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It can be soft and chewy or hard and crunchy. The recipe here calls for folding crunchy store-bought nougat into whipped cream and honey, then freezing the mixture.

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What emerges is an utterly delicious, wonderfully simple ice cream-like dessert. Here we serve the zabaglione hot when it's just made, but if you want to prepare the dish ahead of time, mix the zabaglione with whipped cream and refrigerate it as described in the first variation below. Dahlia Narvaez adored the deliciously rich mascarpone cheese she ate in Umbria.

She made this dish with delicate Umbrian wildflower honey but says stronger honeys like chestnut would also be terrific. Thick mascarpone cheese mixed with honey makes a luscious topping for poached cherries. You can serve the dessert either warm or cold. We love it both ways. For a simple but elegant dessert, Countess Florence Daniel Marzotto chose to serve a basic sponge cake baked with fragrant almond flour, split in half and filled with a layer of tender pears. Cooked in butter in a covered pan, the pears steam in their own juices, releasing a syrupy sauce all their own.

For the filling, Canora recommends using peaches that are ripe but still firm, as drippy fruit will make the soft crust soggy. Kate Neumann reports that whenever she offers bomboloni Italian donut holes on the dessert menu at MK The Restaurant in Chicago, they inevitably sell out. She sometimes makes them at home, too: "They are easy to prepare in advance and then fry at the last moment," she explains, "and they are also quite easy to dress up. He equates the dessert to a Creamsicle because it successfully combines creamy and tangy flavors. In Italy, Fabio Trabocchi makes this dessert with Alchermes, a bright-red cinnamon-scented liqueur rarely seen in the States.

The Sicilian fortified wine Marsala is a good substitute: It has a subtler color but a similarly spiced flavor, perfect for drenching squares of soft sponge cake layered with vanilla-infused pastry cream. In his version, Joe Sponzo combines a delicate pastry crust with a silky pastry cream, which he flavors with vanilla and lemon zest other Tuscan cooks add ricotta cheese. He tops the tart with pine nuts, another regional staple. Karen DeMasco, who cowrote The Craft of Baking is known for recipes that are classically elegant yet approachable, like this supercreamy almond semifreddo "half-frozen" topped with warm caramelized apples.

A Tuscan classic, chestnut honey or miele di castagno has an unusually potent, savory flavor that gives this fall fruit tart a spicy kick.

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The bay leaves and rosemary sprigs on top perfume the tart beautifully they are not meant to be eaten. A man of few superstitions, Peter Pastan always uses 11 bay leaves and 13 rosemary sprigs because odd numbers are lucky. The ethereal Italian dessert sauce zabaglione known in French as sabayon consists of egg yolks beaten with sugar and the Sicilian fortified dessert wine Marsala.

Steeping vanilla seeds in the Marsala adds lovely flavor; folding in whipped cream increases the decadence factor.

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  6. This icy dessert gets its sweet, tangy taste from Concord grape juice, which has three times the antioxidant power of orange and grapefruit juices. This rustic dessert is from the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, where it's called sbrisolona. It's crumbly, buttery and nutty; Suzanne Goin thinks of it as a cross between biscotti and shortbread. She recommends dipping chunks of it into the Champagne-spiked sabayon, an airy dessert sauce made with whipped egg yolks.

    This light, silky panna cotta tastes a lot like hot cocoa in custard form. It is made of ladyfingers savoiardi dipped in coffee , layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese , flavoured with cocoa.

    The recipe has been adapted into many varieties of cakes and other desserts. Most accounts of the origin of tiramisu date its invention to the s in the region of Veneto , Italy, at the restaurant "Le Beccherie" in Treviso. Specifically, the dish is claimed to have first been created by a confectioner named Roberto Linguanotto, owner of "Le Beccherie". The Italian-language dictionary Sabatini Coletti traces the first printed mention of the word to , while Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary gives as the first mention of the dessert.

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    In Bavarese , butter and rosolio or alchermes are also used, but not mascarpone cream nor coffee. Traditional tiramisu contains a short list of ingredients: finger biscuits , egg yolks, sugar, coffee, mascarpone cheese, cocoa powder and sometimes liquor. The original shape of the cake is round, although the shape of the biscuits allows the use of a rectangular or square pan, spreading the classic image "to tile".

    However, it is also often assembled in round glasses, which show the various layers, or pyramid. Modern versions have as a rule the addition of whipped cream or whipped egg, or both, combined with mascarpone cream. This makes the dish lighter, thick and foamy. Among the most common alcoholic changes includes the addition of Marsala.

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    The cake is usually eaten cold. Another variation involves the preparation of the cream with eggs heated to sterilize it, but not so much that the eggs scramble.

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    Over time, replacing some of the ingredients, mainly coffee, there arose numerous variants such as tiramisu with chocolate, amaretto, berry, lemon, strawberry, pineapple, yogurt, banana, raspberry, coconut, and even beer birramisu [18]. Although these are not considered true Tiramisu as these variations only share the layered characteristic of Tiramisu; these examples more closely resemble variations of trifle. Numerous variations of Tiramisu exist. Some cooks use other cakes or sweet, yeasted breads, such as panettone , in place of ladyfingers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    For other uses, see Tiramisu disambiguation. Tiramisu with blueberries and raspberries. Italy portal Coffee portal Food portal. Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 2. Penguin Publishing Group. Meredith Corporation. Retrieved 31 October