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NET Activator. The System Integrator uses the. NET Activator to specify a. NET Activator uses Reflection to interrogate the list of. NET components hosted in the Cache and provides the System Integrator with a list of the classes and methods exposed by each assembly. The System Integrator selects which methods they want to be available as Integration Wizard functions in the Metastorm Designer. NET Activator then creates a Metastorm library containing a script with these functions.

NET Activator saves the library in. XEL format. For information on using the Metastorm. NET Activator to import methods from. NET assemblies into the Metastorm Designer, refer to the. NET Activator Help.

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This can be accessed from the. A Process Designer publishes the library. A Process Designer can use functions exposed by. NET Assembly components from within Metastorm procedures by including the created library within their procedures. If the. A skeleton script including class declaration and instantiation is available, but scripting of the method calls may need to be modified manually. Stateless assemblies are those in which a single method can be called without requiring any previous methods to be called.

Stateful assemblies are those which require a number of method calls. An example would be if you were to receive a result back from a rules engine, pass the value into the assembly and then perform other actions using different functions in the assembly. NET developer writes process events which are triggered by events exposed in the Designer. NET 4. NET framework version 2. NET 2. DCOM Access permissions granted to the installing user.

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For example, it provides a list of the available process maps. For a particular map, it can provide a list of all the available actions within the map, together with form field definitions etc. The Process Metadata Service is not installed by default.

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This is installed as part of Windows Server or can be installed separately. For further details of supported environments and installation prerequisites for Metastorm BPM, refer to the Supported Environments guide and Installation Prerequisites guide provided with the main product.

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NET: 1. Insert the Process Orchestrator for. Configured to autorun, the installation procedure starts automatically Not configured to autorun: Access Windows Explorer and browse to the files on the CD. Double-click the file Autorun. The autorun screen is displayed.

To proceed with the installation, click on the Process Orchestrator for. NET link. Click on the Next button. Click Print to print the installation and startup information. Select the I accept the terms in the license agreement radio button. Metastorm BPM Release 7. NET installation is displayed. NET framework that are installed.

Metastorm BPM: Developer's guide

For further information on Process Orchestrator for. NET component information, refer to the. NET Activator Help accessible from. Select the components of the Process Orchestrator for. NET that you want to install. If you want to install the Process Orchestrator for. NET to a location other than the default location, click on the Change button and browse to a new location.

If the Engine is installed on another machine then enter the path or browse to the location if the Engine is already installed. Expose the folder containing EngineServiceConfig. The engine service file EngineServiceConfig. For further information on customizing EngineServiceConfig. Click the Install button. NET is installed. Click the Finish button.

Start the Engine service. Start the ECL service. NET interface attempts to connect to an engine on another machine, the following error may be reported: Access denied error. Connect to the service using the machine with the web service installed via the ECL test client. NET Activator to import functions exposed by. For details of how to import functions exposed by. NET, refer to the. To use functions, exposed by. NET Assemblies, in a Metastorm procedure, you must: 1. Publish the library. Associate the library with a procedure. Call imported methods via the Metastorm Designer Integration Wizard.

Publish the procedure. The following subsections describe these steps in more detail. To publish the library: 1. Access the Metastorm Designer. Open the library by selecting the File menu then the Open menu item. Select the File menu, then the Library Properties menu item. Figure 8: Library Properties ii. Click on the Integration Wizard Collection tab. Figure 9: Integration Wizard Collection iii. Click on the OK button.

View or edit the scripts containing the imported functions, if required, as follows: i. In the main Designer window, select the View menu, then the Scripts menu option. Click on the Server tab. Edit a script, if required, by selecting the script then clicking on the Edit button. Click on the Close button. Publish the library by selecting the File menu, then the Publish menu option.

NET methods, you must associate the new library with a procedure via Procedure Properties. For further information on associating a library with a procedure, refer to the Designer User Manual. To associate the library with a procedure: 1. Create a new procedure by selecting the File menu then the New menu option, or open an existing procedure by selecting the File menu then the Open menu option. Add the library to the procedure, by selecting the File menu then the Procedure Properties menu option.

Click on the Used Libraries tab. Figure Used Libraries Tab 4. Click on the Add button and browse for the required library. To incorporate. NET Assembly functions into a procedure: 1. For any event where you want to incorporate any of the required functions, use the Integration Wizard to access the functions, under the specified category. Enter any values required, by the function, as parameters. Select the View menu then the Options menu option. On the Publisher tab, ensure the Enable versioning option is checked. Publish the procedure by selecting the File menu then the Publish menu option.

Full Name Binding If a file is referenced from the GAC, it requires a full name binding, including a version and a public key token, as well as the assembly name, where as before only the assembly name was required. Activate","TestClas s","TestClass. Process events are external events that are created via a wizard that connects Metastorm BPM processes to Visual Studio.

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This separates the design and coding processes. Processes are setup in Designer and the process event handlers are created using the Designer via the Integration Wizard and Visual Studio Process events setup using Visual Studio enable a. This section goes through the steps required to create external process events in. The Process Designer creates and publishes procedures setting event handler options which call.

NET events. The Process Participant is now able to fill in the relevant forms using a browser. In addition to the above steps, this section also explains what to do when stages, maps or events that may have been renamed, deleted or added. Opens the Process Events Library 2.

Publishes the Process Events Library 3. Associates the Process Events Library with a new or existing process. The Event Handler category is now available in the Integration Wizard. Creating and Publishing Procedures using the Designer 6. The Metastorm process is represented by maps, stages, forms and actions in the Designer. The Process Designer can insert formula and script code in the Designer to execute events. The events can be created in Designer or the events can be exposed using the Integration Wizard. The exposed events call external event handlers created in.

For further information on creating procedures refer to the Designer User Manual. NET solutions. This library contains the External Event Handler Integration Wizard function which contains a generic event for for local and global exposed processes. NET to handle process events. The External Event Handlers item identifies the Procedure Name and invokes the correct action, form or stage event.

Each action, form and stage can have process events exposed as required. These are exposed as follows: 1. Associate Process Events Library. Select the action, form or stage. Select the Do This tab in the Properties window. James Taylor. Robert Woods. Marvin Wurtzel. Sign In Join. Contributed by: Karen Tricomi , Consultant , The Process Geek Karen Tricomi has a year history of practical business process management, business analysis, technology communications, and large-scale change management.

She has consulted internationally, and is currently the owner of The Process Geek, a process management and technology communications consulting firm. Comments: Be the first to comment on this article. Rate this: 1 2 3 4 5.

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The architecture of an enterprise is described with a view to improving the manageability, effectiveness, efficiency, or agility of the business, and ensuring that money spent on information technology IT is justified. Paramount to changing the enterprise architecture is the identification of a sponsor. Changes considered by enterprise architects typically include:. A methodology for developing and using architecture to guide the transformation of a business from a baseline state to a target state, sometimes through several transition states, is usually known as an enterprise architecture framework.

A framework provides a structured collection of processes, techniques, artifact descriptions , reference models, and guidance for the production and use of an enterprise-specific architecture description. The benefits of enterprise architecture are achieved through its direct and indirect contributions to organizational goals.

It has been found that the most notable benefits of enterprise architecture can be observed in the following areas: [11]. Documenting the architecture of enterprises is done within the U. The Federal Enterprise Architecture FEA reference model guides federal agencies in the development of their architectures. Companies such as Independence Blue Cross , Intel , Volkswagen AG [24] and InterContinental Hotels Group use enterprise architecture to improve their business architectures as well as to improve business performance and productivity.

For various understandable reasons, commercial organizations rarely publish substantial enterprise architecture descriptions. However, government agencies have begun to publish architectural descriptions they have developed. Examples include:. As Enterprise Architecture has emerged in various organizations, the broad reach has resulted in this business role being included in the information technology governance processes of many organizations.

While this may imply that enterprise architecture is closely tied to IT, it should be viewed in the broader context of business optimization in that it addresses business architecture , performance management , and process architecture, as well as more technical subjects. Discussions of the intersection of Enterprise Architecture and various IT practices have been published by various IT analysis firms. Gartner and Forrester have stressed the important relationship of Enterprise Architecture with emerging holistic design practices such as Design Thinking and User Experience Design.

The enterprise architecture of an organization is too complex and extensive to document in its entirety, so knowledge management techniques provide a way to explore and analyze these hidden, tacit, or implicit areas. In return, enterprise architecture provides a way of documenting the components of an organization and their interaction, in a systemic and holistic way that complements knowledge management.

In various venues, [32] enterprise architecture has been discussed as having a relationship with Service Oriented Architecture , a particular style of application integration. Research points to enterprise architecture promoting the use of SOA as an enterprise-wide integration pattern. The following table lists some notable enterprise architecture tools listed by Gartner and Forrester Research in their , , and reports. Despite the benefits that enterprise architecture claims to provide, for more than a decade, writers and organizations raised concerns about enterprise architecture as an effective practice.

Here is a partial list of those objections:. A key concern about EA has been the difficulty in arriving at metrics of success, because of the broad-brush and often opaque nature of EA projects. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This has too many enumerations and lists. Please help by editing the article to make improvements to the overall structure. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. See also: architecture domain.

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