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The side contained caves, rock shelters, lime stones overhangs containing wooden coffin and artifacts which can be traced back to metal age. Wow, this must be like Sagada before. This would also explain the rock formations which are coral-like; thus, it may really be possible that this place was submerged before. We arrived past 12 pm and ate our lunch at this rocky top. I settled myself on a tree where I enjoyed the view.

My buddies settled themselves on the rocks.

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It was worth it! Beware: There may be snakes around here so just be careful. We find one but we saw it first and it was a bit distant from where we were hanging out. It was past 1 pm when we started going down.


This is the view on the top of the mountain with my trekking buddies. Friendship Goals. We stayed for awhile in the community, rested and asked for water. We crossed again Kulaman River Bridge. It was told that two lovers committed suicide in this place. As time went by, the place where they were buried rose up and became a mountain.

A foreigner visited this place and was accompanied by the natives. No need for a guide. We always tend to go to far places to discover them but I also believe that discovering our own place can be very exciting and fun. So I intentionally write about an attraction in my hometown in order to share to other people that they can come visit here. It stands at 2, ft m above sea level. There were reported eruptions in and ; and seismic activities in and I used to hike Musuan Peak when I was still small and even promised at that time that I will not go back to this peak again.

But I never fully appreciated this peak until I grow up and engaged myself in hiking and tripping. And I would like to add Mt.

He found everything very beautiful from the top. Later on, this became the name of the peak, thus Musuan Peak. As what they said, this is a legend. Upon entrance to the peak, you will pay your entrance fee and write the names of those who will go for hike. Be sure that you have your drinking water with you because there is scarcely a water source at the peak. You may also use the comfort room for your convenience before hiking. Be sure to bring a hat if you are hiking during midday or afternoon. Musuan peak is one of those very accessible peaks especially for impulsive hikes or nature trips.

But normally, you can enjoy the peak on your own on non-peak season. There are two ways to climb the peak. You can go by the main road where you can also go biking. You may be able to reach the peak in 1 hour with rests. This is applicable if you want an intense hike or if you want to reach the peak in 3o minutes more or less. Upon going up the peak, you can start to see different wonderful views, the plains, rice fields, highways and the adjacent peaks.

This is on the way to the peak after conquering the base part of the mountain. Sometimes, it can also get foggy here depending on what season you climbed. When you are almost on the top, you can see clearly the surrounding mountains, view of CMU, Valencia and the Sayre highway. You will be welcomed by the barking of the dogs here but they are tied. There are cottages where you can eat, sit and relax. And view decks too.

You have all the time here to do whatever you like. Just be mindful of not leaving any trash behind. Perhaps, people come here to vent out their feelings which may not be socially and environmentally acceptable all the time. I strongly discourage vandalism but reading through some of what the people write in here makes me laugh sometimes. This place has really been the most one. Truly, this peak, the view, is scenic, giving you a soothing relief from all cares. So when you are up in the peak, do not go down right away. Enjoy the peak, the view and live for the moment and listen to what God wants to impress on your heart of the spiritual lessons from nature.

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When we talk of the place where we can say it is the most one, it is truly in the feet of Jesus where we can cast our burdens and cares. And tranquilizing. Going down the peak will usually take minutes. This means a lot of control on your part going down since it seems to be unstoppable sometimes. If you are not vegan, you can visit the Philippine Carabao Center and drink fresh milk and some of its products which is just nearby Musuan Peak entrance.

Arrangement:Entrance Php We visited a friend whose domicile is in this place. In the place where we stayed lies wide rice fields and a lot of coconut trees. Houses are not built very close to each other because of the vast fields. With this, life is peaceful and I appreciate the simple life in this community. Sun greeted us the next day as we planned to tour around the place. This municipality is bounded by Lanao del Norte on the East which explains its proximity. This coastal municipality served as a passageway for Regions 9 and This made me amazed because of the ways going to Iligan City and then to Cotabato City.

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They brought us to Sirena beach and this view welcomed us. The place has an amazing view and I am excited because I was able to set foot on Zamboanga which was my first time. Although I never thought it is that extraordinarily special, this place marked a special place in my heart and brought out the child in me. This is the view going down the shore. Cottages can be rented for eating and staying. One can notice that the shoreline of this beach is not that prominent. It is filled with rocks and boulders.

Just like any of us who wants to play in the sand, this beach may be a bit frustrating at first; but what made this special is that the people here are creative.

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These native and playful cottages can be reached with this bamboo raft. You just need to pull the rope so that this raft will move towards the floating cottages. The first cottage has a net on the center which makes it a netted swimming pool. Children love to play here and also adults. I just think that this is a very creative and cool idea!

It just proves that you can really enjoy if you like wherever you are. We enjoyed this tire-swing. We explored the area and visited the adjacent beach resort which was just accessible. The shoreline here is prominent where one can truly play with the white sand. This resort looks not operating though. I went home with a fulfilled heart from the fun of discovering something new and setting foot on a new place. It was indeed worth building memories with Tukuran, the beach capital of Zamboanga del Sur. Arrangement: No entrance fees. Photo credit: PH Locator. Photo Credit: greedypeg.

If you are from Valencia, and you see this intersection in Bangcud, turn right. The Welcome sign. Photo Credit: PH Locator. Photo Credit: Suroy Pilipinas. Photo credit: PH Locator We always tend to go to far places to discover them but I also believe that discovering our own place can be very exciting and fun. He also has an impressive professional MMA career spanning 10 years. Choose the package that suits you best and enjoy this great Jiu Jitsu experience in the paradise of the Mediterranean.

An amazing opportunity to dive further into your BJJ journey learning from the very best in a paradise at the center of the Mediterranean. The camp is open to all academies and students from white to black belts, without limitations of any sort. Do not wait to keep the legacy alive. The Camp is also a great opportunity to make new friends from all over the world while enjoying the beauty of the island. Gracie's Inter Camp. Join the Legacy. Gracie's Inter Camp, 3rd edition. The greatest Jiu Jitsu fighter of all times. Roger Gracie. Gregor Gracie. Kywan Gracie Behring. Pine Island RV Resort. Four Seasons Resort.

Blowing Springs RV Park. Blue Bluff Harbor Resort. Red Rock Resort. Long's Resort. Cedar Oaks RV Resort. Eagle's Landing Resort And Recreation. Wilderness Hills R. Monkey Island RV Resort. Deer Run RV Park. Stage Stop Campground.

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Indian Hills Marina. Pine Lodge Resort. Laketime Retreat. Monte Ne RV Park. Disney Rock Cabins. Hogan's Off Road Park. Horseshoe Bend Campground. Joplin KOA. Special offer.