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If they do not first receive the resurrection while they live, when they die they will receive nothing. Like the other Gnostic texts recovered at Nag Hammadi, this type of information was declared heretical, banned and except for in a few lucky cases, completely destroyed by the early Catholic Church in an effort to consolidate both its teachings and its power structure.

The Catholic story-system pivots around the idea that we will be resurrected at the end of time, not transmuted to higher levels of understanding and awareness here in our lifetimes. The Gnostic texts, on the other hand, seem to teach that humans are born with a spark of divinity which can either be left undeveloped or guarded and fanned into a full-on blaze.

With the popularity of books like the Da Vinci Code , and a renewed interest in Gnosticism, many people today are left wondering why these alternative esoteric Christian teachings were so viciously eradicated. Who benefits by suppressing this ancient gnosis , and what happens to those of us left in the dark as a result? We miss our chance. We remain soulless automatons, vanishing at death or being consumed by insidious forces if not well before then. Science-fiction writer Philip K. Through the lens of trashy sci-fi novels, he explored questions of what is ultimately real, and what constitutes the authentic human.

He used outlandish and bizarre plot devices to fling his characters through inverted realities and distorted mindscapes. And from his explorations, he came to believe that:. Or, fake humans will generate fake realities and then sell them to other humans, turning them, eventually, into forgeries of themselves. So we wind up with fake humans inventing fake realities and then peddling them to other fake humans.

Divine spark

Similar themes appear in popular and fringe culture. In the movie The Matrix , we see a false reality maintained by mysterious agents who can slip in and out of the bodies of ordinary people as though they were clothing. The paranormal investigations of people like John Keel, Jacques Vallee and others also posit the existence of ultraterrestrials, a race of entities who evolved right alongside us on the planet Earth.

They are thought to camouflage themselves, adapting imagery pulled from the human minds and cultures they interact with. In other words, they appeared to the ancients as angels and demons, to medieval people as fairies and goblins, and to us today as alien visitors. Others threaten that the soulless human can play host to these and other types of entities and energies, acting as a sort of empty vessel, or organic portal.

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Unfortunately for us though, it is not just science fiction authors and occultists who have explored ideas like this. They saw concepts such as belief, desire, fear, love — even the mind and soul — as untenable, unscientific and therefore ultimately unreal and useless. Noted Behaviourist B. What is being abolished is autonomous man — the inner man, the homunculus , the possessing demon, the man defended by the literatures of freedom and dignity.

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His abolition has long been overdue. Autonomous man is a device used to explain what we cannot explain in any other way. He has been constructed from our ignorance, and as our understanding increases, the very stuff of which he is composed vanishes. Science does not dehumanise man, it de-homunculises him, and it must do so if it is to prevent the abolition of the human species.

To man qua man we readily say good riddance. Only by dispossessing him can we turn to real causes of human behaviour. He is currently painting and doing web illustrations.

The Divine Spark (16DEC18)

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Related Topics. This page in other languages. We stopped believing in our infinite power and the divine spark that reside within us. The way of thinking and the selfish greed that emerged from our materialism have led to environmental pollution and destruction, unnatural disasters, and conditions of war, conflict, illness, and cruelty.

Divinity is not something that exists outside of us, but something we feel within us. The deeper within ourselves we go, the closer we come to the place where our divinity resides, in the depths of our heart.

With regular practice of this IN , any of us can restore the sacred consciousness that was thought to be the domain only of saints and sages. Before long, this sacred consciousness will be revived in all humanity, and a world of peace and divinity will take shape. Those who have formed the IN a certain number of times are thereby free to teach it to others. An instructor of this IN is known as a Ladder rather than a leader.