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Not Now. Information about Page Insights Data. Check out this interesting book by Koff Mensane. Welp i would like to thank myself for all of my hardwork today and happy b day to me lol Welp i would like to thank myself for all of my hardwork today and happy b day to me lol. Bookstore Home - AuthorHouse.

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Authorhouse enables writers to become published authors. The spice drawer is clogged with dozens of jars: ancho chile, juniper berries, fenugreek powder. A collection of nearly cookbooks spills from his living room into his kitchen. Sharma said, shrugging. Pieces of black cast-iron cookware, from teakettles to Dutch ovens, dot every corner of the room. Take paneer, an ingredient Mr.

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Sharma feels has untapped potential. He finds it often gets relegated to gloppy bowls of mattar paneer, where it floats next to peas. He breaks it up with his hands and folds it into a warm potato salad with cilantro, chives and a cured spicy sausage native to the Indian state of Goa; the paneer eases the jolt of the sausage. He bakes it into a frittata with garam masala, where the paneer retains its rubbery feel, the crumbles scrubbing against your tongue.

עמודים חשובים

Sharma said of paneer. Sharma knows this bind well.

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Throughout his life, he has experienced a tension between sticking to tradition and freeing himself from it, between convention and originality. They often rely on ingredients found in the Indian dishes of his youth, like that paneer. But Mr.

Sharma breaks away from familiarity, putting those ingredients in conversation with the food he has encountered in America. The results defy easy categorization, like Mr. Sharma himself. His cooking helped carry him, providing both direction and comfort along the way. Sharma spent the first 22 years of his life in the closet. Still, he found himself a frequent target of schoolyard bullies.

Through it all, he cooked. Once he mastered rice, he moved on to a binder of recipes his mother had cobbled together from Indian lifestyle glossies and newspapers. A student of biochemistry at what was then called the University of Bombay, he landed a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati.

Pressure Cooker Venetian Pasta and Beans (Pasta e Fagioli alla Veneta)

He stuffed his life into two suitcases, pressure cooker in tow. Those years in Cincinnati were freer.

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Sharma eventually came out to his parents via email; they accepted the news. He cooked often in those days, forging a sensibility that existed somewhere between his upbringing in India and his new life in America. Soon enough, he found himself seasoning his marinara sauce with nigella seeds and braiding bow-tie pasta with kheema for weeknight dinners. He was living in Washington, D. Sharma balanced a point-and-shoot camera on wooden boards that wobbled atop trash cans.

He never imagined that the decision to feature his hands in photographs would be an issue.

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Within months, anonymous comments began to appear. They were pointed and viciously personal in nature, attacking an aspect of himself he could not suppress: his race. Discouraged, Mr.