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This offering is bolstered by ancient intelligence and tempered by the strength of the enduring Goddess. Green obsidian. Known as the Gaia Stone, green obsidian assists in the work of self-healing emotional wounds and traumas and for releasing energies trapped within the Heart Chakra. The energy of green obsidian promotes the growth of love and loving relationships, inducing compassion and encouraging tolerance.

Unakite jasper. Did you know that unakite jasper is actually a blend of red jasper and green epidote? Jade symbolizes strength, renewal, endurance, and prosperity. It brings healing, tranquility, wisdom, and both financial and spiritual growth. This specimen will help dispel negative energy, as it encourages self-reflection, balance, and clarity of vision to aid you in planning your next move with refined intention and heightened intuition. It was thought that in the night, peridot glowed from within and would lead seekers to their intended path — often toward treasure.

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This stone brings luck, bounty, and wealth. It draws abundance energy, opens the Heart Chakra, and attracts opportunity. Green aventurine. Green aventurine is full of the vibrant energies we need to promote growth, prosperity, and spiritual attunement. And as a member of the quartz family, this stone possesses all the powers of magnification, intensification, and sealing of spells or intentions. A redesigned, reimagined fragrance to honor our planet, creation, and the Divine Mother.

It is predominantly scented with my Mother Earth oil and comes infused with a chrysocolla chip stone. May this set of tools serve as a reminder to show great love and respect to Mother Earth, to pay back the vitality she has blessed us with. And so it is. Note: This product is made with natural essential and carrier oils, and may contain fragrance oils.

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If you feel this energy, know that you are being called and guided. I cannot put into words the beauty of plants as this must be felt in your heart. I can say that they will change you and your life because they are unconditional love of what is the heart and soul of everything. They are our sacred teachers. I had envisioned myself as an apprentice of plants and that I am. However, I also became a sister in our sisterhood and sacred circle.

I received healing from and with my sisters. They taught me how to love and open my heart once again to human beings. I see divine light in the eyes of my sisters that I am encouraged and motivated to claim myself as a goddess that I know we all are. I do forget how much I have grown on this journey as I am already her. I still have much more to grow but the possibilities and potentials are already present within my heart.

I am thankful and grateful for Marysia as a teacher for following the calling of her heart on her journey. I am also thankful and grateful for her love, support and guidance on my journey. Marysia is a beautiful sister and goddess! Marysia is able to create a space that is both safe and sacred, thus allowing individuals to experience the wisdom and love of these amazing plants and herbs. Marysia brings joy and passion to her teaching that is contagious. I feel like my soul and physical body have been touched with such nurturing and nourishment that my very essence has been affected.

My understanding and knowledge of healing has also greatly expanded, which is tremendously empowering! I met amazing people and made strong connections. I learned how to relate to plant on a different level through meditation. Every weekend was like a magical retreat in breathtaking Topanga canyon or Marysia's sacred place. I learned so much about medicine making and made so many during class. And I feel very confident and comfortable doing it.

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I was able to share the knowledge I learn with the children in my preschool and made some medicine with the plants we foraged in the garden. I am very grateful with this experience and recommended Gaia school and Marysia to all my friends. I have stepped out of my own way, allowing blockages to open and my essence to flow magically and freely. I have let go of past judgements of myself, others, ideas, and expectations; knowing that my ancestors, plant spirit allies and guides will support me along the path of my personal passion and creativity How this transformation unfolded and to what magical degree I could not have anticipated, and yet undergoing the experience was like a discovery of long lost treasures, an opening of dormant buds, a kind of coming home.

I strengthened my relationship to the plant realm and my own mind-body connection; I committed to a life path of healing and plant spirit bonding; I met new plant teacher allies and profoundly deepened my trust in the benevolence of the universe; I witnessed how powerful a group of heart connected women are capable of being. These are all incredible blessings I'm still learning to receive with deep gratitude and a sense of enlivened responsibility that continues to shape and magnify. This course has helped me ground myself in a nourishing spiritual practice.

It's opened up new channels of knowing, sensing, and communication. Marysia has a piercingly strong connection to the plant realm and an incredible ability to hold space for others to journey with her. Under her guidance we learned invaluable life tools and wisdoms that are ready to be reclaimed. I'm incredibly honored to have these teachings passed on to me. I am so grateful for you, Marysia and the Gaia School of Healing. I feel like I am finally on my path and doing what I was put here to do and learn. The plants, herbs and nature have been the greatest teachers. They are so unconditional with their love and support that it blows my mind.

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We are all meant to be using the earth's gifts for our well-being but somewhere along the way the information about the plants and plant spirits got lost. I am so grateful that you have restored this knowledge to me Marysia. In the foundation of all these wonderful supports, lives the plant spirit world that so graciously opened up to me. The presence I have learned in this course has transformed how I approach life. The friendships I have developed with these beautiful women and these amazing plant spirits has empowered my abilities to intimately connect with the world around me.

Moving from the root to the crown was such a pleasure. I was able to dance with the flow of energy that runs through my being and intently connect as a deep relationship with my self grew. Marysia has been the most wonderful guide through this journey. Her energy creates a loving space to freely discover the Beauty of Plant Spirit Medicine.

She has the essence of a butterfly, gentle and free flowing, as she inspires transformation.

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Her spirit sings out like a confident rose, captivating all your senses and bringing you to a space of peace and openness. She takes the journey with you, holding the container with such reverence, growing herself as well. Infinite thanks to what this experience has given to me. Hear the call, and follow your heart!

You are a journey worth taking! The container of our sacred womens circle was able to hold all that was happening with us through our journey. Seeing my own healing happening and the transformation, blossoming of others was priceless experience in trust. It is not only the knowledge, and we did learn a lot, but the visceral, first hand experience of the communion with the spirit within ourselves and with the spirit of each of our plant family we sat with that is magical about this journey.

It restores the trust in life, restores the trust into the possibility of great healing that is so needed for our humanity and our planet. We are truly abundant already, as all is given for each one of us to be thriving in our world. All the healing and joy are within us and Mother Gaia is lovingly providing us with the plant allies to help us embody this truth. We are just the last ones to remember, and this course facilitates exactly that, the return to the truth of who we really are and of interconnectedness and sacredness all the life around us.

What they are, their role in my physiology, herbs associated to each and how to open them and what it feels like to have them be open. I also learned about spirit, ritual, and gained a much deeper sense of plant beauty and magic. I am now a novice at Wise woman tradition, and incorporating ritual, and meditation. I've learned how to have a home practice of these, and how to bring them into my daily life in a practical and meaningful way. Saying she is great teacher doesn't come close to describing her. Marysia leads by example and she teaches from many modalities.

We learned through direct experience and interactions with the plants, through reading and resources, through hands on making of herbal medicines and more. She draws from the wisdom of master teachers in her life as well as the Wise Woman tradition handed down through the ages. She encourages her students to take in the essence of all they come in contact with, to have reverence for nature and to be responsible stewards of the earth.

I highly recommend this course to anyone that is ready to step into the magical realm of plants and be guided by this beautiful mentor. This spark, now lit, only wants to shine brighter and burn deeper. The teachings are more like rememberings, it's as if the knowledge has always been within me and with the sacred space we create with Marysia everything is able to bubble up to the surface reveal itself. The plants are magical allies that yearn to share their medicine with us and help heal us.

This journey is one I am so grateful I began. The world that opens up is precious, unlimited, everyday, in the here and now, infinitely conscious, and Divine. Marysia is caring, patient, supportive, experienced, learned, and guides in a powerful and empowered way. It has shown me that no matter what, when I feel the most alone or lost, I have the earth and all her gifts to love, support, and provide.

If I give to her, she will always give back. I am not alone, we are all connected and there is always hope.

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  7. I have the power, courage, and strength to provide for myself in anyway I need; through manifestations, energy, and inner power, I can find the solutions to any area of challenge or growth. I can heal myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I feel more connected with myself and the earth. This magic course helped me fall in love with my kitchen and cooking and to create things with my hands. It has provided a safe loving space to unblock my energy points and to allow healing to take place by these plants. This Journey has been so beautiful and life changing. I am so grateful for this knowledge and ancient traditions for it has taught me self love and love that has to be shared with others.

    These ways are important to pass down to the next generation of kids. So blessed to be apart of this movement here on the West Coast. I have been taking many classes from many different amazing sources, on line, with renowned herbalists and foragers. I am two classes away for having a Master in Herbology from Trinity School. But I was looking for something more, I was looking for a school where I could have all the experiences together.

    I wanted more relevant knowledge, exposure to plant and nature, hands on activity of medicine making, and spiritual, shamanism experience. And I got so much more from her classes, they occurred in beautiful places in Santa Monica and Topanga Canyon where you feel very connected with nature, beauty, and spirituality.

    Every weekend is like a retreat where the world stop and connection begins. My life style has change my apartment is full of plants, tincture, oils, vinegars and cordials.

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    My evenings are filled with meditation and new books and lectures to read. My friends, family and colleagues are drawn to take herbs and try new ways. My connection with plants have deepen and are much more intimate and reciprocal. I learn so much more in only 6 classes, and it just the beginning. I am even thinking of re-enrolling for the next year, I just don't want it to end.

    If you are serious about exploring and excelling in herbal healing medicine, then, without question, look no further - you just found the ideal school. For months before our class started, I struggled with whether or not it was the right thing for me to do. I don't have tons of extra money, and my husband thought it sounded really out there.