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They simultaneously call classical role attributions into question. They are process-oriented works that are approached very intuitively and whose outcome is completely open. By accepting chaos and coincidence, the artist creates works that develop a universal language that requires no explanation, specifically as a result of the openness, the layering of paint and forms. The body of work which launched Ogboh into international reckoning is an ongoing series comprised mainly of sound works but also installations, video, and photographs.

They are included in the publication as selected suite of works created between — Lagos Soundscapes is the first significant monograph. Seine geometrische Formensprache und dreidimensionalen Designs sind bis heute unverwechselbar. As a couturier, he worked like a sculptor, with his designs defined by the idea of plasticity. His geometric language of forms and three-dimensional designs are still distinctive today. The Kunstpalast has dedicated the first extensive presentation in Germany to the internationally famous fashion designer.

The accompanying publication offers insights into the wonderful world of Piere Cardin. Does the Bauhaus still contribute to further developments in photographic pictorial languages? For the first time, the Neues Sehen New Vision of the s as well as contemporary photographs, sculptures, and video installations enter into a seminal dialogue between the factual exhibition situation and virtual reality.

Ausstellungen Exhibitions: 7. Jahrhundert vorstellt. Dabei stehen sowohl haptische, optische als auch gestalterische Facetten im Fokus. Die begleitende Publikation dokumentiert auch, dass gerade das Arbeiten auf Papier Verbindungen zu anderen Medien — wie Installation, Performance, Skulptur oder Film — schafft und so die aktuelle Kunst in ihrer ganzen Breite abbildet. What fascination does the medium paper exert for international artists? With around highlights and new discoveries, The World on Paper shows how the everyday and at the same time sensual material paper again and again opens up surprising possibilities, also in an era of innovative technologies.

The exhibition focuses on both haptic and visual as well as design facets. The accompanying publication also documents the fact that works on paper in particular give rise to connections with other media—such as installation, performance, sculpture, or film—and hence visualize current art in all its breadth. Und auch im New Yorker Exil lassen ihn die politischen Ereignisse, die vom Berlin unter nationalsozialistischer Herrschaft ausgehen, nicht los. Die begleitende Publikation gibt einen Einblick in dieses spannende Werk. George Grosz — , whose work would be inconceivable without the November Revolution of and the turmoil of the Weimar Republic, is one of the most important artists from Berlin.

And also while in exile in New York, the political events that emanated from Berlin under the National Socialist regime remained on his mind. The Second World War, the Spanish Civil War, and the atomic threat triggered depictions of war and apocalyptic visions of destruction.

The retrospective draws exclusively on the abundant, primarily private collection holdings in Berlin and shows what artistic potential of Grosz Ausstellung Exhibition: George Grosz in Berlin, The publication presents the programme, the exhibition House Gropius Contemporary, and the artists-in-residence at the Bauhaus in the years to and examines the influence of architecture on creative processes, the importance of artistic residencies, and the relevance of the Bauhaus for artistic practice today.

Since September , the former compound for the armorial animals of Berlin incarnate has been a venue for site-specific art. With the program POW—Post-Otherness-Wedding, curators Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung and Solvej Helweg Ovesen have initiated a series of exhibitions and discourses at the Galerie Wedding in to which artists and scholars living in Berlin were invited to present contemporary positions. Auf Serien in leuchtender Farbigkeit folgen Bilder mit begrenzter Palette. Konsequent und experimentell hat er hier seitdem sein Oeuvre um neue Werkgruppen erweitert.

Whether in painting and drawing, photography or collage, the artist has continued to search for new possibilities of expression. Phases of abstract painting alternate with series of figurative pictures. Series with a vibrant colorfulness are followed by pictures with a limited palette. Since the beginning of the s, Helmut Middendorf has also lived and worked in Athens.

There, he has since then expanded his oeuvre in a consistent and experimental way to include new groups of works. A large number of the works in the book are being published for the first time. Special Guest: Sgt. Man bediente sich deshalb dem Medium der Druckgrafik, der Auflagenkunst und der Multiples.

Meisterwerke massenhaft aus der Sammlung Heinz Beck. Die begleitende Publikation gibt Einblicke in diese spannende Zeit. England is regarded as the cradle of Pop Art and spawned numerous unusual positions on the phenomenon of the then revolutionary, new art movement. Besides motifs from day-to-day life, the innovation of this new movement is above all the idea that everyone can possess art, an idea that reflects a totally new attitude toward life, which also included music. Artists thus made use of the medium of graphic reproductions, printed editions of works, and multiples, enabling them to create masterpieces in large editions.

The accompanying publication provides insights into this fascinating time.


In ihren subtilen Werken und deren Inszenierung reflektiert sie nicht nur ihr Medium, sondern auch immer wieder das Zusammenspiel von Zeichnungen im Raum. Die begleitende Publikation zeigt diese vielseitigen Wechselwirkungen. In her subtle works and the staging of them, she reflects not only on her medium, but also again and again on how drawings interact in space.

In the exhibition Shift at the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe, the artist is showing works on paper as well as small sculptures for the first time, along with a wall installation developed in cooperation with Eric Hattan. She thus addresses not only drawing as a way of translating perceptions into atmospheres, but also the relationship between head and body, perception and appearance, found object and artistic intervention, single work and group of works, the experience of space and twodimensionality.

The accompanying publication presents these multifaceted interactions. Shift, 5. Uwe Hands Malerei ist einzigartig. His images open up vast spaces for the imagination. It almost seems, as if the elements of nature have been transformed into painting. Masterly and in countless layers, colors, pigments and even sand are applied, abrasively excavated, and rebuild again until an image comes into being: abysmal in its surreal and dreamy motives, graceful in its rugged materiality.

Ranging from the Baroque to the films of Alfred Hitchcock, Tarkovsky and David Lynch, Uwe Hand creates paintings so intriguing that one hardly wants to turn away. Johannes Brus for your pleasure. Auf alchemistische Weise spielt er mit dem Medium der Fotografie, indem er dessen Regeln umkehrt, verletzt oder ignoriert. On the occasion of an acquisition of a large convolute of his early photo works, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is presenting the first institutional solo exhibition of the artist in the United States.

Almost in an alchemical way, he plays with the medium of photography. And by reworking, collaging, destroying, or breaking whatever rules there are, Ausstellung Exhibition: Johannes Brus. New to the Collection, Mit der Zeit entstand eine intensive Freundschaft. Von dieser besonderen Verbindung zeugt die neue Ausstellung der Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz.

A very special artist friendship: in the s, Carlfriedrich Claus — worked on experiments that led to an outstanding synthesis of written and drawn works toward the end of the decade. Over time, an intensive friendship developed. The new exhibition of the Chemnitz Art Collections bears witness to this special bond. Welche Wechselwirkung besteht zwischen Infografik und Kunst? Bauhaus, Kunst und Infografik, What is the correlation between information graphics and art? Beginning with the Bauhaus, the presentation spans a bridge to contemporary art and presents around thirty positions that demonstrate the ironic and subversive, but also affirmative art of diagrams in art.

Inversely, it also takes a look at the repertoire of artistic means of design that graphic designers make use of again and again as if as a matter of course. As both perspectives show: what is always involved is a cognitive process guided by an aesthetic means, behind which, in the worst case, manipulation, and, in the best case, the obtaining of genuine truth are concealed.

Geburtstag Radziwills im Jahr Beachtung finden sollen. The painter Franz Radziwill — is regarded internationally as an important representative of Magical Realism. He took up residence in Dangast am Jadebusen in and created the majority of his over oil paintings there. The project addresses contrast, color, surface, perspective, and the staging of light. Staged Pictorial Spaces, the catalogue for the current exhibition, is dedicated to the topic of perspective. The Franz Radziwill House in Dangast is one of the few artist houses in Europe that have been preserved in their original state.

Wie sieht die aktuelle chinesische Kunstszene aus? Wen gibt es dort zu entdecken? What does the current Chinese art scene look like? What talents can you discover here? Based on selected works from the BMCA art collection, texts and documents, the new publication presents these 5-year projects and shows how stimulating and versatile young art is in China. The exhibition and.

Sie sind Visionen vom guten Leben. Ein Traum, eine Hoffnung, ein Ausweg aus dem Alltag. Wo Palmen wachsen, ist das Paradies nicht weit. Visions of the good life. A dream, a hope, an escape from everyday life. Where palms grow, paradise is not far away. With candles and ashtrays in the shape of palms or a glitter palm in an ice-cream sundae, we take a bit of it home—an admission that we dream a dream of great happiness, combined with a genial petty bourgeois mentality. It shows how the palm as a motif has remained unchanged, but that the longing connected with it has again and again sought new contexts over the course of time.

The publication is a journey of discovery through the facets of a culture of longing and a collecting mania. Kosmologie, Philosophie und Mythologie — Installationen von — Cosmology, Philosophy, and Mythology— Installations from — Dabei bewegen sie sich zwischen Fotografie, Installation und Video und setzen sich mit den Bereichen Wissenschaft, Glauben und der Verbindungen zwischen den Mechanismen des Universums auseinander.

The American Slater Bradley is a cross-disciplinary artist. His works, which move between painting, photography and installation examine the fields of science and faith and connections between the mechanisms of the universe, have already been exhibited at the Guggenheim and Whitney Museum in New York. Expressive Portraits by the Exceptional Norwegian Artist.

The discrepancy between painterly illusion and material substance, between appearance and reality, gives rise to a multilayered ambiguity that permeates his oeuvre as a whole. In the new publication, the award-winning designer documents his more than thirty years of artistic work. Department of Voids ist ein fortlaufendes Kunstwerk von benandsebastian, das in den Blick nimmt, welche Rolle abwesende Objekte in der Vorstellungswelt wie auch in real vorhandenen Museumssammlungen spielen.

Le Guin. Department of Voids is an ongoing artwork by benandsebastian that focuses on the role absent objects play in both the imagination and in existing museum collections. The publication, which is in ten different languages, accompanies a solo exhibition at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen and includes texts by twelve museum directors and specialists, together with essays by Cassandra Edlefsen Lasch, Michael Marder, and Ursula K. In her painting, plants and animals become motifs of vitality and fragility. She shows people from their self- destructive side.

What is found in her art is hence an existential concept of human beings and their bodies—raw and direct and vulnerable and mysterious at the same time. The accompanying publication spans a period of two decades of examining the spectrum of creaturely life in pictures. With painted details of particular beauty he carries viewers off to his artistic cosmos.

He creates several levels of reality, connects them in the picture, and embeds them in a compositional artistic schema, whereby his painting style and way of working call to mind the golden age of Dutch painting. His choice of motifs and type of composition, however, enable him to translate them into a contemporary, artistic language.

Die Verschmelzung von Biologie und Technik ist eines der spannendsten Forschungsgebiete der heutigen Zeit. The merging of biology and technology is one of the most fascinating fields of research of today. With subversion and humor, she hence contributes to opening up spaces and to a fruitful dialogue.

Zeitschrift JEHL

Technical Progress in the Mirror of Art. The multifaceted quality of his early works is now being presented in the new photo book, Scultura Poetica, by the twotime participant in documenta. We experience an adventurous spectrum of diverse motifs and topics, which progressively become involved in metamorphoses.

At the center of the frequently large-format sculptures and installations again and again stands the idea of technical progress, whose metaphors are exaggerated and taken ad absurdum. Ausstellung Exhibition: Scultura Poetica, Three artists, three different characters, meet, appreciate each other, and exhibit together at the Heart and Diabetes Center NRW in Bad Oeynhausen, in which the firm conviction that their works, created in different processes and each with their own stylistics, are united by their aesthetic connection. The pictures, reliefs, and sculptures are presented with a wide range of correspondences, contrasts, and supplements, and result, in variable exhibition constellations, in new, collective creations, but without infringing on the respective characteristics of the individual works.

Seine sogenannten Mentagramme sind vor allem von den erotischen Zeichnungen Egon Schieles inspiriert. His so-called mentagrams are primarily inspired by Egon Schiele's erotic drawings, and are presented in the salons of neoprojection theaters. Immer den Grenzen auf der Spur entwickelt sie verschmitzt pneumatische Plastiken, multidimensionale Zeichnungen, wirft Bewegtbilder auf Objekte. In her transmediatic works, she examines identities in real and virtual spaces, designs inter- and reactivity, and experiments with synesthesia. Schmitz discusses socio-urban structures and interweaves them with the phenomenology of drawings and the act of drawing.

Always on the search for boundaries, she develops mischievous pneumatic sculptures and multidimensional drawings and projects moving pictures on objects. Through taking up temporary states, discarding and reinventing her self, her work plays with the radius of medial arrangements. Spuren des Malprozesses wie Tropfen, Spritzer oder Flecken werden sichtbar und zeigen neue Wahrnehmungsmuster auf.

Her pictures call to mind depictions of nature as well as reflections or the courses of rivers, but without spatial points of orientation. In the face of an economically rationalized reality, he understands his image production as a defense of the unspeakable, the unplannable, perhaps even the spiritual.

In the viewing process, his photographs virtually invite us to project our own experiences, subjective associations, personal knowledge, ideas, desires, or fantasies into them. In this way, the consciously empty spaces in Huber's images are actively filled, thereby extending even further beyond their mere material condition. His experiences from this work and from his trips to Vietnam and North Korea changed not only him as a person, but also his art. While his pictures were at first characterized by stringent compositions and geometric forms, his current works have a more open formal language.

The new publication bears witness to this artistic as well as personal process of development and makes clear how art and culture can influence one another. Dieter van Slooten — , a German artist, painted his pictures with almost obsessive consistency using horizontals as a main picture element, which, like venetian blinds, conceal and reveal part of what is concealed to the viewer at the same time, thus hinting at shapes and surfaces. The change from fore- to background is fluid and the pictures, painted predominantly in acrylic on canvas, have an almost three-dimensional-seeming depth.

The catalogue, with his pictures from the years —17, presents the quintessence of his oeuvre: His life was dedicated to art; his art is dedicated to life. In an exclusively female social environment, they begin a sort of role play, in which the male roles of tomboys are assumed and lovingly decorated dolls replace missing children.

Since the domestic workers are only allowed to move freely around Hong Kong one day a week, their social and cultural sphere is increasingly shifted to the virtual world of Facebook. There, no limits are put on their living out their personality individually. The new publication gives viewers degree access to this unique and unsettling world. For more than five years, he has repeatedly traveled through the coastal regions of Morocco and southern Spain, to the continental border between Europe and Africa. His photographs show the sea, barren landscapes, and people on both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Flowers all begin life looking rather similar but it is at the moment when they begin to wither and after some time die, that their true individual beauty can be witnessed as the vivid colors of their petals eventually become transparent and muted in tone. For three decades, he has occupied himself with the transformation of Russian society and in his photos shows how much disparity there is in the country. Statute, these provisions can be modified by an ordinary State law upon a joint request of the Government and, within the limits of respective competences, of the Region or autonomous Provinces the so called agreement-based approach.

Such provisions create a more advantageous financial system if compared to the one foreseen by the Constitution for ordinary Regions; the modification of Title V of the Constitution in attributed to them a financial autonomy concerning incomes and expenses art. Their resources are now made up of: own taxes; co-partnership to the revenue of State taxes; proceeds coming from the equalization fund to which Regions with less tax capacity per inhabitant have access ; additional resources and special interventions of the State to improve economic development, social cohesion, the exercise of individual rights and for purposes different from the standard exercise of functions.

The determination of basic principles of coordination of public finance and tax system are reserved to the State. For the implementation of the new art. For its realisation, in compliance with the agreement-based approach, an itinerary to be carried out through the bilateral cooperation between the State and the single bodies with special autonomy has been foreseen. Region, together with its two autonomous Provinces, has signed, on 30th November , an agreement with the Government Agreement of Milan which, after having been transposed into the Budget Law for , almost completely modified Title VI of the Statute.

On the other hand, the autonomous Provinces and the Region renounced to all additional government contributions previously foreseen substitutive amount of VAT tax for the import, the variable quota assigned to the autonomous Provinces by the State for the fulfilment of statutory objectives, participation to allocations foreseen by national laws and, in order to satisfy solidarity needs, they have agreed on the voluntary assumption by the autonomous Provinces and the Region of the full financing of some State function. As a result, since January 1st.

On 1st January a further agreement between the autonomous Provinces, the Region and the State has entered into force. It is enshrined in the Stability Act for the year Law no. Resta riservata allo Stato la determinazione dei principi di coordinamento della finanza pubblica e del sistema tributario. In attuazione del nuovo art. Accordo di Milano , che, recepito dalla l.

Statt des erschwerten Verf. Titels der Verf. Um diese Ziele zu erreichen, wurde ein einvernehmliches Verfahren zwischen Staat und Sonderautonomien vorgesehen.

Mit 1. According to the evolution concerning language, culture and politics, several specific regulations have been created for South Tyrol and Trentino, in order to ensure protection to linguistic minorities and to guarantee a peaceful cohabitation among linguistic groups. The basic principles of these disciplines are included in the special Statute of the Region, therefore obtaining the same rank of the Constitution, from the hierarchy of sources of law viewpoint. Consequently, the Statute provides that it is a reinforced provincial law, approved by the Provincial Council by an absolute majority of its members, to determine the form of government, the elections for the Provincial Council, the President of the Province and the appointment of members of the Provincial Executive Board, the relationships among the bodies, the motion of no-confidence against the President of the Province, the ineligibility and the incompatibility criteria, as well as the forms of direct democracy such as the legislative initiative and referenda.

The Region represents the framework in which the autonomous Provinces of Bolzano and Trento are embedded. The three of them have their own bodies. The Regional Council for the Region and the Provincial Councils for Provinces have own legislative power and can propose draft laws to the national Parliament. The Regional Council has been directly elected until The 35 Councillors elected respectively in the two autonomous Provinces formed the two Provincial Councils of Bolzano and Trento.

Since , the system has been inverted: since then, 35 Councillors are elected for each one of the two Provincial Councils, which form together the Regional Council. In South Tyrol, for the exercise of the right to vote, a continuous residence in the provincial territory for at least four years is required; while in Trento the requirement is of one year of continuous residence. The President of the Regional Council and the President of the Provincial Council of Bolzano are elected every two years and half by alternating a Councillor belonging to the German-speaking group with a Councillor belonging to the Italia-speaking one.

They can renounce leaving the floor to a Ladino-speaking Councillor. These are respectively formed by the President of Region or Province, by the respective Vice Presidents and members of Executive Boards respectively Regional or Provincial. The President of the Region and the President of the Province represent their own Institution, they direct the policy-making of the Executive Board and participate to the meetings of the Council of Ministers in case of issues concerning respectively the Region or the Province. The composition of the Regional and Provincial Executive Board of Bolzano shall be defined according to the right proportion between the three different linguistic groups represented in the Regional and Provincial Councils.

Lo St. La Regione costituisce la cornice nella quale si trovano inserite le Prov. Tutti e tre gli enti dispongono di propri organi. Il Cons. Fino all'anno il Cons. Da esso si costituivano i Consigli provinciali di Trento e di Bolzano, composti dai 35 consiglieri eletti nella rispettiva Provincia. Il Presidente del Cons. I consiglieri del rispettivo gruppo possono rinunciare a favore di un Consigliere ladino. Mit den Verf. Diese Statuten stehen aber nicht im Verf.

Die Region bildet den Rahmen, innerhalb dessen sich die autonomen Provinzen Bozen und Trient befinden. I cambiamenti sociali e le nuove sfide richiedono una riforma. Nacque pertanto l'esigenza di coinvolgere i cittadini nel processo di riforma e di sviluppo dell'autonomia. Oltre al pubblico hanno partecipato circa trenta esperti al tema "La riforma dell'autonomia - I cittadini partecipano". I contributi sono raccolti in questo libro, pubblicato in lingua italiana e in lingua tedesca. Il suo contributo affronta le questioni fondamentali di una riforma: Come dovrebbe essere riformato lo Statuto, a quali nuove sfide deve trovare una risposta, in quale modo si deve procedere, quali sono le principali norme costituzionali che devono essere riformate?

Indice 1 Il quadro giuridico attuale 1. Die Debatte um ein Drittes Autonomiestatut ist voll im Gange. September Statutes: Das 2. Autonomiestatut von 1. Autonomy provides a framework that allows for regions within countries to exercise self-government beyond the extent available to other sub-state units.

This book presents detailed case studies of thirteen such autonomies from around the This book presents detailed case studies of thirteen such autonomies from around the world, in which noted experts on each outline the constitutional, legal and institutional frameworks as well as how these arrangements have worked in practice to protect minority rights and prevent secession of the territories in question. The volume's editors draw on the case studies to provide a comparative analysis of how autonomy works and the political and institutional conditions under which it is likely to become a workable arrangement for management of the differences that brought it into being.

In this article we present the main aspects of the Special Statute of Trentino Alto Adige, which is compared with the legal status of other twelve autonomies around the world. South Tyrol is the most northern Italian Province. Historically it belongs to the independent County Tirol and after to Austria for more than years, to , when the southern part of Tyrol passed to Italy. The international Paris Agreement of and the new Autonomy Statute of form the basis for a peaceful development.

Es untersucht und vergleicht die wichtigsten Autonomien der Welt. Herausgegeben wurde das Buch von Yash Ghai, Prof.

Synonyms and antonyms of Aktivbürger in the German dictionary of synonyms

L'accordo internazionale di Parigi del e il nuovo Statuto di Autonomia del costituiscono la base per uno sviluppo pacifico. Vengono inoltre presentate le istituzioni del governo locale e le relazioni tra loro e quelle con il livello nazionale, la partecipazione dei residenti e delle istituzioni al livello nazionale.

Sono oggetto della ricerca anche i metodi di cooperazione e consultazione tra i diversi livelli di governo e i metodi di risoluzione delle controversie. Cambridge University Press, New York. View on cambridge. In many European countries are being held constitutional debates. The search for a broader form of participation of all social forces with a new, so-called governance, the struggle for autonomy, regionalism and federalism, they all have The search for a broader form of participation of all social forces with a new, so-called governance, the struggle for autonomy, regionalism and federalism, they all have different organizational models, but all follow - each in its way - a common goal: citizens want to be able to identify with their community better, they want to find — in an increasing globalized world - a new identity and the ability to participate, at the regional level, on the decision making process, or - to illustrate it in an emotionally loaded term - find a new home.

Also in Italy are held debates on a constitutional reform for years. After the war the Italian Constitution has been inspired by a great democratic and social challenge. But the structure of the state is very centralized. There exist regions but their competences have always been poor in the past. The five special regions with an autonomous statute play a particular role - they enjoy far-reaching autonomies.

They are exceptions in this system and have to struggle for their authority. South Tyrol in particular had to fight a long time for its autonomy. Since the early eighties Italy has worked hard on its system to improve the role of the regions. In the parliament succeeded in creating a constitutional reform. Its improvements are projected directly onto the special statutes.

Further reforms are under way. The constitutional court takes up a rather centralized standpoint. Nevertheless, the new constitution has increased the autonomies in Italy. A lot of that has, however, not been achieved in South Tyrol's long-lasting struggle for autonomy. Italy is still a long way from being a federal state, but it has taken an important step in that direction. The beginnings of federalism in Italy have also improved the autonomy of the special regions and the autonomy of South Tyrol and Trentino.

Der Staatsaufbau allerdings ist zentralistisch. Es sind Regionen vorgesehen. Im Jahre gelang eine Verf-Reform. Diese projiziert die Besserstellungen auch in die Sonderstatute. Weitere Reformen sind im Gang. Italien ist zwar noch weit davon entfernt, ein Bundesstaat zu sein, hat aber einen wichtigen Schritt in diese Richtung gesetzt. Sintesi in Italiano Il libro esamina il lungo cammino istituzionale e le riforme costituzionali in Italia e i loro riflessi sugli Statuti speciali e in particolare sull'autonomia dell'Alto Adige. Una posizione particolare rivestono le cinque Regioni a statuto speciale.

More Info: Peterlini, O. View on pw-portal. Come riformare la costituzione e i diritti. Costatando nello stesso tempo uno svuotamento delle prerogative del Parlamento quale rappresentanza democratica propone una serie di misure, che sono confluite in suoi disegni di legge e mozioni elaborati e presentati al Senato della Repubblica nella corrente legislatura — I temi delle sue proposte legislative o di indirizzo, qui dettagliatamente illustrati, spaziano dalla riforma costituzionale, la legislazione elettorale e la democrazia diretta, dalla famiglia, la tutela sociale e ambientale, fino alla previdenza e al riassetto della finanza mondiale.

Le democrazie moderne e in particolar modo anche quella italiana sono esposte a un crescente squilibrio tra i poteri dello Stato. Varie iniziative sono state realizzate, tante altre invece non devono finire nel dimenticatoio ma fungere da stimolo per migliorare la Costituzione e i diritti.

Location: St. Pauls Bozen. Fiscal federalism in Italy, tension between constitutional objectives and austerity measures, between North and South Abstract In Italien sehen sei es die Regierung als auch das Parlament die Dringlichkeit, Reformen struktureller Art in Angriff zu nehmen. Auf dem Programm steht u.

Joachim Sikora

Eine weitere Verfassungsreform, die vom Parlament unter der Regierung von Silvio Berlusconi genehmigt wurde, scheiterte allerdings bei einer Volksbefragung im Juni Le misure di stabilizzazione vanno soprattutto a carico delle regioni e degli enti locali. Il federalismo fiscale subisce una brusca frenata. Pauls BZ. Pauls Bozen Publication Date: The Structure of the State — an Instrument of Peace? The South Tyrol Minority as an Example. Discorso introduttivo del Presidente della Commissione Cultura, sen. Oskar Peterlini, coordinatore del Convegno: Autonomia, tutela delle minoranze e del patrimonio culturale come strumento di pace tra i popoli, palazzo provinciale, Bolzano, aprile Discorso introduttivo di Oskar Peterlini, coordinatore del Convegno: Autonomia, tutela delle minoranze e del patrimonio culturale come strumento di pace tra i popoli, palazzo provinciale, Bolzano, aprile Viele Konflikte und kriegerische Auseinandersetzungen sind daraus entstanden.

Dietro i dati storici, dietro il sipario delle scene ufficiali, si nascondono milioni di tragedie umane, di famiglie distrutte, di uomini, donne e bambini morti o mutilati nei conflitti bellici.

Molti conflitti e molti problemi sono sorti proprio per la mancata corrispondenza dei confini con gli insediamenti dei popoli. Even though conflicts in the world continue on a daily basis — there is a glimmer of hope: Europe. The lesson of history could no longer be ignored. This is particularly evident in Eastern Europe and in the events that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Many conflicts, many wars and many still unsolved problems of ethnic groups have arisen for this reason. Religious and cultural reasons have been added to ethnic reasons, sometimes concealing the true motives. Therefore finding a solution to the problems of minorities and nationalities is a challenge that can extinguish these flashpoints and ensure peace. The Statute also forms the basis for peaceful co-existence and development of the three linguistic groups in the Province. Therefore, the solution of the problems of minorities and the nationality question is essential to eliminating potential flashpoints and ensuring peace.

The more a State can develop federally—with a vertical distribution of powers—following the principle of subsidiarity, replacing the obligation of citizenship with freewill and federalism, solving the problems of minorities in an autonomous and respectful way, the more its existence will be guaranteed, because it will prevent conflicts and make any change of borders unnecessary.

Let us hope that mankind has learned a lesson from the ruthless and bloody history of war and suffering that can teach how to ensure peace for the future. Short engl. Abstract: A State organized under the subsidiarity principle will rely less on imposing affiliations than on free choice and federalism.

Oskar Peterlini | Free University of Bozen-Bolzano - zopusalawyky.ga

It would be more likely to respect minorities and to peacefully exist within steady borders. We hope that our experience with autonomous local government will help solve minority issues in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Ritorno al futuro more. Dietro i dati storici, dietro il sipario delle scene ufficiali, si nascondono milioni di tragedie umane, di We recall the crusades fought in the name of God or rather as an affront to God , the wars between the peoples of Europe, but also the wars in Italy and Germany, the wars between feudal families struggling for power.

The Thirty Year War, which ravaged Europe between and - fought for ostensibly religious reasons - seemed to go down in history as one of the longest wars ever fought. The Peace of Westphalia should have put an end to the devastation, but it did not. France was at war for 53 years. England and Holland for about 40, Russia for 33 years. Could be autonomy a solution for conflicts? One of the biggest threats to world peace lies in the absence of a precise concept of cooperation between different nationalities and ethnic minorities.

Historically speaking, the territory of states and nationalities has rarely coincided. Back to the Future. Die totale Privatisierung. Una pazzia fallita more. In Amerika habe man bereits das Steuer herumgerissen. Obama ist es, wenn auch nur mit drei Stimmen Mehrheit gelungen, eine Gesundheitsreform durchzusetzen, die endlich einen Schandfleck dieses modernen, liberalen Staates mindert.

Auch in der Finanz- und Bankenwelt, die an diesem dramatischen Unheil Schuld ist, habe sich die Meinung durchgesetzt, dass es Regeln braucht. Was wir brauchen — sagte Senator Peterlini — sei die soziale Marktwirtschaft. Laissez faire, laissez passer La locuzione francese significa "lasciate fare, lasciate passare". Espressione del liberismo economico, fu ripresa da Adam Smith a sostegno della teoria secondo la quale la partecipazione dello Stato nell'economia privata ottiene effetti dannosi. Una nuova Bretton Woods sarebbe stata necessaria anche in questi anni. Se si fosse tentato questa via, prima che esplodesse la crisi che viviamo ora, si sarebbe potuto evitare il crollo.

La teoria del laissez-faire era fallita. Ma il messaggio centrale rimase, che il mercato ha il suo meccanismo che apporta ricchezza a tutti. Imparare dalla storia per costruire la pace, Introduzione e cenni storici Introduction and Historical Notes in: Scagnetti, G. Dal libro emergono gli spaccati di due terre di confine interessate da dinamiche storiche inarrestabili. Oskar Peterlini, nella sua prefazione, trae le lezioni di questi avvenimenti.

Erano i tempi in cui addirittura i bambini si gettavano i sassi e gli adulti riponevano la loro disperazione e le loro speranze nelle bombe. Ancora oggi troppi luoghi nel mondo sono tormentati da conflitti ancora aperti che generano sofferenza a danno di intere popolazioni. Das waren die Tage, in denen sich sogar die Kinder Steine nachwarfen und Erwachsene ihre Verzweiflung und ihre Hoffnungen nach Freiheit in die Bomben setzten. Immer noch werden die Konflikte in der Welt mit Gewalt und zu Lasten der einfachen Menschen ausgetragen. The Italian Constitution has been inspired by a great democratic and social challenge.

The structure of the state is centralized. The five special regions with The five special regions with an autonomous statute play a special role - they enjoy far-reaching autonomies. Since the early nineties Italy has worked hard on its system to improve the role of the regions. Im Jahre gelang eine Verfassungsreform. Der Verfassungsgerichtshof nimmt mit seinen Auslegungen eine eher zentralistische Haltung ein. Questa riforma ha avuto importanti riflessi anche per le Regioni a statuto speciale.

Nonostante le sentenze restrittive della Corte Costituzionale, la riforma ha comportato notevoli estensioni per le Autonomie. The author analyzes and evaluates the projects of the Lega Nord Northern League, an Italian federalist right wing party from the perspective and experience of the autonomies, which anticipated by decades the timid federal development in The author analyzes and evaluates the projects of the Lega Nord Northern League, an Italian federalist right wing party from the perspective and experience of the autonomies, which anticipated by decades the timid federal development in Italy.

He deals mainly with their themes, such as the secession, the attempted constitutional reform of the center-right, the federal Senate, the Devolution, the Federalism and their security politics. The Lega Nord Northern League , whose complete name is Lega Nord per l'Indipendenza della Padania North League for the Independence of Padania , is a federalist and regionalist political party, founded by Umberto Bossi in as a federation of several regional parties of northern and central Italy, most of which had arisen and expanded their share of the electorate over the s.

Weltkrieg, die Spannungen, das The author examines important constitutional issues and political questions following the commitment of Hans Richard Klecatsky, constitutional scholar, university professor and minister of justice: Nazism, the Second World War, the tensions, the Package and the autonomy of South Tyrol, the constitutional debate in Austria, the threat to the Constitution and to the neutrality of Austria stemming from the accession to the European Union.

The participants came to take part in the conference hoping that they may find, from the reports presented by experts on minorities and autonomies, the basis for solutions to the numerous questions about autonomy that have arisen in the whole world, especially for Macau. The purpose of this report is to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the basic aspects of the autonomy of Trentino-South Tyrol. It constitutes a comprehensive summary of the historical, political, and juridical aspects of the autonomy; it also means having the courage to make a selection of the information to be presented without going into unnecessary details.

View on springerlink. Diese hatten aber wenige Die Autonomien sind Ausnahmen von der Regel und entsprechend begrenzt. Auf sie wirkt nun unmittelbar eine entscheidende Bestimmung der Verfassungsreform ein: Die weitergehenden Formen an Autonomie werden auch auf die Sonderautonomien direkt angewandt. Somit besteht in vielen Bereichen ein Gegensatz zwischen dem formalen Wortlaut der Autonomiestatute und der neuen Verfassung.

Die Herausforderung dieser Arbeit ist es nun, die Neuerungen der Reform in die Statute zu projizieren und deren weittragenden Auswirkungen auszuleuchten. ISSN: , doi: Evoluzione in senso federale e riforma costituzionale in Italia Federal Development and Constitutional Reform in Italy more. Il Senatore Dr. Questa opera dimostra, che ormai esistono in Europa diverse forme di decentramento del potere legislativo nei diversi livelli dello stato, anche senza essere classificate come organizzazione federale.

Autonomia e tutela delle minoranze nel Trentino-Alto Adige , Cenni di storia e cultura, diritto e politica more. Nel territorio della Regione Trentino-Alto Adige convivono da secoli tre gruppi linguistici: quello italiano, tedesco e ladino. Oskar Peterlini Abstract English The purpose of this book is to present exhaustive, the autonomy of Trentino-Alto Adige South Tyrol and provide an overview that weaves legal issues with political ones, in the light of historical events, and, as available, reproducing original documents, and citations images.

The analysis focuses on the constitutional issues that are enshrined in the Statute of Autonomy and hundreds of implementing rules. The pillars of this autonomy are the Region of Trentino Alto Adige and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, which interact in a three-pole system. The preservation of linguistic and cultural diversity of language groups has always been a challenge for any democracy and its values of freedom and peace, but also represents a test case for the future of Europe, whose cultural richness is not formed from the merger and the levelling of different cultures in the "melting pot" on the American model, but the humanistic tradition and the richness and diversity of different cultures living in Europe.

Increasingly people from all over Europe, particularly Eastern European countries, but also of several other countries in the world, using our model of autonomy as a basis for their own ethnic problems. The fact that our autonomy could be an incentive to resolving the many ethnic problems in Europe or the world, is a source of pride.

Dabei ist es mir ein besonderes Anliegen, eine Gesamtschau zu bieten, die alle Landesteile des ehemaligen Tirols umfasst. Abstracts English, Deutsch, Italiano: South Tyrol and Trentino, parts of Austria until , are empowered — within the Italian constitution — of their own autonomous legislation and administration.

An international Agreement from An international Agreement from created the basis for this autonomy and for the protection of the ethnic minorities. In molti paesi del mondo i problemi irrisolti che interessano i gruppi etnici costituiscono un terreno fertile su cui si sviluppano costantemente conflitti che purtroppo assai spesso degenerano in guerre. La presente opera arricchita da riferimenti storici e da descrizioni degli sviluppi politici, costituisce un prezioso manuale per chi desidera conoscere la nostra esperienza autonomistica ma anche per chi, per motivi professionali, vuole approfondire le sue conoscenze giuridico-politiche.

English Abstract The purpose of this study is to present exhaustive, the autonomy of Trentino-Alto Adige South Tyrol and provide an overview that weaves legal issues with political ones, in the light of historical events, and, as available, reproducing original documents, and citations images. La Giunta regionale, in uno spirito di collaborazione, ha dato il proprio contributo unitamente al Consiglio regionale alla parte tecnica di questa pubblicazione.

Il Presidente della Giunta regionale, dott. Tarcisio Grandi Il Vicepresidente dott. Il focus dell'analisi si concentra sulle questioni costituzionali che sono sancite nello Statuto di autonomia e in centinaia di norme di attuazione. This book on the autonomy and the protection of minorities in the Nord Italian Region South Tyrol and Trentino is written in the Ladin language that is spoken by the population in in the valleys of the Dolomites.

The Ladin are one of the The Ladin are one of the twelve recognized ethnic minorities in Italy and one of the three ethnic Groups in Trentino South Tyrol; their settlement area is located in the heart of the Dolomites, in five valleys surrounding the central massif of the Sella Group: Badia or Abtei , Gardena, Fassa, Livinallongo with Colle Santa Lucia and Cortina d'Ampezzo.

The entire area was formerly part of the marginal valleys of the old county of Tyrol. The purpose of this book is to present exhaustive, the autonomy of Trentino-Alto Adige South Tyrol and provide an overview that weaves legal issues with political ones, in the light of historical events, and, as available, reproducing original documents, and citations images. DOI: D Aspetti e problemi dello Statuto di autonomia more. A series of Articles of the Special Statute of South Tyrol Articles 15, 36, 50, 61, 89 and others provide for a special institute of constitutional rank in Italian law, a proportional representation for organs and offices, the so-called ethnic or linguistic proportion.

The author examines this institute from the constitutional, historical and international point of view, and examines its impact on the labor market and in particular on public offices in South Tyrol. The book is based on his degree thesis presented in at the University of Innsbruck. Als am Das Ziel wurde im Wesentlichen erreicht. Noch am Rund staatliche und halbstaatlichen Stellen fielen damals unter den ethnischen Proporz. Era una delle misure di riparazione del Fascismo, che aveva espulso gli impiegati e gli insegnanti di lingua tedesca dagli uffici e dalle scuole.

Il libro esamina gli aspetti giuridici e economici e presenta una dettagliata analisi delle conseguenze e della situazione. Democracy, Electoral systems, minorities. La Sapienza Roma, in: Sawicki, J. Die Studie beleuchtet die verschiedenen Systeme und untersucht ihre Auswirkungen auf die Gesellschaft und insbesondere auf die ethnischen Minderheiten. Seitdem hat Italien mehrere Wahlreformen vorgenommen.

Von einem fast reinen Proporz-System schritt Italien zu einem kombinierten System. Als typische ethnoregionale Parteien eignen sich der DV und die SVP deshalb besonders, um die Auswirkungen von Wahlsystemen auf ethnische Minderheiten empirisch zu untersuchen. English Summary Protection of minorities and electoral systems, the rules of electoral systems and their implications for linguistic minorities - An analysis based on empirical experiences of South Tyrolean and other ethnic minorities in Europe The electoral systems in general, directly influence - among many other effects - the representation of the parties in Parliament.

They have certain consequences for ethnic minorities. These include the strengthening, the weakening or the eliminations of the minorities. The study examines the various systems for their impact on society, parliament, governability, political parties, voters and ethnic minorities in particular.

Starting from the many linguistic minorities in Europe, the study analyzes in particular the representation of the German minority in the Italian Parliament and measured empirically, on this case study, the specific consequences of system changes. South Tyrolean succeeded in electing four representatives to Parliament in Rome. A fascist electoral reform reduced their representation first to two and cancelled it later on completely. In all the political elections, since , the South Tyrolean have been able to gain a representation of five or even six members in the national Parliament.

Since then, Italy has made a number of election reforms.

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From an almost proportional system Italy passed to a combined system in Three quarters of the seats were elected by the majority system, one quarter by the proportional system with a threshold minimum allowance of four per cent. The South Tyrolean, which counts for just a half per cent on national level appealed against the minimum threshold low, but lost in front of the Italian Constitutional Court and then the European Commission of Human Rights.

Although they did not succeed for the proportional part of seats, they were able to save their representation in the Parliament through the majority system in the constituencies. In , the Parliament changed the electoral low again and returned to a proportional system, with degrees of thresholds and a premium for the winning party or coalition.

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Recently, in , the Parliament launched a new effort for a reform. The DV and the SVP can be taken as good examples of typical ethno regional parties, in order to examine the effects of electoral systems on ethnic minorities. Meno si sa degli effetti dei sistemi elettorali sulle minoranze linguistiche. I sistemi elettorali hanno delle ripercussioni dirette sulla rappresentanza dei partiti nel Parlamento. Questo riguarda in particolare le minoranze etniche. Il volume, edito dalla Casa editrice Viennese New Academic Press, spiega in modo semplice le varie tipologie di sistemi elettorali, le regole tecniche che li governano, il loro funzionamento; chiarisce la differenza tra il maggioritario e il proporzionale, i vantaggi e gli svantaggi di ciascuno e dei vari sistemi misti che ne possono risultare.

Il libro analizza tutte le elezioni politiche dall'annessione dell'Alto Adige all'Italia fino ad oggi, per un periodo di quasi anni, non trascurando di metterle a confronto con altri paesi europei. Dal in poi i sudtirolesi riescono, in ogni tornata elettorale, a conquistare una rappresentanza nel Parlamento nazionale di cinque, in casi eccezionali, anche di sei parlamentari. Da allora in Italia sono state approvate numerose riforme elettorali.

Ma i sudtirolesi riuscirono a conservare la loro rappresentanza attraverso i collegi uninominali. Nel il Parlamento ha nuovamente modificato la legge elettorale, tornando a un sistema proporzionale con delle soglie scaglionate e con un premio di maggioranza per la lista o la coalizione vincente. Funzionamento dei sistemi elettorali e minoranze linguistiche Electoral Systems and Linguistic Minorities more.

Il volume spiega in modo semplice le varie tipologie di sistemi elettorali, le regole tecniche che li governano, il loro funzionamento; chiarisce la differenza tra il maggioritario e il proporzionale, i vantaggi e gli svantaggi di ciascuno e dei vari sistemi misti che ne possono risultare. Besondere Auswirkungen haben Wahlgesetze auf ethnische Minderheiten.

Er beleuchtet besonders den Zusammenhang zwischen dem Wahlsystem und der Vertretung der ethnischen Minderheiten im Parlament. Three quarters of the seats were elected by the majority system, one quarter by the proportional system with a threshold minimum allowance of four percent. The South Tyrolean, which counts for just a half percent on national level appealed against the minimum threshold low, but lost in front of the Italian Constitutional Court and then the European Commission of Human Rights.

Recently, in , the Parliament changed the electoral low again and returned to a proportional system, with degrees of thresholds and a premium for the winning party or coalition. They could survive in part only with special provisions. These special provisions could be reached by appealing to the international anchored autonomy and the protection of ethnic minorities founded in the Constitution.

Publisher: Franco Angeli Publication Date: Abstract ital. Viviamo una fase molto delicata per la democrazia, una fase segnata dal discredito della politica e delle istituzioni democratiche. Questa sfida non rappresenta un fenomeno isolato e solamente italiano, ma fa parte di uno sviluppo europeo che registriamo anche in altri paesi. In Italia si aggiunge il sistema elettorale che ha trasferito la scelta dei candidati alle centrali dei partiti, privando gli elettori di una scelta delle persone e aumentando in questo modo la distanza tra elettori ed eletti. Le soluzioni proposte sono diverse.

In questo saggio si descrivono gli strumenti di democrazia diretta previsti nella Costituzione italiana e le proposte per migliorarle.