different about being fucked by Logan.

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He felt like he was being claimed and not just fucked, like somehow Logan was placing a stamp of ownership on him. Everything felt different, more intense. Love could feel his orgasm building deep within his body and knew that it was going to be spectacular. Logan was going to consume him. His fingers curled into the cold dirt beneath him as streaks of pleasure exploded throughout his entire body. Wish List Gift Book. I really liked Logan and Love. This was another fun, sexy, sweet addition to the series!

Looking forward to more. More From True Blood Mate. Seeing Is Believing MM. Hawk's Pretty Baby MM. Site last updated Jul 03, He didn't expect to meet the man of his dreams. When someone starts looking into his past, keeping his political career may be the least of his problems. It could cost him the man he's falling in love with.

When Ervyn discovers he has a third mate in Mykel Leon, Bishop must move past his fears or risk losing Ervyn forever. While this is taking place, his mother throws him out, he meets the men of his dreams, and someone tries to kill him.

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    She's resistant, of course, but as she rents a cottage from one of the men, and soon meets his brothers, she realized they are all related and represent everything she fears. They're hardcore, had commanding attitudes, and are soldiers. Can she take a chance to trust them when they're similar to her ex?

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    An assassin with a need to punish those who hurt his kind. All it took was one touch from his sweet mate for him to discover life was more than Death had ever imagined. For love had returned his soul. His wolf is exactly what he needs, but can he win Angel over, or will their own personal demons interfere with their mating?

    His stars are dying, and he, god of fire, has fallen for Fross, god of snow and ice, and Enigmuss worker, Moth. How can that work without him melting one and incinerating the other? Between them, they have to figure out who's trying to destroy the Elementals. Weeks of recovery behind her and her attacker still at large, Sierra is frightened of her own shadow. A vampires who enslaved werewolves and turned them into the beasts they are feared as. Fair enough. Skyler doesn't like him either.