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Even the properly framed quotations are presented awkwardly. Frequent mistakes in capitalization and consistent errors in lettering add to the unprofessional feel of the story.

How I Became Friends With The Man Who Tried To Kill Me

Her love for her dog appears early and is a consistent thread throughout the book. However, Clift fails to fully develop her characters. Her mother, for instance, is a pivotal character but the absence of dialogue prevents the reader from witnessing any real growth or change.

The narrative also lacks cohesion. Most notably, Clift does not share with readers the changes that must have occurred as she learned to trust and love the man she marries after the abuse and neglect of her early years. I remember standing in front of my grandma's TV in the living room and singing karaoke to "I'm a Little Teapot.

According to my mom, I never cried, not until I was about 6 months old.

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I was an extremely easy baby, except for when my mom left. My grandma would babysit me while my mom was at school and my mom would come home to see my grandma holding me and pacing around the island in the kitchen as I cried and cried. As soon as my mom walked in, I would stop. Apparently I was a very beautiful baby and I looked like a glass doll. My mom says that people would stop her in like the mall and stuff and just ask to look at me because I was such a pretty baby.

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Even the doctor when I was delivered said to my mom, " I have 3 kids of my own, and while I love them dearly, this is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. I was never a trouble maker. I mean, I still am not a trouble maker. I was just a little baby with some long cord attached to me.

That doesn't sound much like a rocket to me. Anyway, my parents decided to give me a name in both English and Vietnamese. They must have learned from my brother's mistake. My Vietnamese name, Minh, means bright and intelligent. It's a pretty common name in the Vietnamese language, and why shouldn't it be? Who wouldn't want to be a genius?

My story: How I became me again

On the other hand, my English name, Anthony, comes from a hat. Literally, my parents pulled out a hat with slips of paper in them and pulled out a piece of paper with Anthony on it. My mom says my dad named me, and my dad says my mom named me. Therefore, I've decided to go with the story about them drawing a name out of a hat. As for my first couple of years of life, I really don't remember much.

My first word was super original.

It was "ma. My first step was before my first year.

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I believe I was about 8 months old, and it just happened. I don't know how, it just happened. In my opinion, it was the first sign of my crime-fighting, vigilante future. One of my most memorable moments of my first five years was during preschool.

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At the preschool I attended, my classmates and I would have a little naptime. During this naptime, I had to go potty For some reason, about 30 minutes later, I had a wet spot in my pants. To this day, I'm not quite sure what happened. The world may never know. During my first few years, my little brother, Eddie was also born.

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  • I don't really remember much about him in these early years. I'm sure I hated him because he was my competition in the battle for attention. Other than that, my first five years were not that out of the ordinary. The only sort of humorous story is one in which my mom was holding me and at the same time was getting food out of the oven. She ended up burning my upper leg and I still have the burn marks.