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A text that was very successful at the time, and through this staging, becomes part of our Spanish classical repertoire. Although there are references to the music that was used in "Comedy Aquilana" says music director who has not been difficult to put music to the assembly. Little is known of his life; He probably studied in Salamanca, and early sixteenth century traveled to Italy.

Rome unveiled his works represented in cathedral palaces like Giulio de Medici or Bernardino de Carvajal. He also lived in Naples seeking the protection of the nobility. He published the "Propalladia" a compendium of his works, dedicated to Fernando Davalos, Marquis of Pescara, and little is known of his life, although some conjecture that died in Seville.

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But each of them also had a bit of Thompson. Los debates sobre la licitud moral del teatro. The extensive bibliography that appears in the footnotes is a very valuable part of the monograph; it is unfortunate that its items were not reproduced as a Bibliografia at the end of the study.

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He has read a very large part of the literature on the subject published since that date. He finds it morally proper as do most moderns to castigate those who throughout the Golden Age persisted indefatigably to suppress the theater. These were mostly churchmen; he labels them p. He sees the pureza de sangre concept as an especially extravagant form of extremism p. He accuses the theologians of wishing to make a convent of the Court and of Spain p.

He is especially harsh toward Juan de Mariana p. Thus he supports, with stress on the first word, the Horatian concept of the duke et utile that the theater provides. The dulce served as an antidote to the disillusionment and despair that became a part of the Spanish consciousness of the economic and political decadencia of the Golden Age.

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