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Out Of Time feat. Jay McGuiness The Wanted. Nos avise.

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Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. Editar playlist. When the Drug Enforcement Administration agents call the next day to get the evidence money in order to bust a higher drug lord, Matt responds erratically.

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He also discovers a person who visited Anne. He finds out that the money is now with this new person and that Alex is about to bust him. He rushes to the hotel and after a brief struggle, he accidentally kills the stranger, takes the money and flees. Although Matt is seen by the police, he is thought to have come to protect Alex.

The stranger is revealed to be Paul Cabot, the doctor who diagnosed Anne with cancer. Later that evening, Alex finds that Matt is Anne's sole beneficiary and also that he has been visiting her. At the same time, Matt receives a distress call from Anne and unofficially goes to save her. Chris and Matt fight, Anne shoots and kills Chris.

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Then Anne reveals that she had planned all of this and shoots Matt in the leg. But Matt reveals that he has not brought the money with him. When the irritated DEA agents come to arrest Matt as he had promised the money delivery by noon and it was 7pm, he says that his man was sent to Miami, and simultaneously Chae appears with the money, explaining about a wrong address and that he could not find the DEA office.

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So the DEA agents leave with the money and Matt has no charges on him. But Alex says that, "as his wife," she knows that Matt has to reject it, meaning that she has decided to drop the divorce and move back in with Matt. Overjoyed, Matt seemingly forgets about the life insurance money, though Chae is amusingly adamant that Matt must take it.

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The critical consensus states the film is a: " A fun and stylish thriller if you can get past the contrivances. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Out of Time Theatrical release poster. Original Film Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.