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With the purpose of increasing awareness of this tradition, Mary travels throughout Mexico each October and interviews local inhabitants, anthropologists, and anyone with knowledge of Day of the Dead as it is celebrated in their communities. Through study, she realized the subtle differences in the celebrations among the states of Mexico.

Above all, she discovered a deep respect for this age-old tradition. Grand Rapids Public Library offers a teacher resource guide. Included in our resource guide are websites and books you can use to show students examples from the Understanding Day of the Dead fact list. ESOL Courses has worksheets for varying ages and language abilities:. Mexican Sugar Skull has an extensive teacher page about the Day of the Dead. Included are the history of the holiday, history of sugar skulls, how to make an Ofrenda altar , how to make sugar skulls, paper decorations, and more:.

“The Song of Wandering Aengus”

This is my favorite resource on this list! In this masterpiece Rivera depicts the end of an era destroyed by the Revolution war, and the beginning of a new cycle as a modern and more equitable nation. And Khan Academy on the painting. El Museo offers a detailed guide that includes traditions in Mexico, celebrations in the US, activities, glossary, and more. Of special interest is the bibliography and webography - it is an excellent resource.

The educator guide contains background information on the life and contributions of Posada in both Spanish and English along with resources, a glossary, images and lesson plans. File size: 10 MB.

All You Need to Know to Teach Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead | Wandering Educators

The packet features information about the Mayan roots of this holiday and showcases the unique traditions of this region. Teacher Vision has a section on videos and activities for different K grades, including lesson plans, worksheets, and more. National Geographic's Education blog offers links to resources. Bob Krist has an incredible look at the preparation for and celebration of the Day of the Dead, in Oaxaca.

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It's very creative - and. Lauren Benichou made this short documentary film her very first about making, assembling, and decorating sugar skulls. A video by Lucas Schroeder made to accompany his winning essay.

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For the last two weeks, we have been honoring the Top 10 winners of our Student Editorial Contest by publishing an essay each day in the order in which they were submitted. We can see tanks rolling down the streets of Ukraine, marvel at Olympians in Sochi, and watch celebrities glide down the red carpet in Hollywood from flickering screens in our living rooms. The best lessons in life come from wandering off the paved paths to explore. Remember: teaching your child how to swim does not mean your child is safe in water.

If you own a pool, fence it and if neighbors have pools, let them know of these safety precautions and your child's tendency to wander. Remove all toys or items of interest from the pool when not in use. Alert Your Neighbors It is recommended that caregivers plan a brief visit with neighbors to introduce their loved or provide a photograph.

Knowing your neighbors can help reduce the risks associated with wandering. See the caregiver tool kit below for resources to use to alert them.

Education of a Wandering Man Quiz

Alert First Responders Providing first responders with key information before an incident occurs may improve response. Informational handouts should include all pertinent information and be copied and carried with caregivers at all times.

Circulate the handout to family, neighbors, friends and co-workers, as well as first responders. See the tool kits below for resources to use to alert them. It is important for the safety plan to cover all areas of the person with autism's life including home, school, and any community activities.

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Inform all teachers, caregivers, and trusted community members about the safety plan. Many families share the forms with their local first responders. The AWAARE Collaboration works to prevent wandering incidents and wandering-related deaths within the autism community through the use of collective organizational resources, and by establishing and monitoring objectives, guidelines, policies, and tools that promote awareness, education, prevention and safety. The Big Red Safety Tool Kit from the National Autism Association is designed to provide direct aid and support to families of children with autism at risk.